BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1405


Chapter 1405 – Kong Miao’s Rage!

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of what Li Zongdao was thinning. If he did, then he wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This was because Li Zongdao was partially right. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t a reincarnated expert, he was someone whose soul has transferred. However, he didn’t cultivate back on earth.

Although Li Zongdao suspected Zhao Hai of being a reincarnated expert, he didn’t have any evidence to back it up. Moreover, this suspicion was lessened a little when he remembered that Zhao Hai doesn’t know a lot about cultivation. In the end, this suspicion could almost be canceled.

Zhao Hai had Laura and he others command the Hell King’s ship while he went to sleep along with Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng. The battle would involve more than a thousand experts, he needed to be prepared.

A battle involving more than a thousand people might not sound a lot, but one shouldn’t forget that the combatants on both sides were at Transcending Tribulation and Severed Soul Stage. Each one of these experts could overturn mountains.

Because of this, Zhao Hai had to be careful. Transcending Tribulation Experts couldn’t be underestimated. Therefore, he planned to use the following days to cultivate and prepare himself.


Kong Miao stood  along with his men, looking at the Xu Race people in the distance. He didn’t store his artifact in a spatial equipment like others did. Instead, he held it in his hand. This was because the artifact he was holding was the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff.

Kong Miao liked holding the staff. This was because the staff was a very good artifact. The staff was very comfortable to use. Kong Miao thinks that it is his time to become famous in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Thinking of his wonderful experience, Kong Miao couldn’t help but sigh deep inside. In his opinion, he was favored by the heavens. Otherwise, how could he encounter such good things?

The reason behind Kong Miao’s cultivation speed wasn’t that he was a reincarnated expert. But instead it was because he obtained an inheritance of a Buddhist Expert.

Kong Miao was born on the Void Temple’s controlled planet. Among the clans in the planet, his clan was only average. Each person in the clan practiced the Buddhist path. If any talent was discovered, they would immediately be sent to the Void Temple to practice and become either an Inner Disciple or a Core Disciple. 

However, Kong Miao wasn’t treated well by the clan. Naturally, the Clan didn’t waste resources on him. Because of this, Kong Miao became comparable to a Rogue Cultivator. 

But nobody expected that Kong Miao would pick up a jade slip as he was collecting medicine in the mountains. The jade slip didn’t look like anything. But as Kong Miao searched it using his spiritual force, he suddenly fainted. He was asleep for five days. After waking up, he knew that he had picked up a treasure. The jade slip was left behind by a Buddhist Master. The slip recorded the master’s road from Foundation Building up to the Severed Soul Stage. This was equivalent to pointing the way for Kong Miao. This provided him insights and allowed him to achieve a smooth cultivation.

Most importantly, the jade slip included a very high level cultivation method. The steps were clearly written. How to cultivate, which pills to consume, everything was described. 

Additionally, the jade slip had the spiritual force and spiritual qi of a Severed Soul Expert. The spiritual force stimulated Kong Miao’s growth while the spiritual qi provided him with a foundation of pure spiritual qi to train in.

This jade slip was a great treasure. Anyone who got their hands on it would certainly become a great expert. As for how that jade slip ended up in the mountains, nobody knew.

Kong Miao had a much stronger spiritual force than his peers, and he also had the pure spiritual qi of a Severed Soul Expert. Naturally, he was able to get twice the result with half the effort. Before long, he stood out in his family and became a genius that was sent to the Void Temple. He became an outer disciple, then an inner disciple, then a core disciple. Along the way, the resources allocated to him increased. And with the help of the jade slip, his training went smoothly. His cultivation was like a rocket as it shot past everyone else. Now, he was an Elder of the Void Temple, one of the Severed Soul Powerhouses in the World of Cultivation.

Thinking of this, Kong Miao couldn’t help but feel proud. His discovery of the slip really turned his destiny over. From an ordinary member of a clan to being one of the most powerful people in the World of Cultivation. If it isn’t destiny, then nothing could justify it.

