BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1403


Chapter 1403 – Enlightenment Technique

Liu Sheng and the others were indeed bewitched. However, what bewitched them was a Buddhist Technique, the Enlightenment Technique. The Enlightenment Technique was the most difficult technique to study among the Buddhist Techniques. It was a technique that operated silently, it didn’t even have any spiritual waves. But once it was used on a person, that person would have a favorable impression towards the user and would slowly start to agree to his every word.

There were two ways to use the Enlightenment Technique. The first way was the immediate application of the technique. If the mind of the target wasn’t strong enough, then they would be converted immediately. Once converted, the target would fully obey the user and may even become crazed believers who have lost their sense of identity.

Another way of using the technique was to slowly apply its effects. When this method was used, there would be no signs. The affected target wouldn’t feel a single thing.

However, this method has a weak point. It needed continuous application in order to convert the target.

Zhao Hai used the second method on Liu Sheng and the others many times. By this  point, Liu Sheng and the others were getting closer to being converted. It was just that Liu Sheng and the others haven’t discovered it.

Zhao Hai didn’t have any regrets converting Liu Sheng and the others. After all, Liu Sheng didn’t really have any good intentions when he asked for Zhao Hai’s help. He had already been polite to Liu Sheng and the others. Also, being converted wasn’t necessarily bad for Liu Sheng and the others.

Zhao Hai has the Space as well as a constant supply of faith power. He could only get stronger and stronger in the future. Being converted by Zhao Hai was a benefit to their future.

Another great use for the Enlightenment Technique was for the collection of faith power. Converted people provide faith power towards the user. The more you convert, the more people you have to provide faith power. Moreover, the more fanatic the believer, the better faith power they could provide. This was the Enlightenment Technique’s most powerful aspect.

Faith power was very beneficial for Cultivators. Zhao Hai’s body was already stronger than before. Moreover, he wouldn’t have any barriers in his cultivation. However, getting a believer that would supply you with Faith Power was very hard. Especially fanatic believers, which were much more difficult to cultivate.

If Zhao Hai didn’t have the Space, then it would simply be impossible to collect Faith Power. The World of Cultivation didn’t lack methods to collect and apply faith power. However, finding people to provide faith power was extremely hard. 

In the past, Great Sects in the World of Cultivation did some experiments. They reared people like livestock in order to perform brainwashing on them, hoping that it would provide them with a means to get Faith Power.

However, this method wasn’t very successful. First, because Faith Power could only be provided to one person. Who this person was has become a problem. If too many people share, then everyone would get very little faith power. And if you increase the people in captivity, then it would be too difficult to handle. Having too many people would increase the chance for accidents. Also, those who brainwashed these people would attract suspicion. Once the doubt spread, the experiment was essentially a failure..

The livestock experiment failed, so the use of Faith Power hasn’t become popular in the World of Cultivation. One reason was because the methods were kept secret. And an even bigger reason was the lack of places to collect faith power from.

After acquiring faith power, Zhao Hai gained a deeper understanding about it. He also understood why Lu Wei had to use an artifact to collect Faith Power. Despite that, he was still weak since the amount of Faith Power he collected was very small.

Although Lu Wei was regarded as a god in the Divine Realm, his followers weren’t devout. It was just like in the Earth where people believed in Buddha, but weren’t necessarily Buddhists. This wasn’t necessarily true belief. It was precisely because of this that Lu Wei and even the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor only got very few faith power. With such a poor amount of faith power, it wasn’t very useful. So the strength of the two was still low.

But no matter what, the two still enjoyed the benefits of faith power. Therefore, they stubbornly kept on collecting faith power without letting anyone else know.

If Lu Wei knew how much Faith Power Zhao Hai was getting, then he would certainly be very envious. At the same time, if the people from the World of Cultivation were to know that there was such a thing as the Enlightenment Technique, then they would definitely want to acquire it at all costs. As long as they get their hands on the technique, they could collect a very large amount of faith power. To any Cultivator, the attractiveness of this was fatal.

Liu Sheng and the others were completely unaware of this. They only knew that they were listening to Zhao Hai’s words more and more. Moreover, they didn’t seem to have any inclination of disagreeing to him.

