BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1406


Chapter 1406 – Plot Of The Xu Race

The Ten-thousand Transformations Staff was quite similar to Zhao Hai’s Liquid Silver. However, the staff couldn’t compare to Liquid Silver after its upgrade. Currently, Liquid Silver was a faith weapon while the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff isn’t.

Also, although the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff could transform, it couldn’t transform into something beyond its volume. On the other hand, Liquid Silver can transform without any limits.

Despite this, the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff was still very mysterious. Although it said ten thousand in its name, it was like Liquid Silver with an unlimited number of forms it can transform into.

However, only a few people could exert the full strength of the staff. This was because, just like Liquid Silver, one needed to consider formations to use with the staff, not just your spiritual force. Not a lot of people could do this. After all, not everyone was like Zhao Hai who had the Space to help him with formations.

And since the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff was very valuable, it’s impossible for it to become someone’s Life Source Artifact. It would only be taken out whenever it was needed.

As the matter stands, the one who used the staff wouldn’t be familiar with it. After all, the longer you use a weapon, the more power you could display while using it. As for the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff, it couldn’t display a great amount of power in the hands of a stranger.

However, one couldn’t say that the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff has no merits. Inside the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff was a formation core. It was composed of a control formation as well as an offensive formation. Also, these formations weren’t the same as normal ones. These were high-level formations.

These formations were things that the Void Temple kept secret. It can be said that the prestige of the staff was due to this formation core. Without this formation core, the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff could just be relegated to a high-grade artifact. It wouldn’t be able to become one of the pinnacle artifacts of the World of Cultivation.

Beside this formation core, one would also need to use a formation in order to use the artifact. This time, you would need to use your own spiritual force to condense it.

But since most people don’t have the Space, they would have to define the forms of the staff beforehand. This way, they would know which formations to use in order to change its form.

Kong Miao’s situation was the same. In his hands, the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff would transform into a stick, a crescent moon spade, a monk’s blade, a pagoda, an earthen bowl, and other forms numbering 10 altogether. The attacking style of each form was different. Because of this, Kong Miao needed to be familiar with these forms beforehand, and he would also need to prepare the formations. This way, he would be able to change the staff’s form in the shortest time. 

According to the records of the Void Temple, the best user of the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff was its 22nd Abbot. This Abbot could use 108 forms of the staff. Moreover, it could divide the staff and combine its attacks. 

Although Kong Miao was only able to use 10 forms, the formation core of the staff couldn’t be underestimated. His attacks were still very formidable. The Old Xu Race person needed to use dozens of artifacts in order to block the staff’s attacks.

As for the other artifacts that Kong Miao released, although they weren’t ordinary, they couldn’t enter the old Xu Race person’s eyes. He was still focused on the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff.

Kong Miao was quite startled by the strength of the Xu Race. He knew that although the attacks of the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff looked ordinary, the power between each one of them was colossal. Most Transcending Tribulation Experts using 20 artifacts wouldn’t be able to block the staff’s attack. It might even kill that Transcending Tribulation Expert.

But in front of the Xu Race person, the strikes weren’t doing as well. It seems like this old Xu Race person wasn’t simple! The information that Kong Miao obtained was just too few. He didn’t even know that the one he was facing was a famous Xu Race person named the Green Cloud Sand Bandit, Xu Wuzun.

This person was very powerful. Moreover, he has two Life Source Artifacts, the Green Cloud Scarf and the Emerald Sand Fan.

Of the two artifacts, Xu Wuzun acquired the Emerald Sand Fan first. Nobody knew how Xu Wuzun refined the Emerald Sand Fan, but a large amount of poisonous green sand has been refined along with it. Not only can this green sand defile other magic artifacts, it could also corrupt the enemy’s spiritual qi. It could even spread poison to the enemy through their qi, rendering them powerless during the battle.

As for the Green Cloud Scarf, Xu Wuzun acquired it after entering the Severed Soul Stage, using it as the Life Source Artifact for his secondary soul. Once the Green Cloud Scarf was released, a poisonous mist will form. It could gather and disperse, poisoning the target. It could even be used as a flying artifact. Also, it’s defensive power was quite good.

