BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1408


Chapter 1408 – Charging The Formation!

The 12 Metal Beasts weren’t very powerful. This was the reason why Zhao Hai haven’t used them frequently, only during large-scale battles.

But the 12 Metal Beasts this time were different. They all contained faith power. Although Zhao Hi hadn’t seen them move, the aura they emitted was enough to explain their transformation.

If the 12 Metal Beasts from before were inanimate objects, then right now, they seem alive. Moreover, from their aura, it seems like they’re at Nascent Soul level.

And all of these were just from their appearance. It must be known that the 12 Metal Beasts were formed from Liquid Silver and couldn’t be destroyed. This made their combat power much more potent.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai saw hope in the 12 Metal Beasts. A hope for the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art.

The Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art was Zhao Hai’s Cultivation Method. Although he also learned the 18 Buddhist Techniques. The 18 Techniques were just techniques. In other words the 18 Techniques were at most at the same level of importance as sword techniques, not something used for cultivation. In the end, Zhao Hai’s Cultivation Method was still the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art.

While learning the 18 Buddhist Techniques, Zhao Hai always felt regret in his heart. This was because the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art didn’t include Faith Power. If the cultivation method was able to use faith power, then Zhao Hai’s strength would certainly increase.

So when he saw the appearance of the 12 Metal Beasts, Zhao Hai was able to see hope. Hope that the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art would be able to incorporate faith power. After all, the cultivation method was obtained after acquiring the 12 Metal Beasts. It wouldn’t be strange for the cultivation method to be upgraded since the 12 Metal Beasts had also been upgraded. Perhaps later on, when he has enough strength, the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art would transform.

Thinking about this, Zhao Hai’s spirit couldn’t help but shake in excitement. He commanded the Hell King’s ship to kill towards the Xu Race army. It was time for them to attack.

With such a huge battle, it would be impossible if both sides weren’t aware of what was happening. It was just that the World of Cultivation’s side were all old veterans. Therefore, there were a lot of them who didn’t know Zhao Hai. But judging by the clothes they wore, they knew that Zhao Hai and the others were from the World of Cultivation. They couldn’t help but cheer.

Although these people didn’t know who Zhao Hai and the others were, the World of Cultivation was now at a disadvantage. They needed all the help they could get.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind them as he had the Hell King’s ship head straight into the Xu Race army. At the same time, he made a hand seal that made the four instruments sound. Buddhist sounds were then heard by everyone in the surroundings. This sound actually extinguished much of the killing aura. Everyone who heard it felt the murderous intent in their hearts vanish for a while.

At the same time, the 12 Metal Beasts charged towards the Xu Race. And with the Hell King’s ship’s ruthless battering, a path through the Xu Race army was soon carved out.

The people on the ship weren’t idling as well. Everyone revealed their killing moves as they slaughtered the Xu Race. Although the Xu Race also prepared defenses of their own, they didn’t expect the arrival and strength of Zhao Hai’s group. Their defensive line was easily broken through. The Hell King’s ship was like a hot knife through butter, directly cutting through the Xu Race army.

Zhao Hai controlled the Hell King’s ship to wreak havoc in the Xu Race army. Although he couldn’t cause a lot of damage to the Xu Race army, at the very least he would cause chaos among their ranks. When the time comes, the World of Cultivation could use this chance to counterattack. As long as the Xu Race army was in chaos, it would be impossible to organize them to fight. As the people from the World of Cultivation killed their way over, the Xu Race wouldn’t be able to defend. After all, one couldn’t fight an army with a disunited group. 

Although the World of Cultivation’s side wasn’t a real army, they were still able to make their own formations, so there weren’t any chaos in their ranks. Because of this, they were able to easily kill their way across the Xu Race army.

In ancient battlefields, there were many times where an army would lose when the enemy’s general was able to cut through their formation. It wasn’t necessary for the general to kill a lot of people, the only thing he needed to do was cause chaos to the enemy’s formation. Once the opponent becomes disorganized, then that would be the moment they would lose.

Zhao Hai was now akin to a Great General charging his way through the Xu Race formation. Once he fully destroys the enemy’s formation, then that would be the opponent’s defeat.

And just like what Zhao Hai expected, the Xu Race’s formation broke. The Xu Race could no longer make unified attacks. Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun were also able to see this.

Xu Wuzun knew that the Xu Race wasn’t doing very well. On the other hand, although Kong Miao was a greenhorn, he still understood that he would be missing an opportunity if they don’t attack right now. So he immediately commanded, “Everyone, attack with all you’ve got!”

