BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1366


Chapter 1366 – Mudra!

The Buddhist Sects could be tyrannical in the Cultivation Realm precisely because they were strong. To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t willing to provoke them.

On the other hand, the 18 techniques were very powerful. So powerful that people couldn’t help but try practicing them. Even Zhao Hai felt the same.

Although Zhao Hai was worried, he couldn’t neglect the appeal of the 18 techniques. If he studied all 18, then his offensive might would certainly increase.

After thinking over it for half a day, Zhao Hai finally decided to practice the 18 techniques. These 18 techniques could be seen as one of the highest-level Cultivation Methods of the Cultivation Realm. From the body, to the six senses, spiritual force, sword qi, magic artifacts, hands and feet, everything was covered. It was enough for a person to Cultivate their entire lives. 

When he thought about this, Zhao Hai returned to the villa. In order to practice the 18 techniques, he would need to make some preparations. Cultivating them wouldn’t just take 1 or 2 days.

Closing up, he wanted to close up for some time. Otherwise, it would be impossible to practice these Cultivation Methods. Not only would he need to practice these techniques, he would also need to integrate them to his own fighting style. Only through this way could he bring his fighting strength to another level. Zhao Hai believed that by the time he finishes his seclusion, his strength wouldn’t be any lower than Huang Daoran.

Zhao Hai entered the villa and talked about going into seclusion with Laura and the others. When Laura asked what happened, Zhao Hai told them that he obtained a few techniques and he wanted to practice them. Only then were Laura and the others relieved.

Zhao Hai went out of the villa and went to an uninhabited planet in the Space. Then he sat down and began recalling the 18 techniques.

Among the 18 techniques, the Enlightenment Technique, Bright Sword Technique, Instinct Technique, and the Infinity Technique, were in line with spiritual force. The Happiness and Fear Sound Technique was a method of using sound attacks. The Alms Bowl Lifting Technique, Pagoda Technique, and the Blazing Staff Technique, had something to do with using magic artifacts. The Demon Subjugation Technique, Descending Dragon Technique, Crouching Technique, were methods to use the hands and feet. The Imperial Water Method, Beast Controlling Technique, Sword Breath Technique, and the Cloning Technique were spell-class methods. The Vajra Technique and Six-senses Purification Technique were body cultivation methods. As for the Cosmos Technique, it was quite special. This was an escape technique. With the body as the universe, one could use it to form a channel for escape. It can also be used to attack, like movement techniques that Warriors use. However, the Cosmos Technique had much more movements compared to movement techniques. It was an escape technique specifically for practitioners.

It could be said that these 18 techniques were methods that a Cultivator would need. But in the present Cultivation Realm, Buddhist could only learn some of them, and not everyone was talented enough to practice one of the 18.

Zhao Hai looked at the techniques and decided to start with the body cultivation methods. This was because he practiced a body tempering technique before, the Stellar Body Tempering Technique. Zhao Hai was still practicing the Stellar Body Tempering Technique. This was because he discovered that the technique was really powerful. Even at Zhao Hai’s current level, it could still be utilized.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to go with the Vajra Technique and the Six-senses Purification Technique first. The Vajra Technique could increase a person’s recovery, making their regeneration reach a terrifying degree. Even if Zhao Hai was severely injured, as long as he was given enough time, then he could become healthy again. It can be said that by reaching the Indestructible Vajra state, one would gain an immortal body.

This type of cultivation method was the most enticing to Zhao Hai. His body was originally formidable, and his regeneration was great as well. As long as he cultivates this technique, then his regeneration would increase even more. When the time comes, he might not need to hide inside the Space when faced with a strong enemy. He might even be able to fight back.

As for the Six-senses Purification Technique, the only thing that Zhao Hai understood was that it could exercise a person’s six senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, feel,  intuition. 

If Zhao Hai manages to practice his six senses, then he would become a very perceptive person. The faith eye that Zhao Hai acquired before was actually one of the techniques to develop the six senses.

When he understood this, Zhao Hai became even more aware of how terrifying the 18 techniques really were. Zhao Hai expended a large amount of effort in order to get the method to utilize faith power. As for the 18 techniques, they were actually no more than foundational techniques. 

