BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1399


Chapter 1399 – Pagoda

 Knowing that they were going against the Xu Race, Zhao Hai sped up. Liu Sheng and Zhang Chang were surprised by the speed of Zhao Hai’s ship. It was much faster than when they were using their flying swords.

The two began to suspect the real strength of Zhao Hai and the others. After all, the three were at Nascent Soul Stage. At that time, they had no choice but to ask them for help.

Actually, they didn’t have any good intentions when asking Zhao Hai and the others for help. As long as Zhao Hai and the others agreed, even if they couldn’t defeat the enemies, Liu Sheng and Zhang Chang’s group could still withdraw as long as Zhao Hai’s group restricts the enemy. As for what would happen to Zhao Hai and the others, they would no longer have anything to do with it.

But after seeing the speed of Zhao Hai’s ship, the two couldn’t help but feel a bit of hope. With how fast Zhao Hai’s ship was, everyone could use it to flee from the enemy.

Liu Sheng and Zhang Chang’s meeting place with Zhao Hai and the others weren’t very far from the place of battle. It didn’t take long before they arrived.

The fight was now very lively. There were a dozen people from the Xu Race and some other races, making up a total of 30. They were up against about a dozen people from the World of Cultivation. The people from the World of Cultivation formed a circle as they defended themselves. Although they weren’t in grave danger, they didn’t have the capability to attack. As the matter stands, sooner or later they would be killed by their opponents.

Zhao Hai could see that there were some people from the World of Cultivation that had been wounded. But what made Zhao Hai surprised was that the group didn’t have people from the Devil Realm and the Demon Realm. 

Zhao Hai didn’t think about it so much as he took out ten thousand swords and used the Stellar Sword Formation to kill the Xu Race people.

These Xu Race people also discovered Zhao Hai’s group, and they were able to recognize Liu Sheng and Zhang Chang standing on the ship. The Xu Race people roared and opened a path through the encirclement. They wanted to trap Zhao Hai’s group along with the other people from the World of Cultivation.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but snort coldly. Then the ship shook as it increased in size and transformed into a nine-layer Pagoda.

As Zhao Hai stood on top of the Pagoda, he turned towards the people from the World of Cultivation and said, “Everyone, head inside. We’re going to kill our way out!” When Zhao Hai said that, the people from the World of Cultivation immediately moved and approached the pagoda.

Just as these people were about to give Zhao Hai a salute, Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Everyone, there’s no time to greet each other. After the fight, we’ll drink towards our victory.” Then he performed a hand seal and controlled the pagoda. The chimes on each corner of the pagoda rang, causing everyone’s mind to turn tranquil.

This chime caused the people who were besieging them to suffer. This was Zhao Hai’s sound attack gained from merging various Buddhist Techniques. He was actually able to fuse the Happiness and Fear Technique with the Pagoda Technique.

Zhao Hai performed more hand-seals as the pagoda radiated light. Then an ancient phantom stood on top of the pagoda. The phantom slowly opened its eyes causing a light that made people not dare to look at it directly. Then Zhao Hai roared as the pagoda rushed forward with an indomitable momentum.

The advantage gained by the besiegers has been seized by Zhao Hai. However, they were also experts. So they commanded their weapons to attack the pagoda.

The pagoda became a huge tank that crashed into the crowd. It was akin to a rampaging beast. No matter what weapon hit the pagoda, they all failed to stop it. Before long, the pagoda got out of the encirclement.

Once the pagoda got out, it immediately turned back into the Hell King’s ship form and then hurried along. Zhao Hai turned his head towards the Xu Race people and said, “Everyone, this Zhao Hai will never forget this favor towards the World of Cultivation. I’ll make sure to return the gesture sooner or later. We’ll be leaving now, no need to see us off.” Then he commanded the ship to leave at its quickest speed, leaving behind the ambushers standing stupidly in place. They couldn’t believe that their perfect ambush would actually fail.

When they thought about it, these people felt that their defeat was unjust. Even though the power of the pagoda was extraordinary, there were a lot of them present. If they could attack at the same time, they would certainly be able to stop the pagoda. They were frightened by the pagoda’s aura and failed to organize themselves. In the end, they allowed Zhao Hai and the others to escape with ease.

