BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1354


Chapter 1354 – Zhao Hai’s Worry

Then suddenly, Tang Wu’s expression changed as he stared at the Star Map. Louis saw this and asked, “Xiao Wu, what’s wrong?”

Tang Wu pinched the star map, zooming out the display. After looking at the bigger map, he let out a long breath and said, “Sure enough, this Zhao Hai is formidable. Quite a scheming fellow.”

Louis and the others were somewhat confused by Tang Wu’s words. Then Tang Wen said, “Xiao Wu, what are you saying?”

Tang Wu pointed towards the Star Map, then he turned to Louis and said, “Boss, take a look. Don’t just look at Yalei 2. Make sure to take its surroundings into account.”

Upon hearing Tang Wu, Louis and the others stared. Then they looked at Yalei 2 as well as its surroundings. It didn’t take long for them to be startled. Yalei 2’s position as well as its environment made it easy to defend but difficult to conquer.

Louis let out a sigh, then he said with a serious voice, “Zhao Hai is indeed formidable. Who would have thought that such a remote and barren region would have such a place built in it. It seems like he didn’t pick Yalei 2 at random. Has he really transformed Yalei 2?”

Tang Wen’s current expression carried a trace of uncertainty. He solemnly said, “It has just been over a year since Zhao Hai ascended to the Machine Field. Yet his development has been extraordinary. And now that he has a base, what does he want to do?”

Tang Wu shook his head and said, “Big Brother, it’s not as complex as you imagined. You should also see the asteroid belt just outside Yalei 2. It’s quite enormous. With an asteroid belt that size, ships simply cannot go through it. If Zhao Hai made a ship on his planet, it wouldn’t be able to come out. We could see the planet as a purely defensive base. It couldn’t make any offensive maneuvers.”

Tang Wen looked at Yalei 2’s position and then nodded and said, “That’s true. If Zhao Hai wants a safe base, then Yalei 2 is the most appropriate. Look, as long as Zhao Hai constructs monitoring stations in nearby asteroids, then he would be able to see the enemy no matter which angle they attack from. Moreover, the moons outside Yalei 2 can form a fortress. This would discourage people from attacking the planet. Is Zhao Hai really just planning to build a base here?”

Louis turned to Tang Wen and then smiled faintly as he said, “This might not be the case. Ah Wen, you forgot that Zhao Hai is a spatial ability user. Others might not be able to come in and out of Yalei 2, but he could. With his strength, along with his undead, his offensive strength couldn’t be underestimated.”

Tang Wen nodded and then said, “I forgot about that. If Zhao Hai really wants to use it as a base, then he would certainly put great effort in building it. Maybe it could really be transformed. But why did he come to us? With his status and influence, once he opened his mouth, people from the Machine Field would flock towards him.”

Peter, who never spoke, suddenly said, “What else is there to think about? Those Machine Field fellows only want good things for them. If Zhao Hai asked them for help, then he would be letting snakes in his base. Don’t forget, these are the same fellows that plotted against the Pirate Paradise.”

After hearing Peter speak, everyone stared at him. This caused Peter to be somewhat terrified. He looked at Louis as he stuttered a little, “Bo-Boss. I really don’t know how to talk. Don’t mind my words.”

This time, Louis didn’t blame Peter as he laughed and said, “Haha, Peter, even if you’re not smart, you still say some amazing things from time to time. What you said this time makes a lot of sense. I reckon Zhao Hai was also guarded against the Machine Field’s higher-ups. After all, those higher-ups planned to remove him. Only upon knowing that they couldn’t do anything did they change their mind.”

Tang Wen and the others nodded. Tang Wen had an excited expression as he said, “If that is really the case, then it’s possible that Zhao Hai wants to win us over. Boss, you need to probe Zhao Hai’s intentions more. If he really wants to win us over, then we might be able to remove our identity as pirates.”

But this time, Tang Wu frowned and said, “But this seems unreasonable. We all belong to the same group. Isn’t Zhao Hai afraid that we would usurp his power once we reach Yalei 2?”

