BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1350


Chapter 1350 – Can’t Agree

Yuan was currently in the conference room as he restlessly walked back and forth. The others in the room shared his emotions. These people were Captain-level characters of the Lock Mountain Range. They convened together in order to support Zhao Hai. But they didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would solve this matter, and he even became Huang Daoran’s disciple.

At this time, Zhao Hai followed Huang Daoran to the Cultivation Realm’s territory. This made Yuan and the others even more worried. They weren’t worried that Huang Daoran would do something to Zhao Hai. Huang Daoran accepted Zhao Hai as a disciple in front of so many people. If he were to do anything to Zhao Hai, then he would lose the face of the Cultivation Realm.

What Yuan and the others were worried about was Zhao Hai not returning to the Lock Mountain Range. No matter where you look, the Cultivation Realm was much better for practice. Moreover, Zhao Hai now has Huang Daoran as a backer. If it were them, they wouldn’t return to the Machine Field.

If Zhao Hai made that choice, then Yuan and the others couldn’t say anything. After all, people were condemned by the heavens and the earth. But for the Machine Field, Zhao Hai leaving would be a huge blow to the Machine Field. Not only to the Machine Field, but every practitioner in the Machine Field would be affected as well.

Zhao Hai was now a banner for the practitioners in the Machine Field. If Zhao Hai transfers to the Cultivation Realm, then the countless practitioners in the Machine Field would think that there was no point in training in the realm. If someone as talented as Zhao Hai left, then what’s stopping the others from leaving the Machine Field? The blow to the Machine Field would be too great.

Although the Machine Field’s main fighting strength were Mechs and Battleships, the strength of practitioners couldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, there were a lot of practitioners in the Machine Field. In the end, the World of Cultivation was made for practitioners. Even if practitioners weren’t the main power of the Machine Field, practitioners were still everywhere in the realm. If every practitioner in the Machine Field loses confidence, then the Machine Field would be finished.

However, this was something that Yuan and the others couldn’t prevent. This was because they knew that Huang Daoran wasn’t a pushover, he was a Transcending Tribulation Expert. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then the Machine Field’s Lock Mountain Range would have been damaged beyond repair.

Liu Zhen looked at Yuan’s expression, then he sighed and said, “Old Yuan, there’s no need to walk around like that. Isn’t it the same as your retirement? If Little Hai really wants to go, there’s nothing we can do.”

Yuan stopped, then he looked at the conference room’s door as he said, “Xiong Li, please come in.”

After he said that, Xiong Li and the others entered the conference room. Yuan looked at Xiong Li and said, “Xiong Li, tell me the truth. With your understanding of Little Hai, will he come back?”

When Xiong Li heard Yuan, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he looked at Lu Dingtian and the others as he laughed and said, “Captain, you’re worried about this? Don’t worry, Little Hai will definitely come back.”

Hearing Xiong Li, Yuan stared. He looked at Xiong Li and asked, “Why are you so sure?”

Xiong Li smiled faintly and said, “Because I know Little Hai. He accepted Huang Daoran as a Master at that time because of the situation. He doesn’t want his relationship with the Cultivation Realm to get any worse. At the same time, Huang Daoran’s face would be saved if he accepted Zhao Hai as a disciple. He went to the Cultivation Realm in order to eliminate the last trace of conflict between him and Huang Daoran. I believe he would be returning soon.”

Yuan was silent for some time. Then he exhaled and muttered, “Let’s hope so.” 

At this time, the conference room turned silent. Xiong Li and the others nodded before turning around and leaving the room.

Once Xiong Li and the others left the room, Xiong Li opened his mouth and said, “Really, they still don’t believe in Little Hai. With Little Hai’s strength, if it wasn’t for the Machine Field, why would he take Huang Daoran as a Master. Huang Daoran wouldn’t take Zhao Hai as a disciple either.”

