BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1368


Chapter 1368 – The Six Realms Battlefield Isn’t Peaceful

The Demon Subjugation Technique took more time compared to the Vajra Technique and the Six-senses Purification Technique. In total, Zhao Hai took 64 days to complete his practice. At this point, Zhao Hai could break a medium-grade artifact with his hands. It might even be possible for him to shake a mountain with his fist. This was all due to the Demon Subjugation Technique.

After practicing the Demon Subjugation Technique, Zhao Hai let out a long breath. To be honest, the mysticism of the Demon Subjugation Technique has exceeded Zhao Hai’s expectations. If he didn’t have enough faith power, then he might not have been able to complete the technique.

Zhao Hai can relax now that he has finished practicing the Demon Subjugation Technique. Cultivation lies in alternating tension and relaxation. Only by doing so could the practice bring some benefits. If he kept practicing, then he might end up dying or possessed by a devil. Therefore, Zhao Hai stopped cultivating to take a breather.

After resting for several days, Zhao Hai proceeded to start practicing the Descending Dragon Technique. The Descending Dragon Technique was actually a leg technique. In order to practice the technique, Zhao Hai had to practice the dragon seal. He used his right hand to bend his left hand back while grasping the left palm.

The reason why the dragon seal was used in the Descending Dragon Technique was because the leg movements associated with the technique was derived from the posture of a dragon. Therefore, one needed to understand the dragon first. The dragon seal evolved from the four dragons in Buddhism. The first dragon guarded the temples, holding the order and fixing chaos. The second dragon brings rain and clouds to benefit the world. The third dragon lived in the rivers. The fourth dragon keeps the wheel of the four seasons spinning.[1]

The leader of the dragon clan was called the Dragon King. This mudra was made from the posture of the four dragons as well as the power of the Dragon King. It was extremely powerful. If one wants to learn the Descending Dragon Technique, then they need to learn the dragon seal first. If the dragon seal couldn’t be accomplished, then there’s no chance to practice the technique.

Zhao Hai didn’t have much difficulty in studying the dragon seal. Zhao Hai came from China so he was already familiar with the dragon seal and its form. Therefore, he only used 36 days to learn the seal. Then it took a short period of time before he learned the Descending Dragon Technique. As stated in the technique, learning the dragon seal meant learning the Descending Dragon Technique. If you fail in the dragon seal, then even if you can do the movements of the technique, they would just be mere decorations.

Zhao Hai didn’t go out upon finishing the Descending Dragon Technique. Instead, he went on to practice the Crouching Tiger Technique. This Crouching Tiger Technique was composed of a mudra and a set of boxing techniques. This mudra is a combination of three mudra, the lotus seal, zhutapo seal, and the cheng yi seal. After completing these three mudra, one would begin to see the essence of the technique. However, these three techniques weren’t easy to learn. Zhao Hai used 49 days to learn it and another 10 days to practice the boxing techniques.

After learning the Crouching Tiger Technique, Zhao Hai began merging the Demon Subjugation Technique, Descending Dragon Technique, and the Crouching Tiger Technique. This used up 30 days. When Zhao Hai went out of seclusion, five months had already passed.

At this point, Laura and the others were used to Zhao Hai closing up. They were aware that Zhao Hai was practicing a powerful Cultivation Method. Therefore, they didn’t disturb him. The only thing they could do was manage the outside matters to help Zhao Hai.

Unknowingly, two years have passed since Zhao Hai ascended to the Machine Field. In two years, he went from an ordinary ascender to become one of the Machine Field’s most powerful experts. But after nearly 1 year of seclusion and the World of Cultivation rarely hearing any information, people began to forget about him.

However, this was something that Zhao hai wanted. If people forgot about him, then he would be able to safely practice and peacefully develop his influence.

After several months of migration, almost all members of the Cross Sword Pirate Group have moved to Yalei 2. Those who were left behind were combatants that were needed to watch the territory.