It was just that he has been busy cultivating these years or have places the sect arranged him to go to and needed to conceal his identity, which made Kong Miao unhappy. Because of this, his name wasn’t as resounding as he wanted to be. Only a few people from Great Sect knew about his name, others were simply clueless about who he is.

Seeing people from great sects going out and being accommodated by small sects made Kong Miao envious. Whenever he went out, people simply didn’t know who he was. Naturally, small sects wouldn’t arrange anything for him.

This made Kong Miao angry. He’s an Elder of the Void Temple, the strongest expert among his generation. However, whenever he went out, nobody knew who he was.

Now, the Xu Race gave him an opportunity to become famous in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Kong Miao was aware that the people in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield were elites of the World of Cultivation. Moreover, these people were well-respected by the sects. When the time comes, he would be greeted by everyone when he returns to the World of Cultivation.

Although he felt pride in his heart, Kong Miao didn’t reveal it to the outside world. He calmly looked at the Xu Race as they lined up before him, preparing to attack.

As Kong Miao looked at the Xu Race, he  said, “Please tell your representative to come out and have a talk.”

When his voice sounded out, the Xu Race people opposite him turned quiet. Then a Xu Race person flew out. This Xu Race person looked old, his face was wrinkled and was somewhat ugly. This Xu Race person looked at Kong Miao and said, “What does Your Excellency want to talk about?”

Kong Miao looked at the Xu Race person and said, “I’m Void Temple’s Kong Miao. I just want to ask you a question. Our World of Cultivation doesn’t have an enmity with your race. So why are you targeting us? Please explain, otherwise, you can’t blame me for being impolite.”

When the Xu Race person heard Kong Miao, he suddenly laughed and said, “Impolite? How are you planning on being impolite? Aren’t you being too naive in saying that? This is the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. My Xu Clan rely on robbing people in order to get benefits. If you’re talking about explanations, then why don’t you explain the people from the World of Cultivation who are pursuing our members? If you can’t give me an explanation, then forgive me for being impolite as well.”

Kong Miao went silent. His Cultivation has been going smoothly. Even his trials were devoid of danger. He had never met someone as arrogant as the Xu Race before him. He was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

Seeing Kong Miao’s response, the Xu Race person laughed harder as he said, “So you’re really just a kid. Hahaha. It seems like the World of Cultivation is really confident. They actually sent a kid to fight a war!” The other Xu Race people laughed as well. It was as though they were ignoring that Kong Miao was present.

Looking at these people, Kong Miao shouted, “If you’re like that, then I guess we no longer need to talk. Let’s see who really has the strength to survive!” With a wave of his hand, the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff sent an attack towards the old Xu Race person.

Without any delay, the others from the World of Cultivation also attacked using their respective artifacts. 

Seeing Kong Miao beginning the fight, the Xu Race naturally attacked as well. All kinds of green-tinted magic artifacts were taken out. A rumbling sound could be heard as the artifacts filled the air.

The two sides were still probing each other. Although it might seem like the battle was very lively, there had been no casualties on both sides. Kong Miao was now fired up. He felt insulted by the old Xu Race person. The Ten-thousand Transformations Staff kept changing forms as it attacked the Xu Race person.

However, it was clear that the old Xu Race person was prepared. He coldly snorted and released 200 artifacts to clash with the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff. Although each of the artifacts couldn’t contend with the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff, enough of them were able to.

The artifacts all had an aquamarine tint to them. The artifacts themselves were of the same color, but in fact they were controlled by the old Xu Race person. Because of his strength, each artifact were able to unleash quite a large amount of power.

Kong Miao also released quite a few artifacts to assault the old Xu Race person. Kong Miao was now a Severed Soul Expert, this meant that his soul has been divided into two. This other soul could help him control magic artifacts. This allowed him to control twice the amount of artifacts.

If Kong Miao hadn’t reached Severed Soul Stage, then it would have been impossible for him to use the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff. This was because despite the staff’s immense strength, it was also very demanding when it came to control. If a Transcending Tribulation Expert wanted to use the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff, then he wouldn’t be able to use any other artifact along with it.

Because of this, only Severed Soul Experts used the staff. With this, they can use the staff while their other would control the other artifacts. 


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