BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1402


Chapter 1402 – Uneasiness In The Newcomer’s Region

Recently, the people from other Great Realms discovered that the atmosphere in the World of Cultivation’s newcomer’s residence wasn’t right. Firstly, the people from the World of Cultivation were being attacked. This caused them to not dare to come out. Even if they came out, they would form groups, rarely would someone go out alone. This made the people from the other realms gloat on the World of Cultivation’s misfortune.

Moreover, the people from the other realms were able to notice that there were a lot of Xu Race people surrounding the World of Cultivation’s newcomer’s area. And oftentimes, they could see the Xu Race attacking the people from the World of Cultivation.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this was an action done by the Xu Race against the people from the World of Cultivation. It was just that the people from the World of Cultivation have yet to discover this plot.

It must be said that the Xu Race were among the most unpopular groups of people in the Ten-thousand Realms Battlefield. This was because they were a group of bandits.

Moreover, not a lot of experts come to the newcomer’s area. The Xu Race were an exception. They didn’t care about unwritten rules or the like. They never cared for written rules, much less unwritten ones.

People from the other realms also grouped up whenever they went out due to the increased presence of the Xu Race in the area. Although the Xu Race seemed to target the World of Cultivation, who knows when they would switch their targets. Therefore, they needed to be careful as well.

However, people were also beginning to notice that the World of Cultivation were launching a counter-attack. There was a huge ship artifact filled with people from the World of Cultivation that were hunting down the Xu Race.

The ship flew in an overbearing manner in the newcomer’s region, killing every Xu Race person they came upon. But there had never been news of people other than the Xu Race that had been attacked.

It was at this point that the other people knew that this was a war between the Xu Race and the World of Cultivation. So they all went to the sidelines to watch and maybe profit off of the conflict from time to time.

Before long, when the Xu Race discovered what was happening, more of their members flooded into the newcomer’s region. But this time, the people from the World of Cultivation were prepared. Massive numbers of their own experts also went back to the newcomer’s region.

These people who came back to the newcomer’s region were all powerful veterans. When the newcomers from the other realms saw this, they immediately ran and returned to their own areas and hid.

These people understood that the large number of Xu Race and World of Cultivation Experts flooding into the newcomer’s region would divide the region. If they don’t stay in their own areas, then they would only be courting death.

The conflict in the newcomer’s region naturally alarmed the people in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Various realms began to shift their attention to the region.

The World of Cultivation and the Xu Race weren’t the most powerful groups in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. These two groups could only be regarded as medium-grade. There hasn’t been a huge conflict between two realms in the battlefield for some time. Everyone deliberately avoided being entangled in this situation. This was because it’s possible that both sides would injure each other, leaving the other realms to harvest some great benefits.

It must be known that the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield had people from around 30 thousand realms inside it. If you manage to step on other people, then you would be able to greatly benefit. Therefore, the other realms avoided joining the conflict as much as possible.

The other realms were observing the war carefully. The World of Cultivation couldn’t just back down from this, or else other people would also target them. Therefore, they needed to teach the Xu Race a lesson.

Normally, in this situation, the Xu Race would retreat. They were a bandit race. They weren’t in the business of eliminating an entire group of people.

What’s unusual this time was that the Xu Race higher-ups issued a command to spare no one from the World of Cultivation. Even the people of the Xu Race didn’t expect this to happen.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t return and instead continued hunting the Xu Race. Because of their movements, the Xu Race became vigilant. This was also the reason why the Xu Race decided to send more manpower to the newcomer’s region.

Since Zhao Hai and the others didn’t return, naturally they wouldn’t know what happened back in the newcomer’s area. After Yuan Ding and Yuan Zen reported the situation, the World of Cultivation immediately acted and restationed large quantities of experts towards the newcomer’s area in order to deal with the Xu Race. Leading the group was a young monk. This monk held an unadorned staff and gave people an immense amount of pressure. This pressure wasn’t from the monk but instead his staff. 

This young Monk led more than 1000 people to enter the newcomer’s area. Majority of them were Transcending Tribulation Experts while several were at Severed Soul Stage. As for the young Monk, it seems like he’s a Severed Soul Expert himself.

Zhao Hai was able to notice the young Monk the moment the reinforcements entered the newcomer’s residences. Seeing the Monk’s staff, Zhao Hai knew that it was the famed treasure of the Void Temple, the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff.

Seeing the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff, Zhao Hai understood that the World of Cultivation was prepared to make a huge move. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care. The newcomer’s region was a huge place. So even if the Monk entered the region with the Ten-thousand Transformations Staff, he wouldn’t necessarily meet Zhao Hai and the others. And Zhao Hai doesn’t want to meet that monk.

From what Zhao Hai can see, the young Monk was the leader of the team. Moreover, he was a Buddhist disciple. If Zhao Hai went back to the residences, he would have to listen to this person. Zhao Hai didn’t like being commanded, so he made sure to avoid the monk. He also didn’t tell Liu Sheng and the others about this information.

Naturally, Zhao Hai was no longer intending to attack the Xu Race. By this point, the Xu Race also sent a thousand powerful experts into the newcomer’s region. Most importantly, now that the Xu Race has gathered together, Zhao Hai would suffer a loss if he were to make an attack.

Since Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to join the fray, he led Liu Sheng and the others to harvest resources in the newcomer’s region.

With the noise created by the Xu Race and the World of Cultivation, the density of people wanting to harvest resources has drastically declined. This was a great opportunity for Zhao Hai and the others to gather up resources. In the past, gathering materials was very hard because of how many people there were. And robbing people wasn’t easy as well.

But now things were different. It became rare for someone to leave their own residential areas. Zhao Hai took this opportunity to harvest medicinal materials and ores.

Before Zhao Hai made this decision, he made sure that every Xu Race person that ambushed Liu Sheng and the others had been dealt with. This way, they can calmly harvest ores and medicinal plants as well as avoid the young Monk and not get involved with the ongoing war.

Zhao Hai doesn’t intend to work hard for the World of Cultivation. He didn’t want to become cannon fodder. Therefore, after taking revenge against the Xu Race, he proposed his plan to Liu Sheng and the others. 

Now that Liu Sheng and the others have enacted his revenge and seen Zhao Hai’s strength, they naturally wouldn’t oppose the plan. Therefore, Zhao Hai used the Hell King’s ship in order to visit the areas with resources.

As they progressed, Liu Sheng and the others began to get some clues. They had been to some of these areas before, so they knew how many people came here. But after flying in these areas for quite some time, they became confused since they had yet to meet someone else.

Liu Sheng and the others also discovered that Zhao Hai seems to have a goal in everything he did. He wasn’t just doing it casually nor was it for revenge. Take dealing with the Xu Race as an example. On the surface, it seems to be for revenge. But Liu Sheng and the others understood that Zhao Hai was doing that in order to get closer to them. Zhao Hai wanted them to follow him.

It might seem strange, they knew Zhao Hai’s purpose, so they shouldn’t have been pulled in that easily. But in the end, they knew deep inside that they wouldn’t leave Zhao Hai. So they followed Zhao Hai’s plans.

Thinking about this, Liu Sheng couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The longer the time they spent with Zhao Hai, the stronger this feeling became. It seems like they would unconsciously agree to anything Zhao Hai said. It was a bizarre feeling. But at the same time, they didn’t dislike it. Even if Zhao Hai wanted to use the Xu Race to get closer to Liu Sheng and the others and make them his followers, they seem not to mind it.

Sometimes Liu Sheng would think that they might have been collectively possessed by a demon. Otherwise, why would they listen to Zhao Hai’s words?


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