Li Kuang ren smiled and said, “They don’t understand Little Hai, you cannot blame them. In their eyes, the Cultivation Realm is really a good place. It’s very rich with spiritual qi. They don’t know that Little Hai’s island couldn’t compare to the Cultivation Realm.”

Dongfang Yu nodded and said, “Right. And before this, nobody thought that Zhao Hai would be so strong. Even Huang Daoran couldn’t do anything to him. And this time, Little Hai didn’t use his spatial abilities. Finally, they reached this result. It’s simply unthinkable.”

The group nodded. In the past, Zhao Hai had never used his entire strength. This time, when he showed his strength, it really enlightened people.

While they were talking, Zhao Hai suddenly appeared in Yuan’s fort. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others paused for a moment before they laughed. Then they greeted Zhao Hai.

Their laughter also shocked Yuan and the others. As soon as they went out of the conference room, they saw Zhao Hai being surrounded by his brothers. Yuan’s heart settled down as he laughed and said, “You really came back. Good, good.”

Liu Zhen and the others also relaxed. Seeing Zhao Hai chatting with people, Liu Zhen smiled and said, “With him stationed here, let’s see who dare to underestimate the Machine Field.”

The others smiled. They were truly happy because the Machine Field now has someone who could face a Transcending Tribulation Expert. This was very important for the Lock Mountain Range, for the Machine Field.

After some time, the group settled down. Then Zhao Hai entered the conference room along with Yuan and the others. Upon entering the room, Yuan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what happened? Did you really go to the Cultivation Realm’s territory?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Yes I went there. I also visited Master’s cave mansion. To be honest, the cave mansion was very beautiful. It was specially prepared for Transcending Tribulation Experts of the Cultivation Realm. It’s very rich in spiritual qi.”

Yuan nodded, then he said, “Then what are you planning to do next? Have you really decided to take Huang Daoran as a Master?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Didn’t I already acknowledge him as a teacher? No matter what I do next, Huang Daoran is my master. This also wouldn’t affect my attitude towards my Cultivation Realm. Isn’t it just fighting against a few Cultivators?”

Yuan nodded. He also knew that it was impossible for Zhao Hai to not accept Huang Daoran as a master. After all, he acknowledged Huang Daoran was a Master in front of many people. If he doesn’t go by his pledge, then it would be deceiving his Master and disrespecting his Ancestors. When that happens, Zhao Hai would enrage the entire Cultivation Realm. And this would provide the Cultivation Realm a better excuse to clean him up.

Yuan sighed and said, “I really didn’t expect that things would turn out like this. But this is also good. You now have a strong backer.” Zhao Hai smiled and didn’t say anything.

Liu Zhen solemnly said, “Little Hai, you have to be more careful in the next few days. I think those old guys above will send someone to find you. They wouldn’t dare cause any trouble for you, but they might use your relationship and ask you to help them get something from the Cultivation Realm. You shouldn’t easily agree to them.”

Zhao Hai stared at Liu Zhen. Liu Zhen smiled faintly and said, “Little Hai, don’t forget that Huang Daoran is a guest elder of the Pink Clouds Pavilion. He holds a very important place in the Pavilion. And what is the Pink Clouds Pavilion? It’s a well-known merchant group in the Cultivation Realm. Our machine field imports large quantities of resources from the Cultivation Realm every year. But the tariffs we need to pay is very high. There are even some things that the Cultivation Realm forbids selling to the Machine Field. Now that you have a relationship with Huang Daoran, it’s impossible if those old fogeys don’t use it to their advantage. You shouldn’t agree to this matter. Otherwise, you and the Pink Clouds Pavilion would offend the Cultivation Realm’s Great Sects.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Although he wanted to do business with the Pink Clouds Pavilion, he couldn’t do much. Otherwise, it would affect the Pavilion’s interests. His affair with Huang Daoran already caused the Great Sects to be dissatisfied. If he got a large number of forbidden resources through the Pink Clouds Pavilion and gave it to the Machine Field, then the Great Sects really wouldn’t let him go.

