BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1411


Chapter 1411 – Kill!

Because they discovered how dangerous their situation was, the Sects and the Buddhists decided to ally together to solve this problem. To repel the Xu Race, it was necessary for them to select newcomers that could be cultivated and focus on raising them. Naturally, Zhao Hai became a person who can be cultivated. If the skin doesn’t exist, then where would hair adhere to? It wasn’t only Zhao Hai who understood this, but these old foxes as well. Although they lived long lives and possess great power, they couldn’t stay in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield their entire lives. This means that the regression of the World of Cultivation’s position in the Ten Thousand Realm Battlefield wasn’t good for them.

Kong Miao said, “Zhao Hai is strong and he has excellent methods. I reckon a lot of Xu Race people have already fallen into his hands. This time, he made a great contribution. How about we transfer him out of the newcomer’s region. If he gets transferred out, he can go deal with the Xu Race more effectively.”

Xu Ning nodded and said, “That’s good. But after this incident, I’m afraid the Xu Race would stay quiet for a while.”

Jianyi frowned and said, “I’m afraid it wouldn’t be that simple. The Xu Race are bandits, but have you heard them targeting a single group? The Xu Race never did it before. Moreover, the Xu Race have always avoided large-scale conflicts with other realms. They are bandits, there’s no shame for them if they avoid a frontal battle. But in our case, they have violated these two things. I think our situation is special.”

Upon hearing Jianyi, everyone was silent. Xu Ning knit his brows and said, “Now that you say that, I also feel that things aren’t right. The Xu Race’s actions are very unusual.”

Kong Miao’s eyes shone as he said, “Does Zhao Hai know? Otherwise, why would he want to cause trouble with the Xu Race.”

Hearing Kong Miao, everyone stared. Then they understood. Jianyi stood up and said, “I’ll call Zhao Hai over.” Among these people, only Jianyi had some kind of connection with Zhao Hai. After all, Jianyi was a member of the Profound Clear Sect. And Zhao Hai’s relationship with the sect was quite good.

Nobody stopped him. Before long, Zhao Hai appeared in the room. Actually, Zhao Hai knew what they were talking about. These people were essentially staying inside Liquid Silver. Even if they used isolation formations, it was still useless. Only once they left Liquid Silver could these formations be useful. Otherwise, everything they said was heard by Zhao Hai.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t let this be known to these people. He was still far from being an opponent of a Severed Soul Expert. At most, he could preserve his life against one. If these Severed Soul Experts were to know that he was spying on them, then these people might unite to turn Zhao Hai into ash.

Zhao Hai greeted the people present. After Jianyi invited Zhao Hai to sit down, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, we’ve asked you to come in order to ask you a question. This is important, we hope that you answer truthfully.”

Looking at their serious expressions, Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright. Seniors can feel relieved, this Zhao Hai will talk truthfully.

Jianyi nodded, then he said, “I heard that you’re the first one to discover that the Xu Race has been targeting the World of Cultivation. Besides this, what else did you discover?”

Zhao Hai was already aware that he would be asked this question. However, he pretended to look awkward. Jianyi looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Speak.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright. Seniors, I don’t know a lot about this matter. It’s just that the Xu Race’s higher ups passed down the order to hunt down people from the World of Cultivation. This is the reason why the Xu Race has been targeting us. Moreover, I heard that the Xu Race’s higher-ups did this at the request of a High Grade Realm.” 

In the past, Zhao Hai only knew that the Xu Race higher-ups had issued an order to deal with the World of Cultivation. But as he killed more and more people from the Xu Race, the situation became clearer and clearer. There’s a Great Realm behind this incident. But as to which Great Realm it was, he doesn’t know. After all, only the higher-ups of the Xu Race knew about this. Other Xu Race people only knew faint information about it. While the majority weren’t very clear about it.

However, even this little bit of information was enough. At least, they were aware that a High Grade Realm was orchestrating the Xu Race’s actions against the World of Cultivation.

There are three types of Realms in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, they are; High, Medium, and Low-Grade Realms. Each type is further divided into upper, middle, and lower levels. In other words, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield’s power levels are divided into nine grades. As for the World of Cultivation, it could be considered as a Mid-Medium Level Realm, Fifth Grade Realm.

