BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1357


Chapter 1357 – Zhen Ling’s Plan

Zhao Hai sat in the Space while looking at Louis and the others. Louis knowing what he was doing pleased Zhao Hai. There’s also Tang Wen’s observational skills. Tang Wen was truly a good candidate to be a strategist.

Talents, what talents! Zhao Hai sighed then he turned to Laura and said, “These guys are really smart. But I hope that they can follow what I said and won’t let me down.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry about them. Your actions today can be seen as a show of grace and power. They wouldn’t ever think about wronging you.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Let’s hope. If they really plan to do something, then I’ll be impolite.”

Laura smiled faintly and didn’t make any noise. Zhao Hai moved on as he said, “You should make preparations to set up the transmission formation as soon as possible.”

Laura nodded and said, “Don’t worry about it. All the materials for establishing the transmission formation have already been brought by Legie’s group. They also know the method to make a transmission formation. There will be no problem.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “How about Yalei 2? The transmission formation area should be built as soon as possible. A few more transmission formations would be made there, which would be very useful for the future.”

Laura nodded, “Rest assured. By the way, the transmission formation to the Sand Island has also been built. It’s inside the castle.” Zhao Hai nodded. There were also castles built in Yalei 2. A mountain not far from the city has been designated as Zhao Hai’s territory. He prepared this area for Xiong Li and the others.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s good. Once Louis and his group enter Yalei 2, things would become easier. I’ll ask them to build the peripheral defense system of the planet. When this happens, I’ll have to rely on you, Margaret. Those fellows are experts in this field.”

Margaret nodded and said, “Rest assured, I know what to do.”

Just as Margaret finished talking, his expression suddenly changed. Then he waved his hand, causing Laura and the others to look at him. Zhao Hai turned his head to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, Master pressed the jade pendant. See if the Master is present.” Cai’er complied as the image on the monitor changed. Before long, Huang Daoran’s figure appeared. He was currently sitting inside a room along with a beautiful woman.

Zhao Hai gave a gentle nod and then he said, “It seems to be the Pink Cloud Pavilion’s Master, Zheng Ling. Alright, I’ll have to go see Master. Laura, I’ll leave things here to you.” Laura nodded before Zhao Hai’s figure disappeared from the Space.

It has been two days since Huang Daoran returned to the Cultivation Realm. In these two days, he has been communicating with the Great Sects. He was aware that even if he accepted Zhao Hai as a disciple, he was still seen by the Great Sects as a disgrace. He talked with the sects not just to have them forgive him, but also to stop them trying to deal with Zhao Hai.

Huang Daoran also knew why these sects wanted to deal with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai slapped the face of the Cultivation Realm. But now that Zhao Hai had become Huang Daoran’s disciple, he could be regarded as partially from the Cultivation Realm. Huang Daoran told the Great Sects that he hoped to win Zhao Hai over and have him move to the Cultivation Realm.

In this case, the Great Sects accepted it with vigor. The Cultivation Realm liked to suppress geniuses of the other realms. However, Zhao Hai’s situation was a bit special. No ordinary person could suppress him. Huang Daoran was a Transcending Tribulation Expert and even he couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai. This fully explained Zhao Hai’s strength. Therefore, suppressing Zhao Hai has become a very annoying matter.

If they have hope of pulling Zhao Hai over to the Cultivation Realm, then the Great Sects would be fine with it. Even if Zhao Hai didn’t join a sect and becomes a Rogue Cultivator, his presence would still increase the strength of the Cultivation Realm. Don’t forget, Huang Daoran was also a Rogue Cultivator. In the end, he would still have to listen to the Great Sects.

So when Huang Daoran said that he would try to bring Zhao Hai over to the Cultivation Realm, the Great Sects agreed. Actually, Huang Daoran had no intentions of pulling Zhao Hai over. He knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t really join the Cultivation Realm because he was planning on making his own power. This made it impossible for him to join the Cultivation Realm.

But since Huang Daoran’s impression of Zhao Hai was very good, he made sure to make him look good in front of the Great Sects. This way, he would be able to provide protection for Zhao Hai. Huang Daoran knows that Zhao Hai was still developing his own influence. Once this period passes, even powerful experts would have to think twice if they planned to make a move on him.

Although Huang Daoran thinks that Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to catch up to the Great Sects immediately, he believes that Zhao Hai could if given enough time.

After lobbying for several days, the Great Sects agreed to temporarily leave Zhao Hai alone. Then Huang Daoran returned to the Pink Clouds Pavilion and met with Zhen Ling.

Zhen Ling’s recent days haven’t been better. Huang Daoran failed in his two attempts to deal with Zhao Hai. And in the end, he was compelled to receive Zhao Hai as a disciple. This was a huge attack to his reputation. And in turn, it affected Zhen Ling.

