BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1395


Chapter 1395 – Crouching Tiger Fist Revealing Its Might

Zhao Hai looked at the Xu Race person and suddenly laughed. Then he said, “Impolite? How do you plan to be impolite? Tell me, I’m listening.”

When the Xu Race person heard what Zhao Hai said, he coldly snorted and replied, “A few brats at Nascent Soul Stage actually dares to be rampant in front of this Uncle. Kid, don’t think that the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield is like your World of Cultivation where Nascent Soul Experts can walk sideways. Here in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, you’re not worth a fart.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Then does Your Excellency think that you’re a powerhouse in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield?”

The Xu Race person laughed and said, “Although this Uncle isn’t a powerhouse in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, I still have enough strength to deal with kids like you.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Then I really want to see how strong you are.” Then he waved his hand and took out a thousand flying swords. After that, Zhao Hai began using the Stellar Transformation Sword Formation in order to attack the Xu Race person.

Seeing Zhao Hai take out so many weapons, the Xu Race person was extremely startled. He couldn’t believe that Zhao Hai was just as Nascent Souls Stage. Could he really be at Transcending Tribulation?

The Xu Race person took out a large number of his own magic artifacts. Majority of these artifacts looked like they were made by World of Cultivation Experts. However, all of these artifacts were covered in a green radiance.

Zhao Hai knew from Xu Zuotian that this green radiance was an ability by the Xu Race that allowed them to enslave magic artifacts. This innate skill of the Xu Race was called Artifact-controlling Light. As long as it was an ownerless magic artifact, then the Xu Race would be able to control them freely.

This Xu Race person was indeed worthy to be called a Transcending Tribulation Expert. The artifacts he released numbered over a hundred. Moreover, all of the artifacts were controlled as though he understood each one of them.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Alright, let’s see how strong you really are.” Then he waved his hand as his one thousand swords divided into ten. All of a sudden, Zhao Hai had ten thousand swords.

As the saying goes, 10 thousand soldiers is enough to blot out the battlefield. When Zhao Hai’s ten thousand swords appeared, the entire sky was blocked. Moreover, the aura it exuded shook the heavens and the earth.

The Xu Race person was startled once more. Then he sneered and said, “So what if there’s more. I don’t believe you can last that long at Nascent Soul Stage. You don’t know the immensity of the heavens and the earth.”

Zhao Hai didn’t bother replying, he waved his hand and led the ten thousand swords to attack the Xu Race person. Although two swords was enough to operate the Stellar Sword Formation, more swords allowed it to have more varieties of attack. When Zhao Hai controlled his 10 thousand swords, the sword light it made gave out an extraordinary aura.

This huge move naturally alarmed other people. A lot of Transcending Tribulation Experts quickly scanned the source of the aura with their spiritual force. Although these people were newcomers, they were still at Transcending Tribulation. Seeing Zhao Hai’s move, their hearts couldn’t help but beat out loud.

Although Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng were also at Nascent Soul Stage. At this point, these experts wouldn’t dare annoy them. Zhao Hai’s sword formation was enough to frighten them.

But what they didn’t know was that Zhao Hai’s formation wasn’t only terrifying to look at. It’s offensive strength was also extraordinary. Although the Stellar Sword Formation wasn’t a faith power technique, don’t forget that Zhao Hai’s Liquid Silver has been refined by faith power. 

Zhao Hai wanted to kill this Xu Race person in order to establish his prestige. Therefore, he didn’t hold back as he injected Liquid Silver with faith power, as well as astral qi and evil qi. There’s no doubt about Liquid Silvers current power.

Ten thousand silver swords rushed towards the Xu Race person like a rushing river. Although the Xu Race person was an expert in the Transcending Tribulation Stage, he could only survive under so many blows. His artifacts couldn’t hold up against the barrage of flying swords.

The Xu Race person was both startled and angry. He was a Transcending Tribulation Expert, but he was unexpectedly placed in such a position. This was a disgrace.

However, he didn’t lose his calm. In his opinion, a Nascent Soul brat wouldn’t be able to last long while controlling 10 thousand flying swords. His spiritual qi would dry out soon. When the time comes, he would make his move.

