BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1407


Chapter 1407 – Changes To The 12 Metal Beasts

The moment he got news about this, Zhao Hai immediately flew to the battlefield at full speed. By his calculations, the Xu Race reinforcements would arrive at the battlefield in four days. This was considering that they wouldn’t rest during the whole journey.

But if they didn’t rest, then they wouldn’t have the strength to fight once they arrive at the battlefield. Therefore, they would certainly take rests along the way. In this case, they would arrive at the battlefield much later.

Zhao Hai and the others don’t have this problem. Now that Laura and the others were controlling the Hell King’s ship, Zhao Hai and the others could rest at any time. If it weren’t for Li Zongdao, then Zhao Hai would have brought everyone to the Space. Li Zongdao’s group had already become Zhao Hai’s followers, they wouldn’t reveal his secret.

Laura and the others were also aware of the situation, so they controlled the Hell King’s ship without stopping. From what Zhao Hai could calculate, it would take two days before they could arrive at the battlefield. When the time comes, they would be able to join the fight.

At this point, Zhao Hai no longer cared if Kong Miao was a reincarnated expert. From what he can see, even if Kong Miao was a reincarnated expert, he still wouldn’t be able to identify Zhao Hai’s Buddhist Techniques. It seems like Zhao Hai’s Buddhist Techniques weren’t the same as the ones practiced by the Buddhists in the World of Cultivation. The 12 Buddhist Techniques seem to come from a higher-level Realm than the World of Cultivation. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any issues in him using his techniques in the open. 

Zhao Hai could affirm this point from seeing Kong Miao’s fight with Xu Wuzun. Although the battle between Kong Miao and Xu Wuzun looked lively, it also allowed Zhao Hai to see the Buddhist Techniques of the World of Cultivation.

There were many Buddhists from the World of Cultivation that learned Body Cultivation Techniques. However, Zhao Hai believes that their technique couldn’t be compared to Demon Subjugation Technique. 

Zhao Hai remembered Feng Baiming saying that it wasn’t their techniques that allowed the Buddhists to rise in the World of Cultivation. On the contrary, the Buddhist Techniques of the World of Cultivation couldn’t compare to the techniques of the Sects. Even their Body Cultivation techniques couldn’t compare.

The Buddhists were able to rise mainly because the troops of the Sects had been annihilated in the past. This made the Sect lose a lot of their elites. This was also the reason why the Sects suspected the Buddhists of betraying them.

Although Cultivation Methods weren’t included in this analysis, it could be seen that the Buddhist Cultivation Methods weren’t any better compared to the Sects. And since it was already established that Zhao Hai had a mysterious Cultivation Method that seems like a Buddhist, Zhao Hai was certain that there won’t be any problems even if he used the 18 Techniques in front of everyone.

Since this was the case, Zhao Hai was no longer worried. He was now looking forward to giving the Xu Race a proper beating.

Zhao Hai knew that his life was already tied with the World of Cultivation. If he falls, then his life would become difficult. It was just like the saying, ‘If the skin doesn’t exist, then where would the hair stick to?’. 

If something happened to the World of Cultivation’s hold in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, then it would certainly cause some changes in the World of Cultivation. Zhao Hai doesn’t believe that the other Realms would just leave the World of Cultivation alone if they were to lose this battle. When the time comes, the flames of war might come to the World of Cultivation itself.

Zhao Hai knew that if he wanted to make progress, then he would need the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. This place was rich with good resources. There were regions outside the newcomer’s region with more valuable materials. Just because it was made by other people doesn’t mean that Zhao Hai doesn’t want the things here. The existence of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield gave Zhao Hai the opportunity to get stronger.

He can take the resources in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield in order to develop the Space quickly. At the same time, he could also understand the Ten-thousand Battlefield better. So when the time comes, he wouldn’t be unprepared if he were to face its creators.

Li Zongdao was now preparing to fight with all his strength. He knew that they were heading towards a huge battle. His strength was at the bottom of the group, he was only a bit stronger than Mo Sheng. With Mo Sheng’s innate constitution as well as Zhao Hai’s protection, then nothing would go wrong for him. Li Zongdao was also under Zhao Hai’s protection, so he shouldn’t be in any danger. However, Li Zongdao didn’t want this. He was a Core Disciple of the Profound Clear Sect. It wouldn’t be good for his development if he was always being protected in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

However, Li Zongdao also understood that it was impossible for him to break through towards Transcending Tribulation at this time. If he was anxious in breaking through, then it would be easier for him to make a mistake. If he was possessed by a devil, then that would be his end. Therefore, he didn’t cultivate at this time. Instead, he conditioned his body for the fight ahead. He also prepared his artifacts and pills. He relaxed himself so that he would always be in optimum condition.

