BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1369


Chapter 1369 – Daoist Zhao Hai?

The Blood Shadow Blade was extremely fast. It reached Zhao Hai’s neck in a flash. However, despite seeing the knife approach, Zhao Hai didn’t react at all. Ling Lie suddenly had a feeling of anxiety.

Ling Lie knew that Zhao Hai struggled in defending against Huang Daoran. Zhao Hai said that he would seclude himself. But in Ling Lie’s opinion, Zhao Hai was injured and needed to recuperate.

Just as Ling Lie was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly discovered that the Blood Shadow Blade was already in Zhao Hai’s hands. The Blood Shadow Blade struggled to get out, but it was useless.

Zhao Hai glanced at the Blood Shadow Blade and coldly snorted as he said, “It’s really the Blood Shadow Blade. Ling Lie, you’ll get no forgiveness from me today.”

Then Zhao Hai leaned forward and took a step forward as he threw a simple punch. Although the punch looked simple, it wasn’t the case in Zhao Hai’s hand. Zhao Hai’s eyes glowed as his body shone with a white light. This white light wasn’t dazzling, it just gave people a sense of fairness and honesty. It had the feeling of a monk that intends to exorcize a demon.

ZHao Hai’s fist wasn’t any other first. It was a move that came from the Crouching Tiger Technique. As the punch was sent out, an imposing aura of a tiger erupted. And since Zhao Hai also practiced the Demon Subjugation Technique, his punching strength has reached a whole new level.

Moreover, this fist wasn’t just a straight shot. It transformed constantly that Ling Lie wouldn’t be able to dodge it even if he wanted to.

Ling Lie also noticed this point. Seeing the situation, he didn’t dare underestimate it. He opened his mouth as a cry of an infant was heard. This weeping wasn’t a doting cry of a child that wants the warmth of its mother. Instead, it was a scream full of hatred and gloom. Hearing this weeping sound, a person would feel a frigid air passing through their heart.

Along with this weeping sound, a blood red infant appeared in front of Ling Lie. This baby looked lovable, but its blood red eyes and body made it seem like it was a spirit that had innumerable injustices done to it.

As the infant appeared, its wailing sound met Zhao Hai’s fist head on. Then it turned its body as giant red colored tentacles extended towards the attack.

Ling Lie knew that he couldn’t avoid Zhao Hai’s fist even if he hid. So he could only face it head on and hope that he could block the attack.

A dull thumping sound was heard as the Blood Infant’s sound attack met Zhao Hai’s fist head on. However, as though it was paper, the sound attack was shredded to pieces by the force of the fist. Then shortly after that, the fist hit the infant’s tentacles.

Boom! When the Blood Infant and Zhao Hai’s fist connected, the infant let out a pitiful yell before it was eradicated by the fist. As though it wasn’t affected, the fist continued on towards Ling Lie.

Along with a bang, Ling Lie’s body flew straight back. As he was in the air, Ling Lie spewed out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Zhao Hai and muttered, “You, Transcending Tribulation…..” Then his head tilted as his body fell straight down. He was naturally beaten to death by Zhao Hai. His body showed a strange posture when it fell to the ground. Every bone in his body has been crushed.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent Ling Lie’s body to the Space. Then he looked at the other Devil Cultivators and sneered as he said, “What? You don’t take the Machine Field seriously? You come when you want to come, then leave when you want to leave? I don’t have the time to take care of you, yet you came here. I guess it’s time to let everyone know not to mess with the Machine Field. This isn’t your back garden!” Then his body moved as he threw himself to the group.

The Devil Cultivators were beginning to feel regret. Why do they have to meet Zhao Hai, this unlucky star, now? Long Lie was a famous Nascent Soul Expert of the Devil Realm. But even he was taken down in one move by Zhao Hai. Maybe in the eyes of Zhao Hai, they weren’t even considered a side dish.

Zhao Hai didn’t give them a chance to talk as he attacked immediately. The Devil Cultivators could only take up their weapons and defend.

However, these Devil Cultivators weren’t confident. This was because they heard Ling Lie’s last words. Did Zhao Hai become a Transcending Tribulation Expert? With this thought in mind, the Devil Cultivators couldn’t help but feel that their necks turn cold.

Zhao Hai didn’t actually treat these people seriously. He just wanted to try the moves he learned from the Descending Dragon and the Crouching Tiger Technique.

Fist and leg techniques weren’t very popular in the World of Cultivation. And of those who practiced them, the majority were the Buddhists.

According to legend, it was because Buddhism inherited the essence of ancient Body Cultivators. Therefore, their fists and leg techniques were well-developed. There were plenty of Buddhist disciples that used their fists and legs to confront their enemies. This was how confident the Buddhists were in their kung fu.

