BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1390


Chapter 1390 – Strange Green Creature

After moving forward for some time, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped. As soon as he stopped, Mo Sheng also stopped and then Li Zongdao as well. Li Zongdao was somewhat puzzled by Zhao Hai’s move.

Zhao Hai looked in front of him and said, “Friend, come out. If you keep hiding, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Zhao Hai discovered that someone had been hiding. Their hiding skill was very good. Zhao Hai and the others weren’t able to detect them using spiritual force. However, they couldn’t hide from the Space. Zhao Hai also didn’t want to avoid this person. Although the Ironpear Forest was big, that person seemed to be waiting for them. It was impossible for Zhao Hai and the others to avoid him. Even if they bypassed him, they would still meet when they came out. So it was a good idea to deal with this person right now.

As soon as Li Zongdao heard what Zhao Hai said, he immediately knew that Zhao Hai had detected someone. He immediately took out his artifact, a thick broadsword.

Zhao Hai also waved his hand and took out a silver flying sword. Then he controlled the flying sword to attack in a certain direction. Li Zongdao looked at the direction in which the sword was flying to, and he couldn’t help but stare. It was because his spiritual force already swept through that area, but he couldn’t detect anything. This made him puzzled.

While Li Zongdao was puzzled, he heard Zhao Hai’s flying sword being grabbed by an iron claw. Then a figure slowly emerged from an Ironpear Tree.

To be precise, it was a humanoid creature with dark skin, no hair, and had tentacles on its head instead. It had two completely jet black eyes. It was tall and huge at about three meters high. It wore a long black robe that looked like a Mage’s robe but at the same time not quite something that Mages would wear.

The creature’s black eyes stared closely at Zhao Hai, then it said, “How did you find me? It’s impossible for you to detect me. I’m wearing a stealth robe, I could evade even spiritual force.”

Zhao Hai looked at the creature and then coldly snorted and said, “Friend, there’s no need to waste words. You want to ambush us. Now that we discovered you, shouldn’t you leave? If you don’t, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Actually, Zhao Hai wouldn’t simply make this person leave. If the person truly retreated, then Zhao Hai would certainly pursue and kill. He just said that in order to reduce the person’s vigilance.

As soon as the green creature heard Zhao Hai, it laughed and asid, “I reckon you three are newcomers from the World of Cultivation? Since you have seen me, you need to die.”

Zhao Hai looked at the creature with confusion. Seeing Zhao Hai’s gaze, the person smiled and said, “I already killed dozens of people from the World of Cultivation. And you will add to that number as well.”

Hearing what the creature said, Zhao Hai knew that things weren’t going very well. Moreover, although this person was at Transcending Tribulation, his strength wasn’t that bad. Especially its magic artifact. It was an iron claw that could move on its own as thought it was a mechanical arm.

Zhao Hai looked at the creature, then he coldly snorted and said, “It seems like you have been targeting the World of Cultivation for more than a day or two. But even if we’re newcomers, I could still kill you.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand. A hundred swords appeared beside him followed by a violent wind that attacked towards the green creature.

The creature coldly snorted, then it moved its hand and took out a large number of artifacts, its quantity was no lower than a hundred. These artifacts looked like they were probably from the World of Cultivation. However, the artifacts were stained green, making them look corrupted.

Then something that surprised Zhao Hai appeared. The creature’s tentacles began to sway slowly, and the magic artifacts move along with them. It seems like the tentacles were controlling the artifacts.

Then the tentacles of the creature suddenly pointed towards Zhao Hai. The magic weapons began to move and clashed with Zhao Hai’s silver swords. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s first silver sword was still in the grip of the iron claw. 

As though forgetting about the battle, the creature’s iron claw arrived in front of it as it began to examine the silver sword.

At this moment, Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up as he saw an opportunity. Then while it was still gripped by the iron claw, the silver sword melted out of the claw before reforming into a long sword that stabbed towards the creature’s throat.

A flash of shock appeared on the creature’s face before its eyes lost their brilliance. A moment after that, the magic artifacts that were covered with green stain began to fall into the ground, returning to their original appearance.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as he took the magic artifacts as well as the creature’s corpse into the Space. Meanwhile, Li Zongdao who was prepared to lend a hand became dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s actions to be so fast. The creature wasn’t even able to make another move.

