BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1412


Chapter 1412 – The Situation Changes

It hasn’t been long since Kong Miao entered the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, so he doesn’t completely understand the situation. Additionally, he spent most of his time inside the Void Temple. Because of this, Kong Miao didn’t know much about the twists and turns outside. Although Kong Miao didn’t know, the other veterans were well aware. They were all old fried dough sticks that had been smashed countless times. Naturally, they knew what Zhao Hai meant.

Xu Ning nodded and said, “Zhao Hai, you said that things would be fine if we find the one instigating from behind. But wouldn’t we still offend the Xu Race? Those fellows are true bandits. If they really go all out against us, it would be very troublesome.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We can kill them with discretion. We should know our limits. At the same time, we should send secret messages to the Xu Race telling them that we know that someone else made them attack us. As long as they say who it is, then we’ll stop attacking them. But before we get in contact, we need to make them feel pain. We should let them know that the World of Cultivation couldn’t be provoked.”

When Xu Ning and the others heard Zhao Hai’s words, their hearts couldn’t help but feel cold. Zhao Hai’s words were easy to say, but if you want bandits to listen to you, then you need to have the strength to kill a lot of people. These veterans knew that if they failed in this endeavor, then not only would they be unable to solve the problem, they would also create a bigger trouble for themselves.

However, they had to acknowledge that this was the best way forward for them. Otherwise, they simply wouldn’t be able to find out about anything just based on their own strength. And the longer this matter plays out, the more disadvantageous it would be for the World of Cultivation.

Nobody spoke for some time, even Zhao Hai. He just sat there quietly. Xu Ning and the others couldn’t help but admire his bearing.

Jianyi looked at everyone being quiet, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, we’ll think about this. You go back first. If there’s anything we need, we’ll come looking for you.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he stood up and bowed towards everyone before saying, “Seniors, I’ll inform you when we’re about to fight the Xu Race. By the way, please relieve your boredom with this spirit wine.”

After speaking, Zhao Hai took out a jar of spirit wine as well as a few jade cups. Although Kong Miao and the others were Buddhists, they didn’t abstain from spirit wine. After placing everything down, Zhao Hai bowed once more before leaving.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s departing back, Xu Ning sighed and said, “Huang Daoran is truly a lucky guy to receive such an outstanding disciple. I must say, Jianyi, hasn’t your Profound Clear Sect profited so much? I heard this spirit wine has become a hot commodity. Does it have something to do with that guy?”

Jianyi naturally knew about this matter. He smiled and said, “Right, the spirit wine is from Zhao Hai. In consideration of Huang Daoran’s face, he cooperated with the Zhen Family and even gave a few shares of the business to the Profound Clear Sect.”

Before this, if Kong Miao heard Xu Ning and the others praise another person, then he would certainly be angry. But now that his mental state has been adjusted, he began to ponder about Zhao Hai’s words.

Xu Ning looked at Kong Miao and the others and said, “Everyone, what do you think about Zhao Hai’s idea?”

Upon hearing Xu Ning, everyone turned silent. Then Jianyi opened his mouth and said, “It’s feasible. First, we can teach the Xu Race a lesson. And second, we can find out the ones behind this. But I think we should focus on repelling the Xu Race first before we think about negotiating with them.”

Everyone nodded. Then Xu Ning and the others turned to Kong Miao. Feeling the attention on him, Kong Miao said, “Since this is what Seniors agreed on, then we’ll prioritize repelling the Xu Race first.”

Xu Ning nodded, then he said, “Alright, then this matter is settled. I’ll head back first to rest.” After he said that, he stood up and gave a salute to everyone before turning around and leaving. The others stood up as well and then turned around after giving everyone else a salute.

Upon returning from the pagoda, Zhao Hai was immediately found by Li Zongdao. Gazing at the pagoda, Li Zongdao said, “Little Hai, what did Martial Ancestor call you for?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s nothing. They wanted to ask about the Xu Race. They know that I’m the one who reported the matter first, therefore they asked me some questions.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao relaxed and said, “So it’s that. That’s good. Little Hai, you should take a rest. How much longer until we meet the Xu Race?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Xu Race through the Space. Only then did he realize that the number of Xu Race reinforcements had increased. Originally there were only 100 people, but now it had increased to 1000. Moreover, Xu Wuzun was one of them.

It seems like the Xu Race were aware about their reinforcements. After they scattered, they all went to gather towards the reinforcements. It was also clear that they were prepared to fight once more.

