BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1349


Chapter 1349 – Reconciliation

Which business makes the most money? Naturally it’s unique business! For the Cultivation Realm, selling spirit wine was a unique business.

The reason why the Machine Field doesn’t produce spirit wine was simple. This was because spirit rice was needed to produce spirit wine. However, spirit rice wasn’t something that can just be planted anywhere. It must be said that growing spirit rice was no less difficult than growing spirit medicine.

At the same time, not all lands in the Cultivation Realm can grow spirit medicine. Although commoners in the Cultivation Realm could plant their own spirit medicine, these things were mediocre at best. The rice grown in these lands cannot be called spirit rice. Naturally, they wouldn’t have any way to brew spirit wine.

And for the Cultivators, it would be a waste to use perfectly good land to make rice for eating and spirit wine. In such cases, they might as well plant spirit medicine. After all, medicinal plants could be refined into pills that could increase a Cultivator’s strength.

Because of this thinking, spirit wine produced every year in the Cultivation Realm was very limited. And most of these spirit wines won’t be sold outside. Sects would circulate them among themselves.

If spirit wine suddenly appears in the market, then whether it be Great Sects or Rogue Cultivators, they would all be greatly excited.

Although Huang Daoran said that a Cultivator must purify the mind’s desires, those that can achieve this were very few. A lot of Cultivators actually liked indulging themselves. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a demand of spirit wine in the Cultivation Realm.

Spirit wine was still sought after in the Cultivation realm because Cultivators wanted to enjoy life. In the past, they couldn’t do so because they can’t. They could only eat bland fasting pills for sustenance.

In this case, one could imagine how the Cultivation Realm would react if spirit wine began to be available. Cultivators might only buy a few pots to enjoy, but the total demand for this would be astonishing. 

Such unique business would be extremely profitable. Even a person with not much experience in business knew this. But if such huge profits only involved the Pink Clouds Pavilion and Zhao Hai, then this wouldn’t be a good thing.

Pink Clouds Pavilion was very strong, but they were only a merchant group in the end. Moreover, they weren’t internally united. A merchant group’s power could never contend against a Great Sect. This cake was too big for them to swallow on their own.

On the other hand, a Great Sect like the Profound Clear Sect wasn’t something that people dared to offend. Only a Great Sect such as this was qualified to such a huge business.

However, the Profound Clear Sect doesn’t have as many business channels as the Pink Clouds Pavilion. Nor can they source the goods. The only thing that the Profound Clear Sect could do in this matter was take a slice of the cake in exchange for being a guardian of this business.

Although this would affect Pink Cloud Pavilion and Zhao Hai’s benefits, having a connection to the Great Sect more than makes up for it. This would save them a lot of trouble.

Zhao Hai looked at Huang Daoran and said, “Master is thoughtful. Martial Uncle, is this possible?”

Feng Baiming placed his cup at this time, then he nodded and said, “I think it’s possible. Our Profound Clear Sect doesn’t have to do much yet we could gain benefits. After a while, I’ll return to my sect and tell them about it. Musclehead, you should head back and tell girl Zhen Ling about this to make her happy. I heard that Pink Clouds Pavilion has been anxious recently. You think those reckless folks are about to move?”

Huang Daoran coldly snorted and said, “A group of idiots. Why bother with them? With your sect, me, Little Hai, and Zhen Ling working together, let’s see if they make a move. If they do, then I might just clean them up.”

Hearing Huang Daoran, Feng Baiming stared. Then he laughed and said, “Musclehead, you really planned this out. Rest assured, I’m 100 percent sure that this will go through. Jokes aside, you shouldn’t be polite with them anymore. Otherwise, they would think that you’re easy to bully.”

Huang Daoran smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to be aggressive against them. But those families also have Transcending Tribulation Experts backing them up. If I cause a huge trouble, then the Pink Clouds Pavilion might be torn apart. Therefore, I had to endure. Although you’re a good friend, asking you to make a move would be improper with your position in the Profound Clear Sect.”

Feng Baiming nodded, then he sighed and said, “Us succeeding in our tribulation caused people to envy us. However, I discovered that it’s very uncomfortable having people’s eyes on us every time we make a move.”

Huang Daoran smiled faintly and said, “Fortunately, I’m only a guest elder, a Rogue Cultivator. You are different. Being a Great Elder of the Profound Clear Sect, every action you make represents your sect. Naturally, the entire world would pay attention to you.”