After receiving the magic artifacts and the creature’s corpse, Zhao Hai turned to Li Zongdao and smiled as he said, “Brother Li, I won’t be able to give you any of these spoils. Please forgive me.”

Li Zongdao shook his head and said, “Brother, they’re your spoils to begin with. I just didn’t expect to see something abnormal this quickly in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. I wasn’t even able to detect it. If it weren’t for you, then I would have been in grave danger.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Let’s go and see if we can harvest some Ironpear Wood.” Zhao Hai knew very well that if he hadn’t used the silver sword from the very beginning, then he wouldn’t be able to kill the green creature so easily. It was truly strong and the tentacles on its head could control magic artifacts. If they fought seriously, then Zhao Hai would need to spend a lot of time in order to win.

The three flew through the Ironpear Forest carefully. They were even more cautious than before, especially Li Zongdao. He didn’t expect to run into a powerful enemy this early on. This caused him to have no choice but to be extra careful. 

Speaking of which, there was a huge difference between a young Ironpear Tree and an older one. The younger the tree was, the smoother its bark would be. As it aged, the bark would begin to show cracks. You can hardly see any cracks on an Ironpear Tree that was less than ten years old. Only after ten years would cracks start to appear, showing that the wood could be harvested.

After flying for ten minutes, Zhao Hai and the others began to notice cracks on the barks of the trees. One could imagine how large the forest was from this information.

Upon seeing cracks on the Ironpear Trees, Zhao Hai turned to Li Zongdao and said, “Brother Li, these are ten year old Ironpear Trees. But they’re still too young. I’m afraid we’ll ten a lot of them in order to fulfill our quota. I think we should go forward some more and look for older trees. What do you think?”

Li Zongdao looked at the Ironpear Trees, then he nodded and said, “Alright. They are indeed too young. Let’s look for older ones inside.”

At this time, Zhao Hai’s silver needles already covered a large area. Zhao Hai didn’t want to be ambushed. He already found dozens of creatures around them including a few Ironpear Rats.

Ironpear Rats were very hard to deal with. Their teeth were very sharp. These rats could eat a ten thousand-year old Ironpear Tree, imagine how sharp their teeth were.

Moreover, maybe because of their constant diet of Ironpear Trees, the rats evolved to have formidable defense. Ironpear Rats don’t have any fur. Instead, they were covered by a layer of coarse skin. Their skin had powerful defense that normal artifacts couldn’t damage. 

This was where people noticed that the older their tree was, the more powerful the Ironpear Rat would be. A newborn Ironpear Rat was very easy to deal with. This was because these rats had been eating young Ironpear Trees, so their strength wasn’t that good.

As the rat grew up, their partner tree would get older as well. Therefore, their strength would increase accordingly. Once the tree and the rat reached ten thousand years old, even Transcending Tribulation Experts wouldn’t dare touch them or else risk getting killed. This was how powerful Ironpear Rats could become.

On the other hand, the Ironpear Rats were also high-grade crafting materials. Their teeth, skin, bones, and muscles could be used in all kinds of artifacts. And the stronger the Rat, the better material it would be.

However, Ironpear Rats live in clans. Even young Ironpear Rats were hard to capture. This was because they would be accompanied with stronger rats. If one wasn’t careful, they wouldn’t only fail to capture a rat, they would also become fertilizer for the Ironpear Trees.

Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t want to face an Ironpear Rat. If Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng weren’t here, then Zhao Hai might want to meet one. These beasts seem to be special. If it was a normal beast, then they would have gained an ability to transform upon reaching Foundation Establishment stage. However, Ironpear Rats don’t have any humanoid forms and maintained their beast forms. Although they had high wisdom, they were still in their beast form, which was very strange.

In fact, it wasn’t only the Ironpear Rats. As long as they were born in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, beasts would have the same situation. It seems like the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield made these beasts and controlled them, much like how the Space controls its beasts.

Zhao Hai wanted to send an Ironpear Rat to the Space to see what reaction it would have. Not only that, Zhao Hai also knew that the rats could improve the Space. Even if the Space wouldn’t level up, the rats could still bring something good for the Space.


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