Originally, the other families in the Pink Clouds Pavilion had a lot of opinions regarding Zhen Ling being the Pavilion Master. In their view, each one of them were better leaders than Zhen Ling. However, kicking Zhen Ling out of the Pavilion was impossible. Firstly, under her leadership, the Pavilion became very profitable. Secondly, Zhen Ling’s prestige among the Pavilion members was very high. Thirdly, there was Huang Daoran backing her up. Although the other families also had their own Transcending Tribulation Expert, these experts couldn’t necessarily take Huang Daoran down. So even if they didn’t like Zhen Ling leading them, these families couldn’t do anything.

But now, a great opportunity presented itself. Huang Daoran’s reputation had taken a huge hit. These people immediately made their moves. Although Zhen Ling made some preparations for this, her preparations weren’t enough. Therefore, she was now forced to be passive. Fortunately, Huang Daoran came back uninjured. Or else she wouldn’t have great days ahead.

Zhen Ling didn’t expect Huang Daoran to call her over the moment he returned. Moreover, he told her that Zhao Hai was willing to do business with them.

Just as Zhen Ling was confused about what was happening, Huang Daoran took out a jade pendant and pressed a button on it. Seeing this action, Zhen Ling stared at Huang Daoran. Then at this time, a white light suddenly flashed. Once this white light vanished, Zhao Hai was already present.

When Zhao Hai came out, he greeted Huang Daoran, “I have seen Master.”

Huang Daoran nodded, then he said, “Little Hai, this is Pavilion Master of the Pink Clouds Pavilion, Master’s nominal disciple, Zhen Ling. Master already told her that you’re planning to do business with her.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned towards Zhen Ling and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Pavilion Master.”

Zheng Ling stared. Then she immediately responded. When Huang Daoran was sent to deal with Zhao Hai, she already got information about him. Naturally, he could recognize Zhao Hai’s face.

Zheng Ling hastily stood up and returned the gesture and said, “Zhen Ling has seen Mister Zhao Hai.”

Huang Daoran looked at the two and then said, “You two, don’t be so polite to each other. You’re both disciples of this old man. You can call yourselves Senior Sister and Junior Brother.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he turned to Zhen Ling and said, “Senior Sister, I came to discuss business with you. This Junior Brother has many kinds of spirit wine in hand and I want to cooperate with the Pink Clouds Pavilion. What do you think?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Zhen Ling’s eyes lit up. Then she replied, “Spirit wine? Junior Brother, did you say Spirit Wine?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It is Spirit Wine. Moreover, it’s very fragrant. Master has tasted it, you can ask what he thinks.”

Zhen Ling turned her head towards Huang Daoran. Huang Daoran was smiling as he said, “This kid is too polite. His Spirit Wine is much better compared to the ones we see here in the Cultivation realm. He also asked your Martial Uncle to taste. Little Hai, the Pink Clouds Pavilion, and the Profound Clear Sect would cooperate in this business. After all, it’s too big for the Pink Clouds Pavilion to eat on its own.”

Zhen Ling’s eyes shone as he said, “Uncle Huang, you’re really planning to involve the Profound Clear Sect? If this is the case, then I have an idea. And I need your help.”

Huang Daoran nodded. Then Zhen Ling opened her mouth and said, “Uncle Huang, as you know, the other families in the Pavilion are starting to get restless. They’re unhappy with me being at the head of the business. If we can really cooperate with the Profound Clear Sect in this business, then I’d like to separate from the Pavilion and go independent. What do you think?”

Huang Daoran stared. Then he said, “You want to go on your own? Little Girl, why would you have such an idea? You should know that your ancestors experienced untold hardships in establishing the Pink Clouds Pavilion. If you go on your own, then wouldn’t you be leaving the wealth that your predecessors worked hard on?”

Zhen Ling coldly snorted and said, “Although I would be losing my shares in the Pink Clouds Pavilion by doing this, I would gain freedom in return. Moreover, I won’t let those fellows live any better. Being the Pavilion Master, I was able to establish quite a lot of connections. If I left, then those people would definitely follow me. With this, our new merchant group would be established very quickly. The reason why I didn’t separate in the past was because of many reasons. Firstly, it’s because I don’t have any competitive products to sell. Second, it’s possible that those fellows would keep suppressing me. And third, is because I don’t have a strong power as a backer. But if we have the Profound Clear Sect on our backs, then those fellows wouldn’t have any guts to make a move on us. And with Junior Brother’s Spirit Wine, our Merchant Group would grow in a very short period of time. When the time comes, we’ll crush those people to death!”

Zhao Hai looked at Zhen Ling and saw that she had the same spirit as Laura. These two capable women were strong in their convictions. Moreover, their methods were very good!


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