BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1388


Chapter 1388 – Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield

Zhao Hai, Mo Sheng, and Li Zongdao were with Yuan Ding and Yuan Zhen standing on top of a transmission formation. This transmission formation was very special. It wasn’t placed publicly but instead hidden in a secret place.

Feng Baiming informed Zhao Hai that Great Sects had such formations to send people to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. These formations were a secret and only a few people knew of its existence.

It only took Zhao Hai a day to deal with his preparations. However, he didn’t return to the Profound Clear Sect immediately. Instead, he took Mo Sheng to practice inside the Space for a while.

Mo Sheng’s talent was very good. He was worthy of being called a genius in body cultivation. Using only body cultivation methods, Mo Sheng was able to reach the Nascent Soul Stage. This time, in order to increase his strength, Zhao Hai led Mo Sheng to condense astral qi into his body.

It took two days before Mo Sheng successfully condensed astral qi. This may be the smoothest process of condensing astral qi in history. Mo Sheng’s body was already strong. And with the Space controlling the intensity of astral qi, there was no harm done to his body. Moreover, Mo Sheng would obey whatever Zhao Hai told him to do. 

After helping Mo Sheng condense astral qi into his body, Zhao Hai led Mo Sheng to return to the Profound Clear Sect. Just right after Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng returned to the Profound Clear Sect, Yuan Ding and Yuan Zheng arrived. Although Zhao Hai didn’t need Huang Daoran to take care of anything, Huang Daoran still gave him some advice. After that, the group went to the Profound Clear Sect’s transmission formation.

As Zhao Hai and the others stood on the Transmission Formation, Yuan Ding turned to Feng Baiming and Huang Daoran before saying, “Benefactors, rest assured, we will take good care of the Young Benefactors.”

Feng Baiming and Huang Daoran smiled faintly and said, “Then we’ll have to trouble the Masters.” Naturally, they didn’t take Yuan Ding’s words seriously. The two of them weren’t the only envoys of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield in the Cultivation Realm. Also, they have sent a lot of people to the battlefield over the years. Taking care of them all was impossible. In other words, the monks were just saying that they wouldn’t cause any trouble for Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao.

After a flash of white light, the people on the transmission formation disappeared. As he looked at the transmission formation, Feng Baiming said, “Musclehead, you think they would be able to come back safely?”

Huang Daoran smiled faintly and said, “They’ll come back safely. Since they are with Little Hai, there’s no need to worry.”

Feng Baiming nodded and said, “Right, there’s Little Hai.” Then he turned to Sect Master Qing Xuan and said, “After you head back, immediately send those complacent disciples for an incursion outside. Don’t worry about any casualties. We’d rather have one expert than 100 trash disciples. Understood?”

Sect Master Qing Xuan nodded his head. He didn’t oppose this idea. Although he had Zhao Hai teach those disciples a lesson, the result made him a bit concerned. He didn’t think that it would be that severe. 

At this time, Zhao Hai and the others appeared on the other side of the transmission formation. The place where the formation was wasn’t very big. It was built on the side of a mountain stream and was surrounded with cliffs on both sides. The caves on the cliffs were so densely packed that the cliffs looked like a honeycomb.

Yuan Zhen looked at the cliffs and then flew off. Meanwhile, Yuan Ding turned to Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Zhao Hai, Li Zongdao, do you want to make your own cave residence or would you use one already created? If you want to build your own cave, then I’ll arrange a place for you. If you want to stay at something already built, I can lead you there now.” He didn’t ask Mo Sheng because he was already told by Feng Baiming that Mo Sheng was quite special and that he would always follow Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “Master, I’m fine with a cave residence that has been built by another person.”

Yuan Ding nodded, then he turned to Li Zongdao who said, “I’m also alright with something already built. But Master, can we have residences close to each other?”

This wasn’t the first time that Yuan Ding heard this request, so he nodded and said, “Come with me.” Then he led the group towards the east cliff. Before long, they arrived at a section of the cliff and then Yuan Ding pointed to two caves as he said, “You’ll live on those two caves. Each cave has its own defensive formation. You can activate the formation as soon as you occupy it. There’s a jade slip inside that will tell you how to operate the formation. You can also arrange your own formations. But you have to make sure to remove it when you leave.”

Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao nodded. Then they flew to their own caves. Yuan Ding smiled at the two before he flew away.