At this point, there were more Undead in the Cross Sword Pirate Group’s territory than the living. The other members of the Cross Sword Pirate Group had also accustomed themselves with this situation. One could even see a member of the pirate group walking together with an Undead, chatting.

This might seem inconceivable to other people, but it had become a norm in the Cross Sword Pirate Group. The pirate group members discovered that not only were these Undead intelligent, they were also very easy to get along with. These Undead didn’t seem like they were being controlled at all. They talk like normal beings, and they were also learning to operate and maintain battleships and mechs. This caused the people from the pirate group to be surprised when they first knew about it.

It was precisely because of these properties that the Undead were able to become good friends with the members of the pirate group.

On the other hand, the Six Realms Battlefield haven’t been peaceful. During the year that Zhao Hai was in seclusion, new blood came to the battlefield. Naturally, these newcomers didn’t know how fierce Zhao Hai was. Therefore, the Machine Field’s domain began to turn chaotic once more. People would also cause trouble in the Lock Mountain Range from time to time. Although they had been repelled by Jia Ding Shan, Zhao Hai’s absence caused the other people to become more and more bold. Even Li Lin and the others have been affected, being wounded several times.

Cai’er and the others looked at this with anxiety in their eyes. They knew that Zhao Hai was still worried about the Lock Mountain Range. This wasn’t just because he was the Supreme Commander, but also because Xiong Li and the others were there.

Xiong Li and the others would serve in the Six Realms Battlefield for three years. They weren’t as strong as Zhao Hai. They were still normal soldiers serving in the Lock Mountain Range, the most dangerous place for Machine Field residents. If something happens to Xiong Li and the others, Laura and the others wouldn’t know how to tell Zhao Hai. So when Xiong Li and the others were in danger, Cai’er would release some pangolins that were training inside the Space to help out. Xiong Li and the others would just think that they were reinforcements sent by Jia Ding Shan.

When Zhao Hai came out of seclusion, Cai’er immediately told him about the situation. Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai raised his brow and said, “Really? It seems like I’ve been inactive for long enough. I think it’s time for me to take a stroll.”

Zhao Hai’s body disappeared and reappeared in Yuan’s fort. The fort was still under Yuan’s control. But this time, some people had left and were replaced by newcomers.

When Zhao Hai appeared in the fort, the first person to spot him was a rookie. The rookie stared Zhao Hai who was wearing mage robes and looked ordinary. But upon seeing Zhao Hai’s face, the rookie immediately recognized him. It must be said that Zhao Hai had become an idol to all practitioners in the Machine Field. Being one of Zhao Hai’s adorers, it was natural for him to recognize Zhao Hai.

Upon recognizing Zhao Hai, the rookie was too excited to say anything. Once he recovered he turned his head and shouted, “Supreme Commander Zhao Hai has arrived. Supreme Commander Zhao Hai has arrived…!” He shouted so loudly that his voice turned hoarse. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but bitterly smile.

To be honest, this was the first time he heard someone call him like that. He still felt strange about it. However, that person’s shouts alarmed the entire camp. Yuan and the others also walked out of their rooms.

Seeing Zhao Hai, Yuan stared for a moment before he smiled widely. Then he went to greet Zhao Hai with laughter.

Xiong Li and the others were also happy to see Zhao Hai. At the same time, Zhao Hai returned the greetings. It took some time before the group calmed down.

Yuan immediately introduced the rookies to Zhao Hai. The rookies were all excited to meet him. Zhao Hai also chatted with them.

After exchanging greetings, Zhao Hai followed Yuan and the others to the conference room. Once they had been settled down, Zhao Hai looked at Yuan and said, “Captain, I came out because I heard that the other realms have been causing trouble in the Lock Mountain Range. I’m here to solve this problem before going back to seclusion.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan couldn’t help but be somewhat worried, “Little Hai, wouldn’t this affect your cultivation? Is it fine to come out this soon?”

