BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1370


Chapter 1370 – Hell King!

By the time Yuan and the others returned to the fort, Zhao Hai was there waiting for them. Zhao Hai wasn’t in a hurry to return to the Space. In any case, he came out this time to relax. So he decided to meet Yuan and the others and have a good chat.

Yuan and the others also thought that Zhao Hai left. So they were very glad when they saw Zhao Hai. Naturally, Zhao Hai took out some delicious food and drinks for them to enjoy together.

Zhao Hai, Yuan, Wu Yang, Xiong Li, and the others were at a table together. After drinking two rounds of liquor, Yuan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, have you reached Transcending Tribulation?” Yuan’s words caused everyone in the dining hall to look over at Zhao Hai. They heard Ling Lie’s final words. At that time, Ling Lie implied that Zhao Hai had reached Transcending Tribulation.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone, then he shook his head and said, “I haven’t. Since my Cultivation Method is special, I’m afraid my tribulation would be much harder.”

Yuan and the others nodded. But one could see that they were disappointed. One couldn’t blame them. After all, the Machine Field didn’t have a Transcending Tribulation Expert. This was what worried them the most.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t reveal that he was now as strong as most Transcending Tribulation Experts. He specifically revealed that he hasn’t reached Transcending Tribulation so that Yuan and the others would spread it to the world. This way, the other realms wouldn’t take note of him.

He secluded himself for close to one year and then he made such a huge move. If people thought that he reached Transcending Tribulation, then the waves that it would cause would certainly be enormous. Zhao Hai didn’t want things to go like this yet. After all, he was still preparing to practice all 18 Buddhist Techniques.

However, if Zhao Hai wanted to practice all 18 techniques, then he would need more than a year of time. During this period of time, he didn’t want things to happen to his background. And he also doesn’t want Yalei 2 and the Pirate Paradise to be affected.

But what Zhao Hai didn’t know was that right after he dealt with the Devil Cultivators, people from the outside already heard the rumor about him becoming a Transcending Tribulation Expert. This information spread quickly throughout the World of Cultivation. In a flash, Zhao Hai became the center of attention after one year of absence.

When Zhao Hai left the Lock Mountain Range, Yuan received an inquiry from the higher-ups asking if Zhao Hai had already reached Transcending Tribulation.

Naturally, Yuan denied the rumors. Zhao Hai himself said that he hasn’t reached Transcending Tribulation. And that his cultivation method was special, so his tribulation would be very hard.

This news lessened the attention placed on Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai’s title of strongest under Transcending Tribulatikon was something that everyone recognized.

Besides the higher-ups of the six realms, the people in the Six Realms Battlefield gave Zhao Hai a nickname. Because Zhao Hai liked to use Undead, people gave him the title of Hell King![1]

Naturally, Zhao Hai knew about this nickname, but he didn’t care. This was something that other people gave him, so he had no control over it. Also, it had truth to it. He liked using Undead because he needed their help, so he was called the Hell King. However, if he stopped using the Undead one day, would people still call him Hell King?

In fact, at this point, Zhao Hai had an idea to stop using the Undead. This was because he discovered that the Undead could also provide him with faith power. Not only did the Undead give him more faith power, it was also purer than other people.

This was understandable. After all, the other races in the Undead still had their own desires and wishes. As for the Undead, they had been subdued by the Space. If Zhao Hai ordered them to kill themselves, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so. Therefore, the faith power given by them was purer than the others.

Also, in addition to being pure, Zhao Hai discovered that the faith power given by the Undead had special effects to his attacks. This was something that Zhao Hai discovered recently.

The same was true for the Demons, Divines, Beastmen, and Undead. The faith power that these races provide had strong offensive strength. 

As for the Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Fishmen, their faith power provides great help for improving the body.

This discovery surprised Zhao Hai. He didn’t expect faith power to have attributes.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care much about this matter. Whether it increases offense or helps in cultivation, both were very good. Moreover, their effects weren’t that great. These attributes only provided a slight advantage. The difference between using both faith power was basically negligible.

Zhao Hai returned to the Space and accompanied Laura and the others for several days. Then he prepared to resume his practice in the 18 Techniques. This time, Zhao Hai chose to practice the Cosmos Technique. Of the 18 techniques, only the Cosmos Technique acted alone.

