BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1377


Chapter 1377 – Jade Clear Mountain

Because of his experience with the Stellar Sword Technique, Zhao Hai was able to quickly cultivate the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation. Moreover, using the technique with Liquid Silver further increased its might. Liquid Silver allowed Zhao Hai to quickly shift the mother and child formations, causing more variations to the technique. Only in Zhao Hai’s hand could the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation demonstrate its true power.[1]

Huang Daoran has been observing Zhao Hai over the two days of his stay. He was suspicious of Zhao Hai’s long seclusion. Although Cultivators seclude themselves quite often, there were only very few of them that would be in seclusion for several years.

But after observing Zhao Hai for three days and seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t come out, he began to believe Zhao Hai’s words. Zhao Hai was indeed in seclusion for a long time.

Five days after Huang Daoran arranged for Zhao Hai to stay, he received a notice from Feng Baiming that they could visit the Profound Clear Sect. Only then did Huang Daoran call Zhao Hai over.

Generally, those in seclusion shouldn’t be disturbed. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t actually closing up. After four days of meditating over the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation, Huang Daoran finally visited him.

When Huang Daoran entered the room, he discovered a large number of silver flying around Zhao Hai. Upon closer inspection, Huang Daoran saw that these silver were small needles arranged in a formation, moving backwards and forwards.

Huang Daoran’s eyes shone. Although he didn’t study the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation, he still looked through the manual. Therefore, he could recognize that these silver needles were controlled according to the technique. This caused Huang Daoran to be startled.

Zhao Hai was actually able to reach this degree of mastery in just five days? This was more than just talent! It was at this point that Huang Daoran could understand how Zhao Hai was able to become so strong in a short period of time. Zhao Hai was truly a genius, and not just any ordinary genius.

When he sensed that Huang Daoran had arrived, Zhao Hai received the silver needles before standing up and bowing as he said, “I have seen Master.”

Huang Daoran nodded and said, “Good, very good. You actually managed to learn the Rainstorm Pear Sword Formation in such a short time. You’re really a genius.” 

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Master is overpraising me. Master, why did you come over?” 

Huang Daoran smiled and said, “We’re leaving for the Profound Clear Sect today. I have already called Feng Baiming.” Zhao Hai hastily complied as he followed Huang Daoran out. These two left the Elder Valley of Flying Phoenix Mountains via a small tunnel. In the past, this was a tunnel where black iron ore was being mined. But now, it housed the transmission formation of the Zhen Family. Inside it were more than ten small and large-scale transmission formations.

Seeing the two arrive, the people responsible for the transmission formation didn’t dare neglect them. Although they didn’t know Zhao Hai, they were aware of who Huang Daoran was. They respectfully invited Huang Daoran over to a transmission formation before inputting the coordinates of the Profound Clear Sect and sending them over.

The Profound Clear Sect is a Great Sect of the Cultivation Realm, so they control their own planet. Their planet was named Profound Clear Planet. On Profound Clear Planet was a place called Jade Clear Mountains. No outside transmission formation could connect to this place. In order to get to the Jade Clear Mountains, one would need to use a transmission formation on Profound Clear Planet and then fly over.

Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran appeared on a transmission formation on Profound Clear Planet. Seeing two people arrive, a young Cultivator wearing dark-blue clothing walked over. Then he bowed towards Huang Daoran and said, “I have seen Daoist. My name is Babu Yan, an inner disciple of the Profound Clear Sect. I’m ordered to wait here for you by the Great Elder.”

Huang Daoran nodded and said, “Alright, lead the way.” 

Babu Yan led Huang Daoran and Zhao Hai out of transmission formation. Waiting for them outside was a wooden carriage. This carriage was being pulled by four white horses. These horses looked no different compared to other horses. However, the hooves of the horses had long white feathers surrounding them. 

When Zhao Hai saw the white horses, he was reminded by a famous demon beast in the Cultivation Realm, the White-feather Horses. They’re quite docile. Moreover, they fly very fast and could even go to outer space. They were known to be very difficult to capture. But once they were captured, taming them was very easy. They’re very good mounts.