When Zhao Hai and Mo Sheng entered their cave, they quickly noticed that it wasn’t small at all. It wasn’t inferior in size to Feng Baiming’s cave. Moreover, the concentration of spiritual qi was actually similar to Jade Clear Mountain.

Upon entering the lounge, Zhao Hai saw a piece of white jade slip. Zhao Hai took the jade slip and then searched it using his spiritual force.

Naturally, there were no restrictions on this jade slip. Zhao Hai’s spiritual force quickly penetrated it and then a large amount of information regarding the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield entered his mind.

The battlefield’s situation was very complex. In its current state, there were more than 36 thousand realms involved. And all of these people were very powerful.

The World of Cultivation wasn’t the strongest group in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Their strength could only be considered to be medium-grade. Moreover, the World of Cultivation had no such thing as a leader in the battlefield, only a law enforcement team.

There’s an old saying in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield that says: Once you enter the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, then you’re a man of the battlefield. Besides maps and this jade slip, everything else would depend on you. Naturally, you can also form a team. Nobody cared if you went alone or formed a group of ten thousand.

There’s only one rule in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Every month, each person would need to hand in a certain amount of resources. If you don’t deliver the right amount, then you would be punished. And once you fail to reach the quota three times, then you would be kicked out from the battlefield.

There were a lot of resources in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Your quota each month was a fixed amount, anything else to get at that time would belong to you. There were good things everywhere in the battlefield. As long as you look for them, your harvest would certainly be huge.

Naturally, the danger of the battlefield was also very huge. The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield wasn’t a peaceful place. If you weren’t strong enough, then you shouldn’t go out. This is because you don’t only need to guard against other people, you also need to watch your back against people from the World of Cultivation. Otherwise, you would be swallowed whole.

Of course, the jade slip doesn’t describe every danger present in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. This was where Feng Baiming and Huang Daoran’s advice came into use. So when Zhao Hai read the jade slip, he immediately understood what it wanted to convey.

Zhao Hai inspected his cave mansion a few times before activating its defensive formation. Besides the lounge, the residence also had a cultivation room, a sparring room, crafting room, and a refining room. The refining room had a magic circle that could produce fire as well as a large cauldron for making pills. What surprised Zhao Hai the most was that there was a small stream running through the cave.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with his residence. Just as he looked at it one more time, he suddenly heard a sound outside. Zhao Hai opened the defensive formation and saw that it was Li Zongdao.

After being invited in, Li Zongdao looked at the cave and said, “Good, it’s very good. It seems like we have similar caves. Right, Little Hai, what do you think about the jade slip?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “What else is there? Did we come here just to cultivate? Let’s rest for two days before heading out. Let’s get familiar with the environment before searching for resources. In any case, we already know how much resources we need to hand in.”

Li Zongdao nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll rest for two days. Also, should we head out and see if we can meet someone we know?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s impossible for me to find someone I know. Brother Li, you should go ahead and take a look. If you see someone you know, invite them over and see if they want to form a team with us.”

Li Zongdao nodded, “Alright, I’ll explore this place for two days. But no matter what happens, the three of us must go together.”

The next two days, Li Zongdao spent the time exploring the other caves to see if there’s someone he knew. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to meet anyone. This doesn’t mean that Li Zongdao knew a few people. He met a lot of people during his missions outside the sect. There were a lot of people willing to become friends with him, even those who he fought against.

Li Zongdao’s cultivation speed was fast since he was a genius. However, this didn’t mean that his friends shared his talent. Naturally, this meant that most of them don’t have the qualifications to enter the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. After two days, Li Zongdao gave up. 

Zhao Hai wasn’t idling as well. Over the two days, he released silver needles in order to scout the surrounding terrain. Although the jade slip included a map, the Space’s map was much more comprehensive.

After dropping them off in their caves, Yuan Ding was no longer seen. But much to Zhao Hai and Li Zongdao’s surprise, Yuan Ding actually appeared on the third day. Zhao Hai immediately welcomed Yuan Ding into his cave and then called Li Zongdao over.

Yuan Ding looked at the two and said, “Now that you’re in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, you only have yourselves to depend on. You three are fortunate, you can already form your own team. These three jade slips not only represent your status, it also acts as a record. One month later, you must deliver the required amount of resources. If you manage to get more than the required, you can keep them. And if you have something that needs the help of the law enforcement team, you need to pay with resources. Then the team will help you settle your problem.”


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