BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1410


Chapter 1410 – About Zhao Hai

In Buddhism, chanting has a very particular function. Chanting can calm the mind and adjust one’s thinking. It’s important to Buddhists because Buddhism focuses on training the mind and heart. 

Kong Miao had been self-inflated these days. After being asked by the moink, he immediately discovered that his mind was in turmoil. He couldn’t even think about such a simple question. So he immediately chanted some sutras in order to adjust his mind. Now, he felt that his thoughts were much sharper than before.

After chanting, Kong Miao bowed his head and said, “I thank Grandmaster Xu Ning for the lesson. This Kong Miao will take care from now on.”

Looking at Kong Miao, Xu Ning laughed and said, “I often hear people talk about you being the most talented genius of Buddhist path. But when I saw you today, I’m convinced. Good. Now, let’s talk about what you think about Zhao Hai.”

Kong Miao’s eyes flashed, he nodded and said, “I still don’t know who Zhao Hai is. But judging from his conduct, he should be someone extraordinary. He should have already known about the battle with the Xu Race, not hearing from others like what he said. However, I’m certain that he has enmity with the Xu Race and he’s serious about dealing with them.”

Xu Ning nodded and said, “You’re right, this Zhao Hai is indeed extraordinary. He’s the most talented expert of the Machine Field. Most importantly, it’s just been more than five years since he ascended. When he arrived in the Machine Field, less than a year later he became the champion of the Six Realms Beginner Competition. It’s the first time that the Cultivation Realm lost the first place position. After he entered the Six Realm Battlefield, he was able to establish his reputation by showing his strength. The Cultivation Realm was then forced to send Huang Daoran after him. However, even though he’s just at Nascent Soul, Huang Daoran couldn’t do anything to him. In the end, Huang Daoran took him in as a disciple and he agreed. After that, he secluded himself for four years. Then he was sent here after he went out. He’s also the first person to report about the Xu Race.”

Although his explanation wasn’t too detailed, Xu Ning was still able to express to the others that Zhao Hai was extraordinary. Hearing what Xu Ning said, Kong Miao couldn’t help but stare, then he said, “According to what Grandmaster said, it has been roughly six years since Zhao Hai ascended? He came to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield six years after ascending? He’s truly a genius.”

Xu Ning bitterly smiled and said, “Also, you might not know, but this isn’t an ordinary ship. It should be similar to the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. It’s a transforming artifact. And compared to the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff, it’s much stronger. In the past, Leng Wuyeng of the Machine Field left behind an unfinished artifact. It’s possible that Zhao Hai managed to complete it. This ship might be one of the artifact’s transformations.”

Leng Wuyeng’s unfinished artifact was quite known by the people from the Cultivation Realm. The Cultivation Realm admired powerful experts. Although Leng Wuyeng was an enemy, he was indeed an expert. Most importantly, Leng Wuyeng studied in the Cultivation Realm. He could be considered to be partly from the Cultivation Realm. Because of this, not a lot of people hated him. Conversely, they looked up to him and were paying attention to the weapon he intended to make.

However, Leng Wuyeng didn’t want his weapon to fall into the hands of the Cultivators. Therefore, he made sure that no formation from the Cultivation Realm could be engraved on the artifact. Once a formation from the Cultivation Realm was engraved into the artifact, the artifact would self-destruct.

For this reason, nobody from the Cultivation Realm had any ideas towards the weapon. In the end, it was finished by Zhao Hai.

Nevertheless, the Cultivators were still aware of the potential of the artifact. It was both hard and soft and could imitate the properties of the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. This caused even more Cultivators to pay attention to it.

Because of this, Xu Ning was fairly certain that Zhao Hai’s artifact was the artifact Leng Wuyen tried to create. This startled everyone present.

Xu Ning looked at everyone and said, “If I haven’t guessed wrong, this ship is Leng Wuyeng’s weapon. However, I didn’t expect Zhao Hai to become this powerful by using this artifact.”

Upon hearing Xu Ning, Kong Miao and the others held their breath. To be honest, they also paid attention to Leng Wuyeng’s weapon. It wasn’t because they believed that it could compare to the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. It was because they wanted to understand Leng Wuyeng through it.

But now it seems like they had been underestimating Leng Wuyeng. They thought that Leng Wuyeng’s artifact wouldn’t be very great. But how could they know that Liquid Silver’s relationship with Leng Wuyeng wasn’t actually that huge. Its current strength was because it had been fused with Zhao Hai’s Blood Ghost Staff.