Thinking about Zhao Hai’s flying swords as well as his ship artifact, a greedy glint appeared on the Xu Race person’s eyes.

However, he quickly discovered his mistake. Zhao Hai’s sword formation wasn’t so simple. Not only was this sword formation formidable, it also got stronger as time passed. The sword formation’s attack was akin to ocean waves. Waves upon waves of attacks came. Moreover, each attack was powerful. Even escaping at this point would become difficult. The sword formation had expanded and was now beginning to surround him.

Zhao Hai looked at the Xu Race person and sneered. He knew that the Xu Race person would be expecting him to run out of spiritual qi. But this was his mistake. Let alone a Transcending Tribulation Expert, even if two of them came, Zhao Hai could still fight comfortably.

Zhao Hai would dare face Huang Daoran even before he acquired faith power. Although he had quite a hard time, Huang Daoran still couldn’t do anything to him. And now that Zhao Hai’s strength has been improved and he has obtained faith power, how could a Transcending Tribulation Expert shake him? What a joke.

The fight between the two attracted the attention of many people. Naturally, the people at the front seat of the fight were Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng. Li Zongdao was paying careful attention towards the battle. At the same time, shock could be seen in his eyes.

On the other hand, Mo Sheng looked very calm. Not only was he curious about the battle, he also had an eager appearance.

Li Zongdao was truly stunned at Zhao Hai’s strength. He already thought that Zhao Hai was a powerful body cultivator. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be powerful in other aspects. Li Zongdao imagined that he wouldn’t be able to hold out against Zhao Hai even if he only used 10 swords. He would be dismembered in front of that sword formation.

The ten thousand flying swords continued smashing towards the Xu Race person like a rushing tide. There was no longer any calm left on the Xu Race person’s face. Instead, his face had a serious expression with a hint of panic mixed in. He knew that he kicked an iron plate this time.

However, the Xu Race person wasn’t waiting to die. He controlled his magic artifacts to create layers of protection around himself. He was waiting for an opportunity to counter-attack.

Zhao Hai could see through the plan of the Xu Race person. He coldly snorted as he stepped forward and released a punch. But this time, his punch wasn’t ordinary. As his fist energy flew out, it suddenly transformed into a tiger. 

This tiger had a white body and black stripes. The king(王) character on its head was very distinct. It looked to the skies and roared. It looked like a real tiger. The tiger proceeded to charge towards the Xu Race person. Energy began to gather around the tiger and before long a huge energy tornado surrounded the tiger.

The clouds are from the dragon while the winds are from the tiger. The aura of the tiger was terrifying. The Xu Race person was stunned. Then he waved his hand to take out a huge scimitar and slashed it towards the tiger.

However, he forgot about the ten thousand flying swords that were waiting for him to come out. As he slashed the tiger, the tiger suddenly twisted its body and then bit the scimitar.

Naturally, the tiger was a manifestation of the Crouching Tiger Technique. When Zhao Hai saw that the Xu Race person was planning to stall for time, he frowned. If the fight was dragged for too long, then his plan to establish his prestige would crumble. Therefore, he used the Crouching Tiger Fist.

Zhao Hai tested the Crouching Tiger fist after he finished training in it. The power of the fist was very overbearing. Every punch was as powerful as a tiger that was fighting for food.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai used the technique in actual combat. Although he used the Crouching Tiger Fist in his fight against Li Zongdao, he just used the form and not the entire technique. Now, he used the technique in its entirety. This caused the punch to be very powerful.

At this time, just as the Xu Race person was about to attack the tiger, flying swords began to fly towards him like snakes. The Xu Race person roared as he commanded his artifact to help him escape. However, the tiger made its move and pinned the Xu Race person’s foot.

The Xu Race person thought that it would be fine to let his defenses relax. However, he didn’t expect the tiger’s claws to grab onto his foot. The tiger also turned into energy and entered the wound with all its strength.

The tiger exploded a huge hole on the Xu Race person’s thigh. His leg was almost broken. The Xu Race person let out a pitiful yell. Then all of his defenses collapsed, allowing the flying swords free reign to stab him until he’s dead.

