BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1401


Chapter 1401 – Revenge!

There was no trust between each Xu Race person. However, they had one good thing about them. They adhere to what was called a Bandit’s Code. Nobody knew where this code came from but it made the Xu Race trustworthy once they were on a mission. They would do their tasks clearly and would give what the pay deserves. However, once the task is done, you need to keep on guard against them. This was because they no longer needed to adhere to the code once the task was over.

Because of this, these Xu Race people would trust one another during missions. But once the mission was done, they would immediately separate. 

The reason why the Xu Race people gathered together to deal with Liu Sheng and the others was because Liu Sheng’s group had 14 people. If only half of the Xu Race came, then they wouldn’t be able to restrain Liu Sheng and the others. Therefore, they banded together. But they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to ruin their plan.

Their mission was ruined by Zhao Hai, but the Xu Race who organized the party still paid what was promised. This was the most commendable part of the Xu Race.

However, after being paid, the group disbanded immediately. This was because people in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield knew about the Xu Race’s customs. Naturally, they were also aware that once the task was done, the Xu Race would resume being bandits. If they stayed behind, then they would be in danger. Therefore, as soon as they were paid, everyone quickly separated.

These people didn’t really expect Zhao Hai to really retaliate. It must be said that the Xu Race couldn’t be easily found. Each one of them were good at stealth. Not only stealth, they could also hide from spiritual force. And with how nomadic they were, nobody knew where the Xu Race people were. If one wanted to hunt them down, then they would experience countless suffering.

But what the Xu Race didn’t think about was a heaven-defying thing like the Space to exist. Their stealth techniques were totally useless against the Space’s surveillance. No matter where they run, they would always be seen by the Space.

In order to deal with these fellows, Zhao Hai put a silver needle in their bodies. With the silver needles, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

In addition to wanting to teach them a lesson, Zhao Hai also wanted to hunt the Xu Race in order to find out who was behind their current operation.

The Hell King’s ship continued to fly forward with an unparalleled momentum. Coupled with its huge form, it gave people a strong oppressive aura. Because of this, anyone who spotted the Hell King’s ship would hide immediately, no matter which realm they came from.

Although everyone was from a different Great Realm, they were all aware that an artifact like the Hell King’s ship wasn’t something that anyone could use.

It was precisely because of this that nobody came to provoke Zhao Hai and the others. Liu Sheng and Zhao Hai were currently standing on the bow of the ship. Although Zhao Hai felt nothing, Liu Sheng and the others couldn’t help but feel pride. Even if the Hell King’s ship had nothing to do with them, seeing people from the other realms go out of their way made them feel special. Moreover, the Hell King’s ship was an artifact of the World of Cultivation. 

The Hell King’s ship was fast. And with how recent the attack was, it only took Zhao Hai and the others a few hours to find a Xu Race person. 

The Xu Race person also noticed the Hell King’s ship. He had a very deep impression of this ship. He knew that this was the ship that the giant pagoda transformed into.

Although they said that they let the pagoda escape because they were stunned, they couldn’t deny the strength of the pagoda. Even if they were dumbfounded, their artifacts still hit the pagoda. However, the pagoda didn’t suffer any damages. One could see the strength of the Hell King’s ship from this. So at the sight of the ship, the Xu Race person immediately hid and hoped that he could avoid disaster.

The Xu Race person already thought that Zhao Hai was coming for him. This was because Zhao Hai said that he would return the favor when he left. But seeing the Hell King’s ship coming to his direction, he was still in disbelief.

Not long after the Xu Race person hid himself, the Hell King’s ship stopped in front of him. Zhao Hai looked at the Xu Race person’s hiding place and said, “Come out, do you think you can escape? Don’t forget what I said yesterday.” The Xu Race person thought that Zhao Hai was just deceiving him. But when he saw Zhao Hai looking straight into his hiding place, he knew that Zhao Hai could see him. The Xu Race person couldn’t help but feel bitter. He put away his stealth cloak and then appeared 200 meters away from the Hell King’s ship.