Actually, there’s no need for Kong Miao to shout. The people from the World of Cultivation already knew what’s going on. They were experienced fighters who had seen a lot of things. So upon seeing what was happening, they immediately attacked. However, they still made sure to attack as a team. Magic artifacts began flying towards the Xu Race’s army formation.

Zhao Hai ran back and forth within the Xu Race’s army. Even if the Xu Race wanted to deal with him, they would still need to hold back in fear of friendly fire. Chaos ensued for a while as the Xu Race weren’t able to stop Zhao Hai.

The confusion brought by Zhao Hai to the Xu Race army caused Xu Wuzun’s complexion to pale. He knew that they had been defeated this time. If this was a small skirmish, then they can just disperse and regroup in place. But this time, there were more than a thousand of them. It wouldn’t be so easy to break up and army like this and regroup. Moreover, the World of Cultivation wouldn’t allow this to happen.

Xu Wuzun looked at Zhao Hai rampaging through the Xu Race army, his eyes burning with anger. He engraved Zhao Hai’s appearance into his memories. He would certainly take revenge in the future.

Xu Wuzun was indeed an old bandit. He could accept losing and knew when to retreat. Seeing that he couldn’t do anything, he immediately sent a few attacks before turning around and leaving.

Xu Wuzun released his Green Cloud Scarf and used it to retreat. Its speed was very fast. And with Xu Wuzun urging it to fly, his speed became even faster. A green smoke was left as Xu Wuzin vanished from sight.

Seeing this, Kong Miao knew that Xu Wuzun had run away. He wanted to pursue, but he stopped himself and instead turned his attention towards the Xu Race army.

The Xu Race army was gathered by the higher-ups. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have fought head-to-head against the World of Cultivation. Before this, they were on the winning side, so they fought on. But now that they were being pushed back, they began to have thoughts of escaping. 

The Xu Race also had their own laws. In this case, if they were the first to run, then they would be heavily punished. Therefore, the Xu Race kept on fighting.

But seeing Kong Miao kill his way over, the other Xu Race people noticed that Xu Wuzun already ran away. This caused the morale of the Xu Race to fall drastically. Now, the Xu Race no longer had any intention of continuing to fight. So almost immediately the army dispersed as the Xu Race ran in every direction. Even if the World of Cultivation wanted to stop them, it wouldn’t be so easy.

The Xu Race had stealth cloaks, so as soon as they ran away, they would be very hard to detect.

Altogether, the Xu Race lost 120, 40 of which were killed by Zhao Hai. Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and took the 40 corpses and turned them into Undead. As for the other corpses, he didn’t touch them, this was because those corpses were the spoils of other people.

Zhao Hai wasn’t the only one that had use for Xu Race corpses. Other people from the World of Cultivation also needed them, especially those from the Devil Realm and the Demon Realm. People from the Devil Realm could refine these corpses and make Corpse Soldiers out of them. Although they weren’t as formidable as Zhao Hai’s undead, their strength still couldn’t be looked down upon.

As for the Demons, they also have uses for Xu Race bodies, and that was for consumption! Right, the Demons can eat other experts in order to increase their strength. Plenty of Demons have slow cultivation speeds and could only use this method to supplement their weakness.

After repelling the Xu Race, Zhao Hai controlled the Hell King’s ship to go towards the people from the World of Cultivation. Then he cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Seniors.”

Actually, not a lot of people knew Zhao Hai. They had been in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for a long time, and they weren’t very informed about the outside world. Additionally, Zhao Hai had just risen to prominence lately. Therefore, only a few of them were able to hear about Zhao Hai.

But since Zhao Hai offered his help this time, these Seniors couldn’t help but cup their fists as well. But it was clear that they weren’t very enthusiastic about it. At this time, Li Zongdao cupped his fist to everyone and said, “Profound Clear Sect’s Li Zongdao has seen the Elders.”

Compared to Zhao Hai, their attitude towards Li Zongdao was much better. They returned Li Zongdao’s salute and some of them even chatted with him. Li Zongdao was extremely polite. All those present here hold great power back in the World of Cultivation. If he offended anyone, then the Profound Clear Sect’s benefits would be affected.

Liu Sheng and the others also gave their greetings. All of a sudden, the scene rumbled with conversation. The battlefield quickly turned into a friendly meeting between people.

At this time, a sigh was heard. This sigh wasn’t very loud but everyone was able to hear it. They turned their head and saw Kong Miao with the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff.


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