Zhao Hai knit his brows, the Xu Race gathered together once again. This would be difficult to handle. The last time, he was able to ambush the Xu Race because they were unprepared. But this time, they were already aware of Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai and the other face the Xu Race like this, then they would have to fight hard.

Li Zongdao saw that Zhao Hai didn’t say a word after he asked his question, but instead Zhao Hai frowned. His heart couldn’t help but jump, then he asked, “Little Hai, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Hai looked at Li Zongdao and said, “The Xu Race that we routed has gathered together. Now, they number more than 1000. I’m afraid we’ll have to face a tough battle.”

Then he turned around and walked towards the pagoda. He needed to tell Kong Miao and the others about this. No matter what, Kong Miao was the Chief Commander of the army. It wouldn’t be proper if Kong Miao was unaware of this.

Li Zongdao was shocked when he heard Zhao Hai. But when Zhao Hai entered the pagoda, he knew that Zhao Hai was going to tell Kong Miao about this. To be honest, Li Zongdao wasn’t too warm when it came to Kong Miao. Although they were of the same generation, the two simply had no relation. And with the arrogance that Kong Miao displayed, Li Zongdao couldn’t find any reason to like him.

In Li Zongdao’s mind, it would be much better if Zhao Hai was the Chief Commander than Kong Miao. Naturally, he wouldn’t voice this out. After all, the Buddhist Sect held the most power. If Li Zongdao spoke out about his thoughts, then Jianyi might be the one who would make him shut up.

After Zhao Hai entered the pagoda, he immediately went to Kong Miao’s room. Upon arriving outside, Zhao Hai said, “Grandmaster Kong Miao, it’s Zhao Hai.”

Kong Miao opened the door and immediately invited Zhao Hai over, “Mister Zhao Hai, please come in.” Zhao Hai nodded and entered the room. Kong Miao was sitting cross-legged on the floor with the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff on his side.

Seeing Zhao Hai come, Kong Miao waved his hand and said, “Mister, please have a seat.”

Zhao Hai gave a salute and said, “Thank you, Grandmaster. There’s no need to sit down. I just came to report that the Xu Race that we routed had gathered together with their reinforcements. Now, they number more than a thousand people. Moreover, they are now prepared. I’m afraid it would be difficult for the Hell King’s Ship to crash into their formation this time.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Kong Miao stared for a moment before his expression changed, then he said, “Is that true?” Zhao Hai gave a nod. Kong Miao nodded and said, “Mister, please sit down, I’ll invite the others over to discuss this.” 

Zhao Hai found himself a place to sit down. He made sure to sit on the side so as to not be too eye-catching.

Kong Miao immediately sent a message to everyone, “Seniors, please come over to my room. This Kong Miao has something to discuss with you.” Although Kong Miao’s mentality has been stabilized, he was still the Chief Commander in the end. Therefore, even if they had just returned to their room, everyone weren’t angry about being summoned again.

Before long, Xu Ning and the others arrived. Kong Miao also took out the jar of wine that Zhao Hai left behind and then offered everyone a cup. Of course, Zhao Hai wasn’t excluded. Then after they took a sip, Kong Miao began to tell everyone about Zhao Hai’s report.

As soon as they heard Kong Miao, everyone frowned. While rotating the cup in his hands, Jianyi said, “It looks like the Xu Race is intent on fighting with us. But this is also good. If they want to fight, then we’ll oblige. But this time, we will be more ruthless.”

Xu Ning took another sip from his cup, as he smelled the alcohol, he said, “We have been caught off guard last time. So they were able to cause us to suffer. But now that we have centralized ourselves on this ship, they wouldn’t be able to push us as far. Our strengths aren’t any less than them as well. And isn’t it just a battle? It’s normal to die in battles. Whether we face them sooner or later, it’s all the same.”

Hearing Xu Ning, everyone nodded. They already thought that they lost the previous battle against the Xu Race. But because of Zhao Hai, the Xu Race were able to be routed. They haven’t even lost anything. This was far from what they thought. They also understood that if they don’t go hard against the Xu Race, then the World of Cultivation would suffer the consequences in the future.

Zhao Hai looked at this and couldn’t help but sigh inside. Sure enough, strength makes one different, even the angle they see in a problem is different. In Zhao Hai’s view, it would be a huge waste for Transcending Tribulation Experts to die. But to these people, it looked like the most normal thing.


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