BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1389


Chapter 1389 – Ironpear Wood

Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao were already aware of what Yuan Ding said since they had also been told about this by Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming. It was indeed possible to have the law enforcement team to move for you, but the price to pay was just too high. There was a nickname for them in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, Vampires. This shows how unpopular they were. 

However, the strength of the law enforcement team was the real deal. All members of the team were old experts of the World of Cultivation and each one of them had powerful combat power. If you find a very rich mineral deposit but had no ability to take it, you can notify the team so that they can claim it for you. Naturally, the bulk of the harvest would be taken by the team while you get a small amount. But in the end, it was better than nothing.

Zhao Hai received the three jade slips. Yuan Ding looked at the two and then smiled as he said, “I’ve seen how you handled things the past two days. You’ve done well. Since I’m a member of the law enforcement team, I couldn’t team up with you. But do you want me to introduce a few people to form a team with you?”

When Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao heard this, they couldn’t help but stare. Then Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Thank you, but I think we should have a look at the situation first. If we really need to form a team, then we’ll certainly visit you.”

Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao already discussed this. The situation in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was too complex. For their own safety, they decided to not team up with strangers. 

Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming also told them to be wary of the Buddhists while in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. They shouldn’t just look at the Buddhists’ serene appearances. In truth, these Buddhists were ruthless. Because of this, Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao rejected Yuan Ding’s good intentions.

Yuan Ding didn’t mind it as he nodded and said, “Alright, then don’t hesitate to come to me if you want to form a team in the future.” Then after he said that, he left. Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao delivered him to the entrance and then went back into the cave.

After sitting down, Li Zongdao turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what do we do now?”

Zhao Hai replied, “We head out and take a look. I want to see what the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield is really like.”

Li Zongdao nodded and said, “Alright, then let’s leave now. Martial Uncle Feng also told me that it’s normal to be out for months in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. But after you come back, you need to hand over your required quota for all those months. Otherwise, you would be immediately kicked out.”

Zhao Hai didn’t care about this point. Now that he entered the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, he can come back at any time even if he got kicked out. But even if he wasn’t afraid of getting kicked out, Zhao Hai had to be wary of the law enforcement team. The members of this team were from huge influences in the World of Cultivation. If he offended them, then he wouldn’t have a good time in the World of Cultivation.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered something. He already entered the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, yet the Space didn’t issue a prompt saying that it was a created dimension.

When he thought of this, Zhao Hai immediately called Cai’er mentally, “Cai’er, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield wasn’t created by someone?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “It isn’t. However, it is indeed an artificial dimension. But instead of one person, it was more like a group of people opened it together. There’s a prompt, but I didn’t want it to disturb you. Rest assured, the Space has masked itself. Those who opened this dimension will not be able to discover the Space.”

Zhao Hai felt relieved, but when he thought of it, it all made sense. After that, he left the cave along with Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng.

There were other people like them who were heading out. From what Zhao Hai could estimate, there should be thousands of monks alone. Moreover, this was a gathering place of those from the World of Cultivation. He heard that the people here were those who have been in the battlefield for less than three years. It was said that those who stayed here for less than three years were rookies. In other words, Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming had been rookies when they were kicked out.

The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was extremely suitable for cultivation. Not only was the spiritual qi here rich, opponents were also plenty. As long as you provide enough resources each month, you can practice as much as you like.

Zhao Hai also learned that there’s no such thing as a retirement in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. As long as you stay for three years, then you can gain the right to leave and enter the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield at any time. If you fail, then there’s very little chance for you to enter again.

There’s only one reason for someone to be unable to stay in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield for less than three years. And that was when you become seriously injured that you can’t move for months. By the time you recover, you would not have the resources to hand in. Naturally, you would then be kicked out of the battlefield.

When Zhao Hai heard about this, he was a little surprised. In addition to being a good place for cultivation, the freedom in the battlefield was almost absolute. As long as you have the strength, then you can do anything you want. Nobody will care what you do. Of course, this was as long as you are strong.

Zhao Hai and the others quickly left the mountain stream area. This was also called the newcomer’s area. Once they left the area, they immediately flew eastwards. According to the map, on the east was a material collection site. It was also the best place for newcomers to test themselves. This was something that all from the World of Cultivation agreed upon. There were several of these areas in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, but this region belonged to the World of Cultivation.

Because of its name, only newcomers went to this area. Veterans rarely visit there. This was because the resource available there wasn’t very valuable. One needed to spend a lot of time there in order to collect enough for their monthly quota. However, this was also beneficial to the newcomers. This meant that their opponents weren’t strong as well. 

Naturally, there were some who wouldn’t honor this unspoken rule. There were some veterans who headed to the newcomer region in order to steal from newcomers. Generally, their victims could only blame their bad luck. Some newcomers were even heavily injured or killed in these situations.

Murder and taking things by force was a natural matter in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. In the Six Realms Battlefield, not everyone will kill people. After all, they belong to the same Great Realm. Sometimes, higher-ups between realms communicate with each other in order to reduce casualties.

However, the case wasn’t the same in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. In the Ten-thousand realm Battlefield, Great Realms like the World of Cultivation numbered tens of thousands. Without any rules present, the people killed daily could easily form a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Zhao Hai and the others were very careful, even after entering the newcomer region. Zhao Hai also released silver needles in order to scout the surroundings. At the same time, he used his Instinct Technique in order to pay attention.

