BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1367


Chapter 1367 – Flying Phoenix Pavilion

After another 49 days, Zhao Hai was able to completely study the Six-senses Purification Technique. After he got up, he went to Laura and the others and asked about the situation in the Cultivation Realm and the Pirate Paradise.

Everything in the Cultivation Realm has been prepared. Under the support of the Profound Clear Sect and Huang Daoran, Zhen Ling left the Pink Clouds Pavilion in order to do business alone. She gave her merchant group a new name, the Flying Phoenix Pavilion. It’s origin came from Zhen Ling’s nickname, the Pink Cloud Phoenix. The Pavilion Master of the Pink Clouds Pavilion was now the Master of the Flying Phoenix Pavilion.

This matter caused a stir in the Cultivation Realm. In some way, Zhen Ling was a celebrity in the Cultivation Realm. Her leaving the Pink Clouds Pavilion was unexpected for a lot of people.

The other families in the Pink Clouds Pavilion were also taken by surprise when Zhen Ling left the Pavilion. They were caught off-guard. As they were busy electing the next Pavilion Master, Zhen Ling approached shopkeepers, staff, and followers of the Pink Clouds Pavilion and poached them for the Flying Phoenix Pavilion. 

After some time, when the battle for the Pavilion Master was finished, the families in the Pink Clouds Pavilion suddenly discovered that their business wasn’t like before. Their staff and shopkeepers had been recruited by the Flying Phoenix Pavilion. And with these families focusing on the fight to control the Pavilion, they neglected learning about the business. In the end, the Pink Clouds Pavilion suffered a disastrous decline. The once famous merchant group of the Cultivation Realm has been reduced to a second-grade merchant group.

Moreover, the chosen Pavilion Master of the Pink Clouds Pavilion didn’t have Zhen Ling’s business skills. What he was good at was grasping power. When it comes to business, he was still far from Zhen Ling. In the future, the Pink Clouds Pavilion would sink further and become a third-grade merchant group.

The Flying Phoenix Pavilion’s trajectory was the opposite. With Zhen Ling as the face of the merchant group, storekeepers and assistants came in large numbers, along with Elders with keen perceptions. Then there was Zhao Hai’s spirit wine and the backing of a Great Sect. Suddenly, the Flying Phoenix Pavilion showed unlimited potential. It didn’t take long before it became famous in the Cultivation Realm. Other merchant groups don’t have any spirit wine to sell. This meant that the spirit wine market of the Cultivation Realm was completely under the Flying Phoenix Pavilion’s control.

The Flying Phoenix Pavilion took advantage of this auspicious wind. Not only did they expand their business, they also extended their tentacles beyond the Cultivation Realm. However, Zhen Ling didn’t become complacent with this progress. Not only did he open several branches in the other realms, she also spent a lot of money to install transmission formations on these shops. If something happens, the people in the shop could use the transmission formations to return to the Cultivation Realm. It must be known that there were still people who weren’t afraid of the Profound Clear Sect.

At the same time, Zhen Ling showed her talent in controlling the supply of spirit wine. It was impossible for her to take out the 100 thousand bottles of spirit wine in one go. This would make people’s eyes turn red. Therefore she would only take out a hundred bottles every ten days or so. The spirit wine was just the signboard of the Flying Phoenix Pavilion, it wasn’t its main profit source.

Zhao Hai might suffer some losses because of this. However, this wasn’t the case. The Flying Phoenix Pavilion’s growth was Zhao Hai’s gain. Zhao Hai, Zhen Ling, and the Profound Clear Sect jointly owned the pavilion. But since Zhao Hai and the Profound Clear Sect don’t participate in the management of the business, the income allocation of the pavilion went like this: Zhao Hai gets three parts, Zhen Ling gets four parts, and the Profound Clear Sect gets three parts. The sale of spirit wine wasn’t included in this allocation. It was still kept as 4:3:3.

In other words, it can be said that Zhao Hai gained 30% ownership of the Flying Phoenix Pavilion in exchange for nothing. Zhao Hai was embarrassed about this, but Zhen Ling said that this 30% share wasn’t free. Don’t forget that Zhao Hai once gave Zhen Ling a spatial bag full of high-grade crystal stones. Although Zhen Ling got Zhao Hai a lot of good things back in the Pink Clouds Pavilion, it was still very small compared to the total amount of crystal stones that Zhao Hai gave. In the end, Zhen Ling decided to give Zhao Hai 30% of her new business.

However, to say that those high-grade crystal stones were equal to 30% of the Flying Phoenix Pavilion was also wrong. That spatial bag wasn’t worth partial ownership. But since Zhen Ling wanted to tie Zhao Hai onto her ship, she decided to give her part ownership of the pavilion.

With Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming accounting for the Profound Clear Sect, Zhen Ling had to give them face and give then 30% as well. Naturally, this came with the condition that they support the business.

