BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1383


Chapter 1383 – Slayer Zheng

Liu Feiyang looked at Zhao Hai. Then he waved his hand and received his flying swords. Then he bowed towards Zhao Hai and said, “It is this Liu who has ben defeated. Mister Zhao Hai’s methods are truly powerful. This Liu admires you. If you have time, I’ll have to ask Mister for another spar.” Then after he said that, he returned to the other Cultivators.

When Liu Feiyang returned, the Elder was somewhat discontented. In his opinion, Liu Feiyang shouldn’t have admitted defeat that easily. He should have fought some more.

Moreover, from Liu Feiyang’s words, it seems like he has developed some intimacy towards Zhao Hai. This was unacceptable for the Elder. He looked at Liu Feiyang with an ugly expression before turning to the other Core Disciples and saying, “Who wants to go compare notes with Mister Zhao Hai next?”

Liu Feiyang wasn’t a fool. He could see that the Elder was discontented with him. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Although the Elder said that Zhao Hai was unruly, what Liu Feiyang saw so far was that Zhao Hai moved with discretion. This showed from the fact that he didn’t destroy the flying swords. Additionally, they didn’t have any enmity before this. And Zhao Hai didn’t have a heavy hand during their fight. If he fought with Zhao Hai more than this, then Liu Feiyang’s moves would have been unjustified.

But this meant that Liu Feiyang couldn’t say anything. After all, an Elder of status was here. And if he said anything, he would only let Huang Daoran and Zhao Hai see a joke. Although he was grateful to Zhao Hai, he didn’t want to make a joke out of the Profound Clear Sect. In the end, he learned everything he got from the sect.

This time, when the Elder asked if there were any other person who would want to fight Zhao Hai, the disciples were silent. Although they were arrogant, they weren’t fools. On the contrary, they were much smarter than ordinary people. They knew Liu Feiyang very well, he belonged to the top of the disciples. If Liu Feiyang lost, then they would as well. When they thought of this, it’s no wonder that they didn’t dare volunteer.

The Elder saw this and his face couldn’t help but turn ugly. Then he said, “What? Nobody dares?”

His voice was a little heavy. One must know that once a Cultivator lost his guts, he wouldn’t be able advance anymore. This caused the expression of everyone else to turn ugly.

Just as people were beginning to move, a person’s voice was heard from behind the group, “Who dares go rampant in the Profound Clear Sect. Let this Zheng Guan meet him.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but there was a wild air along with it. And there also seems to be a hint of killing aura in those words, which made people shudder.

But when those from the Profound Clear Sect heard this sound, their expressions loosened. Then they made a path. Even Liu Feiyang had a look of admiration as he moved to the side.

A red figure slowly walked from behind the crowd. This person didn’t walk fast. At the same time, his body exuded an astonishing aura. It was like a sword that was taken out from its sheath pointed towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai inspected the man. This was the first time he saw someone in the Profound Clear Sect not wearing dark blue clothing. Instead, this man wore red robes. And with his aura as well as what he just said, Zhao Hai has some idea about the identity of this person.

Zheng Guan, also known as Slayer Zheng. He was among the top ten disciples in the Profound Clear Sect. It wasn’t clear if he was the strongest, but it was certain that he was at least in the strongest 5.

Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Guan, then he smiled faintly as he cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Hai has seen Mister Zheng Guan.”

Zheng Guan didn’t return the greeting. He knew very well that his imposing aura was at its most powerful. If he greeted Zhao Hai back, then his momentum would disappear. So instead of returning the gesture, he continued approaching Zhao Hai.

Zheng Guan was a man with a calculating mind. He arrived a long time ago, he just stood behind and spectated. He was also aware that Zhao Hai was strong. Therefore, the moment he opened his mouth, he immediately established his imposing aura. He wanted to crush Zhao Hai with his momentum. Only then could he achieve success.

Zheng Guan knew that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Liu Feiyang when it came to fighting with their lives on the line. At most, he could make him retreat, but it was impossible to kill him.

