BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1372


Chapter 1372 – Prideful Spirit

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t study the sound attack first was because he wasn’t good at sound attacks. Although he hasn’t learned of any water-spells before, one shouldn’t forget that it’s still magic of the water element. Zhao Hai himself could control water, so he should be able to learn the Imperial Water Technique much easier.

The Imperial Water Technique wasn’t very difficult. The entire technique was only composed of two mudra, the skywater seal and the dragon seal. Zhao Hai believed that he could learn the technique in one month.

The skywater seal wasn’t very complex. The left hand makes a fist with the thumb and the index finger were stretched out but bent. The dragon was more complicated. The hands would be bound together while the two index fingers would for a circle. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai managed to do the hand seals.

Zhao Hai calmed his mind as he performed the hand seals. As he practiced the hand seals, Zhao Hai discovered how different Cultivator Spells were to the Machine Field’s magic.

Cultivators use spiritual qi, but even though they could use spells, they had to use it through the spiritual qi in their body. Spiritual force would only act as a supporting role. Compared to the Machine Field’s method, the results of this were stronger.

At the same time, Zhao Hai discovered that spells in the Cultivation Realm weren’t simple. These spells were formidable even without using a magic artifact. As long as one uses the Imperial Water Technique, one could be able to wreak havoc on the battlefield. 

The Imperial Water Technique not only controlled water, it also turned water into a magic artifact. The technique took water as the base, which was unusual.

However, this didn’t mean that the Imperial Water Technique was difficult to practice. Zhao Hai only used 49 days in order to learn it. And just as usual, he went back to the villa once he was done.[1]

Upon arriving at the villa, Cai’er welcomed Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, I discovered something a while ago. Let me show you.”

Then she took Zhao Hai over to the monitor and then broadcasted the recorded video of Huang Daoran and Zhen Ling’s conversation. Hearing their dialogue, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. He turned his head to Laura and the others and said, “Could there be a secret regarding this?”

Laura nodded and said, “We’ve been collecting information. But there’s little word about his subject. We only found some clues that connected to the Buddhists.”

Zhao Hai looked at Laura in confusion. Laura continued, “Brother Hai, have you discovered that the Buddhists have been very low key in the World of Cultivation? Even their disciples rarely walked outside. Moreover, Buddhist Sects seem to be rare in the Cultivation Realm.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod as he thought about it. Buddhists in the Cultivation Realm were very rare. This was somewhat strange.

Besides Zhao Hai, those in the World of Cultivation rarely hid their strength. Even if a group acted low key, they would still send out a disciple or two in order to gain experience as well as remind other people of their existence.

Buddhist Sects were different. They were extremely low-key. One would rarely hear about a Buddhist disciple wandering the world. This was very unusual. But what was more unusual was that even though the Buddhists were acting low-key, nobody had any ideas towards them.

Laura added on, “This caused us to pay attention to the Buddhists. In the end, we were able to find some information. Buddhist Experts are innumerable. However, these people rarely walked outside. Even their names were rarely heard in the Cultivation Realm. The only thing we heard was that ten thousand years ago, a Devil Sect attacked a Buddhist Temple. They were able to break through the temple after some time. However, they didn’t expect the temple to have several tens of Transcending Tribulation Experts. These experts not only repelled the Devil Cultivators, they also killed their sect leader and destroyed their sect completely. That sect was the Devil Path’s most powerful Ten Thousand Demons Sect. Because of this existence, the Devil Realm were able to be on equal terms with the Cultivation Realm at that time. But after that even, the Devil Path’s strength was reduced significantly. But after destroying that Buddhist Sect, the Buddhists vanished from sigh yet again. According to what Master Huang said, I’m afraid there’s a very secret place in the World of Cultivation. Not only that, it seems like there are also people from Great Realms we don’t know present in that place.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he stood up and suddenly laughed. He said, “Isn’t that right? Originally, I thought that the World of Cultivation was really boring. I don’t know that there are other Great Realms present. I really want to see how they differ from the World of Cultivation. One day, this Zhao Hai will meet these people and see how strong someone that can make the Six Realms Battlefield really is.”

Laura and the others looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but stare. Zhao Hai had always acted low-key. They weren’t used to Zhao Hai having such a heroic spirit.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and the others and said, “We needed to keep a low profile in the past because we aren’t strong enough. As long as I cultivate all of the 18 Buddhist Techniques, I would be able to go anywhere in the World of Cultivation.”

