BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1373


Chapter 1373 – Devil Realm’s Movements

As Zhao Hai diligently cultivated, the World of Cultivation was becoming turbulent. This turbulence didn’t come from the Cultivation Realm but instead from the Devil Realm.

The last time Zhao Hai left seclusion, he dealt with Ling Lie’s group. However, Ling Li’s background was a Great Sect in the Devil Realm. He’s a member of the Sacred Blood Sect. Zhao Hai’s actions offended the entire sect. Naturally, the sect has to deal with Zhao Hai.

Actually, Zhao Hai and the Sacred Blood Sect already had a previous grudge. Zhao Hai killed someone from the Sacred Blood Sect before, back in the Six Realms Beginner Competition, a fellow by the name of Tu Mietan. Killing Tu Mietan was similar to hindering the sect’s future. Starting from then, Zhao Hai was already enemies with the sect.

However, although Tu Mietan was talented, he was still an Ascender. Tu Mietan wasn’t important enough for the Sacred Blood Sect to march towards the Machine Field to deal with Zhao Hai. If they wanted to deal with Zhao Hai, then they had to do it in secret. In fact, they were somewhat involved with Huang Daoran’s matter in the past.

But the last time was done in secret. The Sacred Blood Sect only paid some money for people to pressure Haung Daoran as well as to hire some people in the Machine Field to deal with Zhao Hai. 

After Huang Daoran withdrew, there were some complaints from the Devil Realm. After all, in their opinion, the mission wasn’t finished until Zhao Hai was killed. As for Huang Daoran’s method of saving face, it wasn’t anything to them.

The people from the Devil Realm don’t care about face. What they cared about were benefits. As long as they benefit, why would they care about face? To them, face was the most useless thing.

The Devil Realm had a headache about Zhao Hai. They want to deal with him. However, average people couldn’t do anything to him. And if they invited another Transcending Tribulation Expert to make a move on their behalf, the result wouldn’t be any different to Huang Daoran’s. And if they invite a Severed Soul or an Immortal to move,then it would certainly alert the Cultivation Realm. This wasn’t something that the Devil Realm wanted to see.

However, the Devil Realm couldn’t just swallow this defeat. To them, Zhao Hai hit their face not once but twice. This was especially true for the Sacred Blood Sect. They were intent to take revenge.

Therefore, during Zhao Hai’s seclusion, the people from the Sacred Blood Sect began to make moves. First, they exerted pressure on the Machine Field. However, the Machine Field wouldn’t listen to them. To the Machine Field, Zhao Hai was their banner. At this point, nobody from the Machine Field wanted to touch Zhao Hai.

Since the Machine Field wouldn’t deal with Zhao Hai. The Sacred Blood Sect shifted their attention to the Cultivation Realm. However, they didn’t succeed once again. The Cultivation Realm didn’t have much enmity with Zhao Hai. And with how strong the current Zhao Hai was, no Cultivator wanted to deal with him otherwise they would suffer massive losses.

However, the Sacred Blood Sect didn’t stop. For them, Zhao Hai was now their life and death enemy. They needed to deal with Zhao Hai as soon as possible.

Because of this, the Sacred Blood Sect made a lot of movement in recent days. Since they knew that they couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai in the Machine Field, they tried to find a way in the Six Realms Battlefield.

The Six Realms Battlefield was originally the place where the six realms competed. The Sacred Blood Sect also held some influence in the Six Realms Battlefield. Ling Lie causing trouble for Zhao Hai was actually the Sacred Blood Sect’s plan. Moreover, the Sacred Blood Sect had been insidious at that time. Ling Lie’s group didn’t only involve members of the Sacred Blood Sect, there were people from other Great Sects among them. The Sacred Blood Sect did this in order to pull other sects into their group and deal with Zhao Hai together.

And the Sacred Blood Sect succeeded. They also reached towards the groups where Zhao Hai killed some of their members. Now, Zhao Hai had some enemies in the other realms. Therefore, the number of people who held a grudge against Zhao Hai has increased. They began to move in the Six Realms Battlefield.

Although these people wouldn’t dare go to the Machine Field’s territory and partially-controlled territory, they would rob and kill any Machine Field practitioner they meet. Recently, the Machine Field has suffered massive losses in the Six Realms Battlefield. 

By doing this, the Devil Realm hit Zhao Hai’s weakness. The Machine Field had already reached an agreement with the other realms. Zhao Hai cannot leave the Machine Field’s territory. Therefore, Zhao Hai had no way to deal with this.

However, to be able to survive in the World of Cultivation this long, the Machine Field had survived through all sorts of storms. They naturally had a way to deal with this situation. Now, whenever the Machine Field went on an excursion, the teams’ numbers increased. They also carry a small nuclear bomb. This way, no matter what the situation was, they had some kind of way to get out.

As the matter stands, Zhao Hai developed a very bad impression towards the Devil realm. However, he couldn’t go to the Devil Realm right now. He was still focusing his energy on cultivation. He was now studying the Beast Controlling Technique.