White-feather horses were very famous in the Cultivation Realm. But not everyone can use them. Only Great Sects like the Profound Clear Sect used them regularly. Plenty of small sects in the Cultivation Realm use ordinary carriages. Some even used flying cars of the Machine Field. However, flying cars of the Machine Field weren’t very well liked by the Cultivators. Even if the functions of flying cars were very advanced, there wasn’t a huge market for them in the Cultivation Realm. This was especially true for Great Sects. Using flying cars was disgraceful for them.

Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran entered the carriage before Babu Yan. The carriage didn’t have any wheels. It was very wide and had mats inside along with a small table. On the small table was a jug of water and teacups.

But what surprised Zhao Hai the most was that the spiritual qi density inside the carriage was very high. This caused him to be puzzled. But then he discovered that the spiritual qi was coming from the carriage itself. In other words, the spiritual qi came from the lumber used to make the carriage.

This discovery caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. The lumber seemed to be a rare item since it could release a rich amount of spiritual qi. It was just that Zhao Hai couldn’t recognize what kind of wood it was.

However, Zhao Hai was certain that this lumber wasn’t cheap. He even thought that a plank of this lumber could buy dozens of high-grade flying cars.

Seeing that Zhao Hai had noticed the properties of the carriage, Babu Yan couldn’t help but smile. Then he said, “This carriage is made out of the finest sandalwood that is over 100 years old. This kind of sandalwood no longer exudes fragrance but instead spiritual qi. Moreover, the amount of spiritual qi exuded wouldn’t decline for a hundred years.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s a very good item. Master, after we head back, I’ll buy you one of these carriages. What do you think?”

Huang Daoran was stunned, then he laughed and said, “This carriage cannot be bought by ordinary people. Century-old sandalwood like the ones this carriage was made of is a high-grade material that’s used for refining artifacts and medicine. It’s very expensive.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Master, don’t worry about it.” Huang Daoran smiled and didn’t say anything. He looked at Zhao Hai, amused. He thought that Zhao Hai was just flattering him.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about this reaction. Instead he looked outside. The carriage was now flying. Moreover, despite its speed, the ride was very smooth.

Babu Yan looked at Zhao Hai and then said, “This must be Daoist Huang Doaran’s outstanding disciple, Machine Field’s number one, Mister Zhao Hai. It’s an honor to see Mister today.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I wouldn’t dare. I am indeed Zhao Hai. It’s an honor for me to visit Profound Clear Planet. This Zhao Hai admires Great Sects like the Profound Clear Sect.”

A hint of arrogance could be seen on Babu Yan’s face when he heard Zhao Hai’s words. Babu Yan couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Since you are Daoist Huang Daoran’s disciple. You can come here to visit in the future. Daoist Huang and Great Elder Feng are close friends, so you shouldn’t treat yourself as an outsider here.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Definitely.” By this time the carriage already arrived at the foot of Jade Clear Mountain. The carriage didn’t stop and instead flew directly towards Jade Clear Mountain. As soon as they entered the mountain range, Zhao Hai felt a powerful aura rush towards him. His Instinct Technique immediately responded. The hairs of his body stood up as he felt the dangerous aura.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t move. He knows that this was Profound Clear Sect’s Jade Clear Mountains, and it would certainly have its own mountain guarding formation. If he didn’t guess wrong, the dangerous aura should be great formation. Babu Yan should have something on him that made the formation ignore the carriage.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s change in expression was noticed by Huang Daoran and Babu Yan. The two couldn’t help but pause. This wasn’t the first time that Huang Daoran came to Jade Clear Mountain. Naturally, he knew about the mountain guardian formation. At the same time, Babu Yan was from the Profound Clear Sect, so he knew as well. Zhao Hai’s body language changing the moment they passed the formation barrier caused the two to be surprised. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this perceptive.

Huang Daoran looked at Zhao Hai with a satisfied expression. Although Zhao Hai’s body only reacted a little, this meant that he had an instinct towards danger. It must be known that this wasn’t something that average people had. Only once one gets strong enough would they have this instinct. Zhao Hai’s reaction only meant that he was a strong practitioner.