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai understood that the 18 techniques were all supplements to faith power. If you don’t have faith power, then there’s simply no way for you to learn the 18 techniques.

Zhao Hai decided to start with these two techniques, but he focused on the Vajra Technique first. Buddhist cultivation methods have a special characteristic. When practicing Buddhism techniques, one needed an accompanying mudra(hand-seals). Otherwise, you would be wasting your efforts. As long as you coordinate the mudra, you would get twice the result with half the effort. To practice the Vajra Technique, one needed the Vajra seal. This seal involves your left hand in an upward-pointing fist, index finger raised. Right hand grips index finger, and thumb is pressed onto left index’s nail.[1]

Zhao Hai’s two hands formed the seal while silently reading the mental part of the Vajra Technique. He felt a warm current tying both hands and then flowing into his entire body. His body felt like it was soaked in a hot sprint. Zhao Hai felt intoxicated with the feeling that he forgot how long it had been.

Currently, Zhao Hai couldn’t see the state of his body. If he could, then he would be surprised. When he started cultivating the Vajra Technique, a burst of light broke out of his hands. This golden light was like a small sun, dazzling everyone who looked at it.

Then this golden light spread out from his hands and into Zhao Hai’s body. In the end, his entire body was turned into a Vajra. Zhao Hai’s figure looked dignified, just like another version of Tathagata.

Zhao Hai had a timer on when he began to Cultivate. However, he didn’t have the time to care about it. His heart and soul was immersed in cultivation. Zhao Hai felt a warm comfort as his body was continually nourished.

After an unknown amount of time, Zhao Hai’s heart moved and he woke up. He opened his eyes and exhaled. Then he let go of his hand seal and calmed down. Then he turned to look at the timer and couldn’t help but be startled. He had been Cultivating for 49 days!

However, Zhao Hai had some doubts. He couldn’t believe what just happened. Has he mastered the Vajra Technique? Although he cultivated for 49 days, this was the Vajra Technique. Being able to master it in 49 days seems like a cheat. How is this possible?

Zhao Hai scanned the Vajra Technique one more time to see where he went wrong. In the end, he discovered that there was nothing wrong. The reason why he was able to practice the technique so quickly was because of his faith power.

Zhao Hai understood that the degree to which the 18 techniques could be practiced relied on faith power. The more faith power you have, the quicker you could cultivate and the higher you could reach. What Zhao Hai didn’t lack was faith power, so it’s natural for his cultivation to be fast.

Zhao Hai stood up and felt relieved. Then he began to move his body. Although he sat in meditation for 49 days, his body didn’t feel stiff. Conversely, he felt extremely good about his body. Then Zhao Hai walked and returned to the villa.

Zhao Hai also knew that his seclusion this time has been special. And he doesn’t know how long he would cultivate in the future. In the end, he needed to explain things to Laura and the others. Otherwise, they would worry.

Sure enough, Laura and the others were extremely worried. However, Cai’er comforted them by saying that nothing has changed in the Space. This relieved their worries slightly. Seeing Zhao Hai return, they were all very happy. Zhao Hai explained everything to them and then spent some time relaxing before returning to the empty planet and practicing the Six-senses Purification Technique.

The Six-senses Purification Technique also had its own mudra, the Six-senses Purification Mudra. It was much more complex than the Vajra Mudra. Two hands would form the fearless seal!

 The fearless seal was also called the seal of the body. The left hand would be kept in front of the navel forming a partial vajra seal. Then the right hand would face outward, the second and middle finger would bend to the palm while the thumb and little finger would extend upright. The ring finger would be bent. This was the complete set of the fearless seal. Naturally, it’s also possible to treat it as two mudra.

Zhao Hai felt something different when he practiced the Six-senses Purification Technique. While Cultivating the Vajra Technique, his body felt very comfortable. On the other hand, the Six-sense Purification Technique cleansed the senses starting with the eyes, then the ears, nose, tongue, body, and finally the mind. It wasn’t easy to follow through with this path. It can be said that the mind was the most difficult part of this technique. Once you practice this technique to its fullest, one would feel the impurities and evil from their body being expelled. And from that point on, any evil would find it hard to invade the body.

  1. 7th of the Nine Seals, Retsu(japanese). Vajra seal, also known as the thunder gesture. Picture here( )


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