Zhao Hai cultivated the Demon Subjugation Technique, Crouching Tiger Technique, and the Descending Dragon Technique. These were orthodox Buddhist Techniques that were supported by faith power. Then there’s also Zhao Hai’s astral qi and evil qi. And with Zhao Hai entering the Nascent Soul Stage, his spiritual qi has undergone a great transformation. No Nascent Soul Expert in the World of Cultivation had all of these. Even some Transcending Tribulation Experts couldn’t reach this level of strength.

Zhao Hai fought with the rest of the Devil Cultivators in order to practice his techniques. Therefore, he didn’t go for the kill from the very beginning. After exchanging moves a dozen times, Zhao Hai became aware of how strong he was. Zhao Hai believed that he wouldn’t suffer a loss even if he faced Huang Daoran right now. And once he cultivates all the 18 techniques, even Transcending Tribulation Experts might not be his opponent.

At this time, Zhao Hai was no longer in the mood to play around with these Devil Cultivators. Moreover, other practitioners had appeared around them. It was time to give them a message.

Zhao Hai suddenly stopped his offense. However, the Devil Cultivators didn’t let their guard down. They kept their weapons at their side as they looked vigilantly at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at them and then smiled as he said, “Everyone, I’ve played enough. It’s time to send you off. Remember to be good people in your next life!” Then Zhao Hai moved and sent over five punches and four kicks.

These nine strikes hit the remaining nine Devil Cultivators. Even if these Devil Cultivators wanted to defend, they had no way to stop Zhao Hai’s attack. All of them were killed on the spot.

Those who came over to spectate were stunned. Most of them didn’t see the fight between Zhao Hai and Ling Lie. When they came, Zhao Hai was already exchanging moves with the Devil Cultivators. Zhao Hai didn’t use any weapons, only his hands and feet, as he fought nine against one. This already surprised them. But they never thought that Zhao Hai was just playing around.

But after seeing Zhao Hai kill the nine Devil Cultivators with one move each, the spectators were startled. Zhao Hai turned his head to the onlookers and then coldly snorted and said, “Everyone, don’t challenge my patience. Just because I don’t come out, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the Six Realms Battlefield. The next time you disturb my cultivation, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Then he left the area and returned to the Lock Mountain Range.

Watching Zhao Hai show his strength, Yuan and the others were very surprised, but they were also proud. They glanced at the onlookers before returning to the Lock Mountain Range. 

The people from the other realms looked at each other and saw the fear and alarm in their eyes. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s strength to become this tyrannical.

One Cultivator looked at another Cultivator beside him as he asked, “Long Hai, how strong do you think Zhao Hai is now? Those Devil Cultivators don’t look weak, how can they be cleaned up that easily? He really deserves to be the strongest under Transcending Tribulation.”

Long Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Brother Gu Ping, you underestimate Zhao Hai. Even Transcending Tribulation Experts couldn’t deal with those Devil Cultivators that easily. It seems like Zhao Hai was trying out his moves in the early part of their battle. If he got serious in the beginning, there’s no way for those Devil Cultivators to last that long. I’m afraid Zhao Hai has reached Transcending Tribulation. Even if he faced Huang Daoran, I believe that he wouldn’t suffer a loss.”

Gu Ping stared. Then he looked at Long Hai and said, “Zhao Hai is that strong? Are you sure? He fought with Huang Daoran barely a year ago. How could his strength increase by so much?”

Long Hai forced a smile and said, “You haven’t seen Zhao Hai’s previous fight. Before fighting those Devil Cultivators, Zhao Hai faced the Demon Realm’s Blood Infant Ling Lie. Zhao Hai killed Ling Lie in just one punch. Moreover, the Blood Infant was present to defend the attack. Ling Lie even hinted that Zhao Hai had reached Transcending Tribulation before he died.”

The conversation of the two wasn’t quiet, so the experts around them were able to hear. These experts could hear whispers, let alone two people having a normal conversation.

Upon hearing Long Hai, everyone buzzed with conversation. Gu Ping’s expression changed as he said, “Brother Long, let’s leave this place as soon as possible. If we really annoy Zhao Hai, then we would be in trouble. Right, should we start calling him Daoist Zhao Hai?”

Long Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Who knows. In any case, Zhao Hai hasn’t been recognized yet. We shouldn’t talk in advance. But you are right, we need to leave immediately.” After that, he followed Gu Ping in leaving the Machine Field’s partially-controlled territory. The people from the other realms left as well. Nobody dared to stay even a second longer.


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