BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1384


Chapter 1384 – Strongest Core Disciple

Huang Daoran’s face was calm as he looked at Zhao Hai and Zheng Guan. He was very confident in Zhao Hai’s strength. In his mind, no matter what methods Zheng Guan uses, he was still not Zhao Hai’s opponent.

While everyone thought that Huang Daoran was holding back when he fought Zhao Hai, the man himself knew that he didn’t. And even so, he wasn’t able to defeat Zhao Hai. It could be seen from this how strong Zhao Hai was.

Additionally, Zhao Hai had just come out from his seclusion. He said that he was training his Buddhist Techniques. But so far, Zhao Hai never used these techniques in the fight. Instead, he had been using the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation that he just learned a few days ago. Nevertheless, he was displaying a very strong fighting prowess. In other words, Zhao Hai had not been spending any effort in the fights.

Moreover, Huang Daoran was aware that Zhao Hai had astral qi as well as evil qi. But until now, he didn’t use either of them. This showed that Zhao Hai wasn’t fighting at full power. It might even be possible that he wasn’t using 50% of his strength.

With this thought in mind, Huang Daoran couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. To be honest, he was speechless. It seems like every time he met Zhao Hai, his strength has increased. Now, although Zhao Hai had yet to reach the Transcending Tribulation Stage, Huang Daoran felt that he wouldn’t be able to win if they were to fight. 

When he thought of this, Huang Daoran sighed. Feng Baiming, who was beside him, saw this and asked, “Musclehead, why are you sighing?”

Huang Daoran looked at Feng Baiming and then he smiled bitterly and said, “Sometimes, it feels like accepting a very talented disciple isn’t good. I feel that if we fight right now, even I wouldn’t be able to defeat Little Hai.”

Feng Baiming stared. He knew that Huang Daoran wasn’t holding back during his fight against Zhao Hai. However, Feng Baiming still wasn’t convinced that Zhao Hai was that strong. Hearing Huang Daoran right now, Feng Baiming couldn’t help but be in a daze.

Huang Daoran looked at Feng Baiming and said, “Believe it or not, I gave Little Hai the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation seven days ago. But if you look at him right now, it was as if he had it for decades. I originally wanted Little Hai to use the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation as his main offensive method. And now, you can see that his sword formation is much stronger compared to common attacks. When he fought with Liu Feiyang, it seems like he was using a very powerful attack. But as far as I know, this isn’t his strongest attack. Little Hai told me that he has secluded himself in order to practice Buddhist Techniques. I’m afraid that he’s saving that as a last resort. Also, he has astral qi and evil qi which he has yet to use. If you consider all of these things, you can see that Little Hai is just playing around. Now, tell me, can I win against him if we fight right now?”

Feng Baiming stared for some time. Although he had been in contact with Zhao Hai, it didn’t mean that he knew a lot about him. Hearing what Huang Daoran said, Feng Baiming couldn’t help but understand his friend’s thoughts.

When he thought about Zhao Hai’s strength, even Feng Baiming felt some kind of pressure. With Zhao Hai’s current strength, Feng Baiming wasn’t sure if he could gain some advantage. Feng Baiming was stronger than Huang Daoran. After all, he has the Profound Clear Sect behind him. However, he wasn’t that much stronger.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s performance, Feng Baiming wasn’t confident that he could defeat him. And there’s also the fact that Zhao Hai could use space magic. Spatial techniques are extremely terrifying. If Zhao Hai wanted to leave, then nobody could stop him. It was impossible to do anything to Zhao Hai.

This kind of person was very dangerous! If Zhao Hai becomes a Transcending Tribulation Expert, then how strong would he be? When he thought of this, Feng Baiming also couldn’t help but sigh like Huang Daoran. He felt that he was a disappointment compared to Zhao Hai. Can Zhao Hai still be called a genius?

At this moment, Zhao Hai and Zheng Guan clashed once more. This time, Zheng Guan didn’t pull any tricks. He waved both of his hands as he released several magic artifacts. It seems like he discovered that he couldn’t defeat Zhao Hai with just the Yellow Sand Blade.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind it, he didn’t even use astral qi. Their difference is strength is too vast. Even if he didn’t use astral qi, he could still deal with Zheng Guan with no effort.

Although Zhao Hai was somewhat annoyed that Zheng Guan used astral qi to attack him, he also knew that he couldn’t go too far. After all, he had to consider Feng Baiming’s face. Even if he didn’t care about anyone else here, he still had to give Feng Baiming some face.

Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t attack first. Instead, he just gave Zheng Guan a cold look. Even if he couldn’t be heavy-handed towards Zheng Guan, he could still teach him a lesson.

