BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1359


Chapter 1359 – Developments 

The Cross Sword Pirate Group was very beneficial to six realms. Not to mention their reputation, even their location was a huge attraction to the other realms.

The position of the Cross Sword Pirate group was at the border of the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm. It was farther to the Cultivation Realm and nearer to the Machine Field. This position was quite crucial.

Because it was the intersection of the two realms, whether it be the Machine Field or the Cultivation Realm, nobody dared to send too many personnel to deal with them. Otherwise, it might cause a reaction from the other realm. It was also for this reason that the Pirate Paradise existed. 

The Pirate Paradise’s location was very useful for both the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm, even the other realms deemed it as important. It was for this reason that a lot of powers had reached their hands into the region. It was even beginning to be called the miniature World of Cultivation.

The Cross Sword Pirate Group was the biggest influence in this region. Anybody wanted to absorb such an influence. Once one gets the Cross Sword Pirate Group into their fold, then they could cause disturbances in the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm. This was something that no realm wanted to let go off.

For this reason, a lot of people currently had their eyes on the Cross Sword Pirate Group. If any sign of disturbance was seen on the group, people would immediately react.

Recently, the Cross Sword Pirate Group began attacking people lurking near them. This caused the entire Pirate Paradise to turn anxious. The eyes of the realms couldn’t help but turn their directions towards the pirate group. They didn’t know what the Cross Sword Pirate Group was planning to do.

Besides eliminating spies, the Cross Sword Pirate Group were also beginning to go into high alert. All non-members of the pirate group weren’t allowed to enter their territory. Otherwise, they would be met by an attack.

Naturally, Louis and the others already thought of an excuse for their actions. They said that the Cross Sword Pirate Group has been stolen from and they had lost something important. They said that they were now pursuing the thief with all their strength.

Nobody could find out if such an excuse was genuine or fake. This was because the Cross Sword Pirate Group had already removed all spies inside them. Moreover, in addition to blocking the external world from looking in, Louis also imposed an internal blockade towards all of their members. Without valid reason, they couldn’t go out of their room and randomly stroll.

Even if their actions stopped any spies from looking in, people were thinking that the Cross Sword Pirate Group were truly catching thieves. Moreover, this action would also make those spies that hadn’t been caught to come out. If they begin asking around, they would no wonder be arrested and dealt with by Louis.

Actually, during this time, Louis and the others have already begun their migration to Yalei 2. The first group to move were the  families of Louis and the others. These people were the most trusted people in the group. Once they migrated to the planet, they began to familiarize themselves with the environment. This way, they could help the others who would migrate in the future. They would provide security for people who moved. After all, nothing makes one feel more relieved than a familiar face.

Once people began pouring into Yalei 2, the residences prepared for them were beginning to be given out along with various living necessities. In the Pirate Paradise, cars were also very common. The Cross Sword Pirate Group even designed their own cars. After all, there were too many people in the group. Moreover, they had sensitive identities and they couldn’t just go out and buy from the outside. So there are a lot of things that they built themselves.

After the first batch of people moved to Yalei 2, Margaret and the others immediately gave them their own identification cards. This ID card was the same as the Machine Field. Not only did it indicate one’s status, it also acted as a bank card. This card was a very ordinary item in the Machine Field. But when Margaret and the others handed the ID cards, those from the Cross Sword Pirate Group cried in happiness. This card was their dream for several generations. With this card, they were no longer pirates and they can now act in the open. They could now walk the lands of the Machine Field without fear.

At this point, the transmission formation of Yalei 2 revolved nonstop from dawn to dusk. However, the biggest use of the transmission formation wasn’t the transfer of people. Instead, it was mostly used to transport items.

The Cross Sword Pirate Group was among the oldest pirate groups in the Pirate Paradise. Several generations of plundering merchant caravans made them very wealthy. Louis also thought that they had to transport these riches first if they move to Yalei 2. This way, if ever the Pirate Paradise falls, these things wouldn’t fall into the hands of other people. Second, they could hand these over to Zhao Hai as proof of allegiance. They wished that Zhao Hai would know how sincere they were in wishing to move to Yalei 2.

