BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1382


Chapter 1382 – Wonder Sword Formation

Zhao Hai smiled faintly at Lu Feiyang and said, “So it’s Heavenly Sword Liu Feiyang. I have heard Mister’s name for a long time. I feel extremely honored.”

Liu Feiyang looked at Zhao Hai and said, “This Liu Feiyang isn’t as famous as Mister Zhao Hai. Mister, please.” After he said that, Liu Feiyang waved his hand and took out his flying sword.

Liu Feiyang’s sword was special. It was actually a soft sword! The sword was flexible like a snake as it hovered in the air.

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he waved his hand as he took out dozens of swords that formed a sword formation. The swords slowly rotated around Zhao Hai’s body while being pointed towards Liu Feiyang.

Cultivators usually fight in mid-air. The two would stand 100 meters away from each other, leaving a large space for the two to fight on.

Zhao Hai looked at Liu Feiyang’s soft sword with curiosity. This was his first time encountering a soft sword user. And it seems like Liu Feiyang had some skill on it.

On the other hand, when Liu Feiyang saw Zhao Hai’s swords, his expression turned serious. The last thing a Cultivator wanted to meet was an opponent that used an artifact set. Although an artifact set was just technically a single artifact, its power was much higher than other artifacts.

Moreover, Zhao Hai’s sword formation didn’t seem ordinary. Liu Feiyang didn’t dare take it lightly. He looked at Zhao Hai and saw that he didn’t seem to be worried. Instead, Zhao Hai was looking curiously at the soft sword. This caused Liu Feiyang’s heart to jump.

He heard Zhao Hai’s name before. He also knew that Zhao Hai was an ascender who managed to reach his current status in just a few years. This was an astonishing achievement. But this also shows Zhao Hai’s strength.

Liu Feiyang was aware that Zhao Hai certainly wasn’t simple if he was able to reach his current status. Zhao Hai’s current expression only explains one thing, he had absolute confidence in his strength.

Although Liu Feiyang was arrogant towards his Junior Disciples, he wasn’t an idiot. Seeing Zhao Hai’s actions, he couldn’t help but be cautious. However, he never thought that he would lose. So after seeing that Zhao Hai was acting like this, he couldn’t help but be angry. He thought that Zhao Hai was looking down on him.

When Zhao Hai saw Liu Feiyang’s expression change, he immediately knew what he was thinking. For Liu Feiyang who hadn’t gone through a lot of winds and rain, he was still a novice at hiding his thoughts from showing on his face.

This wasn’t to say that Liu Feiyang hasn’t killed anyone. But since Liu Feiyang and the others grew up in a Great Sect, they hadn’t encountered as many situations as Zhao Hai. They walked through the world as though they were at the center. Naturally, they wouldn’t have much experience.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind it. Liu Feiyang and the others were nothing more than pampered second-generation young masters. They weren’t worth taking seriously for.

On the other hand, Liu Feiyang’s emotions were flaring up as he kept looking at Zhao Hai. Upon seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t intend to attack first, he waved his hand and said, “As the catkins flutter, penetrate!” As his voice fell, the soft sword at his side immediately spun. Sword light followed the spinning of the sword. Before long, the attack turned into a ray of light that was headed towards Zhao Hai.

At the same time, Liu Feiyang waved his hand and took out an umbrella-shaped artifact. The umbrella opened and spun. This was a defensive artifact. Liu Feiyang has experienced fighting people before. Naturally, he knew the importance of defensive artifacts.

However, Liu Feiyang wasn’t hoping for his attack to defeat Zhao Hai. Instead, he wanted to probe Zhao Hai’s strength.

Zhao Hai looked at Liu Feiyang’s attack and then smiled faintly as he waved his hand and said, “Pear petals fill the sky, fly!”

Along with his command, the silver flying swords around him moved and revolved around one sword. These swords looked like flower petals that filled the air as they fell down.

Clang! Clang! Clanging sounds were heard as Zhao Hai’s sword formation hit Liu Feiyang’s soft sword. The sword lights that were sent out by the soft sword were soon blocked by the sword formation. And once the sword light was blocked, the light ray vanished.

Liu Feiyang knew that his attack had failed. But he wasn’t discouraged. He waved his hand and performed a sword art, changing the attacking pattern of his sword.

Zhao Hai didn’t wait and also changed his attacking pattern. At this time, Liu Feiyang took out a shuttle-shaped artifact and stabbed it towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly when he saw Liu Feiyang’s move. Besides those who were very poor, only a few Cultivators used magic artifacts to directly attack the enemy. Liu Feiyang, this rich second generation young master, surely has a lot of artifacts in his hands.