In this case, it became even more impossible for him to kill Zhao Hai. He wasn’t strong enough to do that. He even knew that Zhao Hai might be stronger than him. But since Zhao Hai had just undergone a fight, Zheng Guan was more confident in fighting against him.

Zheng Guan coldly snorted, then he smugly said, “Let’s stop wasting words, take this!” He waved his hand and a huge yellow blade appeared on his side. This was Zheng Guan’s famed weapon, the Wild Sand Blade.

Zhegn Guan became famous for his Wild Sand Blade and Wild Sand Blade Technique. Naturally, the Wild Sand Blade wasn’t his life source artifact. In fact, a lot of people from Great Sects don’t determine their life source artifacts early. This was because it might be detrimental to their future cultivation.

People like Zheng Guan and the others had been eating medicinal pills like they were jelly beans since they were young. Because of this, their cultivation progressed very quickly. But at the same time, their foundations weren’t steady. If they took in a life source artifact early on, then its possible that they would be affected by the artifact.

Additionally, Great Sects attach great importance to the life source weapons of their disciples. The sect would evaluate what kind of life source artifact their disciples would refine, unless it was gained through a lucky encounter. In any case, the sect wouldn’t allow their disciples to secretly refine their own life source artifact.

It wasn’t easy for sects to train Core Disciples. The resources alone reached an astronomical amount. In order to prevent the disciples from delaying their training due to their life source artifacts, the sect needed to make sure that they got the right one.

However, this didn’t mean that Zheng Guan’s artifact wasn’t good. In fact, being a disciple in a Great Sect had benefits that rogue cultivators could never imagine.

When a Great Sect trains their Core Disciples, they would choose which cultivation manual they would follow in each stage. For example, after Zheng Guan reached Nascent Soul Stage, he was able to choose the Wild Sand Blade Technique. And once he got the Wild Blade Technique, the sect provided the Wild Sand Blade!

Although the Wild Sand Blade wasn’t his life source artifact, Zheng Guan’s cultivation method was compatible with hit. Using the Wild Sand Blade Technique with the Wild Sand Blade made the technique’s power increase by a large degree. This was something that only a Great Sect could provide.

It was already hard for a Rogue Cultivator to find a powerful Cultivation Method. And it was even harder for them to find an artifact that was compatible with it. So when they face their enemy, it is impossible for them to use the technique to its full power. This was the difference between Rogue Cultivators and Sect Disciples.

The Profound Clear Sect’s disciples were also equipped with both offensive and defensive artifacts. However, the sect would only give them enough artifacts, not too much. Then the sect would send them on missions to go and get some artifacts. If they could find 100, then it’s great, but if they only found one, then it meant that she was incompetent.

Actually, this wasn’t only sending disciples out to snatch artifacts. It was also to train disciples how to fight.

It was just that these missions took too long. At this point, when disciples head out, it would be like they were taking a stroll. And the missions that they take weren’t threatening while being very rewarding. Because of this, they were able to complete tasks easily and gain great rewards. 

But this was harming the disciples instead. With how easy their missions were, they don’t even need to fight. This caused them to lack fighting experience while further increasing their arrogance. Disciples began to think that they could do whatever they want because they were from the Profound Clear Sect. In turn, it caused the disciples’ growth to slow down.

However, Zheng Guan was different from the other disciples in the Profound Clear Sect. He liked to kill so his experience was very rich. Additionally, he has a calculating mind, which meant that his fighting strength was considered to be high among the core disciples of the Profound Clear Sect.

Also, to say that he has gone through a lot of hardships wasn’t also true. The missions sent by the Profound Clear Sect have become less and less dangerous. It was impossible for him to face hardships. And the name of the Profound Clear Sect was also very useful. ALthough Zheng Guan had rich fighting experience, this wasn’t gained through life and death trials.

Seeing his opponent move, Zhao Hai naturally would reply. He waved his hand and released a hundred swords. He continued using the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation.

Seeing Zhao Hai take out his flying swords, Zheng Guan couldn’t help but snort as he shouted, “Rolling yellow sand, slam!” After he said that, the Wild Sand Blade spun towards Zhao Hai. As the blade moved, a yellow sand wave followed behind it, its imposing aura was very astonishing.