Zhao Hai understood what Louis and the others were thinking, so he didn’t stop them. But since he didn’t want these riches, he gave Louis and the others some warehouses to store these things.

Because Louis and the others did a good job in hiding the migration, nobody knew what the Cross Sword Pirate Group were doing. This was what Zhao Hai appreciated the most.

Zhao Hai also fulfilled his promise. As people were streaming into Yalei 2, he also replaced them with Undead.

Seeing the operation in Yalei 2 going smoothly, Zhao Hai felt relieved. As for the materials needed in Yalei 2, Zhao Hai didn’t worry about it. With the Space providing what was needed, things went on smoothly.

Besides moving the Cross Sword Pirate Group, Zhao Hai was also paying attention to Huang Daoran’s situation. On the day that he met Zhen Ling, Zhao Hai handed her a spatial bag with a silver needle. But actually, it couldn’t be called a silver needle, more like a silver thread. This thread looked the same as a silver needle.

When Zhen Ling received the spatial bag, the silver thread attached to her body. Now, Zhao Hai was able to monitor her progress.

Since Zhen Ling has decided to leave and go on her own a long time ago, she already did a lot of preparations. Some shopkeepers and people from the Pink Clouds Pavilion had already been pulled over by Zhen Ling. They were people loyal to her. But since she didn’t want to have a falling out with the Pink Clouds Pavilion yet, she hasn’t made any major moves.

However, she still regarded Zhao Hai’s requests with importance. She began preparing things to be given to Zhao Hai. It didn’t take long before she amassed various ores as well as medicinal plants. Moreover, each one of them were rare and valuable.

From Zhao Hai’s request, she focused on variety instead of quantity. The medicinal plants were placed in a jade box to preserve them.

Naturally these items were also written down. But even if the auditors of the Pink Clouds Pavilion were the ones writing them down, they wouldn’t be able to find anything. After all, the Pink Clouds Pavilion was a huge entity. The goods exchanging hands throughout the group was colossal. A small transfer of goods wouldn’t alert anyone.

Moreover, these goods were paid for by Zhao Hai. This also allowed Zhen Ling to easily make transactions without any mistake. At the same time, Huang Daoran was working on establishing connections with the Profound Clear Sect. He sent Feng Baiming jade sword messages as they exchanged words with each other.

Looking at Huang Daoran, things seem to be going smoothly. The Profound Clear Sect was very interested in the business. Although the Profound Clear Sect was very big, their appetite for money was similarly big. They were naturally happy to have an extra business to increase their income.

Because of Feng Baiming, the Profound Clear Sect had no words to say about cooperating with Zhen Ling. They didn’t even question the source of the Spirit Wine.

The Profound Clear Sect was well aware about why Zhen Ling decided to work with them. It was so that the sect would provide the business some protection. The Profound Clear Sect wasn’t new to these things. In fact, Great Sects like them repeatedly went into such transactions. The only difference was the size of the cut they would take from the profits. As for Zhen Ling’s business, the Profound Clear Sect was to take the least they could. After all, they had to consider Feng Baiming’s face. Moreover, there’s also Huang Daoran standing behind her.

The Profound Clear Sect already sent someone to discuss matters with Zhen Ling. This was also the time that Zhen Ling prepared to leave the Pavilion and go on her own.

During this time, Zhao Hai met Huang Daoran and Zhen Ling once more. Zhen Ling gave him the medicinal plants and ores that he ordered. Zhao Hai also handed over ten thousand bottles of spirit wine. Just like Huang Daoran said, these wines have been placed inside jade bottles. The jade used was top quality, making the wine look elegant and expensive.

The profit allocation of the spirit wine has also been decided. Since the spirit wine and its container has been provided by Zhao Hai, the division would be 4 to 3 to 3. Zhao Hai would have four shares, Zhen Ling would have three, and the Profound Clear Sect would have three.