Kong Miao opened his mouth and said, “Zhao Hai really isn’t simple. So what does Grandmaster intend to do now that you’ve brought Zhao Hai up?”

Xu Ning looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Back when Zhao Hai was fighting against the Xu Race, did you notice the Cultivation Method and weapon that he used?”

Upon hearing Xu Ning, Kong Miao couldn’t help but stare. Then he frowned as he recalled. He didn’t pay much attention during that time. However, he was able to remember Zhao Hai’s weapons. Then his eyes shone brightly as he looked at Xu Ning and answered, “Buddhist Cultivation Methods?”

Xu Ning nodded, “Right. Buddhist Methods. His methods are very pure. I’m afraid people who have cultivated for decades aren’t as good as him.”

Upon hearing Xu Ning, everyone’s facial color changed. They knew that although Xu Ning wasn’t the strongest expert, his attainments in the Buddhist Path were the highest. He wouldn’t be mistaken about this aspect.

Kong Miao looked at Xu Ning and said, “Grandmaster, you mean?”

Xu Ning looked at Kong Miao, then he laughed and said, “Others say that you might be a reincarnated monk, but I can affirm that you’re not. But as for Zhao Hai, I cannot be sure if he’s not.”

Hearing this, Kong Miao and the others held their breath. Then they looked at each other, surprise evident in their eyes.

Suddenly, one of them said, “No, Zhao Hai cannot be a reincarnated monk.” When he said that, everyone’s attention was on him.

Seeing the person who spoke, people couldn’t help but chuckle inside. This was because the person who spoke out was a Severed Soul Expert of the Profound Clear Sect. Normally, he was very low key, but was a tough individual. Most importantly, he was born in an orthodox sect like the Profound Clear Sect. His cultivation base was inherited from Sword Cultivators.

His nickname was Jianyi(Sword One). Nobody knew his name, only his nickname. He never used his real name either. According to him, his real name had long since been forgotten. He was destined to pursue the sword in his entire life, so he was now called Jianyi.

Although he was a Sword Cultivator, his feelings towards the Profound Clear Sect was very deep. Seeing Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao together, as well as their close relationship. He knew that Zhao Hai might have a deep connection with the Profound Clear Sect. It wasn’t strange for Jianyi to burst out like that.

Jianyi looked at everyone and said, “I know that Zhao Hai has been quite auspicious. But he cannot be a reincarnated monk. He’s not very familiar with how the Cultivation World works. It’s clear that he’s not born in the World of Cultivation. It’s also impossible for him to be born from a higher realm. He could only be someone from the lower realms. As for why he uses Buddhist Techniques, it might be because he obtained an inheritance of a powerful monk.”

Inheritance and reincarnation are two very different concepts. Reincarnation meant that Zhao Hai was the powerful monk while inheritance meant that he was like Kong Mia who has obtained the things the powerful monk left behind.

As soon as everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but feel relieved. It’s not unusual for someone to obtain an inheritance of an ancient powerhouse. If a Cultivator receives an inheritance of an ancient Sword Cultivator, then he would become a powerful Sword Cultivator himself. Zhao Hai obtaining an inheritance of an ancient monk wasn’t anything strange.

Xu Ning nodded, then he said, “This explanation is also passable. But even if he managed to obtain the inheritance of an ancient monk, having the ability to enter the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield a few years after ascending shows how strong Zhao Hai is. This is something we need to pay attention to. The World of Cultivation has been bleeding rookies lately. If we’re able to nurture him, then that would be advantageous to us.”

Everyone nodded. Although there was a struggle between the Buddhist and Sects, when it came to the World of Cultivation as a whole, they knew where their priorities lay.

Recently, the World of Cultivation had been losing a lot of rookies. They weren’t able to notice it at the beginning. Losing people in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was very normal. But later on they discovered that something was wrong. In the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. If they don’t pay attention to this matter, then it might spiral into something big.

What were rookies? They were newcomers representing the hope of the World of Cultivation. They were the foundation of the realm. What the Xu Race were doing was akin to uprooting the World of Cultivation’s foundations. If the veterans begin to perish and the newcomers weren’t able to take their place, then the World of Cultivation would find its manpower in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield to be insufficient. When the time comes, it wouldn’t be strange for them to be kicked out!


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