Yuan’s worries weren’t unwarranted. For a person in seclusion, a disturbance might cause their death. If Zhao Hai left seclusion because of the Six Realms Battlefield, then his gains might not justify his losses.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s not a problem. I also need to rest during cultivation. It just so happened that it’s my time to rest. So what’s the problem? Why did the other realms begin causing trouble?”

Yuan coldly snorted and said, “Because you haven’t shown your face recently, those guys began to think that you weren’t in the Six Realms Battlefield. So they have become more courageous. They went to cause trouble in our semi-controlled territory and some even attacked the Lock Mountain Range. However, they were all beaten back.”

Zhao Hai’s expression sank. His voice turned cold as he said, “It looks like these fellows needed to be beaten until they remember.”

Just as Zhao Hai said this, an alarm sounded throughout the fort. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, then he smiled faintly and said, “Good, I didn’t expect to see people courting death this soon.”

Yuan sneered and said, “The people from the other realms have been appearing in our territory more frequently. It’s possible that they were releasing the anger they have built up because of you some time ago.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s go and take a look. I want to see who came this time.” Then he flew out of the room and flew out of the fort.

Although the alarm sounded in the fort, this didn’t mean that it was under attack. Instead, some people triggered an alarm in the partially-controlled territory. If someone attacked the fort, the alarm wouldn’t have sounded like this.

Zhao Hai could already feel the invaders because of the Six-senses Purification Technique. His spiritual force had become extremely formidable, he no longer needed the Space to detect the people in the partially-controlled territory.

Before long, Zhao Hai saw ten Cultivators flying unscrupulously in the partially-controlled territory. Their flying speed wasn’t fast at all, it was as if they were exploring their back garden.

Zhao Hai flew until he was 100 meters away from these people, then he stopped. Although these people dressed like Cultivators, they had a gloomy aura around them. This only meant that they were people from the Devil Realm. Also, the cultivation of these people wasn’t low. Among them, there were three Nascent Soul Experts. The remaining seven were at Core Formation.

When the Devil Cultivators saw Zhao Hai, they stared. However, they didn’t show any fear. They stopped as well as they sized Zhao Hai up. When they saw Zhao Hai’s face, their expression changed. Zhao Hai had been famous in the past. It was impossible for these people to not recognize him immediately.

The Nascent Soul Experts’ expressions changed. Then they slowly calmed down. One of them sneered and said, “Zhao Hai, you finally appeared. This old man has been looking for you for a long time.”

Zhao Hai looked at the man and said, “Really? How could this Zhao Hai concern Senior? Might I ask who Senior is?”

The old man looked at Zhao Hai, then he stroked his beard as he said, “This old man is named Blood Infant Ling Lie!”

Hearing this name, Zhao Hai’s pupils shrunk. Then he said, “You’re the Ling Lie who slaughtered ten thousand infants to make your life source artifact, the Blood Infant? Hahaha. Good, fantastic. I wanted to hunt you down. But since I’ve been closing up, I don’t have the time. I didn’t expect you to present yourself to me. Good, this saves me a lot of trouble. After this day, you will become my Undead!”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Ling Lie laughed loudly and said, “Hahaha, good. From what this old man can see, you’re just famous. A boastful kid with no strength. Let this old man teach you a lesson today.” Then he waved his hand and took out a blood red scimitar. After that, the scimitar flew and slashed towards ZhaoHai.

The scimitar was like a blood red phantom as it reached Zhao Hai’s side in a blink of an eye and cut towards his neck. This scimitar was quite famous, it was called the Blood Shadow Blade. It was a weapon that Ling Lie liked to use. The offensive strength of this blade was very good. It’s speed was also renowned. People’s heads would fall off without even seeing the blade. This was the origin of the blade’s name.

This Blood Shadow Blade was also refined by Ling Lie. The refining of this blade was very special. It was made from a metal called the black bloodsteel. The blood from this metal wasn’t from ordinary people. Instead, it came from 100 virgins. In other words, Ling Li killed more than 100 virgin girls in order to create this blade. This shows how cruel he was.

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