The Beast Controlling Technique had very little use to Zhao Hai. If he wanted to command beasts, he already had the Space to do it. He simply didn’t need to study this technique.

However, he still studied it because of some wondrous properties of the technique. If Zhao Hai used the Space to train a beast, he would need to bring it to the Space first. As for the Beast Controlling Technique, there was no need to do so. You can just tame the beast on the spot. Naturally, there wasn’t a guaranteed success.

The Beast Controlling Technique’s mudra was also quite unusual. It was actually the earthen bowl seal! ZhaoHai thought that the earthen bowl seal would appear when he studied the Alms Bowl Lifting Technique. Who would’ve thought that it would be in the Beast Controlling Technique. This earthen bowl seal was very simple. Two hands would cup together while the thumbs were open as though it would skim water.

It can also be seen from this mudra how different the Beast Controlling Technique was compared to other techniques of its type. Most taming methods would defeat the beast first and then slowly train them. The Beast Controlling Technique wasn’t the same. This technique involved mental attacks that made the beast look at the user kindly. Then they would get close to the user and then gradually be tamed.

The Beast Controlling Technique used the earthen bowl mudra because Buddhists eat their food using an earthen bowl. This meant that the user would be feeding the beast. In this way, it could tame the beast.

Zhao Hai used 60 days to complete the Beast Controlling Technique. After learning the Beast Controlling Technique, Zhao Hai moved on to practice the Sword Breath Technique.

The Sword Breath Technique was a very strange method. It was a kind of sword technique but it doesn’t use a magic artifact. The technique used hand seals to oppose the enemy’s sword qi.

The Sword Breath Technique’s mudra was the sword seal. The two palms touch each other while two index fingers bent and connected at the nails. The two thumbs would be facing the two index fingers.

Upon practicing the hand-seal, Zhao Hai could feel how offensively powerful it was.

Zhao Hai used around 50 days to practice the Sword Breath Technique. After that, Zhao Hai practiced the Cloning Technique. The Cloning Technique was also an unusual technique. This technique allowed the user to transform into many clones. Each clone can turn into the real one and attack the enemy. It was a very powerful technique.

The Cloning Technique had seven mudra altogether. These mudra were, the outer five withered seal, inner five withered seal, dharma void seal, vajra void seal, light void seal, chain void seal, and the karma void seal.

These seven hand-seals all had to do with the void. This was because the Cloning Technique had a relationship to the void. It was a variant of space-element magic. It folded the void in order to shift the colors of reality.

Although this technique was related to the void, its mudra was very different compared to the Cosmos Technique. Zhao Hai used more than 100 days in order to study this technique. After learning the Cloning Technique, Zhao Hai became even more confident in his survival. When necessary, he can use the Cloning Technique to produce a large number of clones as the main body hides inside the Space. This way, his enemy wouldn’t discover the Space.

After learning the Cloning Technique, Zhao Hai was done with the spell-type techniques of the 18 techniques. Then Zhao Hai moved on to learn the techniques that were related to magic artifacts.

Magic artifact techniques were also very important aspects of the 18 Buddhist Techniques. Although there were only a few of these methods, their power was extremely strong. Therefore, Zhao Hai regarded these techniques as important.

One type of magic artifact technique was the Alms Bowl Lifting Technique. Upon hearing the name of this technique, one would know that this technique had something to do with the earthen bowl. The technique involved the refining of the earthen bowl as well as how to utilize it. However, Zhao Hai doesn’t need the refining method. He only needed to study how to use it.

The Alms Bowl Lifting Technique was a defensive technique. It gave priority to protection and not much towards offense. 

Zhao Hai didn’t practice a lot of defensive techniques before. The Alms Bowl Lifting Techniques just happens to make up for this weak point. The mudra required for the technique was something that Zhao Hai already studied before, the earthen bowl seal. However, there was a slight change to this hand-seal. After all, the technique wasn’t the same, it wasn’t the Beast Controlling Technique.

Zhao Hai only used 50 days to completely study the Alms Bowl Lifting Technique. Now that the technique has been completed, Zhao Hai’s defenses underwent a massive increase.

After completing the Alms Bowl Lifting Technique, Zhao Hai began to practice the Pagoda Technique. The Pagoda Technique’s magic artifact was the pagoda. The technique used the pagoda to multiply its user’s strength. This was also the first time that Zhao Hai learned how to operate a pagoda.

Operating a large magic artifact was very different compared to ordinary artifacts. Small artifacts were flexible. On the other hand, large magic artifacts were sturdy, giving priority to steadiness. 

The mudra used by the Pagoda Technique was the treasure tower seal. The two hands would bound together while the two middle fingers were joined. The treasure tower seal was also supplemented by the treasure mountain seal. In the treasure mountain seal, both hands were also bound together. But this time, the two thumbs were pressed into the palms. This caused a rock-hard interior and a sense of stability. This showed an image of a pagoda resting on top of a rock, standing firm on the ground as it subdued ten thousand evils!


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