BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1365


Chapter 1365 – Faith Weapon, Buddhist Technique

Zhao Hai became interested and looked at the monitor. To be honest, he hasn’t really seen a battleship fight before. So this scene was new to him.

At this time, the five medium-sized battleships were lined-up in a neat formation. The weapons were also ready to fire. Their magic cannons were divided into several groups. Each group had 10 to 20 cannons each. Generally, a single volley of 20 cannons could end the life of a Foundation Establishment Expert.

Besides the magic cannons, the battleships also had Mechs to help them control the battle. These mechs wouldn’t leave too far from the battleships. They were mainly meant to protect them by blocking the attacks sent by artifacts. In addition to mechs, the ships also had missiles that they could fire. This made the ships difficult to deal with.

On the other hand, the Cultivators also weren’t simple. Although they were at Foundation Establishment, their individual strength was formidable. And with them being people, they were very small targets. Aiming for them wouldn’t be easy for the battleships.

For these Cultivators, magic cannons weren’t the biggest threat. Although these magic cannons weren’t slow, they were still far from being able to catch Cultivators. Therefore, the cannons would generally miss.

What these Cultivators were wary of were the missiles. These missiles could track its targets and change directions mid-flight. Cultivators wouldn’t be able to avoid them even if they hide. In the end, the only thing they could do was use their artifacts to explode the missiles before they hit.

Missiles had small nuclear bombs and cluster bombs in them. If these hit a Cultivator, they would no doubt die. To prevent this, the Cultivators would get as far away as missiles as possible. They were afraid of being hit by a nuclear bomb.

Needless to say, nuclear bombs had explosive strength enough to kill a Foundation Establishment Expert. As for cluster bombs, as their name suggests, they would explode into one or missiles that were similarly lethal to Cultivators.

Actually, when a battleship fights against a Cultivator, it would usually drag things out. The fight would be finished once the Cultivator dies from a nuclear bomb or a cluster bomb. On the other hand, Cultivators wanted to finish their fight with a battleship as soon as possible. 

At this time, the five battleships were doing their best to drag the ten Cultivators. It was also too late for the Cultivators to run away. If they really did turn their backs, then the battleships wouldn’t just let them retreat in peace.

After watching for a while, Zhao Hai felt bored and stopped watching. He began to understand why the Cultivators couldn’t progress. The combat between battleships and Cultivators seemed like a siege. These were Foundation Establishment Cultivators. If they met a stronger Cultivator, then they would just run away. However, although battleships weren’t very agile, their speed in a straight line was greater than Cultivators. 

Because of this, the battleships and the Cultivators were dragging on. There’s also the mechs that needed to keep the situation stable. If the battle turned chaotic, then the battleships would be in danger.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and the others and said, “I’ll go Cultivate.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura was puzzled so she asked, “Brother Hai, you’re going to cultivate? Didn’t just just cultivate earlier?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I still have a lot of things that I don’t understand about faith power. By the way, why don’t you try cultivating faith power as well?”

Laura forced a smile and said, “We have tried but it’s useless. We can’t use faith power.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he smiled and said, “Alright. In any case, you don’t need to fight. If you can’t practice, then you can’t.”

Laura smiled and said, “It’s okay. We don’t care about it anyways. Brother Hai, go cultivate. We won’t disturb you.” Zhao Hai nodded before turning around and leaving towards the Hundred Spirits Tree.

Zhao Hai took Liquid Silver and looked at it. Naturally, he knew that he couldn’t see anything just by doing this. He wanted to engrave the mother formation on it again. However, he found out that engraving was useless. This was because the mother formation on Liquid Silver looked like a faulty formation. There was no faith power seen on it at all.

Zhao Hai looked inside him and saw that his shenzong acupoint was still receiving a lot of faith power every minute. Zhao Hai could even see his body radiating golden light if he used his faith eyes.