Similarly, Babu Yan looked at Zhao Hai fondly. When he heard that Zhao Hai was able to block Huang Daoran’s attack and then became Huang Daoran’s disciple, he was somewhat doubtful. After all, the Machine Field didn’t have such a person all these years. In his mind, Zhao Hai was able to block Huang Daoran’s attack because Huang Daoran held back.

Babu Yan was an inner disciple of the Profound Clear Sect. Therefore, he had some understanding regarding the ways of the Cultivation Realm. Huang Daoran only went to the Six Realms Battlefield to deal with Zhao Hai because he was compelled by the Great Sects. Huang Daoran wasn’t happy with the assignment, so it was understandable if he didn’t do his job well.

However, Zhao Hai’s response caused Babu Yan to understand that Zhao Hai’s reputation wasn’t unfounded. Being sensitive to the danger of the formation meant that Zhao Hai wasn’t weak.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect that the subtle reaction of his body would cause Babu Yan to look at him differently. He was currently looking at the scenery outside the window.

The Jade Clear Mountains were very high. Not only was it high, it also held mystery and danger. There were strange rock formations, lush grass and trees, as well as mist surrounding the mountains. It would make people think that it was a fairyland.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be obsessed with the scenery of the Jade Clear Mountains. He had seen beautiful mountains before, but the scenery on Jade Clear Mountains were the best he had ever seen.

Babu Yan looked at Zhao Hai’s expression as he smiled and said, “Jade Clear Mountains houses one of the best spirit veins in the Cultivation Realm. This is also the foundation of the sect.”

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and said, “I really envy you. The difficulty to find a spirit vein in the Machine Field is as difficult as ascending to heaven.”

Baby Yan just smiled and didn’t say anything. Everyone knew about the situation of the Machine Field. But Zhao Hai being able to practice to his current stage in that environment was evidence of his terrifying talent. Babu Yan couldn’t help but increase his evaluation of Zhao Hai even more.

As they were talking, the carriage arrived at a mountaintop. There were no fields on this mountain and instead it had houses built along its sides. The styles of these houses weren’t great, but it gave one a simple feeling.

Babu Yan led Zhao Hai and Huang Doaran out of the carriage, then he said, “This is Jade Clear Sect’s inner region. I can only bring you up to here.”

Huang Daoran nodded and said, “Alright, you can go.” Babu Yan bowed and then left. The carriage also flew away.

Huang Daoran just stood in place with no worries. This wasn’t the first time he experienced this situation. At this time, a voice was heard, “Musclehead, you’re finally here. Hahaha. Fantastic. Now, this old man can drink to his heart’s content.”

Huang Daoran looked at Feng Baiming and then laughed, “Blacksmith, why do I feel that you miss Little Hai’s wine more than me? Did you drink all the wine that Little Hai gave you?”

Feng Baiming smiled and said, “I drank them all. Although it’s regretful that I am not able to eat Little Hai’s vegetables, the liquor is good enough.” 

Zhao Hai gave Feng Baiming a greeting. Feng Baiming looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Let’s go back to my residence first. I’ll take you to see the Sect Master tomorrow. Little Hai, you need to be mentally prepared. Those fellows may want to test you.”

Zhao Hai was taken aback, “Test me? Why?”

Feng Baiming smiled faintly and said, “They want to see if you really have the qualifications to cooperate with the Profound Clear Sect. Moreover, they are also very curious. Because of my relationship with Musclehead, the sect knows how strong he really is. When you managed to block his attack, the sect was intrigued. They want to know what method you practice. But don’t worry, I already talked to them. They wouldn’t dare take things too far.”

Huang Daoran’s expression wasn’t’ great. He looked at Feng Baiming and said, “Blacksmith, what do you mean? He’s my apprentice, why test him? Do they doubt my strength?”

Feng Baiming waved his hand and said, “Musclehead, don’t get offended easily. You should know that those guys are arrogant. Although I am a Great Elder, I can’t just change the Sect Master’s decision at will. Don’t you believe in Little Hai’s strength? Then let them test him. Let’s see how Little Hai deals with them!”

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