Liu Zhen looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You don’t need to worry about what those up above would think. Little Hai, you’re someone from the Lock Mountain Range. All of us here have our own backers. Plus, you also have a Transcending Tribulation Expert as a Master. Those old fogeys wouldn’t dare touch you. So you don’t have to be polite to them. If you really let the Great Sects chase you down because of resources, then the Lock Mountain Range would greatly suffer. For the sake of our brothers, you can’t agree to those guys’ requests. I reckon they already sent someone to see you. Remember this.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows and said, “Captain Liu, if I don’t comply, then won’t those people transfer me away from the Lock Mountain Range? Although there’s no difference, an official announcement of my transfer still wouldn’t be good.”

Yuan smiled and said, “Rest assured, everything will be fine. You have us. Don’t forget about the Lock Mountain Range alliance. If they really want to transfer you away, we will take action.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, then I feel rest assured. Actually, I can get things from the Cultivation Realm, but not right now. First I haven’t met the people from the Pink Clouds Pavilion yet. Although Master is a guest elder of the Pavilion, he isn’t the Pavilion Lord. Moreover, the Cultivation Realm is currently guarded. Therefore, at this time, I cannot contact the people in the Pink Clouds Pavilion. Otherwise, it would make the Cultivation Realm more vigilant.”

Yuan nodded, “Little Hai, you still have to keep your contact with the Cultivation Realm at a minimum. Although you have acknowledged Huang Daoran as a teacher, the Cultivators might not have good intentions towards you. After all, Huang Daoran is a Rogue Cultivator with not much of a background. You need to be wary of those Great Sects that forced Huang Daoran to attack you. You have gained face among the Cultivators after becoming Huang Daoran’s disciple. However, Cultivators in Great Sects are extremely arrogant, they wouldn’t accept this. Perhaps they might be thinking that the Cultivation Realm has lost face now that you became a Cultivator’s disciple. I’m afraid your Master would face them once he goes back. You need to be careful.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he smiled faintly and said, “Things shouldn’t be that troublesome. You might not know, but Master has a very close relationship with Profound Clear Sect’s Great Elder Feng Baiming.”

Yuan stared, his spirit shook, then he said, “So it turns out that Huang Daoran is friends with Feng Baiming. I didn’t know what. Alright, with Feng Baiming behind him, Huang Daoran would be fine. Profound Clear Sect is a Great Sect. Nobody would want to offend them.” Zhao Hai nodded.

At this time, Liu Zhen smiled and said, “Alright, let’s not talk about that anymore. In any case, Little Hai is still a member of the Machine Field. This is a good thing. Little Hai went to meet an enemy today and instead gained a Master. This is also good. With so many good things happening, shouldn’t we celebrate? Old Yuan, everyone needs to get drunk!”

Yuan laughed and said, “You, are you really concerned about Little Hai? Alright, then we’ll get drunk today. Little Hai, help us.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, that’s not a problem. Leave it to me.” After he said that, Zhao Hai walked out and then took out several huge jugs of liquor. Yuan and the others immediately took action and prepared food.

Everyone was in a celebratory mood. These days, the Lock Mountain Range was filled with a suffocating mood. Everyone was anxious and was on guard against Huang Daoran’s attack. Now that Huang Daoran has become Zhao Hai’s Master, the Lock Mountain Range remains undamaged. How could everyone not celebrate? At this moment, they need to show their happiness.

Moreover, for the people in the Lock Mountain Range, this was a very happy event. Zhao Hai stopped Huang Daoran’s attack and even took him as a Master. They were aware how Zhao Hai became Huang Daoran’s disciple. Zhao Hai basically forced Huang Daoran to accept him as a disciple. 

The Lock Mountain Range was very united. In their minds, Zhao Hai’s victory was their victory. So Zhao Hai becoming Huang Daoran’s disciple was a very happy event. Also, Zhao Hai won glory for the Machine Field. They naturally need to celebrate. After everyone was over, not a single person in Yuan’s fort could stand. Everyone was flat out drunk!


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