Faith power was different from other energies. If you don’t practice regularly, then spiritual qi would regress, the same was true for spiritual force. Even crystal stones would overflow with energy if left alone. However, faith power was different. As long as people don’t lose faith in you, then you could keep absorbing faith power. Moreover, you don’t even need to use faith power and it wouldn’t overflow. It would just be stored in the mother formation.

Seeing that there was no response from Liquid Silver, Zhao Hai sighed. Then he received it and took out the Crescent Moon Spade. Zhao Hai would take out the Crescent Moon Space to appreciate it from time to time ever since its transformation. This was because the Crescent Moon Spade made his mind tranquil once he held it.

Looking at the Buddha statue on the Crescent Moon Spade, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. Then he began injecting faith power into it. As he injected faith power, ZHao Hai smiled bitterly. These days, he has been injecting faith power into Liquid Silver, he didn’t take out the Crescent Moon Spade. He expected that the same thing would happen. But just as he was about to stop, something happened.

When faith power entered the Crescent Moon Spade, the spade seemed to become alive. The entire Crescent Moon Space shook gently. Then starting from the Buddha, a straight of golden light flashed through its entire body. Then the Buddha opened it eyes, shooting two bright swastikas(卐) towards Zhao Hai’s eyes.

Zhao Hai closed his eyes, but the two swastikas still shot towards him before vanishing in sight.

Just as Zhao Hai wanted to check his own state, a prompt was heard from the Space, “Host has obtained a Faith Weapon. This weapon can use faith power and amplify its power to extinguish ten thousand evils. Since the Host has Liquid Silver as his life source weapon, the Faith Weapon will be fused with it. Fusion has started. Fusion will be completed in 108 minutes. Timer starts now.”

Zhao Hai stared, then at this time he suddenly felt a spiritual force drill into his own mind. However, he couldn’t feel any ill intent from it. Therefore, Zhao Hai unlocked the Five Element Killing Formation and allowed it to enter his mind.

Just as this spiritual force entered his mind, Zhao Hai’s head shook. Then a Buddha Statue appeared.

Zhao Hai stared. Then he saw the Buddha split into two, then into four. After a while, there were countless Buddhas. However, these Buddha statues had different expressions and positions. As Zhao Hai was confused, the Buddhas vanished. The only thing left was the sound of Buddhist chants.

These chants sounded both ethereal and tangible. I made Zhao Hai calm down instantaneously. After a while, the chanting disappeared, then a long Cultivation Method entered inside his mind. This cultivation method was composed of 18 smaller methods. These methods were the Enlightenment Technique, Alms Bowl Lifting Technique, Happiness and Fear Sound Technique, Pagoda Technique, Great Demon Subjugation Technique, Imperial Water Technique, Beast Control Technique, Vajra Technique, Instinct Technique, Sword Breath Technique, Bright Sword Technique, Six-senses Purification Technique, Cloning Technique, Infinity Technique, Blazing Staff Technique, Descending Dragon Technique, Crouching Tiger Technique, and Cosmos Technique!

Besides these 18 techniques, there was also a passage about the origin of the Crescent Moon Spade. This was out of Zhao Hai’s expectation.

Zhao Hai looked at the 18 Cultivation Methods. Not one of these 18 was simple. These were all the most profound techniques of the Buddhist Sects. However, why were these in the Crescent Moon Spade? Also, how did the Crescent Moon Spade become possessed with evil qi and lost its original form? What’s the secret behind this? Could it be that a Buddhist powerhouse has been defeated by his enemies, and then sealed his techniques inside the Crescent Moon Spade? If that’s the case, then could he be recognized if he cultivated these techniques? And if Zhao Hai were to be recognized, then wouldn’t he be hunted down?

Zhao Hai was in a dilemma as he looked at the 18 cultivation methods. He knew clearly that these 18 techniques and the Crescent Moon Spade held a huge secret. And Zhao Hai didn’t know what this secret was.