However, the Cosmos Technique was also more complex than the rest. The entire technique consisted of six mudra. The first of these mudra was the void seal, which means hiding in the void. One hand would form the vajra seal. The other hand would hold the hand like a baby while the forefinger is straight and rigid. The relationship between the two hands was the essence of the void seal.

The second mudra involved putting two palms together, bending two thumbs and inserting them in between the palms.

The third mudra involves the five fingers of the right hand extending upward. The index finger and the thumb would twist with each other. The second finger would curve around the index finger as far as possible. 

The fourth seal involves two index fingers bent over the two middle fingers while the thumbs insert in between the palms.

The fifth seal joins two palms while the two index fingers bent towards each other.

The sixth mudra was the same as the first mudra. These six seals comprise the six mudra required to practice the Cosmos Technique.

Why do Buddhist Arts require hand seals? Actually, this had something to do with the Buddhist path. Buddhism pays attention to enlightenment. An enlightenment proves that one’s path was correct and might lead them to a fruit of virtue. Buddhist monks who encounter enlightenment would comprehend a mudra. When Zhao Hai circulates his faith power, the mudra he performs directs it in accordance with the technique. The mudra provides the most natural flow of energy.

No matter which path, as long as the cultivation method was correct, one would understand it’s operation. It was just like walking into a maze. As long as your map is correct, then you would no doubt come out of the other end.

In fact, Buddhist hand-seals were a disguised initiation method. The Buddhist required one to pass on what they have learned and realized through their lives. This mudra was this inheritance. It wasn’t an overbearing type of inheritance, but it was an indispensable part of the Buddhist path.

The Cosmos Technique was the most difficult technique that Zhao Hai practiced to date. Throughout his cultivation, Zhao Hai became aware that the Cosmos Technique was a type of spatial magic. The spell used the power of the cosmos to allow one to advance and retreat calmly. So upon confronting the enemy, one could hide in the void to deal a fatal blow.

 If it was only this, then Zhao Hai could achieve it through the Space. However, Zhao Hai’s Space was a pure technique of the void. As for the Cosmos Technique, the void was just part of it. An expert could feel Zhao Hai using the Space. On the other hand, the Cosmos Technique conceals the movement as its user hides in the void. This was the most important aspect of the technique.

In addition to this, there’s another thing about this technique. Its movements weren’t random. Instead, it followed a large Buddhist formation. One could traverse the void through following the formation.

Although there was a formation to follow, this didn’t mean that the technique was restricted. If the user followed the formation, then they could move in any direction they want. If they wanted to change directions, they only needed to do it through the formation. This gave the technique infinite possibilities.

Zhao Hai spent 81 days practicing the mudra. Even with the help of the Space, Zhao Hai still took a long time to get used to the movements.

Therefore, it took Zhao Hai 90 days to finish the technique. After he went out, Zhao Hai relaxed once more as he paid attention to the outside world.

At this point, the outside world was aware of how strong Zhao Hai was. The Six Realms Battlefield became peaceful once again. As for Yalei 2, things were on the right track. After Margaret and Louis got in touch, construction for the space bases went underway. The defenses of Yalei 2 needed to be built. Otherwise, any person could come to the planet. This wouldn’t be good for the planet’s development.

On the other hand, the headquarters of the Cross Sword Pirate Group in the Pirate Paradise has been retained. However, residences have been demolished. At this point, one couldn’t see women, children, nor old people in the pirate group’s territory. Besides some members of the pirate group, the rest of the population were Undead.

The Cross Sword Pirate Group had already lifted the blockade. However, it still had a lot of restrictions towards outsiders. Otherwise, people might discover that the pirate group was filled with Undead!

  1. Technically, it’s “King of the Underworld”. But it sounded like he’s a criminal mastermind.


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  1. I dunno, I mean, “King of the Underworld” seems pretty fitting considering where he got most of his undead from.

    I mean, yeah, the ship artifact he stole from Lu Wei became the Hell King’s Ship, but everyone in the six realms isn’t naming him after his ship, they’re naming him after his use of undead. So while there’s nothing wrong with Hell King, there also isn’t anything wrong with King of the Underworld.

  2. If capitalized, the Ruler of Underworld doesn’t hold the same meaning as the ruler of underworld, right?

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