As the Hell King’s ship was beginning to vanish, a Xu Race person turned towards his side and said, “The person who rescued them isn’t simple. His artifact could actually transform. Moreover, it seems like he uses Buddhist Techniques. Is he from the Void Temple? I heard that the Void Temple has a transforming artifact.”

Naturally, the Xu Race people knew about the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. However, they only heard about it, they didn’t have any information about its abilities. It must be known that even if the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff could change its form, it couldn’t transform into a huge thing such as a pagoda.

The Xu Race person on his side naturally knew the same amount as his peer, so he nodded and said, “It’s possible. It seems like everyone needs to act more carefully in the future. Damn, I can’t believe we failed.” The Xu Race person could understand his teammate’s thoughts. In order to besiege those groups of Practitioners, they paid a heavy price in order to recruit people to work with them. Even if their operation has failed, they still needed to pay. Moreover, it couldn’t be less than what was agreed upon. Otherwise, these people would no longer work with them in the future.

At this time, Zhao Hai and the others were still travelling on the Hell King’s ship. Seeing that there were no pursuers, they began to relax.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, I am Zhao Hai. Come, let’s head inside.” After he said that, everyone went inside the cabin. The Hell King’s ship had huge cabins for people. The top cabin was Zhao Hai’s room, naturally he wouldn’t bring people over there. Instead he brought everyone to the lower levels. He also transformed the place so that it would look presentable.

Upon entering the cabin, everyone couldn’t help but be in awe. They didn’t expect this place to exist inside the ship. The cabin was more like a hall with its ten thousand square meter area. It was even properly furnished.

After inviting everyone to settle down, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Since we have met today, we can be considered to be destined friends. Everyone here is from the World of Cultivation. Although I may have some grudge against some realms, this is the Ten-thousand Realms Battlefield. Here, we only have one identity, people from the World of Cultivation. We shouldn’t care about our origins and treat ourselves as people on the same side. I hope that everyone will get together more in the future. If we can’t work together, then we would encounter ambushes like the one today more frequently.”

Everyone nodded. They were all Transcending Tribulation Experts while Zhao Hai was just a Nascent Soul Expert. If they hadn’t seen Zhao Hai move, then they might not even look at him. This was a world where strength was respected. If you were weak, then you better be quiet. Even if you speak out, nobody would listen to you.

Once Zhao Hai showed his strength, none of them dared underestimate him. In fact, they began to feel reverence towards Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai came in order to save them. Also, his imposing aura makes people respect him.

Seeing everyone nod, Zhao Hai continued, “Since everyone agrees, then I won’t be saying anything more. Today is a happy day, everyone, let’s drink!” Then he waved his hand and took out several jars of spirit wine. However, he didn’t take anything else out other than the chicken that he gave Mo Sheng to eat.

Seeing Mo Sheng, everyone immediately understood his situation. Therefore, nobody minded him as everyone drank with Zhao Hai. It didn’t take long before the atmosphere became warm.

Liu Sheng poured himself a glass of liquor before he turned to Zhao Hai and said. “Mister Zhao, thank you for your help today. If it weren’t for you, our friends would have been wiped out. Mister can rest assured, if you need anything in the future, we brothers would certainly offer our help.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Brother Liu, don’t speak as though we are outsiders. We’re both newcomers in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, we should be helping each other. If Brother Liu wants something later on, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll do what I can to help.”

Liu Sheng laughed and said, “Alright, then we brothers will come to you if we need help. Let’s drink. Starting today, you and I are friends.” Zhao Hai and Liu Shen proceeded to drink one cup of wine.

At the same time, Li Zongdao was mingling with the others. Although Li Zongdao was still at Nascent Soul Stage, he still had the huge Profound Clear Sect at his back. Even if there weren’t any other newcomers from the Profound Clear Sect, there were other people from the Profound Clear Sect outside the newcomer’s area. Naturally, nobody dared to offend Li Zongdao.

Additionally, Li Zongdao was easy to get along with. So everyone was able to easily get acquainted with him. Only Mo Sheng was left alone as he sat eating his chicken and drinking wine. In fact, to Mo Sheng, the others seemed to not exist. There was only Zhao Hai in his eyes. The other people had nothing to do with him. Even if someone approaches him, he would just ignore them.


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