BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1356


Chapter 1356 – I’m Not A Good Person

At this moment, Bartlett suddenly saw Zhao Hai leading a group of people over. He immediately went forward and greeted them. Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Elders, you’ve been working hard. Thank you for the trouble.”

Barlett laughed and said, “It’s not that hard. Seeing such a huge city being built by our own hands, we couldn’t be happier.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then introduced Barlett to Louis and the others. After that, the group took a tour of the city. The planning for this city has been completed by the Space. This city can house more than 30 million people. All the public facilities that the city would need had already been built and the layout imitated the cities of the Machine Field. The greenery of the city was also very good. It can be said that it was comparable to any city in the Machine Field. 

Outside the city was a vast farmland. There were grain fields as well as vegetable fields.

Besides these, there’s also a huge herding ground for beasts. These beasts were purely bred for meat. Naturally, there are also the giant crabs. It’s good that the city wasn’t built too far from the sea. Besides farming, one could also use the sea to go fishing by boat.

In addition to normal structures in the city, Zhao Hai also reserved some huge areas for building various factories that might spring up in the future.

As Louis and the others observed the city, they could see that Zhao Hai meticulously prepared everything. And that he was hoping that Louis and the others would move over.

After looking through the entire City, Zhao Hai turned his head to Louis and the others and said, “Everyone, it’s time to head back. You didn’t notify your people that you’re coming over. It wouldn’t be good if we stayed here for a long time. They might suspect that I’ve done something.”

Louis and the others nodded before gathering around Zhao Hai. After a white flash of light, the group returned to the warehouse. Nobody was present in the warehouse. Actually, it had only been two hours since they disappeared. The time that they were gone wasn’t that long.

After returning to the warehouse, Louis and the others looked at each other. Louis was the first to take a bow as he said, “Mister, thank you for trusting us. I can promise you that the Cross Sword Pirate Group is willing to move to your planet and become your people.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, then it’s settled. The transmission formation should be up in a few days. However, I still need to take these products. I’ll also leave the food you asked for. It’s best if you keep this thing a secret first. We shouldn’t alert others.”

Louis and the others complied. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand and received everything inside the warehouse. Then he took out the grain and the other goods.

After doing this, Zhao Hai turned to Louis and the others and said, “Let’s head back to your place. There are still some things I want to discuss with you.”

Louis and the others complied. Then they led Zhao Hai out as they returned to Louis’ room. After settling down, Zhao Hai looked at Louis and the others and said, “Since you agreed to settle in Yalei 2, then you’re now considered to be my people. As you saw, you can live in Yalei 2 as soon as you get there. But I hope that you won’t give up on this place.”

Louis and the other stared. With a confused expression, Louis asked, “Mister, what do you mean?”

Zhao Hai replied, “At this time, the Pirate Paradise is an intersection between different realms. The flow of information in this place isn’t inferior to the outside. In addition, the Pirate Alliance is a special existence. If you keep a few people here, then it might lead to an unexpected surprise later on. Naturally, you can move the majority of your population to Yalei 2. Just leave behind enough people to preserve your operations. Moreover, you can rotate which people would stay here. I can also send Undead to pad your numbers so that people wouldn’t notice any change. What do you think?”

Louis nodded and said, “Just as Mister said, it would be a waste to give up on this place. Then I’ll do as Mister says. I’ll first transfer our families to Yalei 2, leaving some combatants behind. Most of our factories can also be transferred to Yalei 2. Only two ship repairing stations and one mech station would be left. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’ll leave this to you. To tell you the truth, you don’t need to leave a lot of people behind. I can just send the Undead to replace them. This way, your people wouldn’t have to suffer.”

Louis nodded, “Alright, then I’ll have to depend on Mister. We’ll immediately arrange everything.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Good, then I’ll leave that to you. I don’t have time to assist you in moving to Yalei 2, but there are Undead that can guide you when you get there. There’s also a large number of supplies for you so you don’t have to worry about your daily necessities. A transmission formation will be built here, but you have to choose where to place it. You can send the first batch of people to Yalei 2 and set up some factories. Other things can be shipped later. Small items can be sent through the transmission formation. As for the larger ones, just tell me and I’ll send them over. You’ll have to take care of the rest since I don’t have that much free time.”

Louis nodded, “Alright. Mister can rest assured, we’ll take care of it.”

After he heard that, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “If you need anything, just talk to Barlett and the others. You can also talk to the Undead. I’ll leave behind 100 Undead to help you.”

Louis gave a nod. Then Zhao Hai stood up and said, “I’ll head back first. I’ll take out the Undead once we’re outside.” Louis and the others complied. When they got outside, Zhao Hai waved his hand and took out 100 Undead. These Undead looked no different than normal humans.

Zhao Hai referred to the Undead and said, “These are the Undead that would replace your people here. Don’t worry, replacing 10 to 20 million people isn’t a problem. You can rest assured and move to Yalei 2.”

