BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1380


Chapter 1380 – The Sect Master Qing Xuan

Feng Baiming looked at Mo Sheng with a gaze full of affection. Then he said, “This kid is very talented in body cultivation. He’s now very similar to ancient Body Cultivators. Although his strength is good, I still cannot leave him alone that easily. So I deliberately looked for these artifacts for him. Don’t look at it as ordinary, their defensive strength is very good.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and then he replied, “Alright. Uncle Master, don’t worry. I’ll make sure that nothing happens to Brother.” At this moment, Mo Sheng suddenly snored and fell down after drinking an entire jug of wine.

Zhao Hai looked at Mo Sheng and couldn’t help but smile. Feng Baiming also looked at Mo Sheng as he smiled bitterly and shook his head. Then he turned to Huang Daoran and said, “Musclehead, it seems like some people have been eyeing our spirit wine recently. You should tell Little Ling to be careful.”

Huang Daoran raised an eyebrow as he said, “Someone is eyeing it so soon? Also, isn’t your job to protect us? The Profound Clear Sect shouldn’t just take money for nothing.”

Feng Baiming snorted at Huang Daoran and said, “What do you mean ‘so soon’? Some people have been eyeing it for some time. But they didn’t dare cause a mess because of the Profound Cler Sect. However, outlaws are beginning to turn their attention to the spirit wine. They can use all kinds of tricks. Therefore, make sure to remind Little Ling. Moreover, we have assigned people to watch from the shadows. As long as we get enough information, we will clean them up.” 

Huang Daoran turned serious as he asked, “Who is it?”

Feng Baiming smiled bitterly and said, “From our current information, it’s possible that it’s those people from the Pink Clouds Pavilion. The little girl’s departure essentially killed their business. They had been going downhill since.” 

Huang Daoran paused, then he sighed and said, “If they behave badly, then they will not be able to survive. In the beginning, they thought that they could just kick Little Ling out. But now that Little Ling has left, they’re finished.”

Feng Baiming smiled and said, “Their actions are quite understandable. The little girl has been ruthless in leaving. She poached all the good managers and assistants of the Pavilion. It would be strange if they don’t retaliate.”

Huang Daoran coldly snorted and said, “The Pink Clouds Pavilion has always been managed by the Zhen Family and their people. Although she’s the only girl in her generation, Little Ling is good at business and treats everyone fairly. All throughout her term as the Pavilion Master, Little Ling has always given everyone their proper dividends. Although those fellows want to drive her out, Little Ling didn’t treat them badly. Fortunately she was able to leave on time. If they really plan to do something to her, then I will certainly not let them off.”

Feng Baiming smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, the Profound Clear Sect always repays the favors we owe. I will take care of this matter.”

As soon as he saw that nothing was wrong, Zhao Hai bowed to the two and said, “Master, Martial Uncle, you guys continue talking. I’ll take Brother Mo to rest.” After he said that, Zhao Hai took out two jars of wine as well as a couple of dishes to go with them. Then he stood up and went to the lounge.

Feng Baiming looked at Zhao Hai’s departing back and then sighed and said, “You really turned misfortune into a blessing. Being able to take Zhao Hai as a disciple, I’m sure you’re beyond happy.”

Huang Daoran smiled faintly. He was indeed very happy to have Zhao Hai as a disciple. 

Feng Baiming turned to Huang Daoran and said, “If Little Hai really gets summoned to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, should you prepare some things for him? You should know that those Buddhists don’t look positively towards the Profound Clear Sect. They might plot against Little Hai.”

Huang Daoran smiled faintly and said, “I think otherwise. You don’t know this, but Little Hai obtained some Buddhist techniques recently. He was in seclusion because he was training these techniques. If Little Hai used these techniques, then the Buddhists might see him as one of them. Also, there’s Zhao Hai’s magic artifact. Not only is it formidable, its ability to transform isn’t any less than the Buddhist Sect’s Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. With an artifact like that, why should I worry? Even if it can’t compete with the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff, it’s still enough for Little Hai to survive.”

Feng Baiming was stunned, then he asked, “What magic artifact did Little Hai have? How can it be so strong?”

Huang Daoran smiled and said, “It’s the once useless legend of the Machine Field. It has been completed by Little Hai. Who could have thought such a weapon would be so strong. Alright, let’s not worry about Little Hai anymore. Let’s talk about Little Hai’s battle against your Core Disciples. Did your sect really agree to this?”