There was no need to mention the Instinct Technique’s effectiveness. As soon as Zhao Hai activated it, he immediately felt the small and large dangers in his surroundings. This made Zhao Hai even more respectful towards the technique. Then he immediately flew towards the direction with a small amount of danger.

It wasn’t as if he was afraid of choosing the most dangerous direction. It was just that the most dangerous location was in the direction of the newcomer’s area. He couldn’t just turn around and run back.

The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield’s environment was somewhat similar to the Six Realms Battlefield. Seen everywhere were great forests. There were only a few places that had been dug out for mining ores. This was because those in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield knew that healthy forests bring forth valuable materials.

The value of a medicinal herb depended on its effectiveness. Since the spiritual qi of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was very rich, very precious materials often appeared. What did this mean? This meant that Transcending Tribulation Experts would immediately snatch these materials as soon as they spot them. Even Severed Soul Experts would go all out in order to get these materials.

Precious resources in the World of Cultivation could only be considered an ordinary resource when placed in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

Additionally, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was very huge. How huge was it? After many years of exploration, the World of Cultivation had yet to find any signs of its limits. One could see how large the battlefield was from this information. Regarding those who want to explore the ends of the battlefield, the World of Cultivation was very supportive of them.

After flying for some time, Zhao Hai and the others discovered a forest of trees. Zhao Hai looked at the surroundings then compared it with the jade slip he received. Then he turned to Li Zongdao and said, “Brother Li, it seems like we’re in the Ironpear Tree region. But this also meant that this is the territory of the Ironpear Rats. We need to be careful.”

Ironpear Wood was a high-grade material used for making magic artifacts. A year old Ironpear Tree was already as tough as an ordinary adult tree. A ten thousand year old Ironpear Tree would be impossible to take because one simply wouldn’t have the right tools to cut it.

There are very few plants living in the area where an Ironpear Tree was located. This was because an Ironpear Tree would have a beast living in it called the Ironpear Rat. This Ironpear Rat was both the guardian and the predator of the tree.

Ironpear Rats eat Ironpear Trees to survive. It was the only natural predator of the tree. Even a ten thousand-year old Ironpear tree could be eaten by a rat. But at the same time, an Ironpear Rat was very protective of its tree. Anyone who wants to get Ironpear Wood would need to face an Ironpear Rat. The older the Ironpear Tree was, the stronger the Ironpear Rat would be. The other plants surrounding the tree were mercilessly cleaned up by the rats so that they wouldn’t steal nutrients away from the tree. Because of this, it was very hard to find other flora around the tree.

The jade slip also had information about the Ironpear Tree and the Ironpear Rat. Naturally, Li Zongado was aware of them. Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao read his jade slip once more before nodding, “Right, we’ll arrive in an Ironpear Forest soon. It’s quite a dangerous place. Little Hai, i think we should go somewhere else.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He also wanted to go to another place. However, the Instinct Technique told him that the Ironpear Forest was the least dangerous place in the vicinity.

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Let’s just head in to take a look. Ironpear Wood is quite valuable. We only need to get a dozen kilograms per person to get our monthly quota. If we manage to get more, we can keep it as our own.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao was somewhat tempted. There were good things everywhere in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. If they can get a lot of good things, then even if they get kicked out, they could still progress further.

Additionally, Li Zongdao knew that he wasn’t as strong as Zhao Hai. If he wanted to survive in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, then he would have to rely on Zhao Hai. Therefore, he didn’t oppose the idea and instead gave a nod. However, he took a ring-like artifact out and then covered the three of them with it.

Zhao Hai didn’t reject Li Zongdao’s action. A lot of different people were present in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. And all these people had their own unique abilities. Who knows if there’s someone out there that was able to evade the Space’s surveillance and suddenly mount a sneak attack.

Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid for himself but instead for Li Zongdao and Mo Sheng. Therefore, Zhao Hai agreed to Li Zongdao’s act of using a defensive artifact. Then the three cautiously flew towards the Ironpear Forest.

Before long, Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the forest. An Ironpear Tree was very easy to recognize. A Ironpear Tree has an earthy yellow color. Its skin looked tough and it had branches that looked like the horns of a dragon. The tree wasn’t that tall with its tallest being 45 meters. Actually, it looked like any ordinary tree. However, if you try to cut it with your weapon, you can see that it was much more tenacious than other trees.

The Ironpear Tree has a special characteristic. It grows very fast at first. Within a year, an Ironpear Tree could reach three meters in height. However, at that time, the tree wasn’t very useful. It would just be as strong as ordinary wood.

After reaching three meters, the tree would stop growing. It wouldn’t grow an inch for 100 years after that. Only after ten years of growth can an Ironpear Tree be considered to be good enough for refining. Ironpear Trees at the edge of the forest were all less than ten years old. There were no Ironpear Rats in this region since Ironpear Rats don’t eat trees that were less than ten years old.

Although they knew that there were no Ironpear Rats in this area, the three were still very careful. What’s dangerous in the Ironpear Forest wasn’t just the Ironpear Rats, there’s other people as well. People would often stage ambushes in the Ironpear Forest in hopes of stealing from those who came to harvest wood.


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