Feng Baiming angrily scolded his friend before downing a cup of liquor. He was actually a bit depressed. Being in a Great Sect provided plenty of advantages in cultivation. However, there were also a lot of customs that he needed to take note of. Although he was now a Great Elder, a position only a handful of people had, he found out that it wasn’t a good feeling having everyone observe your every action.

Huang Daoran turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, after this matter gets pushed through you’ll discuss things with Little Zhen Ling. You’ll be coming with me when I return to my residence. And if you need anything in the future, you can go there and find me.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Master, I still have some things I need to take care of in the Lock Mountain Range. I need to head back. Right, these are for you and Martial Uncle to drink. Just tell me if it’s not enough.” Then he took out several huge jugs of the highest-grade liquor the Space has produced.

These huge jugs weighed about 100 jin and there were ten of them, totalling 1000 jin of liquor. Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming weren’t polite as they each took 5 jars each and stored them in their spatial equipment. Then Huang Daoran nodded and said, “Alright, you go back first. This way, those Machine Field fellows won’t think that you changed sides. By the way, when your planet is finished, make sure to invite me and your Martial Uncle to take a look.”

Zhao Hai nodded and bowed to the two people before disappearing. When Zhao Hai vanished, Feng Baiming sighed and said, “Musclehead, you’re really lucky. Not a lot of people can achieve what he did in a short time. Also, I don’t think that he’s rushing to progress. His future achievements are limitless. And he seems to regard sentiments well. As long as you aren’t excessive, you would be benefitting from him a lot. I really envy you for having him as your disciple.” 

Huang Daoran smiled faintly and said, “This can be called turning misfortune into blessing. I’m thinking of fully supporting Little Hai in transcending his tribulation. It would be good for both me and the Pink Clouds Pavilion.”

Feng Baiming nodded, then he smiled bitterly and said, “He’s still at Nascent Soul Stage. But he already made such a huge wave. I don’t know what would happen if he really succeeds in crossing his tribulation. Maybe he’ll change the skies of the World of Cultivation with his strength.”

Huang Daoran looked at Feng Baiming in a puzzled way as he said, “Blacksmith, aren’t you looking at him too highly? He’s just a kid after all, what can he do?”

Feng Baiming looked at Huang Daoran and said, “A kid? Don’t forget that he has already built his own base of power. If he becomes more successful, who knows what would happen. Aren’t you the one underestimating his capabilities?”

Huang Daoran turned silent. He found that he was still underestimating Zhao Hai. How long did Zhao Hai take to reach his current situation?  One year, a short year. What was one year for a Cultivator? There were even some Cultivators who closed up for a year or more.

But Zhao Hai? He only used one year to become a very powerful expert. He also has a planet of his own. People in the Lock Mountain Range consider him as a close brother. And he has become the hope of the Machine Field.

Huang Daoran was not a fool. He has been in the Six Realms Battlefield, so he was very clear that the upper hand in this place rotated, this includes the Machine Field. And he was also very clear that the people in the Six Realms Battlefield were core members of powerful groups. Zhao Hai was now regarded as one of these people. This meant that he now had a giant web of connections. This web wasn’t anything that normal people would have. Once Zhao Hai establishes his influence, this web would display its might. 

Moreover, Zhao Hai had gained himself a huge reputation in the Six Realms Beginner Competition. And with his recent exploits, his name became even more loud. As long as Zhao Hai establishes his influence, followers from all places would converge towards him. Moreover, behind Zhao Hai was the Ashley Family. With how good their relationship was, the family would certainly help him.

Also, there was Zhao Hai’s planet that enabled him to sell spirit wine, providing him with massive funds. And with his business being in the Cultivation Realm, he could obtain resources en masse. When one looks at it carefully, Zhao Hai has all conditions to establish a power of his own. Once he did, nobody could stop him.

With this thought in mind, Huang Daoran let out a long breath and said, “Right, it seems like I still underestimate people, especially Little Hai. Those who underestimate him will certainly suffer a loss, including me. Once he establishes his power, then it’s even more important to not look down at him. But well, he’s my disciple now, not my enemy. Hahaha. It seems like I’m very blessed.”

Feng Baiming looked at Huang Daoran, then he took a drink from his cup. And suddenly, his eyes shone as he said, “Say, Musclehead, have you considered setting Zhao Hai up with that lass Zhen Ling?” 

Huang Daoran’s eyes turned bright as well. He didn’t say anything but he slowly took a drink from his cup.


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