The Great Realm that Zhao Hai mentioned was at least Third Grade. In the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, a Third Grade Realm’s strength wasn’t that far from a First Grade Realm. Fifth Grade Realms like the World of Cultivation wouldn’t dare offend these kinds of realms.

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, everyone’s expressions changed. Xu Ning looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, are you sure? Did a powerful realm really make the Xu Race target us?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’m fairly sure it’s true. Seniors, you have been in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for a long time, so you should be aware about the situation here. The Xu Race never fought with a single group. They are bandits, they would just run away when defeated. They don’t care about losing face. Normally, being bandits would cause everyone to hate them. However, the Xu Race were able to survive up until now. There’s a reason for this, they didn’t offend anyone to the point of extermination. This time, they made an exception. But why did they make an exception? I’m afraid it’s not as simple as benefits. The Xu Race honors the bandit code, they wouldn’t just target someone’s foundations. The situation with us shouldn’t happen normally.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, everyone nodded. They were aware of the Xu Race’s conducts in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. The Xu Race were bandits, but they still had their bottom line. Because of this, the Xu Race were able to exist until now. If the Xu Race didn’t have a bottom line and decided to damage people’s foundations, then they would have certainly been wiped out. The Xu Race weren’t from a High Grade Realm, they couldn’t afford a lot of people fighting against them. The Xu Race were able to exist until now precisely because of this bottom line.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “If it’s not for benefits, then it should be for something else. What else is there that could make the Xu Race fight us head-on? There’s only one. They couldn’t afford to offend the other party. If they offended a High Grade Realm, then they would be in danger of being annihilated. Therefore, they would rather offend us and fight us than offend the other party. We can infer from this that a powerful realm has decided to come after us. If it’s not a First Grade Realm, then maybe a Second or Third Grade Realm. Otherwise, the Xu Race wouldn’t have dared to go after us like this.”

Xu Ning and the others nodded. At the same time, their expressions sank. Zhao Hai’s analysis was meticulous and fair. They couldn’t help but agree.

Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Then what does Mister suggest we do?”

Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao and said one word, “Kill!”

Hearing Zhao Hai’s reply, Kong Miao was puzzled, then he asked, “What does Mister mean?”

Zhao Hai said with a serious face, “We begin killing the Xu Race people. In the end, they are bandits, they cannot afford being targeted like this. They will definitely bend over to survive. They will end up telling us who is standing behind them. As long as we figure out the mastermind, we can proceed to make a plan to solve this matter.”

Kong Miao knit his brows and said, “But even if we know who’s behind this, what can we do? At the very least, the other party is a Third Grade Realm. We can’t face them.”

Zhao Hai looked at Kong Miao and then towards Xu Ning and the others. Then he smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. Seeing Zhao Hai’s expression, Xu Ning and the others couldn’t help but raise their evaluation of him. Xu Ning and the others knew that what Zhao Hai said made sense. As long as they knew who wanted to deal with them, they would be able to find methods to solve the situation.

In fact, the waters of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was like the World of Cultivation. Although there were more than ten thousand realms fighting here, there are only a few people who belong to the higher echelons. These people were the realm powers of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

However, the High Grade Realms couldn’t rule the entire Ten-thousand Realm battlefield, it was just impossible. If they tried to do so, then they would face a Grand Alliance between the smaller realms. The gains from this couldn’t justify the cost. Their approach was the same as the large powers of the World of Cultivation. They wouldn’t directly rule the smaller realms, but they must surrender to them. Every year, these smaller realms would pay tribute. And if the smaller realms can’t solve something, then these High Grade Realms would help them.

For a Medium-grade influence like the World of Cultivation, they needed to pay tribute to High Grade Realms back when they were starting out. Naturally, they would be provided protection by these powerful realms. Of course, these High Grade Realms also have conflicts between each other. If you stand with one team, then you couldn’t stand with another.

But sometimes, smaller realms would also be dealt with by these powerful realms. The purpose of this was to plainly remove the chess pieces in their opponent’s hands. In a battle between two great powers, their servants would be the ones who would fight it out first.


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