Zhao Hai waved his hand to take the Xu Race person’s corpse into the Space. Then he received all of his flying swords before glancing at his surroundings. Then he used his ship to fly towards Lotus Lake.

The tiger’s move of going inside the Xu Race person’s body wasn’t something that Zhao Hai commanded it to do. It was a characteristic of the Crouching Tiger Fist. That tiger was made out of qi, yet it could move, attack, and dodge the enemy. And as long as it gets in contact with the enemy’s body, it would immediately turn into energy and ravage the target’s body.

This ability of the fist was virtually impossible to guard against. This would cause a minor wound to turn into a life-threatening injury. This was also the reason why the Crouching Tiger Fist was terrifying.

The Descending Dragon Kick’s ability was quite similar to the Crouching Tiger Fist, but it wasn’t the exact same. The Descending Dragon Kick’s ability was much more hidden and more difficult to deal with.

Seeing Zhao Hai calmly dealing with a Transcending Tribulation Expert, Li Zongdao’s heart couldn’t help but jump. The same was true for the other experts spectating the fight. They immediately got out of the area, afraid of annoying Zhao Hai.

Seeing that nobody was going to disturb them, Zhao Hai returned to the cabin with Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng. Then Zhao Hai poured himself a glass of red wine, took a sip, and then laughed as he said, “Satisfying, too satisfying. Let’s see if those Xu Race fellows still dare to provoke us.”

Li Zongdao looked at Zhao Hai and laughed as well. Then he said, “They should be thankful that you aren’t going after them. Maybe they’ll come to you when they’re tired of living.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Brother Li, I hear that Lotus Lake isn’t very peaceful. Is it because it’s the domain of the Blackwater Snakes?”

Li Zongdao nodded and said, “Correct. That place is the territory of the Blackwater Snakes. I hear that they use the 10 thousand-year old Blackwater at the bottom of the lake to attack. This Blackwater is very cold. It could even freeze spiritual qi.”

Zhao Hai nodded. The reason why he asked Li Zongdao about this was because he was a friendly fellow. There were some things that he didn’t know but Li Zongdao did. After all, the Profound Clear Sect has been going to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for a long time. They also record information regarding the battlefield and leave them for the younger generation to learn from. Li Zongdao should have seen those things. Sure enough, Li Zongdao knew about the Blackwater Snakes.

Li Zongdao added, “Blackwater Snakes are cold-blooded animals. They live underwater mostly and it was said that they were born in the ten thousand-year old profound water. Therefore, the blood in their bodies was akin to profound water. And with the high medicinal value of profound water, the snakes are born powerful. If you want to gather Bitterheart Lotus seeds, then you need to do it near the shore. Otherwise, you would risk being attacked by the snakes.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Li Zongdao looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Actually, besides the Blackwater Snakes, Lotus Lake also has a turtle named Black-armored Turtle. The shell of these turtles had mirror-like sheen. They had horns on their heads that would freeze its targets. They had immense strength and an even more amazing defensive capability. This turtle actually feeds on Blackwater Snakes. You can imagine how powerful they are. However, these turtles live in the deepest parts of the lake. It would seldom attack people so not a lot of people know about it.”

Upon speaking this, Li Zongdao let out a long breath and said, “Actually, the most dangerous thing in Lotus Lake aren’t the Blackwater Snakes or the Black-armored Turtles. Instead, it’s the Whitelotus Loach. It’s a type of loach that had a white body. It would get as long as several zhang(1 zhang=3.33m). It has a firm body and carries a deadly poison. Moreover, Whitelotus Loaches live near Bitterheart Lotuses. Actually, more people die to the Whitelotus Loaches than the Blackwater Snakes. This is because not a lot of people enter the center of the lake, so they wouldn’t meet a lot of Blackwater Snakes compared to Whitelotus Loaches. As for the Black-armored Turtle, there’s no need to mention how rare they were to spot. Therefore, the thing we need to watch out for are the loaches.”

Upon hearing Li Zongdao, Zhao Hai asked, “That’s not right. Why didn’t the jade slip mention the Whitelotus Loach? If they’re that dangerous, then they should be on the jade slip.”


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