Although Li Zongdao also noticed this on Liu Sheng and the others. Li Zongdao wasn’t a fool. Despite going along with Liu Sheng and the others for some time, he still didn’t trust them. Perhaps Li Zongdao might trust them if this was the World of Cultivation. But in the battlefield, Li Zongdao wasn’t as trusting.

If this was the World of Cultivation, then Liu Sheng and the others would have some trouble with Li Zongdao’s identity. He was the Strongest Core Disciple of the Profound Clear Sect. If Li Zongdao was killed and the Profound Clear Sect finds out, then Liu Sheng and the others wouldn’t be able to shoulder the consequences.

However, this was the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. This wasn’t a peaceful place. If Liu Sheng and the others murdered someone, then nobody would be able to find out about it. The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was just too chaotic. Chasing and tracking down a kill was almost impossible.

Seeing Liu Sheng and the others following Zhao Hai’s word, Li Zongdao couldn’t help but be more wary. In his mind, they had no reason to be more polite. Liu Sheng and the others showing a better attitude towards Zhao Hai couldn’t be good.

Li Zongdao told Zhao Hai about these suspicions, but Zhao Hai told him that it’s fine. Actually, Zhao Hai doesn’t know what to say. He couldn’t just reveal that he was converting Liu Sheng and the others. Otherwise, it might bring unnecessary troubles to him.

Despite this, the group continued to collect resources and even hunt some beasts. With their numbers, they simply didn’t need to be afraid. In the end, Li Zongdao could only calm down.

As Zhao Hai and the others were collecting resources, the Xu Race and the World of Cultivation began to make their moves. Both sides knew that the other had sent experts to the newcomer’s region. Therefore, they became wary against each other.

They would approach each other cautiously. They would also send people out to scout. However, they made sure that each team comprised at least ten people. One should know that one couldn’t be careless in times of war.

Zhao Hai received information about both sides through the Space. At this point, every move and action in the newcomer’s region couldn’t escape Zhao Hai’s eyes. 

The distance between the two sides was very large. If they want to fight, then it would take a few days before they could meet. Also, Zhao hai and the others were far away from where the two sides would meet. Therefore, there’s no need for Zhao Hai to worry.

Zhao Hai continued collecting resources along with Liu Sheng and the others. He wanted to use this opportunity to stock up on resources. Once the battle begins, things wouldn’t be as easy as it is now.

Naturally, Liu Sheng and the others didn’t say anything. They had almost been converted by Zhao Hai. It wouldn’t take long before they would become Zhao Hai’s faithful followers. It doesn’t matter if they were to separate with Zhao Hai, they would still treat him as a god forever. This was what made the Enlightenment Technique terrifying.

At this point, even if Zhao Hai used the Enlightenment Technique in front of Liu Sheng and the others, they still wouldn’t dislike it. This was because their minds had already been conditioned by the technique.

Zhao Hai wasn’t in a hurry, nor did he want to participate in the war. He planned to wait for a few days after the battle began before participating. This way, he wouldn’t be under the command of that young monk but could still provide great contributions to the World of Cultivation.

Monk Kong Miao was the person who held the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff. Zhao Hai didn’t know his name before. Only after hearing people call him by his name did Zhao Hai find out.

Although Monk Kong Miao was very young, his strength was already formidable. Most importantly, the way he does things was orderly. The troops under him were marching in formation. The army proceeded forward without any chaos.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but admire Kong Miao. One must know that the troops commanded by the monk didn’t have the same training as the Machine Field’s armies. But despite this, the monk was able to command them to be orderly. This was impossible without any talent.

Compared to the World of Cultivation, the Xu Race were much more formal. The Xu Race people seemed to have received military training. Also, since they were already managed by a central body, they were able to be managed easily. The advancing speed of both sides wasn’t great. Although they were all Practitioners, an army always had a slower speed than an individual person. After all, it wasn’t easy to maintain a formation while moving.

Although Zhao Hai was still collecting resources, he was also paying attention to the situation between the World of Cultivation and the Xu Race. He was waiting for the two to begin so that he could join in on the fun.


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