BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1393


Chapter 1393 – Report

Although he felt that the Xu Race must have something against the World of Cultivation, Zhao Hai had no way to find out about it at this time. He just arrived not too long ago. This was something he needed to check slowly later.

However, Zhao Hai believed that these people wouldn’t just let him off. He was a newcomer. The Xu Race was mainly targeting the World of Cultivation’s newcomers. It would be strange if they would just leave Zhao Hai alone.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about this. He would just wait for the other party’s next move. Once they come for him, then he would certainly clean them out. He wanted to see if the Xu Race could stomach heavy losses.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a good person. His hands were much darker than anyone else. If it weren’t for the fact that the Undead and the other races in the Space were still weak, he would have already gone out and dealt with them all.

After talking with Xu Zuotian, Zhao Hai returned to the villa to see the current situation of the Space as well as outside.

The Space’s map already included a lot of places. Although the map wasn’t as large as the World of Cultivation’s map, it was still quite big.

Seeing that Zhao Hai had returned, Laura and the others immediately invited him to sit down before reporting the situation of the World of Cultivation. Despite Zhao Hai leaving, the World of Cultivation had no changes. It was quite peaceful. Both Yalei 2 and the Pirate Paradise operated normally.

In fact, not only was it left alone, the Machine Field also took protective measures towards Yalei 2. Margaret inquired about this and discovered that the Machine Field would receive resources each year as long as Zhao Hai was inside the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Naturally, this became important for the realm.

Because of this, the Machine Field protected Yalei 2. They were afraid that Zhao Hai’s attention would be diverted if something bad happens to the planet.

Hearing this development, Zhao Hai felt relieved. As for the Pirate Paradise, Zhao Hai didn’t need to worry much about it. With Louis’ leadership as well as the strength of the Cross Sword Pirate Group, nobody would dare annoy them in the Pirate Paradise. Additionally, the Undead sent there were also very strong. Therefore, the Cross Sword Pirate Group were able to complete their missions successfully. Moreover, their looting has been going very well. Other pirate groups were still unable to find out about the changes in the group.

Although there were several important points in the Pirate Paradise, not a lot of people dared cause trouble over them. The Pirate Paradise has reached a subtle balance between its powers. With the Cross Sword Pirate Group being the strongest pirate group in the region, nobody dared annoy them. And with the recent cleansing of the pirate group, the spies placed by other groups were erased. This made people hesitant in making a move.

The two places were doing very well. Zhao Hai also didn’t need to worry about the Six Realms Battlefield. The Machine Field already prepared itself for Zhao Hai’s departure towards the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Therefore, there was nothing for Zhao Hai to be worried about.

Since everything outside was doing well, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. From the map collected by the Space, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield looked more chaotic than the Six Realms Battlefield. People were fighting battles every minute. It was a mess.

And from the information collected today, it seems like the Xu Race were indeed dealing with the World of Cultivation’s newcomers. Once they leave the newcomer’s area, these newcomers would be immediately attacked. Zhao Hai also discovered that it wasn’t only the Xu Race who were attacking the World of Cultivation. There were also other humanoid races that joined in the attacks. This convinced Zhao Hai even more that there was a secret behind this situation.

As for who was behind this, Zhao Hai didn’t have any ability to know about them at this time. This also wasn’t something that he should care about. It was the Buddhists in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that needed to do something about this. If they cannot solve this crisis, then their monopoly over the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield would end.

Seeing that Zhao Hai was silent, Laura and the others also stared at the monitor. They didn’t want to disturb Zhao Hai. They didn’t even make a loud noise.

Zhao Hai recovered after some time. Seeing that Laura and the others were silently chatting, he couldn’t help but be moved. The group proceeded to chat for the rest of the day before Zhao Hai drank some spatial water and then went out of the Space. 

Zhao Hai didn’t bother asking about the Ironpear Trees and the Ironpear Rats. He believed that Cai’er would take care of them. Upon going out of the Space, Zhao Hai saw Mo Sheng still lying on the floor. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then went to the lounge to take a rest.

Actually, to people like Zhao Hai and the others, sleep was already unnecessary. However, Zhao Hai still kept this habit. This was somewhat unusual for Cultivators, but Zhao Hai didn’t care. 

After he woke up, Zhao Hai felt refreshed. Then he woke Mo Sheng up before the two went to visit Li Zongdao’s cave.

