BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1374


Chapter 1374 – Completing the Seclusion

Zhao Hai paid great attention to the Pagoda Technique. He has the Hell King’s ship which was considered to be a large artifact. Zhao Hai’s current use of the Hell King’s ship was to ram his enemies. The Pagoda Technique could take care of this weakness.

It took about 100 days for Zhao Hai to complete the Pagoda Technique. After that, Zhao Hai began practicing the Blazing Staff Technique. The Blazing Staff Technique doesn’t only apply to rod-type weapons. It included all long weapons and artifacts. It’s hand-seals were the rod seal, trident seal, eight leaf seal, and ax seal.

It can be said that the Blazing Staff Technique was a complete guide on how to use long weapons and artifacts. Zhao Hai also practiced the technique meticulously. He spent 200 days practicing it.

After completing the Blazing Staff Technique, Zhao Hai took a good rest. This was because the next technique he was going to practice was the most difficult one among the 18 techniques, spirit attacks. This was also the most powerful attack among them all.

There were several techniques that use spiritual force to attack. These techniques were the Enlightenment Technique, Bright Sword Technique, Instinct Technique, and the Infinity Technique. One could see from this point how important spirit attacks were to the Buddhists.

Zhao Hai didn’t study the Enlightenment Technique first, instead he went for the Infinity Technique. This technique isn’t actually an offensive spiritual force technique. Instead, it was used for communication. 

The so-called ‘Infinity’ in the technique’s name referred to its ability to allow the universe to come in contact with the myriad things in the world. Strictly speaking, it was a supplementary technique. However, it had a lot of uses.

In order to practice the Infinity Technique, one needed to do the vajra karma seal and the wisdom luck seal. The wisdom luck seal is further divided into two seals. It can be said that the technique was composed of three hand-seals altogether.

The technique was truly formidable. Zhao Hai used 100 days before completing the technique.

Upon finishing the Infinity Technique, Zhao Hai practiced the Instinct Technique. The Instinct Technique was also a supplementary technique. What made it different from the Infinity Technique was that the Instinct Technique doesn’t make its user communicate with the universe. Instead, it was a warning-type technique.

This warning wasn’t as simple as knowing that someone was hostile to you. It could make the user feel the existence of danger. For example, back when Zhao Hai went to the Six Realms Battlefield, he didn’t know if he were to meet luck or misfortune. But as long as he studied the Instinct Technique, he would be able to feel the fortune of the Six Realms Battlefield. It was similar to Daoism’s numerology.

The Instinct Technique was composed of four mudra including the fearless seal, dharma seal, wheel seal, ruyi seal. This time it took Zhao Hai more than 200 days to complete the technique. 

Zhao Hai moved on to the Bright Sword Technique upon completing the Instinct Technique. The Bright Sword Technique was a formidable spiritual attack method. Not only could it strike the enemy, it would also seek the weak point of their spiritual force. 

For practitioners, it was crucial to maintain a calm heart and mind. The Bright Sword Technique cuts through this, and this is the greatest benefit of the Bright Sword Technique. The Bright Sword Technique is composed of several mudra such as the bright sword seal, sword seal, immovable seal, lotus seal, wisdom seal, and other hand seals. The number of hand seals made the technique difficult to practice. Zhao Hai used about 300 days to complete the technique.

After completing his study of  the Bright Sword Technique, Zhao Hai finally started to study the Enlightenment Technique. The Enlightenment Technique was the most powerful among the spirit techniques. This offensive technique wasn’t bold like other spiritual attacks. Instead, it was more like a parasitic attack. The user would lay down a seed in the minds of their opponents. Once this seed germinated, you would gain control.

The Enlightenment Technique was composed of the wisdom seal, magic seal, root seal, connecting seal, six-character diamond seal, eight-character diamond seal, branch seal, brahman seal, diamond seal, and other seals.

The sheer amount of hand seals involved in the technique made it very difficult to complete. Zhao Hai used more than a year of time to learn the Enlightenment Technique. Upon learning the Enlightenment Technique, Zhao Hai has now completed all of the 18 Buddhist Techniques. Zhao Hai used some time to digest the techniques before officially ending his seclusion.

 From the time he went to the Six Realms Battlefield to the time he went out, Zhao Hai spent four years of time.This was Zhao Hai’s longest seclusion yet.

But Zhao Hai didn’t ignore the outside world in these four years. Now, it wasn’t only the Cross Sword Pirate Group’s members that lived in Yalei 2. Zhen li and the others have moved in. The peripheral defenses of the planet have also been built and can be put to use.

These defenses were built with full support from Zhao Hai. It must be known that building the peripheral defenses   2 wasn’t easy. He doesn’t only need to build eight facilities around the planet. This system also needed infrastructure on the meteorite belt. Altogether, the peripheral defenses comprised 24 facilities. And each facility wasn’t very easy to build.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai’s Space has all the materials needed. He also has countless Undead to provide manpower. Louis and the others sent leaders to command the Undead. This resulted in the establishment of the defense system after only a few years.

Also, after four years, Xiong Li and the others officially retired from their service in the Six Realms Battlefield. Not only them, Yuan and the others also retired. After their retirement, Zhao Hai naturally arranged places for them in Yalei 2. Moreover, Yuan has been made aware of the existence of the sand island. Xiong Li and the others’ strength has risen significantly due to their stay in the Six Realms Battlefield. They were now at Core Formation Stage. Moreover, they closed two days after settling down.