When Zhao Hai performed his sword art, dozens of swords immediately surrounded his body, only defending with no intentions to attack. When Lui Feiyang saw Zhao Hai act like this, he couldn’t help but raise his brows. Then he waved his hand and took out several magic artifacts. But it was made clear that he preferred sword-shaped artifacts. The artifacts that he took out were all sword-shaped. Although some looked different than normal swords, people would still think that they were swords at first sight.

For example, there was a snakelike sword, a belt sword, and other unconventional swords. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile when he saw this. It seems like Liu Feiyang really liked swords.

However, Zhao Hai quickly discovered that he was wrong. Liu Feiyang’s preference for swords wasn’t that simple. Although the swords had different forms, Li Feiyang was able to coordinate them successfully. This wasn’t done by a simple sword formation. With their different forms and how they were being controlled, it seems like its power was huge.

Zhao Hai’s expression turned serious. He was certain that Liu Feiyang didn’t just like sword-shaped artifacts. He certainly learned a special sword formation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do this. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be more careful. He positioned his Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation in front of him as he waited what kind of move Liu Feiyang would do next.

Just as Zhao Hai thought, Liu Feiyang did have a sword formation. This sword formation was called the Wonder Sword Formation. Just as its name suggests, the Wonder Sword Formation used oddly shaped sword artifacts. Because of these oddly-shaped sword artifacts, the sword formation’s attacking patterns were also odd.

What’s special about the Wonder Sword Formation was that it doesn’t require an artifact set. Instead, it only used independent sword artifacts. In other words, it was a sword formation that acted like a sword technique, much like the Stellar Sword Technique.

At this time, Liu Feiyang took out 24 flying swords. When his umbrella was added, then he was now controlling 25 artifacts. This was his limit. If it weren’t for the Wonder Sword Formation’s effect of reducing spiritual qi consumption, he wouldn’t have been able to take them all out at once.

But the presence of the 24 odd swords released itself. Zhao Hai immediately felt the pressure in the air increase. However, Zhao Hai discovered that Liu Feiyang wasn’t very experienced in using the formation in a fight. His coordination of the different swords has yet to reach a degree of smoothness.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he breathed deep before waving his hand. The dozen or so swords in front of him increased to a hundred. Then Zhao Hai, “Stellar Transformations, cry!” Along with his words, the hundreds of swords in front of him flew forward. The swords carried a momentum that was akin to a huge mountain. 

Strangely, the swords weren’t giving out a sword-like aura. Instead, they were like a mountain, a meteor, or a planet. Although they were slow, they were stable and unstoppable!

Seeing Zhao Hai reveal so many swords, Liu Feiyang was stunned. Then upon seeing the momentum of the swords, his expression changed. He immediately controlled his 24 swords to attack Zhao Hai. He had no other choice than to be on the offensive. He was unwilling to be on the defensive right now.

But before long, he discovered that as his swords flew into Zhao Hai’s sword formation, he began to lose control over some of them. They were probably attracted to Zhao Hai’s swords. It was as though the sword formation was a huge magnetic field.

Liu Feiyang’s facial expression changed. He tried hard to regain control over his swords as he clashed with Zhao Hai’s sword formation.

However, Liu Feiyang discovered that Zhao Hai’s sword formation was speeding up. He no longer had any control over his swords and before long, his 24 swords went along with Zhao Hai’s swords. 

Liu Feiyang paled. He was clear that this meant his defeat. This was his strongest method, the Wonder Sword Formation. Now that this sword formation couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai, he had no other means to continue. Now he only hopes that Zhao Hai doesn’t destroy his swords. One must know that those 24 swords were collected with great efforts.

Zhao Hai also saw Liu Feiyang’s change in expression. He waved his hand and dissolved his sword formation. Then he cupped his fists towards Liu Feiyang and saidm “Mister Liu, thank you for allowing me to win. Mister’s sword formation is truly strange. You have this Zhao Hai’s admiration.”

Liu Feiyang looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and could understand his meaning. He couldn’t help but feel grateful towards Zhao Hai. For Zhao Hai, it was easy to destroy or even capture his swords. But Zhao Hai didn’t do that, which made Liu Feiyang grateful towards him.

Liu Feiyang wasn’t an idiot to think that Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare take or destroy his swords. With Huang Daoran behind him, even if Zhao Hai destroys the sword, Liu Feiyang wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. 

But even if Liu Feiyang was grateful towards Zhao Hai, this didn’t mean that the others were.


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