Hearing that Zhao Hai was calling him out, Li Zongdao immediately went out. Seeing Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng, he couldn’t help but ask, “Are we leaving?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’m still not sure. I just asked that green creature. It seems like he is from the Xu Race. They received a command from their race to deal with newcomers from the World of Cultivation. If we head out, we will definitely meet those people.” 

Li Zongdao was surprised at what Zhao Hai said. Then he frowned and said, “Then we need to tell Master Yuan Ding about this first.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think Li Zongdao would say this. Buddhists and Sects weren’t really on good terms. But Li Zongdao’s first response upon hearing this news was actually to tell Yuan Ding and Yuan Zhen. It seems like this had something to do with Li Zongdao’s character.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t oppose this idea. In any case, he doesn’t have an enmity with the Buddhist Sects. So he nodded and said, “That’s also a good idea. This way, they can prepare to deal with the Xu Race.”

Then the two proceeded to fly towards Yuan Ding’s cave residence. It didn’t take long before the two arrived. Then Zhao Hai respectfully called out, “Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao, and Mo Sheng asks for Master Yuan Ding’s audience.” Zhao Hai knew that Yuan Zhen was also inside, but he didn’t call him out. This was his first time coming to Yuan Ding’s cave. So if he also called Yuan Zhen out, then the Buddhists might suspect something.

Hearing the sound outside, Yuan Ding replied, “It’s you, come in.” Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao nodded. Then the two led Mo Sheng to enter the cave residence.

Upon entering the cave, Yuan Ding’s voice was heard ,”Come to the meditation room.” Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao nodded before heading towards the meditation room. Upon arriving, the two gave Yuan Ding and Yuan Zhen a salute.

Yuan Ding waved his hand and said, “Why did you visit? Is there something wrong?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, there’s indeed something wrong. Yesterday, we went to the Ironpear Forest in order to pick some Ironpear Wood. However, we were ambushed by a member of the Xu Race. We killed them and I turned them into an Undead. He told us that the Xu Race gave them an order to deal with the World of Cultivation’s newcomers. The Xu Race has now encircled the newcomer’s area. As long as someone heads out, they would immediately be attacked.”

Yuan Ding was shocked by what Zhao Hai said. His expression turned serious as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “This is important news. Is this really true?” 

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes it is. It’s because of this that I came immediately. If Master Yuan Ding allows me, then I can release the Undead Xu Race member and let him tell you in person.”

Yuan Ding nodded and said, “Release them.” Zhao Hai nodded and then took Xu Zuotian out. Yuan Ding proceeded to interrogate Xu Zuotian. Since there’s no way for Xu Zuotian to lie, he told Yuan Ding everything from the order he received up until his ambush of Zhao Hai.

Upon hearing this, Yuan Ding couldn’t help but pause and process the news. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Because of the importance of this information, you’re exempt from your quota for one year. You can go. Don’t go out for the next few days.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect to gain an advantage. Hearing what Yuan Ding said, Zhao Hai was somewhat shocked. Then the three immediately expressed their gratitude towards Yuan Ding. Then Zhao Hai said, “Master Yuan Ding, we still want to head out.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan Ding couldn’t help but stare. Then his eyes lit up as he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Are you confident?” Yuan Ding’s real question was, ‘Are you confident that you won’t be killed?’

He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to propose heading out. Yuan Ding expected Zhao Hai to lay low upon gaining this information. 

Exempting Zhao Hai for one year was also because of this. This wasn’t an ordinary matter. This relates to an entire race. Even Yuan Ding knew that they couldn’t deal with this in a short time. Therefore, he allowed Zhao Hai’s group to be safe inside their caves for one year. The three were still newcomers to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. They don’t have any stockpiles of materials to hand over if they don’t get to head out. It would be a shame if they were to be kicked out because of this matter.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I am. Our trip to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield is to temper ourselves. Naturally, we have to face the experts from other Great Realms. If we retreat from any danger, then there’s no use in coming to the Ten-thousand Realms Battlefield. I hope Master Yuan Ding agrees to this.” 

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan Ding couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Alright. You’re truly worthy of being the greatest genius of the Cultivation Realm. Good, you can go.” Zhao Hai and the others gave Yuan Ding and Yuan Zhen a salute before turning around and leaving.


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