Feng Baiming snorted and said, “Why would I lie to you about this? You take a rest here for a few days. I’ll make sure that you don’t get disturbed.” Huang Daoran nodded and no longer spoke.

The dialogue of the two could be heard by Zhao Hai, but he really didn’t care about it. As long as the two had good intentions towards him, then everything else is fine.

Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran stayed for three days in Feng Baiming’s cave mansion. In these three days, Zhao Hai had been together with Mo Sheng. Feng Baiming already told Mo Sheng to listen to Zhao Hai in the future. With Zhao Hai supplying him with food and wine for the past three days, Mo Sheng already considered himself to be on Zhao Hai’s side.

Three days later, Feng Baiming took Huang Daoran and Zhao Hai to the main peak of the Jade Clear Mountains where the Profound Clear Palace was located. This Profound Clear Palace was the residence of the Sect Master.

Actually, the Profound Clear Palace doesn’t only comprise the Great Hall, but to all structures around the peak. Altogether, there were more than a thousand small and large structures built on Profound Clear Palace’s peak. This included a large stage. This stage was called the Martial Stage. This was where Core Disciples practice their martial arts.

Besides the residence of the Sect Master, various Elders and Core Disciples also live in the Profound Clear Palace. Therefore, there were a lot of rooms in the palace. Every few days, a Core Disciple would leave the palace in order to perform missions. At the same time, Elders would also give guidance on the dao. Naturally, those who provided guidance weren’t Feng Baiming and other Great Elders. There were other competent Elders in the Sect that would teach. This was something that only Core Disciples could enjoy. Other disciples couldn’t attend.

Great Sects like the Profound Clear Sect attach great importance towards their Core Disciples. But one shouldn’t be complacent once they become a Core Disciple. Once every three years, a competition would be held where the ten least ranked Core Disciples would be challenged by Inner Disciples. If they fail, they would be demoted and the winner would take their place to become a Core Disciple.

However, it was rare for a Core Disciple to lose against an Inner Sect Disciple. The resources that Inner Sect Disciples receive were just half of what a Core Disciple receives. Moreover, Core Disciples could listen to Dao lectures once every seven days while Inner Sect Disciples could only do so every month. The disparity was completely in favor of Core Disciples. But this also meant that if an Inner Sect Disciple was able to defeat a Core Disciple, then they were no doubt talented.

There was no need to mention the benefits of the Outer Sect Disciples. Outer Sect Disciples receive only a third of the resources that Inner Sect Disciples have. They could also only listen to Dao lectures once every six months. Therefore, it was very difficult for Outer Sect Disciples to raise their heads.

Only Core Disciples and Elders live in the Profound Clear Palace’s peak. And as long as one becomes a Core Disciple and is in the top ten for three consecutive times, then they could be accepted as an Elder’s disciple. This was also the reason why Feng Baiming has several disciples. Elders needed to assume the responsibility of teaching the next generation.

Feng Baiming brought Huang Daoran, Zhao Hai, and Mo Sheng to the Profound Clear Palace. The Sect Master of the Profound Clear Sect would be waiting for them there.

The Sect Master of a Sect wasn’t necessarily the Sect’s strongest member. Generally, the strongest people in the Sect were the Great Elders. However, Great Elders generally don’t want to take care of Sect matters. Therefore, this task was given to the Sect Master to manage.

The Sect Master of the Profound Clear Sect was an expert at the Nascent Soul Stage. He looked like a refined gentleman wearing a dark blue robe. He radiated an aura of righteousness.

At the same time, the Sect Master exuded an oppressive aura. Even if he stood near Feng Baiming, he wouldn’t flinch.

Feng Baiming brought the three to the Sect Master. Upon seeing the group, the Sect Master gave a salute and said, “Qing Xuan has seen Great Elder Feng and Daoist Huang.” The other Elders also gave a salute.

Feng Baiming returned the gesture and said, “Qing Xuan, no need to be polite. Daoist Huang is my good friend. You have also seen him here before. You’ve also seen Mo Sheng, so there’s no need for me to introduce him. This is Zhao Hai.” 

Zhao Hai quickly took a step forward and then bowed as he said, “Zhao Hai has seen Profound Clear Sect Master Qing Xuan.”