Laura and the others nodded. Although they didn’t know how strong the 18 Buddhist Techniques really were, they still believed in Zhao Hai.

In fact, Zhao Hai didn’t really take Huang Daoran’s fear that seriously. As he learned more of the 18 Techniques, the more confident he became.

The 18 Buddhist Techniques used faith power. Zhao Hai hasn’t heard of such a method before. This was also the origin of his confidence.

Faith power was extremely powerful. And it was hard to say how strong the techniques that used it would be.

After accompanying Laura and the others for several days, Zhao Hai secluded himself once more in order to practice the next technique. This time, Zhao Hai chose the Happiness and Fear Sound Technique.

The Happiness and Fear Sound Technique was the sole sound attack among the 18 techniques. Learning the technique not only required hand-seals, it also required the user to learn 1 or 2 musical instruments. Only once the two requirements were met can the technique display its full power.

The Happiness and Fear Technique also has methods of making and using musical instruments. One of these instruments was the bell. This bell wasn’t an ordinary bell, it was more like a chime. It was composed of 54 bells, both large and small. This allowed multiple scales and in turn giving the technique an extraordinary offensive strength.

Another instrument was a wooden fish(muyu). This was an instrument that Buddhists most often used. It could send sounds and its attacking power wasn’t weak. [2]

A third type of instrument was something that Zhao Hai didn’t think he would see. It was a four-stringed chinese zither. For sound attacks, this instrument was very appropriate.

The fourth type of instrument was the drum. It was a normal kind of drum. 

The methods of using and refining these instruments were found in the technique itself. Zhaso Hai looked at the refining method. The method wasn’t anything extraordinary. There’s only one point that was special. To be embedded on the weapons were formations that Zhao Hai hasn’t seen before. These formations only had three functions, storage, use, and increasing the strength of faith power.

In other words, as long as someone studied these formations, one would be able to refine a faith artifact. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care much about this right now. The Crescent Moon Spade has fused with Liquid Silver, turning it into a Faith Weapon. Naturally, there’s no need for Zhao Hai to make one more.

As for the mudra used in the Happiness and fear Technique, Zhao Hai was somewhat surprised. This mudra was known as the joyous day seal. The left palm faced upward along with the right palm. Meanwhile, the index finger and the thumb twisted with each other. This was the only mudra needed for the technique, but it wasn’t that easy to practice. Besides the mudra, Zhao Hai also needed to study how to use the musical instruments. This caused Zhao Hai some headaches.

Zhao Hai studied a lot of things in the past, but musical instruments weren’t one of them. The only things he was familiar with were the chimes and the four-stringed zither. But this was only limited to hearing about them. As for using, he could only start from scratch. It’s good that the mudra helped him a lot. Learning the joyous day seal meant learning the sound of music. This allowed learning the four instruments to be much easier.

Besides the mudra, the Happiness and Fear Technique also had formations. This formation used the four instruments. Using the four instruments together would result in a stacking attack.

Although the Happiness and Fear Sound Technique wasn’t the most difficult technique that Zhao Hai studied, the time he needed to complete it was a lot. Zhao Hai used more than 100 days before studying the entire technique. The use of the instruments took most of the time.

However, this also made the Happiness and Fear Sound Technique terrifying. This technique sent invisible attacks to kill, trap, injure, and other means to deal with the enemy. This enriched Zhao Hai’s offensive methods even more.

After completing his study of the Happiness and Fear Sound Technique, Zhao Hai became even more confident in himself. He believed that, right now, he could already defeat Huang Daoran. This also made him anticipate the place that Huang Doran described.

When Huang Daoran went to that place, he was already at the Transcending Tribulation stage. He was as strong as he was now and could only defend himself while being there. If Zhao Hai went to that place with his current strength, protecting himself wouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, he can also use this opportunity to meet the Buddhist and understand the source of the 18 techniques. Although he wasn’t hopeful for this, it would be great if he was able to find any clues.

After all, as he had demonstrated in the Six Realms Battlefield, the 18 Technique was an existence that was above the World of Cultivation. And regarding this level, Zhao Hai knew nothing!

  1. Fun Fact, Sidhartha Gautama Buddha sat for 49 days to attain the answer on the question of suffering.


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