BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1409


Chapter 1409 – Chanting Sutras

Kong Miao’s present mood wasn’t very good. This time, he wanted to clean the Xu Race and establish his prestige. But he didn’t expect that his limelight would be taken from him at the last minute. No wonder his mood was sour.

However, Kong Miao didn’t show any of these emotions on his face. He slowly flew towards the bow of the ship. Then he gave his greeting towards Zhao Hai, “Amitabha Buddha, this little monk Kong Miao has seen the Benefactors. Thank you for the help.”

Zhao Hai smiled and returned the greeting, “I don’t dare. Seeing Grandmaster Kong Miao today is Zhao Hai’s honor. Grandmaster, please get on the ship.” Li Zongdao also gave Kong Miao a salute. After all, Kong Miao was a genius of their generation. In the World of Cultivation, the language spoken was strength. With Kong Miao’s strength, Li Zongdao would naturally give him his respects.

Kong Miao didn’t hold back and came aboard the Hell King’s ship. Zhao Hai turned to the other people from the World of Cultivation and said, “Everyone, please come on board as well. Rest assured, the cabin is enough to hold all of us.” The people from the World of Cultivation were stunned when they heard this, but they still nodded and got on the ship. Meanwhile, Li Zongdao led Kong Maio into the cabin. The inside of the cabin had also changed. It was now much bigger than before. Not to mention 1000 people, even if there were 10 thousand people it could still accommodate them.

Seeing the cabin, everyone couldn’t help but stare. They weren’t country bumpkins. If they were placed in the Profound Clear Sect, then they would be Great Elders. They had lofty positions in the World of Cultivation. They had seen all kinds of artifacts that had internal spaces. However, they hadn’t seen an artifact with as large internal space such as this.

Zhao Hai approached Kong Miao and then said, “Grandmaster Kong Miao, please excuse this Zhao Hai for arriving late to the battlefield.”

Seeing Zhao Hai still being respectful towards him, Kong Miao didn’t say anything. Instead he nodded and said, “Benefactor is not late at all. Fortunately, you arrived. Otherwise, we would be in danger. I didn’t expect the Xu Race to really fight us head-on. Moreover, they even sent Xu Wuzun. I’ve lost this time.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Grandmaster couldn’t be blamed. The Xu Race is deliberately targeting us. It’s normal for Grandmaster to not expect it. Grandmaster, please have a seat.”

Upon sitting down, Kong Miao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, how did you appear here? Did your sect send you to help us?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “To be honest, we’ve always been in the newcomer’s region. Last time, when we were collecting resources, the Xu Race ambushed us. After we managed to beat them back, we’ve been causing trouble to the Xu Race ever since. Then suddenly, we discovered that the Xu Race had disappeared. So we looked for them and learned about what’s happening here, so we rushed over.”

Kong Miao nodded and said, “So it’s you who has been dealing with the Xu Race. However, with such an artifact in your hand, you would certainly have the confidence to deal with the Xu Race. Don’t worry, I’ll tell the higher-ups about your contribution so that they will give you a reward.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Thank you, Grandmaster. Right, Grandmaster, I was able to find something troublesome while I was heading here. The Xu Race have reinforcements currently heading here. It seems like they number around 400-500 people.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Kong Miao stared, then his expression changed. He wasn’t an idiot, so he immediately understood the plan of the Xu Race upon hearing Zhao Hai. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Do you know which direction they’re coming from?”

ZhaoHai nodded and said, “I do. What does Grandmaster plan to do?”

Kong Miao coldly snorted and said, “The Xu Race have been targeting the people of the World of Cultivation for some time. If we don’t teach them a lesson, then they wouldn’t learn. I ask Mister to take us to them using your ship. We need to teach the Xu Race a lesson.”

Kong Miao’s words were half true and half false. He indeed wanted to deal with the Xu Race. However, revenge was half of the reason for this. The other half was that he wanted to use this opportunity to make up for his image.

That’s right, he wanted to repair his image. In the recent fight against the Xu Race army, Kong Miao wasn’t able to establish his might. Moreover, he was placed in a situation where he couldn’t raise his head in front of other people. His image has been damaged. Therefore, he wanted to clean his image as soon as possible.