He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How did you see me? Our Xu Race’s ability couldn’t be detected.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Just because you say so doesn’t mean that nobody can detect you. Wasn’t I able to see you? Let me tell you this, you aren’t the first Xu Race person I met. I killed one before. He wanted to ambush me using his stealth, but unfortunately for him, he failed. Hehe. I guess it’s your turn now. You Xu Race should know that the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield is a paradise for bandits. But targeting only one group of people won’t work. There will come a time where they will retaliate. Today is just the beginning.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand and released ten thousand flying swords to attack the Xu Race person.

The Xu Race person also released his magic artifacts to block Zhao Hai. However, Liu Sheng and the others also released their flying swords and attacked the Xu Race person together.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he received his swords. He gave Liu Sheng and the others the opportunity to finish this one off. Liu Sheng and the others were thirsting for revenge, this was a good time to blow off some steam.

Although the Xu Race person wasn’t weak, he couldn’t hold on against this many Transcending Tribulation Experts. Before long, he was killed.

After killing the Xu Race person, Zhao Hai pulled its corpse into the Hell King’s ship, then he turned to Liu Sheng and said, “Brother Liu, you can take his stuff, but I’ll have to take his corpse. Is that alright?” 

When he heard Zhao Hai, Liu Sheng stared for a moment, then he nodded and said, “Little Hai, you use Dark Magic, so this corpse will be yours. However, we cannot take everything he has. We should have equal share.

The others naturally wouldn’t oppose Liu Sheng. It must be said that they wouldn’t have gotten this harvest without Zhao Hai. They simply had no way to find people from the Xu Race. 

If this wasn’t the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, then they wouldn’t have accepted the loot. After all, the majority of the effort was done by Zhao Hai. But since they were in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield and needed to pay a tax every month to stay, they would need everything they could get their hands on. In the end, they have no choice but to accept a portion of the loot.

But to Zhao Hai, these things weren’t worth a glance. But he knew that it would make Liu Sheng and the others anxious if he didn’t take anything, so he nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll take the Xu Race corpse as well as its life source artifact. You divide the rest.”

It must be said that Zhao Hai would still suffer a loss in this agreement. This Xu Race person has been in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for some time, and it had robbed more than 100 magic artifacts. And there were still other items in its possession. If these things were divided equally, each person could still get a rich slice of the pie.

This Xu Race person was different from Liu Sheng and the others. Liu Sheng and the others were newcomers to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, so they were still worrying about tax for the month. On the other hand, this Xu Race person was a veteran and had stayed in the battlefield for many years. He was able to rob a lot of things. Therefore, he was quite rich.

As soon as Liu Sheng heard Zhao Hai, he still wanted to give more items to him. However, Zhao Hai didn’t agree. In the end, he could only follow what Zhao Hai said.

Once they looked over the Xu Race person’s belongings, Liu Sheng and the others discovered that it was actually very rich. There were a lot of good things in its spatial item. The things inside weren’t only enough to pay for a month’s tax, they could even make a small profit. Naturally, Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng received their share. Mo Sheng handed his share over to Zhao Hai which meant that Zhao Hai still had his share in the end. After all, Mo Sheng has no care about these things. And he also wouldn’t know how to use them.

Their mission was a success. Not only were they able to get revenge, they were also able to profit. This caused Liu Sheng and the others to be happy. After everyone divided their spoils, they turned to look at Zhao Hai. Their expressions were very obvious. They were curious if Zhao Hai was going to continue hunting people from the Xu Race.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and immediately knew what they were thinking. But he didn’t say anything as he smiled and waved his hand, directing the Hell King’s ship to fly towards another direction.

Previously, the ambush was done by the Xu Race as well as people from other races. Zhao Hai placed silver needles in each of their bodies. However, Zhao Hai was only planning to target the Xu Race. As for the others, he didn’t care about them for now. This action was something that the Xu Race initiated. Naturally, the first to be dealt with would be the Xu Race. Although the other races participated, they were only acting as mercenaries. 

Additionally, Zhao Hai didn’t want to offend other people. Therefore, he wouldn’t make a move on the others right now. His main target was still the Xu Race!


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