BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1362


Chapter 1362 – Unexpected Level Up, Taking The Assistant As A Concubine

Upon returning to the Space, Zhao Hai immediately called the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. He didn’t take the Emperor’s artifact and allowed him to continue using it. What he wanted from the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor was the method to use Faith Power.

When the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor appeared, he immediately bowed and said, “This one has seen the Young Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Write down the method to collect and use faith power.” The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor immediately complied. He went to Cai’er and then recited the method. Cai’er proceeded to write it down.

It can be seen that the method to use faith power wasn’t very complex. The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor finished reciting it in less than an hour.

After he was done talking, Zhao Hai waved his hand and had the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor leave. Then he read the method to use faith power. This method was actually a set of mother-child formations. There’s only one mother formation while the child formation could be unlimited. The child formation would collect the faith power and transmit it to the mother formation. The user can then extract faith power from the mother formation.

Zhao Hai looked at the child formation and then turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, you take care of this. Have it set up on the various backgrounds as soon as possible.”

Cai’er nodded. Actually, they don’t need to do anything much. The various planet backgrounds already had churches built in them. These churches were essential to each planet. They provide things that the planet’s inhabitants need. As long as they install the child formation on these churches, then it’s already enough.

Zhao Hai was now looking at how faith power could be used. From what he can see, faith power was truly magical. Not only could it help in cultivation, it had other uses as well. It can be used to control magic artifacts and strengthen its attacks. 

Zhao Hai carefully analyzed the method of using faith power. He discovered that faith power needed to be cultivated first before it could be used. It was like astral qi and evil qi which needed to be condensed inside the body.

Moreover, it seems like faith power wasn’t initially used for offense. Instead it was an eye technique first. This technique was divided into two parts. The first part was seeing faith power. Naturally, you can only see your own faith power and not others.

The second part of this eye technique enabled your eyes to see the strength of other people. It would allow the user to see various qi in the world. If your faith power was very strong, you could even see the level of a magic artifact, along with the energy that its user used in controlling it. The user would also be able to see the essence of an object. This technique might not seem much, but Zhao Hai could see how important it could be.

This eye technique can make your eyes see the strength of your enemy as well as their attributes. And if you have more faith power, then you would discover hidden treasures. This was very important for Cultivators.

But this was only the first part of the utilization of faith power. The second part was cultivating faith power into one’s body. Faith power would transform the user’s body and make their meridians more suitable for cultivation. It would also remove hidden injuries and sort out spiritual qi. In turn, this allowed faster cultivation.

The third part of using faith power was to bless your weapon with faith power and making it more powerful. It could increase the artifact’s offensive strength, defenses, speed, rigidity, and other properties.

And the fourth part, and most important part, was the complete combination of one’s strength and faith power. This stage removes any obstacles to one’s cultivation. It would make one’s road ahead extremely clear.

For any Cultivator, the last benefit was extremely good. For practitioners, their path of cultivation wasn’t without its problems. Countless Qi Refining Practitioners were unable to progress to Foundation Establishment. Foundation Establishment Experts unable to reach Core Formation. Core Formation Experts unable to get to Nascent Soul. And Nascent Soul Experts failing in their tribulation. This was the treacherous path of cultivation.

But as long as one cultivates faith power and reaches the perfect union, these obstacles would vanish. One only needed to practice. The bottlenecks to reach Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Transcending Tribulation, would all disappear. The only thing one needed to do was accumulate.

Seeing the benefits of faith power, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Fatih power was indeed extremely powerful. As long as one cultivates faith power, any Cultivator would have a smooth path ahead.

Naturally, one needed to collect faith power in order to gain these benefits. Only then can one start cultivating the technique. Moreover, the more faith power you acquire, the more benefits you would gain.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai let out a long breath and said, “Good, faith power is really good. Hahaha. Now I want to see how far I can get in Cultivating it.”

Laura and the others were also startled when they saw the benefits of faith power. They didn’t expect it to be this mystical.

At this moment, Megan suddenly turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, have you forgotten something? The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor indicated that he has something that could probably be related to the Underworld. He relied on that thing to control the Underworld. If it weren’t for the huge heart, he would have already succeeded. You should go look for that thing and send it back to the Underworld.”

Upon hearing Megan, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he patted his head and said, “Right, I forgot about that. But the Underworld has no more need for that thing. The plane has been controlled by the huge heart. However, it’s also better to send it back.” After he said that, he called the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor again. 

The Yin Wind ghost Emperor appeared and then bowed and said, “I have seen that Young Master. Does the Young Master have any orders?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Hand over the thing from the Underworld. Right, when you return to the Hell Space, go teach the Undead about Cultivation. You cultivate the ghost dao, it’ll be helpful for those fellows.”

The Yin Wind Ghost Emperor complied and then waved his hand to take something out and gave it to Zhao Hai. When he saw the item, Zhao Hai stared. It was a small statue. It was a statue of a Titan. Although the statue was small, one could see that it depicted a huge being that was capable of holding up the heavens and the earth.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect to see a Titan. But Zhao Hai immediately changed his mind as he began to understand. The huge heart in the Underworld must have been left behind by the Titan that created the world. It wasn’t just the remains of a Titan. 