Hearing Kong Miao, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright. Grandmaster, don’t worry. I’ll immediately take care of it.” Then Zhao Hai controlled the ship to turn around and head towards the direction of the Xu Race reinforcements.

Seeing Zhao Hai comply, Kong Miao nodded. Then he stood up and announced his decision.

The other people from the World of Cultivation naturally wouldn’t oppose this idea. They also felt aggrieved about the battle. If Zhao Hai didn’t appear, then they would be in a very difficult situation. Now that they have the opportunity to retaliate, naturally they wouldn’t disagree.

After that, Zhao Hai said, “Everyone, your rooms have been arranged. Please come and see.” Everyone looked at Zhao Hai in confusion. But since they were curious, all of them went out of the cabin. When they came out, they saw that the ship had changed greatly. The cabin transformed into a nine storey pagoda. But other than that, parapets had appeared on the edges of the ship, making it look like a castle wall. 

Most importantly, the size of the deck increased. Even if 1000 people stood on it, it would only look a bit crowded. And if people stood on the pagoda, then it would be more spacious. The ship became well-suited for battle.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s arrangement, they immediately knew that this was in preparation for their fight against the Xu Race. This was good, now they can deal with the Xu Race much easier.

Kong Miao nodded when he saw Zhao Hai’s arrangement. He was looking at Zhao Hai as though he was his subordinate. And since his subordinate did well, naturally Kong Miao was happy.

Zhao Hai made arrangements for everyone. Those who wanted to go on the tower were given their own spots. And those who wanted to stay on the deck were also taken care of. Then everyone went to their own cabins, they still had more than a day to stay on the ship.

Naturally, Kong Miao and the other Severed Soul Experts were arranged to the topmost level of the pagoda. This would demonstrate their status.

Kong Miao was very satisfied with Zhao Hai’s arrangement. Seeing that they were at the topmost level, the other Severed Soul Experts were also satisfied. The topmost layer was divided into private rooms, providing each expert with their own personal space.

This arrangement was greatly accepted by the Severed Soul Experts. Experts at their level wanted to be alone. They didn’t want their cultivation to be seen by other people.

However, these people didn’t actually rest. Instead, they gathered in Kong Miao’s room. Although these people belong to different sects, they were all familiar with each other. And all of them were veteran experts. They knew that Kong Miao holding the Ten thousand Transformations Staff was a signal by the Buddhists. This meant that Kong Miao has been regarded as a potential successor. They sent Kong Miao out to gain experience.

And sending these experts here meant that they were to help Kong Miao. Therefore, these people knew what their role was. So after being arranged in their own rooms on the pagoda, they didn’t rest and instead went to Kong Miao.

Kong Miao was initially confused about what was happening. However, he didn’t say anything. Before he was sent out, he was given some pointers by the other Elders. They told him to discuss matters with these people. So after seeing that these people have gathered in his room, he immediately understood that these people might have something to tell him.

After everyone had sat down, Kong Miao gave the experts his greetings and said, “Seniors, why have you come here? Please speak openly.” Kong Miao thought about the ugly battle they had just gone through earlier. His performance was far from remarkable. Therefore, Kong Miao was already mentally prepared.

But much to his disappointment, these people didn’t bring that matter up. Instead, a monk looked at Kong Miao and said, “Kong Miao, you sit down as well. We’re here to discuss Zhao Hai.”

Hearing this, Kong Miao couldn’t help but stare. Then he said, “Zhao Hai? What’s wrong with Zhao Hai?” At the same time, Kong Miao sat down.

The monk replied, “Don’t you find it strange? In the World of Cultivation, have you heard about someone having a ship artifact like this? A ship that can transform? Aren’t you curious about Zhao Hai?”

Upon hearing the monk, Kong Miao was stunned. He was an intelligent person. And after studying Buddhism for many years, his mental strength was stronger than his peers. These days, he has been extremely arrogant and conceited. But after hearing the monk, he immediately calmed down.

He lowered his head and chanted the names of Buddha. Then his eyes shut as he read scriptures. Seeing Kong Miao’s appearance, the other Severed Soul Experts weren’t dissatisfied. On the contrary, they all gave Kong Miao a look of approval.

After reading scriptures for some time, Kong Miao opened his eyes. Then a flash of light appeared on his eyes as his aura calmed down. His temperament has undergone a subtle change.


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