Zheng Guan couldn’t let this fight go on for any longer. His attack failed and his momentum was quickly decreasing. If he waited until his momentum vanished, then he would no longer be Zhao Hai’s opponent.

When he thought of this, Zheng Guan immediately controlled his artifacts to attack Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was still using the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation. At the same time, Zheng Guan was using astral qi, but he still wasn’t able to do anything to Zhao Hai.

After clashing for more than ten times, Zhao Hai felt that it was time to end it. His eyes focused as he waved his hand. His attack changed immediately, becoming the Stellar Sword Formation Technique.

With Zhao Hai changing his technique, there was no way for Zheng Guan to block it. After all, the Stellar Sword Formation Technique was much like the Wonder Sword Formation Technique. Each sword was akin to its own artifact, not part of a whole. Naturally, its power was more than double of the Wonder Sword Formation Technique.

Although his one hundred swords remained unchanged, Zhao Hai’s magic swords became different. Before this, it felt that they were an artifact set. But now, it was like Zhao Hai was using a hundred flying swords to fight Zheng Guan’s 12 artifacts. Naturally, Zheng Guan suffered a loss.

Offense and defence switched in an instant. Zhao Hai turned into the attacking side while Zheng Guan was pushed into a defensive position. 

Seeing that the fight was close to ending, Zhao Hai made his attack stronger. A boom was heard as Zheng Guan’s artifacts were thrown backwards. Zheng Guan coughed and his face was pale. Zhao Hai didn’t push forward and instead retrieved his weapons as he looked at Zheng Guan and cupped his fist, “Mister Zheng, thank you for allowing me to win.”

Zheng Guan was injured, but his injury wasn’t serious. He can still do his everyday things. However, even with the help of a pill, it would still take him two or three days to recover, which was a small loss for a Core Disciple.

Zheng Guan knew that Zhao Hai showed mercy. But he didn’t appreciate it. In his mind, Zhao Hai has insulted him. His eyes were spitting fire as he looked at Zhao Hai. Then he coldly snorted as he turned around and left.

Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Guan’s back before he sighed and shook his head. He was disappointed with Zheng Guan’s conduct. Zheng Guan hid in the beginning and secretly observed. Then he used him imposing aura to crush Zhao Hai with his momentum. Then while they were fighting, he used astral qi. But now that Zhao Hai showed mercy, he didn’t appreciate it. Instead, it seems like he was angered. Compared to Liu Feiyang, he was still far off.

It’s possible to have such a person walk together in the path of cultivation, but not as a friend. Zheng Guan was fortunate that they were just exchanging notes. If not, then Zhao Hai might have outright killed him.

The Elder didn’t know what Zhao Hai was thinking. His facial color wasn’t great. He didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would still win even though Zheng Guan has astral qi. He was surprised at Zhao Hai’s strength and was also regretful at the same time.

However, the Elder couldn’t do anything about it. Zheng Guan has astral qi, which meant that he was the strongest among the disciples present. It was even less likely for the others to defeat Zhao Hai. The Elder found himself staring, not knowing what to do.

At this time, a long and loud howl was heard. The source of the howl was getting closer fast. Upon hearing this howl, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but raise his brow. He could feel the strength of the person howling. The person was stronger then Zhen Guan. It was even possible that they were at the peak of Nascent Soul Stage.

On the other hand, the Elder’s expression lightened up when he heard this howl. This was because he could recognize the owner of this howl. It was the Profound Clear Sect’s strongest Core Disciple, Ironman Li Zongdao!

Ironman Li Zongdao, the Profound Clear Sect’s strongest Core Disciple. He was 2 meters tall, and he’s very strong. Twenty years ago, he condensed astral qi into his body. Ten years ago, the sect bestowed him with a life source artifact, the Seven-story Jade Dragon Pagoda. Not only did Li Zongdao use magic artifacts, his specialty was actually ancient body cultivation. He was given a high-level body cultivation method by the sect, making him strong as well as tough. He’s a straightforward individual who has a heart of gold. No wonder he became the Senior Brother of all the Core Disciples.

Five years ago, Li Zongdao started to head out to gain experience. If one were to ask which disciple in the Profound Clear Sect has the most reputation, then people wouldn’t hesitate to say his name.

Although Li Zongdao went outside, he would still come back to the sect from time to time to report information as well as hand over things he obtained. Then he would exchange his contributions into things he would need and then he would head out once more.

It was by chance that Li Zongdao was in the sect today. When he heard about Zhao Hai, he hurried over, afraid that Zhao Hai would leave. Because of this, he howled in order to express his intention to fight!


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