Qing Xuang sized Zhao Hai up. He heard Zhao Hai’s name before, so he thought that he was arrogant. But now that he met him, it seems like Zhao Hai was not arrogant at all. Zhao Hai had a temperate smile on his face, the kind of smile that invited you to be his friend. Qing Xuan knew that such a smile couldn’t be faked.

Although Qing Xuang was inspecting Zhao Hai, he didn’t forget to return the salute and gave his greetings. This was proper. After all, although the Sect Master wasn’t strong, he still represented the face of the sect. It wouldn’t be good if he lacked politeness.

After both sides exchanged greetings, Qing Xuan led Zhao Hai and the others towards the Great Hall. However, the Elders weren’t looking at Zhao Hai with a friendly gaze. Instead of visiting the Sect Master upon arriving in the Sect, Zhao Hai instead stayed with Feng Baiming for three days. They were very discontented with his conduct.

Zhao Hai also noticed the looks that the Elders were giving him. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Couldn’t these Elders tell that it was planned by Feng Baiming and the Sect Master? But even if Zhao Hai told them, these Elders wouldn’t believe it.

Before long, the group entered the Great Hall. In the middle of the hall was a huge “玄:”(profound) character. It was rumored that this character was left behind by the founder of the sect. It was very precious.

After entering the Great Hall, under Feng Baiming’s lead, everyone bowed to the “玄:” character. Then they were led by Qing Xuan towards the rear hall. This rear hall was a lounge. It was large and specifically used to receive important people.

Zhao Hai doesn’t have enough status to warrant such treatment from the Profound Clear Sect. However, he was with Huang Daoran. Although Huang Daoran was a Rogue Cultivator, he was still a Transcending Tribulation Expert. Any sect would give him proper respect.

After everyone sat down, tea was offered. Qing Xuan sat at the Sect Master’s seat while Feng Baiming and Huang Daoran sat beside him. Zhao Hai and the others were at the back. Qing Xuan picked up his teacup as he smiled faintly at Zhao Hai and said, “It’s really an honor for Mister Zhao Hai to visit the Profound Clear Sect. Mister, please taste the Profound Pine Tea of our Profound Clear Sect.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Sect Master is too polite. Being invited by the Profound Clear Sect is a huge honor for this Zhao Hai.” Then he took his teacup and drank some tea. Upon experiencing the fragrance of the tea, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good tea. It has a rich amount of spiritual qi inside. I reckon it’s rare.”

 Qing Xuan smiled faintly and said, “It still falls short compared to Mister’s spirit wine. Mister’s spirit wine is truly a world-class product. Qing Xuan thanks Mister for cooperating with the Profound Clear Sect.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “I don’t dare. It’s an honor for this Zhao Hai to cooperate with a Great Sect like the Profound Clear Sect. Sect Master is too polite. This time, I came here to personally thank the Sect Master for agreeing to cooperate with me. This Zhao Hai is extremely flattered.”

While the two were doing small-talk, Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming pretended to not hear them. The two talked among themselves and with a clear attitude that they minded their own business. When he saw this situation, Qing Xuan breathed a sigh. At the same time, he became more curious about Zhao Hai. He knew very well how Zhao Hai became Huang Daoran’s disciple. However, he didn’t expect their relationship to be that close. Huang Daoran even spoke to Feng Baiming on behalf of Zhao Hai.

This Zhao Hai isn’t simple! Although they had only exchanged a few words, Qing Xuan found that Zhao Hai knew how to properly respond and lowered himself. Zhao Hai makes one feel a sense of closeness towards him. Moreover, he was a cultivation genius that wasn’t arrogant. This was very rare.

Qing Xuan looked at Zhao Hai and then said, “Mister Zhao Hai, are you done with your seclusion? Let me congratulate Mister first for his great achievement in cultivation.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “I thank Sect Master for the auspicious words. I have been cooperating with the sect for several years yet I just visited now. The reason for this is because I have been in seclusion. It’s really shameful that I was only able to come here today.”

Not waiting for the Sect Master to reply, an Elder coldly snorted and said, “The Sect Master of the Profound Clear Sect wouldn’t just see anyone. If it weren’t for Daoist Huang Daoran, someone would find it difficult to meet the Sect Master.” His voice was too loud that everyone in the rear hall heard it. This statement immediately caused the hall to turn silent.


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