Louis shook his head and said, “He’s not afraid. Also, with his strength and position, how could we dare do anything? Think about what happened today. Without us knowing, he was able to appear here. If he really wanted to take our lives, he could do it anytime. Although we’re also practitioners, Zhao Hai’s strength far suprasses us. We are good at fighting with mechs and battleships, but these two things are completely useless against Zhao Hai. Therefore, he won’t be afraid of us usurping his control over the planet.”

Tang Wen nodded and said, “That’s correct. What kind of person is Zhao Hai? He was able to face a Transcending Tribulation Expert without falling. So how could such a person be afraid of us? Boss, didn’t Zhao Hai say that he’ll come in three days? How about you probe him at that time?”

Louis nodded and said, “I’ll do that. But nobody should tell anyone else about this matter before it’s confirmed. Also, keep an eye out for the other guys in the following days. If this matter goes through, we will deal with those fellows first!”

Tang Wen and the others nodded. The people that Louis was talking about were the pirate groups that had been bought by the other realms in the past few years. These people had already been marked by the Cross Sword Pirate Group. But these people were totally unaware of it. Louis’ group could deal with them anytime they wanted.

At this time, Zhao Hai had already returned to the Space and was spying on Louis and the others. Hearing what Louis said, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but let out a long breath before laughing, “Goodness, I didn’t expect them to be this clever. They were able to guess my intentions even if I didn’t give them that many clues. Hahaha, this is great!”

Laura chuckled as well as she said, “I didn’t expect Louis and his group to be this formidable. This is also good. Brother Hai, what do you plan to do next?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll meet them three days later. Since he wants to probe me, I might as well push the boat along and take them to Yalei 2 to take a look. I don’t believe that they won’t move. As long as they agree, everything else would be easy. With their population, Yalei 2’s problem would be solved.”

At this moment, Lizzy opened her mouth and said, “Brother Hai, I think that even if Louis and the others agree to migrate, we couldn’t forget about the Pirate Paradise. People from all walks of life live in the region and these people are connected to all six realms. It can be said that the region is well-connected. If we give up on it, then we would be losing an important source of information. The disappearance of the Cross Sword Pirate Group would also arouse suspicion. We can establish a transmission formation in that place. This way, there would be one more pathway towards Yalei 2.”

Laura nodded and said, “What Sister Lizzy said is good. Brother Hai, we cannot just give up on the Pirate Paradise. If Louis agrees to migrate to Yalei 2, ask him to leave behind some people in the Pirate Paradise. We can always pad their numbers with Undead. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, this is also good. Also, are the items on the list prepared? We have to provide everything on that list. This way, Louis will see us as trustworthy people.”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, rest assured. Everything has been taken care of.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Master should be returning to the Cultivation Realm these days right? If we can do business with the Pink Clouds Pavilion, we would be able to get items for the Space. This will be important for our development. At this point, the Space produces a lot of things. We alone wouldn’t be able to digest them all. We might as well sell it to the Pink Clouds Pavilion.”

Laura nodded and said, “Margaret also brought some technological products to the Space through various channels. However, it’s still not enough. The Space can make products on its own, but it has to be made by the Processing Machines, which is a waste. Also, not only can we buy through the Pink Clouds Pavilion, Louis and the others also have items that we can buy. This way, everyone inside the Space could live in the same standard as the outside word.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good. However, we don’t have to push the people in the Space to a certain direction. Let’s just allow them to develop on their own. The current population of the Space isn’t much lower compared to the World of Cultivation. If everyone develops in the way they are interested in, then sooner or later, the Space’s civilization would surpass the World of Cultivation. And as long as the Space gets upgraded, I would have more confidence in exploring the mystery of the Six Realms Battlefield.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others immediately turned solemn. To be honest, the Six Realms Battlefield was Zhao Hai’s greatest worry at this time. Although the Six Realms Battlefield doesn’t look as mysterious as the Space, it was still a subspace. And creating such a thing wasn’t something that an ordinary person could do. At the very least, Zhao Hai hadn’t heard of anyone in the World of Cultivation that was able to do it. Even legendary experts of the World of Cultivation, the Immortals, couldn’t accomplish it. 

In other words, there was an expert much stronger than Immortals out there. This person might be Zhao Hai’s biggest enemy. If they can create a subspace like the Six Realms Battlefield, then they might be able to see through Zhao Hai’s Space and kill him. For Zhao Hai, this was a huge threat!


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