Mo Sheng was the simplest of them all, he just slept. This fellow’s current routine was eating then sleeping at this point. But because his food was rich with spiritual qi, his strength was rising instead of dropping. Moreover, it was increasing very quickly, much to Li Zongdao’s envy.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind them as he sat there cross-legged, looking like an old monk entering meditation. But in actuality, he was watching the battlefield as well as the 500 Xu Race reinforcements.

The travelling speed of the Xu Race reinforcements was indeed what Zhao Hai thought. Zhao Hai could also understand why the Xu Race would have their ambush team so far away from the main team. They were afraid of being discovered by the World of Cultivation. Therefore, they separated the two teams by a couple of days.

Actually, the World of Cultivation was being complacent this time. They expected to repel the Xu Race with just Kong Miao and the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff. After all, the Xu Race were bandits, they shouldn’t go for a head-on fight.

But who would’ve expected the Xu Race to send Xu Wuzun. Moreover, they sent their powerful experts over. Dealing with this Xu Race group would be impossible in a short amount of time.

The Xu Race wanted to exhaust the World of Cultivation’s people with the main team. Then once the reinforcements arrive, they would clean the World of Cultivaiton’s army.

It must be said that the Xu Race’s plan has been doing very well. Although the World of Cultivation’s people were taking turns to rest, the Xu Race weren’t giving them any opportunity to make a comeback. They strengthened their offense, increasing the pressure on the World of Cultivation. The World of Cultivation could only increase their active manpower. In this case, they wouldn’t have any time to rest.

Zhao Hai observed the battle from the perspective of a bystander. With reinforcements coming, the Xu Race’s tactics were soon understood. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. In this aspect, the World of Cultivation was inferior to the Xu Race. The Xu Race were indeed bandits, they were clever and bold.

The Hell King’s ship was very fast. And with nobody to disturb Zhao Hai’s travel, the ship arrived near Green Copper Mountain the next day.

Upon entering the range of Green Copper Mountain, Zhao Hai and the others walked out of the cabin and looked at the distant mountain. Green Copper Mountain was now filled with black spots. At the same time, sounds of explosions could be heard. It was clear that the battle was intense.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai and the others knew that the battle was escalating. Li Zongdao looked at the mountain and said, “Did we come late?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Late? How could we possibly be late? Let me tell you, the Xu Race people who are currently fighting the World of Cultivation were only acting as bait to hold them down. The Xu Race currently has a reinforcing army numbering 500. When they arrive, the Xu Race would get an advantage in numbers, putting even more pressure on the World of Cultivation. But you don’t have to worry, the Xu Race reinforcements wouldn’t arrive soon. This will give us enough time to deal with the Xu Race who are here.”

Listening to Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao’s expression couldn’t help but change, then he said, “Little Hai, are you telling the truth? Then how about the World of Cultivation, are they sending reinforcements?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “They’re not. It’s possible that those people haven’t discovered the Xu Race’s plan. But we don’t need reinforcements, just our group is enough.”

Li Zongdao looked at Zhao Hai and nodded. He no longer said anything. At this time, the Hell King’s ship was getting closer and closer to the battlefield. The sounds of explosions were also getting clearer and clearer. Then Zhao Hai said, “Everyone, prepare yourselves. Don’t leave the ship, we’re teaching the Xu Race a lesson.”

Everyone nodded as they took out their magic artifacts. Zhao Hai also waved his hand as four instruments appeared. These musical instruments were the chime, wooden fish, drums, and a silver bowl with a stick. After that, a nine-storey pagoda appeared on top of the ship.

Twelve metal beasts also appeared around the Hell King’s ship. But as soon as these metal beasts appeared, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned. He released the twelve beasts not because of their offensive strength. But because they were reinforced by Liquid Silver and wouldn’t be damaged. When necessary, he could use them to block attacks.

However, when the beasts appeared, Zhao Hai discovered that he had been mistaken. The aura of the twelve metal beasts had changed dramatically. They seem to be much more powerful than before. Most importantly, their bodies had faith power coursing through them. Zhao Hai didn’t expect this to happen.


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