The Flying Phoenix Pavilion was on the right track, and the spirit wine would last for a long time. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t need to worry much about things there anymore. However, he still sent some spirit wine for Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming and also some for the Profound Clear Sect. This was also Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming’s plan. They want Zhao Hai to garner a good relationship with the sect through these spirit wines. Zhao Hai was also happy to do it. Establishing good rapport with a Great Sect just for some spirit wine, he was naturally glad.

But since Zhao Hai was in seclusion, he had Cai’er deal with these things. Naturally, it was Cai’er who sent the goods to the pickup point. But she didn’t show up. Instead, she left a letter for Huang Daoran telling him that Zhao Hai was in seclusion.

Seclusions were very important to Cultivators. Naturally, Huang Daoran had nothing to say about it. Conversely, he was very happy. In the past, when he saw Zhao Hai doing business with Zhen Ling, he was afraid that Zhao Hai was putting the cart before the horse. Everything in the World of Cultivation is fleeting, only Cultivation is permanent. If Zhao Hai abandoned his cultivation in exchange for business, then he would be focusing on the wrong thing.

The Cross Sword Pirate Group’s situation was also doing well. Under the arrangements of Laura and the others, people from the pirate group migrated to Yalei 2 and were replaced by Undead. After three months of migration, about 1 million people from the pirate group have moved to the planet. If Louis and the others weren’t keeping the migration a secret, then this number might have been much larger.

Naturally, not every member of the Cross Sword Pirate Group managed to move to Yalei 2. There were still spies from the other powers that managed to hide. Their actions and movements have been monitored by Cai’er. If one member made a suspicious move, they would be captured. This allowed the migration to be kept secret for so long.

As for the Six Realms Battlefield, things were also doing well. Zhao Hai already informed Yuan about his seclusion. Naturally, Yuan wouldn’t say anything. However, Zhao Hai didn’t leave the Six Realms Battlefield alone. He asked Jia Ding Shan and Li Lin’s group to defend the Lock Mountain Range. This would prevent troublemakers from causing a disturbance in the Machine Field’s territory.

Actually, Zhao Hai’s worries were unnecessary. At this point, everyone in the Six Realms Battlefield knew about Zhao Hai’s seclusion. It was said that he was preparing to face his tribulation. Before obtaining any news about Zhao Hai’s seclusion, nobody dared to make any move. After all, angering a powerful expert like Zhao Hai wasn’t a smart idea.

Zhao Hai didn’t have much to do with these rumors. Actually, it was Cai’er and the others that did it. It was to allow Zhao Hai to cultivate in peace. The outside affairs have been handled in an efficient manner.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai felt relieved going into seclusion for the third time. This time, he was planning to cultivate the techniques that had to do with the hands and feet. These techniques were the Demon Subjugation Technique, the Descending Dragon Technique, and the Crouching Tiger Technique. Strictly speaking, the Demon Subjugating Technique wasn’t a technique that used the hands and feet. It was a technique that increases one’s strength. But besides the method to increase strength, it had exercises that involved the hands and feet. However, it was behind compared to the Descending Dragon Technique and the Crouching Tiger Technique. It was only when the three were practiced together that one could use their body as a weapon. A body that can face artifacts was something that Body Cultivators pursue.

Zhao Hai’s Stellar Body Tempering Technique was a peak Body Cultivation Technique. In other words, the Stellar Body Tempering Technique gave Zhao Hai a very solid foundation. And with this foundation, he could practice any Body Cultivation Method.

It can also be said that the Stellar Body Tempering Technique was an extremely powerful technique. If Zhao Hai was originally a piece of iron, then his body has become indestructible steel because of the technique. But even if Zhao Hai’s body was like the strongest steel, it wasn’t necessarily lethal. In the end, steel ingots weren’t weapons.

However, the Demon Subjugation Technique, Descending Dragon Technique, and the Crouching Tiger Technique would transform Zhao Hai’s body, the steel ingot, into a weapon meant for slaughter!

This was especially true for the Demon Subjugation Technique. Zhao Hai didn’t care much for this technique in the beginning. He was already strong. In his opinion, the Demon Subjugation Technique wouldn’t be of much use. And with how shallow the moves of the technique were, Zhao Hai didn’t have much interest in it. If not for the other two techniques, then Zhao Hai would have skipped practicing the Demon Subjugation Technique.

Only after practicing the Demon Subjugation Technique did Zhao Hai discover how formidable it was. This technique wasn’t like the others. He only needed two mudra in order to practice it. One mudra was the karma seal while the other was the samaya seal. He only needed to sit in meditation and perform these hand-seals according to the methods described. Then his body would become stronger.

After practicing the Demon Subjugation Technique, Zhao Hai understood why the moves of the technique looked shallow. It was because the moves were compressed ten times!

When one’s strength reaches a certain level, one would start seeing the mysteries of the world. There would come a time where 1000 punches would not hurt you, but one of your punches would kill them. One fist, one life. This was the essence of the Demon Subjugation Technique!


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