When he thought of this, Zhao Hai let out a long breath and then sent the statue over to the Underworld. Just as the statue entered the Underworld, something happened. The entire Underworld seems to turn alive. The beat of the huge heart became stronger. And along with it, the spiritual qi in the Underworld became denser. And it seems like every time the heart beats, the spiritual qi gets richer.

Then a loud rumbling noise was heard in the Underworld. With the huge heart in the center, the entire plane shrank down before it totally vanished. The only thing left was the huge heart.

Zhao Hai was beyond shocked at what happened. Then the huge heart moved and entered the opening that Zhao Hai sent the statue through. It entered the Space!

Just as the huge heart entered the Space, Zhao Hai heard a prompt, “Primordial Spirit Vein has been discovered inside the Space. This spirit vein is favored towards the dark attribute. Spirit Vein has unified with the Hell Planet. Original Hell Planet has become the Hell System and would slowly become a Hell Universe. The spirit vein would automatically produce spiritual qi for the Space. The Space has leveled up to level 200. Dark-attribute items inside the Space will undergo promotion. Manufacturing capability of the Universal Processing Machine has been increased. The Universal Scanner is now more intelligent. The Hundred Spirits Tree has been promoted. Now, the Hundred Spirits Tree will bear fruit every 100 years. A thousand fruits will be created each time. Ten will become their own planets. These fruits can be used as a spatial item, a weapon, an independent garden, and a beast pen. The union between the spirit root and the Hundred Spirit Tree has been strengthened ten times.”

Zhao Hai sat in awe as he listened to the prompt. He didn’t think that the statue would bring forth this much progress to the Space. Moreover, it gave him so many benefits.

Laura and the others were also dumbfounded. This was an unexpected surprise. They were currently focused on faith power. They didn’t expect the Underworld to bring such a surprise. Moreover, the Hundred Spirits Tree, the Universal Processing Machine, and the Universal Scanner had been upgraded. There’s also the huge heart causing the spiritual qi density in the Space to increase. Although it couldn’t yet compare to the Cultivation Realm’s spirit veins, it would catch up soon. And it might even surpass it.

Now the Space has an equivalent to a growing spirit vein. In the past, because it only had one spirit root, the speed of spiritual qi density increase was very slow. With the addition of the huge heart, this increase has accelerated. It wouldn’t be long before the Space’s spiritual qi density to be comparable to the Cultivation Realm.

After some time, everyone recovered their senses. Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Good, good. Hahaha. This is fantastic!”

Laura and the others were very happy. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “We have experienced double benefits today. I won’t be cultivating this day, it’s time to celebrate!”

Naturally, Laura and the others didn’t oppose. Meg immediately went to the kitchen to prepare a feast. Although Laura and the others weren’t needed in the kitchen, they also went there to busy themselves. Zhao Hai also went with them.

Just as everyone was chatting, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, where’s Cai’er? She went to set up the child formations, will she be finished soon?”

Then at this time, Cai’er’s voice was heard, “It’s done.”

Zhao Hai turned his head and saw Cai’er smiling at him. But Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by what he saw. Not only Zhao Hai, Laura and the others were also stunned. They all looked at Cai’er with a silly expression. They were all speechless.

Cai’er had grown considerably. In the beginning, Cai’er was only as tall as a person’s arm. Then after the Space upgraded, she became a meter tall, like a small dwarf. Although she looked beautiful, she was very short nonetheless.

But now, Cai’er has changed. She was now as tall as a normal person. Although she was still petite compared to Laura and the others, nobody would think that she was a dwarf by looking at her. 

Zhao Hai stared at Cai’er. Cai’er was currently wearing colorful clothing. If other people wore it, they would look too dazzling. But when Cai’er wore it, the clothes seemed like it blended well with her. It made her look more lovely.

Laura and the others were also staring at Cai’er. They didn’t expect the grown-up Cai’er to be this beautiful. 

Being stared at by everyone, Cai’er couldn’t help but turn red as she lowered her head.

Suddenly Laura exclaimed, “Cai’er you look too beautiful that we got lost. Brother Hai, isn’t Cai’er beautiful?”

Zhao Hai recovered, then he smiled at Cai’er and said, “Yes. Cai’er, you’re beautiful.” Then he pulled Cai’er’s hand and said, “Come help us prepare the feast.”

Cai’er cheerfully complied as she jumped to Zhao Hai’s side and helped prepare the food. Laura and the others looked at Cai’er’s appearance with happy expressions in their eyes.

Laura and the others already regarded Cai’er as one of them. In the past, they pitied Cai’er. Among them, she provided the biggest help to Zhao Hai. This was due to her ability to control everything inside the Space. It was only because of her size that Zhao Hai wasn’t able to take her in as a concubine. It wasn’t only Cai’er who took it as a pity. Laura and the others were also regretful for her.

However, everything turned out well. Now that Cai’er’s issue has been solved, it was logical for Zhao Hai to take her in. Moreover, Zhao Hai also had heavy sentiments towards Cai’er. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to hold Cai’er’s hand. With Zhao Hai’s temperament, he was usually passive, he rarely took the first step.


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