Louis and the others nodded, but then their expression suddenly changed. Zhao Hai knew what they were thinking but he didn’t care. He just patted Louis on the shoulder and said, “Louis, ever since the last time we met, I already knew that you’re a smart person. Moreover, I knew that you wanted to leave this place and become ordinary people. Most importantly, you haven’t done a lot of wicked things. I sought you for these reasons. I can tell you that this Zhao Hai isn’t a good person. However, I’m not someone with no principles. In my eyes, there are three kinds of people in the world; friends, enemies, and  bystanders. I treat my friends very well but I’m cruel to my enemies. As for bystanders, I don’t care about them. I treat you as a friend, so I’m willing to help you and get you settled in Yalei 2. Although there aren’t too many rules in Yalei 2, it still has its own laws. I hope that you can control your people and make them remember that they are now commoners of the Machine Field and are no longer pirates.”

Louis and the other nodded. Then Louis said, “Mister can feel relieved. We understand completely. Since Mister treats us as friends, then we wouldn’t make you lose face.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he cupped his fists towards everyone and said, “Alright, then you take care. Good bye.” Then he vanished from the asteroid.

Louis and the others looked at the direction where Zhao Hai disappeared with expressions full of gratitude. At this time, an Undead walked towards Louis before bowing, “Commander Louis, I’ll have to ask you to arrange living places for us. This way, people wouldn’t see anything wrong. If you need anything later, don’t hesitate to tell us.”

Louis looked at the Undead in surprise as he exclaimed, “You can talk?”

The Undead smiled faintly and said, “Of course. Young Master treats us as our own race, not just simple tools. We even kept our names while we were alive. My name is Legie.”

Louis and the others were startled. They have never seen talking Undead before. However, they have heard about them. There are some Cultivators in the Devil realm who catch spirit ghosts. These ghosts were as smart as humans but they didn’t look like one. These ghosts were intangible. An Undead that’s intelligent and could talk was something that Louis and the others didn’t expect.

After Legie said those words, he stopped speaking. Louis turned his head to Tang Wu and said, “Little Wu, provide them with a place to rest. Remember, don’t let anybody know about them for now. Our relocation is a secret and it needs to be kept secret.” Tang Wu nodded and then led Legie and the others away.

Louis and the others returned to the meeting room and then sat down. They didn’t speak for some time. Before long, Tang Wu returned. Louis looked at Tang Wu and said, “It’s settled?”

Tang Wu nodded and said, “They have been settled. There’s an abandoned ship nearby that people made into a house but never settled. So I let them live there. Those guys don’t need to eat or drink, so they don’t have many requirements for the house. They’re very easy to settle in.”

When he heard this, Louis sighed and said, “We still underestimated Mister. He just said that 10 to 20 million Undead isn’t a problem. These Undead didn’t just come out of thin air, and they’re humanoid….” Louis suddenly didn’t know what to say next.

Tang Wen also sighed and said, “It seems like Mister has been a God of Slaughter in the lower realms. No wonder Mister isn’t afraid of us doing anything wrong. If we dared cause trouble, then he could just turn us into people like Legie.”

Louis and the others nodded. Louis looked at everyone and said, “Mister showed us all of this because he trusts us. And he even gave us the status of commoners. If we settle in Yalei 2, then we couldn’t lose his trust. We need to prepare well in the next few days and migrate as soon as possible.”

Tang Wu nodded and said, “Right, all these things, no matter what they are, would startle people if they’re revealed. It seems like Mister trusts us a lot. But Boss, I don’t know if you have noticed, Mister carefully crafted Yalei 2’s temperature to be comfortable for humans to live in. However, I don’t see any magic formation nor heating devices. Isn’t that strange?”

Louis nodded and said, “I also noticed that. It’s really strange. Are the records about Yalei 2 incorrect?”

Tang Wen shook his head and said, “No, Yalei 2’s previous records are absolutely correct. But there’s something you didn’t notice.” After he said that, Tang Wen took out his computer and then projected an image he recorded himself. The quality of the recording wasn’t very good.

Tang Wen pointed towards the projection and said, “Haven’t you noticed? Yalei 2 might have a lot of grain and vegetables, but these grain and vegetables aren’t present in the Machine Field. Moreover, the planet has these flowers and trees that the Undead seem to avoid when herding animals or constructing houses.” Then Tang Wen pointed towards the colorful flowers and trees.

Louis and the others knit their brows. To be honest, they haven’t paid any attention to these things. Seeing their reactions, Tang Wen added, “I have looked into these flowers. They look ordinary and don’t smell special. Although they are somewhat attractive, what’s special about them is that they emit a faint heat. This heat wasn’t from being exposed to the sun. This heat came from the flower itself. I think the planet’s temperature has something to do with these flowers.”

Louis and the others were startled. Then Tang Wen gestured towards the spirit tree and said, “There’s also this tree. This tree looks attractive. Although it might look fake, it was actually a real tree. Moreover, the spiritual qi surrounding this tree is very rich. Being near this tree made you feel comfortable. And as I was paying attention to these two plants, I noticed Mister looking at me with a profound look. Therefore, I am very sure that these two plants are unique to Mister. And they’re very essential to transforming Yalei 2.”

Louis and the others looked surprised at Tang Wen. Tang Wen looked at Louis and the others and said, “Boss, this is an absolute secret. Don’t mention it to anybody. Otherwise, it would bring trouble to Mister.”

Louis let out a long breath. Then he nodded as he turned to the others and said, “You hear that?” Everyone nodded.


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