Xu Wuxun has long been a famed expert. If he were to be ranked against the others, then he would definitely place top 10 in the Xu Race.

Because of these attributes, Xu Wuzun was able to block Kong Miao’s attacks. Although Kong Miao was strong, he was still a rookie Severed Soul Expert in the eyes of a veteran like Xu Wuzun.

With Kong Miao being tied down by Xu Wuzun, the World of Cultivation Experts had a hard time against the Xu Race. This was because the artifacts of the World of Cultivation Experts were inferior compared to the Xu Race. With the help of their innate ability, the Xu Race were able to control a large amount of artifacts. Although these artifacts didn’t reach the same level of control as their original owners, their sheer number made up for it. As the battle went on, the Xu Race were able to slowly suppress the World of Cultivation.

Kong Miao was also able to notice this, but he has no way of remedying it. However, since the people  from the Cultivation Realm were also veterans of a thousand battles, they were able to deal with their situation quite fast. They immediately had their artifacts go back to defend. Then a division of responsibilities was formed. People at the front would be in charge of defense while people at the back would take the offensive role. This way, they were able to concentrate on one task.

But at the same time, the Xu Race changed their approach. They also divided themselves into offensive and defensive roles. However, the difference between the Xu Race and the World of Cultivation was that the World of Cultivation had more people defending than attacking. Meanwhile, only a small number of Xu Race people were defending while most of them attacked. As the matter stands, the World of Cultivation was in the defensive. The pressure they faced was even bigger.

Fortunately, the people from the Cultivation Realm had real abilities. Therefore, the Xu Race weren’t able to get an advantage against them. However, it was clear that the World of Cultivation was getting pushed back.

However, at this time, Kong Miao was still fighting the old Xu Race person and he couldn’t get any advantages at all. One could see from this point how novice Kong Miao really was. He was now a leader, not an individual acting alone. He needs to lead his people to fight the Xu Race. If he wasn’t so preoccupied with Xu Wuzun, then he might have been able to use the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff to help the people from the World of Cultivation.

Naturally, the old Xu Wuxun intentionally enraged Kong Miao in the beginning. This would make Kong Miao target him alone. Then with his strength and experience, he would tie Kong Miao down, allowing the other Xu Race people to deal with the World of Cultivation.

It was obvious that this was planned beforehand. Before Xu Wuzun and the others fought with the World of Cultivation, they already knew that Kong Miao would be in command. They knew Kong Miao’s origin as well as the artifact he would be bringing. Therefore, they could understand his temperament and make the proper arrangements. As could be seen, this plan was very successful.

Since the World of Cultivation’s people were busy dealing with the Xu Race’s offense, they weren’t able to discover this point. If they were able to notice it, then they would know that their opponents this time weren’t only the Xu Race. After all, it was impossible for the Xu Race to collect such detailed information.

Both sides didn’t hold back during the battle. Naturally, it would be impossible for the fight to end quickly. With so many people involved, they could take turns resting and participating in the fight. 

If this situation was kept constant, then the battle would last for ten days or half a month. Naturally, this was in the condition that no accident would happen. But it was already obvious to Zhao Hai that this wouldn’t be the case.

Although he had yet to arrive at the battlefield, Zhao Hai was aware of its current situation. Every action and movement made by both sides have been monitored by the Space. Because of this, Zhao Hai became anxious. He discovered a group of Xu Race people approaching the battlefield. These were people the Xu Race prepared for reinforcement.

The Xu Race showed about a thousand troops in the beginning in order to get the World of Cultivation to send the same number of people. The Xu Race’s reinforcements could also be called the ambush army. Although they only numbered 500, a sudden addition of 500 people could definitely change the state of the battlefield. These 500 would catch the World of Cultivation off-guard. If they weren’t able to wipe out the entire World of Cultivation army, then they could at least strike a fatal blow to the strength of the World of Cultivation. This was the Xu Race’s real goal.


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