None of these 18 techniques were simple. Not to mention all of them at once. Zhao Hai hasn’t fought a Buddhist practitioner until now. Therefore, he didn’t know what level they were in. Even the Six Realms Beginner Competition didn’t have any Buddhists participating in it.

Not having any Buddhist participants didn’t mean that the Buddhists were a weak group. In fact, the Buddhists were very powerful. However, the Six Realms Beginner Competition was a contest for ascendants. Unfortunately, almost none of the ascenders were Buddhists. Because of this, Buddhist Sects would select talented people from the ascenders and lecture them in the Buddhist Dharma. 

However, cultivating Buddhist Dharma required one to suffer for 9 years. Because of this, no Buddhist participated in the Six Realms Beginner Competition.

Fortunately, the Cultivation Realm made up for the losses of the Buddhist Sects. After the Six Realms Beginner Competition, the Cultivation Realm would share some of the benefits to the Buddhists. Otherwise, the Buddhists would have to send their own disciples to participate.

One could see from this information how terrifying the Buddhist Sects were. The Great Sects were afraid of the Buddhists sending their disciples. 

This was something that Zhao Hai heard from the high-level Undead that he acquired. These were things that were unknown to him before.

It was also because of this that Zhao Hai was wary towards the Buddhists even though he hadn’t met one before. For the Daoist Sects to give them face was enough to show how formidable they were.

The Cultivation Methods that Zhao Hai acquired were actually the Buddhists’ most orthodox methods. Average Buddhists might not even have their hands on these methods. This made Zhao Hai hesitate. If he studied these methods, then Buddhists might go after him.

Buddhists was actually a general term for all who practice the Buddhist Dharma in the Cultivation realm. However, there’s something special about Buddhism compared to the Cultivators, and that was their unity. Compared to other Cultivators, Buddhists were extremely united. One could see this from their stance on the Six Realms Beginner Competition.

Back when the Six Realms Beginner Competition was being discussed, the Buddhists proposed to do it every ten years. However, the other practitioners didn’t agree. In the end, they decided to have one every five years. Naturally, the Buddhists didn’t agree to this. So in turn, the other practitioners agreed to give the Buddhists a share of the benefits. Only then did the Buddhists agree.

The reason for the Buddhists’ unity, besides the benefits, was the existence of the Ancient Buddhist Temple. This Buddhist Temple was a very special existence in the Cultivation Realm. Its location could be said to be very remote and its spiritual qi density was too thin to be suitable for cultivation. However, all Buddhists in the Ancient Buddhist Temple didn’t need to Cultivate. The only thing they needed to do was study the Buddhist Dharma.

The monks in the Ancient Buddhist Temple never learned any Cultivation Methods. So when they fought, they wouldn’t be able to beat Cultivators. However, their attainment in Buddhism was very high. As far as the world of Buddhism is concerned, only the people in the Ancient Buddhist Temple were the real Buddhists. The others were just monks following the Buddhist path.

Because of this, people from the Ancient Buddhist Temple were admired by all Buddhists. The Ancient Buddhist Temple also became a sacred land to all Buddhists. No matter which temple they came from, Buddhists would have to go to the Ancient Buddhist Temple for a pilgrimage and record their names in the ancient scroll. This ancient scroll was purely made of paper. Nobody knew how old this ancient scroll was. Also, the Ancient Buddhist Temple holds a Buddhist meeting every ten years. All Buddhists could participate in it. This was also an opportunity for various temples to exchange ideas.

With the fact that the 18 techniques were the most orthodox Buddhist Techniques, as long as Zhao Hai uses Buddhist Techniques, the Buddhists would certainly know it. It would be hard to say what would happen then. Don’t think that the Buddhists in the World of Cultivation were monks who fast and recite Dharma. Instead, the monks were all demons who could kill people just by looking at them. 

Because of these worries, Zhao Hai was very hesitant to practice the 18 techniques.


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