One shouldn’t underestimate an allocation of forty percent. In terms of pure profit, this forty percent was huge. One must know that Zhao Hai produced spirit wine with zero initial cost. While Zhao Hai’s price given to Zhen Ling was 100 crystal stones.

Zhao Hai might think that this price wasn’t low. But to Zhen Ling and Huang Daoran, it was too cheap. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to increase the price. Otherwise, no money would be made. One shouldn’t be too greedy.

The jade bottle can only hold one catty(500g). And one bottle of spirit wine costs 100 crystals. This was already expensive. One must know that 100 crystal stones was already a lot of money for Rogue Cultivators.

After handing the spirit wine over to Zhen Ling, Zhao Hai no longer cared about this matter. He didn’t need to help in selling it nor did he intend to appear in the Cultivation Realm. So he took this time to relax.

Whether it be the Cultivation Realm or the Machine Field, nobody knew that Zhao Hai’s influence was starting to be established.

Yalei 2 simply wasn’t worthy of paying attention to. For the Machine Field, the planet was a wasteland. Moreover, seeing that Zhao Hai wasn’t going there, nobody cared about it.

Since Zhao Hao was known to be in the Six Realms Battlefield, he needed to appear there from time to time. But he didn’t have much to worry about there since everything was being taken care of by Yuan and the others. Yuan was also aware that Zhao Hai was somewhat busy lately, so he didn’t disturb him. If things didn’t need Zhao Hai’s help, then Yuan wouldn’t disturb him. 

Zhao Hai was now the Supreme Commander of the Machine Field. This caused Yuan and the others to be happy. But this also caused them to worry.

They were happy because the Machine Field now has a powerful expert protecting them. Later on, the other realms would think twice if they wanted to attack the Machine Field’s Domain. On the other hand, now that Zhao Hai has become a powerful expert, the Machine Field now had nobody to protect them in the core battlefield.

Regarding Zhao Hai’s new status, Yuan and the others protested about it to the higher-ups. However, the higher-ups told them that they couldn’t’ do anything about it. This had something to do with the demands of the other realms.

Yuan and the others understood that the other realms were putting pressure on the Machine Field’s higher ups. In the end, the higher-ups could only make a compromise. 

However, this was also good since the Lock Mountain Range has become peaceful. This peace also extended to the realm’s partially controlled territory. Now, other realms rarely caused any trouble there.

As for Zhao Hai’s visit to the Pirate Paradise, extremely few people were aware of it. The meeting between Zhao Hai, Huang Daoran, and Zhen Ling was even more confidential. Therefore, Zhao Hai became silent in this period of time. Once no more news appeared about him, the people began forgetting Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was happy with this situation. It’s better if they forgot about him. Now, he wouldn’t have to worry about people’s eyes looking at him. Such a life wasn’t for him.

Originally, Zhao Hai was planning on moving Zheng Li and the others to Yalei 2. However, Yalei 2’s defense system had yet to be constructed. At this time, the planet was virtually defenseless. Therefore, Zhao Hai cancelled this plan. Once the defense system has been constructed, he would discuss it with Zheng Li and the others.

As for Yalei 2’s Undead, they were slowly being replaced by the Cross Sword Pirate Group’s members.

Although there were a lot of robots in the Machine Field, they were still far from replacing humans. Take farming for example. Only a few people used robots to farm. They were too procedural in their actions. If you let a robot farm the land, one’s harvest wouldn’t be good. This was because robots would plant seeds in a predetermined way, water them at the same time per day, and remove weeds in a regular manner. Such a procedure wouldn’t work in farming. After all, growing plants needed to take into consideration the environment, and other factors. Everything depends on the surrounding lands. Farming with predetermined commands wouldn’t work.

Herding animals was also the same. Except, people would often use mechs. Therefore, mech pilots of the Cross Sword Pirate Group still had something they could enjoy doing.


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