Zhao Hai raised his brows and declared, “Heavy rainstorm, go!” Along with his voice, more then a hundred flying swords became sword lights, becoming a sudden downpour. The swords welcomed the approaching blade. Swords and a blade with incredible momentum quickly clashed.

A loud ‘Bang’ was heard as a muffled thunder-like sound blew into everyone’s ears. Two lights separated. Zhao Hai’s expression remained unchanged as he looked at Zheng Guan. On the other hand, a light flush appeared on Zheng Guan’s face. He looked at Zhao Hai and then suddenly laughed and said, “What a Zhao Hai. Hahaha. You’re really good. Now receive this move. Sand covers the sky!”

Zhao Hai also laughed and said, “Alright, then let me ask for advice. Rainstorm blows the flower!” The sword formation erupted with an imposing aura. Then it met Zheng Guan’s Yellow Sand Blade.

Boom! A sound much louder than before sounded out. Then astral qi began to expand outward. There’s no mistake, it was astral qi. This was Zheng Guan’s recent trump card, his astral qi. 

In the last few days, Zheng Guan went on a mission and took the opportunity to visit Yellowsand Planet in order to condense astral qi into his body. And he managed to succeed. He wanted to use astral qi in order to make Zhao Hai suffer a loss. However, he would never expect that Zhao Hai’s Liquid Silver would not only have astral qi and evil qi, it was also being strengthened by faith power. Although Zhao Hai didn’t use them in order to increase his offensive strength, it was impossible to hide the presence of astral qi if he was able to block an astral qi powered attack.

Astral qi spread out in all directions, so everyone felt it. The Elder’s complexion changed. He thought that Zhao Hai used astral qi in his attack.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s words were heard, “So Mister has astral qi. Good. You have my admiration. Let’s have some fun.” Following his words, his swords returned to his side. However, Zhao Hai’s expression has sunk. Zheng Guan used astral qi without saying a word, which angered Zhao Hai. It should be known that astral qi wasn’t as simple as strengthening the attack. Once astral qi entered the body, the consequences would be serious.

This time, he faced Zheng Guan and the others because he was asked by Feng Baiming. He just wanted to teach Zheng Guan and the others a lesson. Therefore, when he and Liu Feiyang were fighting, he didn’t make much of a move at all.

But then, Zheng Guan actually used astral qi without any warnings. He used astral qi in a spar. Naturally, he wanted to wound Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai was an ordinary cultivator, then his path would have ended. This was the reason why Zhao Hai was angered. This wasn’t a life and death battle. What Zheng Guan did was despicable.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Elder’s expression couldn’t help but change. None of the other Core Disciples had condensed astral qi into their body. They were aware that Foundation Establishment was the best period to condense astral qi. However, the Profound Clear Sect had a secret method that allowed a higher success rate in condensing astral qi during Nascent Soul Stage.

They were preparing for an opportunity to lead everyone to condense astral qi. This way, Elders could follow them and provide the disciples with pills that wouldn’t only increase the success rate, it would also protect the body if ever the process failed. This method was much safer compared to going to the planet alone.

Training Core Disciples wasn’t easy. Therefore, each step needed to be planned out. If it really was just like Zhao Hai said, then Zheng Guan went to condense astral qi on his own. Although Zheng Guan returned safely, the Elder wasn’t happy. This was because Zheng Guan had been reckless.

However, Zheng Guan’s punishment was a matter for later. Now, what the Elder needed was Zheng Guan to defeat Zhao Hai with his astral qi.

Zheng Guan was now looking at Zhao Hai with a serious expression. He used astral qi to sneak attack Zhao Hai. He wanted to use this opportunity to wound Zhao Hai. Only through this could he had any hopes of winning. But now, it seems like it was useless. He couldn’t help but have a higher evaluation of Zhao Hai. He also knew more about Zhao Hai’s strength. He was afraid that Zhao Hai would also have astral qi. This was what he wanted to see the least.

If Zhao Hai had astral qi, then it would be more difficult to deal with him. Zheng Guan began to feel that his chances of winning against Zhao Hai were much lower than he expected.


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