Xiong Li and the others secluded themselves because they had been affected by Zhao Hai. In their opinion, Zhao Hai was too strong, so they needed to work hard and catch up. 

It wasn’t only Xiong Li and the others who had improved. Yuan was also the same. Maybe because of what happened recently, the know on Yuan’s heart has been untied. Yuan’s strength improved by leaps and bounds in a short time. He’s already a Nascent Soul Expert.

As more and more people moved to Yalei 2, the outside world slowly became aware of the changes in the planet. The Machine Field was very surprised about Yalei 2’s transformation. They couldn’t believe that Zhao Hai was able to transform a barren land into what it is now in just a few years. 

But what surprised the Machine Field even more was that the planet was populated. Where did these people come from? How was Zhao Hai able to convince them to migrate?

This caused people to be confused. The main reason for this was because nobody thought that Zhao Hai would get pirates to live in Yalei 2.

Back in the Pirate Paradise, the Cross Sword Pirate Group was still in operation. They kept stealing from merchant fleets, nothing changed. But this time, people from the core group of the Cross Sword Pirate Group became mysteriously missing. Their family members rarely went out as well.

However, this didn’t attract too much attention. Although the Cross Sword Pirate Group was more open in the past, their family members rarely went out anyways. People were thinking that the pirate group was doing an internal restructuring to clean up spies that had been planted by other groups.

Cleaning up spies wasn’t surprising for the Cross Sword Pirate Group. In fact, this was very common among pirate groups in the Pirate Paradise. No matter which pirate group it was, as long as they thought that it was necessary, would perform a cleanup to remove any spies within their members. Therefore, nobody thought anything else about the Cross Sword Pirate Group’s movement.

Unknown to them, the Cross Sword Pirate Group has become citizens of Yalei 2. They had earned official identities and could now go to any planet in the Machine Field.

Besides this, the Cultivation Realm was also doing very well. The Flying Phoenix Pavilion has become one of the biggest merchant groups in the Cultivation Realm. The money that Zhao Hai received has increased year by year. However, Zhao Hai hasn’t been able to claim it. After all, he was in seclusion all this time.

But this didn’t mean that the spirit wine business has halted. Zhao Hai provided the Flying Phoenix Pavilion with a hundred thousand bottles of spirit wine every year. Zhen Ling didn’t sell most of these wines and decided to stock them up. She just sold off a very small number outside. She was preparing for the future.

Zhao Hai didn’t have anything to say regarding Zhen Ling’s actions. In fact, this was also a business technique. If the spirit wine was dumped all at once, it would no longer be valuable. 

Right now, spirit wine was a very hot item in the Cultivation Realm. But compared to before, the situation of the spirit wine markey was much better. In the past, Cultivators could only hear about spirit wine and not see it. But now, they can actually buy some in the Flying Phoenix Pavilion. Although it was very expensive, at least it was obtainable.

Not only was spirit wine an expensive item, it has also become a status symbol in the Cultivation Realm. Some sects would order large quantities of spirit wine from Zhen Ling since it has become an essential item for hospitality. If a huge sect didn’t serve their guests two bottles of spirit wine or more, then they would be scoffed at.

Zhao Hai was very clear about this situation. This was also what he wanted to see. He has also increased the supply of spirit wine to be sent to the Cultivation Realm. Moreover, Yalei 2 has begun its production of liquor. However, Yalei 2 didn’t make spirit wines. Instead, it made ordinary liquor that didn’t have any spiritual qi infused into it.

Yalei 2’s grain yield was very high. And with its domesticated animals, the planet has become a famous agricultural factory of the Machine Field.

Zhao Hai was very glad to see this happen. Yalei 2’s fame meant that he now had a certain position in the Machine Field. He wanted people to get in contact with Yalei 2 more and more. Zhao Hai intended Yalei 2 to be his decoy base. However, he didn’t want it to be a dead base. 

Besides its agricultural products, Yalei 2 has also become a tourist spot. Because of Yalei 2’s change in environment, Cai’er was able to place her branches on the planet. Every year, seven colored flowers would sprout all around the planet. There’s also the ocean that has temperatures that have been adjusted to a comfortable level. And Zhao Hai wasn’t down with the development. Thanks to this, the tourism industry of Yalei 2 developed rapidly in the last 2 years.

There weren’t only traditional tourist projects here, there are also non-traditional tourist attractions. One of these was flintlock hunting which blew waves in the Machine Field.

Flintlocks were commonly used for hunting back on earth. To Earthlings, this was a standard sporting gun. But to the Machine Field’s people, it was different. They had never seen a flintlock before. So the existence of the weapon was very novel for them.

Although flintlocks were powerful, it was still very hard to hunt magic beasts using them. However, this difficulty only made the sport more interesting. At this point, flintlock hunting wasn’t only popular in Yalei 2. The other planet also hosted their own hunting spots. However, their business was still much less compared to Yalei 2.

In addition to flintlock hunting, there were also activities such as wooden boat fishing and animal trapping. These were all things that Zhao Hai came up with. Zhao Hai knew clearly how attractive new things were. These projects provided huge benefits for Yalei 2. 

Because of Yalei 2’s environment, more and more people began to migrate to the planet. At this point, Yalei 2’s population has reached over 100 million and is rapidly approaching 200 million. This was quite rare for a newly developed planet.


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