BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1346


Chapter 1346 – Master and Disciple

To be honest, it wasn’t just the spectators who couldn’t react, Laura and the others were stunned as well. The change of this matter was too fast. Zhao Hai became Huang Daoran’s disciple all of a sudden.

However, Laura and the others were also smart people. When they thought about it, they immediately understood why Huang Daoran did this. It can be said that this was the best way to deal with the situation.

Now that Zhao Hai received all of the Undead, Laura and the others were more relaxed. Then the group discussed what would happen next.

It can be said that Zhao Hai’s greatest danger has been removed. So what should he do now? One shouldn’t think that becoming Huang Daoran’s disciple would solve everything. In fact, becoming Huang Daoran’s disciple brings in new troubles.

First of these troubles would be in the Machine Field. Would the people in the Machine Field still trust Zhao Hai? This was a major problem. After all, Zhao Hai was still based in the Machine Field. If the people in the Machine Field don’t trust him, then it would be very difficult for Zhao Hai to keep a foothold in the realm.

And how would the Cultivators see him? If Zhao Hai continues to be active in the Six Realms Battlefield and be hostile with the Cultivators, what would his status be? This was also a problem.

The women discussed but they came up with nothing. In the end they could only give up. At this time, Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran entered the partially controlled territory of the Cultivation Realm.

Some Nascent Soul Experts immediately welcomed them. People already knew about Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran. Upon seeing the two, they didn’t feel anything strange. Instead, they looked at Zhao Hai with mixed looks of envy and admiration.

After all, these people knew that Huang Daoran wouldn’t have accepted Zhao Hai as a disciple if he could do anything to him. It can be said that Zhao Hai’s current status was gained with his own strength.

These people didn’t develop any ideas to follow Zhao Hai and challenge Transcending Tribulation Experts in order to become their disciples. If they really did that, they would no doubt be killed. It can be said that Zhao Hai’s circumstance was extremely unique. If it wasn’t because of a multiple of factors, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to become Huang Daoran’s disciple.

Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivators and gave them a slight greeting. On the other hand, Huang Daoran didn’t care about them. As they arrived near Huang Daoran’s cave mansion, Huang Daoran told the Nascent Soul Experts, “We’ll be staying in my cave mansion. Don’t disturb me without my permission.”

The nascent Soul Experts complied and stopped following them. Instead, they flew towards the Cultivation Realm’s territory as they gazed at Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran.

To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t a stranger to this place. His flying needles had already mapped this entire region. Besides some protected places like the Bloodstone Fort, he can spy on any other place without anyone stopping him. Because of this, he wasn’t too curious.

Zhao Hai’s reaction fell into Huang Daoran’s attention. He couldn’t help but think highly upon Zhao Hai. This was the territory of the Cultivation Realm and Zhao Hai hadn’t been here before. Zhao Hai had always been in the Machine Field’s domain. If other people had the opportunity to come here, they would no doubt look left and right as if to see every little thing. This way, it would be easier for the Machine Field to wage war in the future. However, Zhao Hai didn’t look at anything as he looked in front. It was as if there’s nothing here that could attract his attention.

Although Huang Daoran was somewhat compelled with no choice when he accepted Zhao Hai as a disciple, he couldn’t help but discover that Zhao Hai was becoming more and more pleasing to the eye as time passed by. 

Both of them knew the reason for their relationship. But Huang Daoran didn’t want to stain his face so he gave Zhao Hai a piece of azure yang stone. The azure yang stone was a rare and valuable material. If Zhao Hai can find a good refiner, he can gain a very good artifact.

But Zhao Hai didn’t want the Cultivators to give any malicious remarks to Huang Daoran. Therefore, he gave his new master a piece of soft gold ore.

This was soft gold! In fact, Zhao Hai’s soft gold ore was much more valuable than Huang Daoran’s azure yang stone. Huang Daoran has been in the Six Realms Battlefield before and had been to the soft gold mine. Finding such a large piece of soft gold ore might even be harder than killing Zhao Hai!

Besides the Six Realms Battlefield, the World of Cultivation also had places to mine soft gold. However, these mining sites had all been monopolized by great powers. Wanting to obtain soft gold ore from those places was as difficult as ascending to heaven. Because of this, soft gold ore has become a valuable resource in the World of Cultivation.

Although Huang Daoran was an earth-element Cultivator, this didn’t mean that he had no use for soft gold ore. In fact, Huang Daoran needed a lot of materials in order to make his weapons better. And soft gold was common in all of these requirements, making its value much higher.

What Zhao Hai gave was exactly what Huang Daoran wanted. More importantly, when he asked Zhao Hai about coming to the Cultivation Realm’s territory, Zhao Hai immediately agreed. This caused Huang Daoran’s impression of Zhao Hai to become better.

Because he was a Transcending Tribulation Cultivator, Huang Daoran naturally won’t use underhanded tactics on Zhao Hai. However, if other people were placed in Zhao Hai’s shoes, they would no doubt hesitate – even those with the same strength as Zhao Hai. This was because going to the Cultivation Realm’s territory meant that he was heading to the mouth of the tiger. Although Zhao Hai has spatial abilities, what’s to say that the Cultivation Realm didn’t have anyone with spatial abilities?

However, Zhao Hai actually agreed. This wasn’t only because he was confident of his strength, but also because he trusted Huang Daoran. This was what made Huang Daoran appreciate Zhao Hai.

Before long, the two were about to arrive at Bloodstone Fort. Zhao Hai had also seen the Bloodstone Fort from the Space. Because of the defensive formations surrounding the fort, the silver needles couldn’t easily observe it. This includes the mountains behind the fort, with a huge defensive formation protecting it, the silver needles were also unable to monitor it.

The two didn’t stop at Bloodstone Fort and went directly to the back mountains and Huang Daoran’s cave mansion. As soon as they entered the cave mansion, Huang Daoran took Zhao Hai to the lounge. This lounge was very large. Although it was within a cave, there were flowers and grass inside. The flowers were very fragrant. Meanwhile, the grass was Condensing Spirit Grass, a very helpful grass for cultivation.

Moreover, there was a small spring in the lounge. The spring spouted chilly spring water as well as mist. It caused the place to look like a land of wonder.

Besides the natural fixtures, there were only very few man-made items in the lounge. There were only mats on the ground, making the place simplistic.

After Huang Daoran led Zhao Hai into the lounge, he gestured to the mat and said, “Sit, feel welcome.”

Zhao Hai bowed and said, “Thank you, Master.” Then he went to a mat and sat down. Huang Daoran looked at Zhao Hai and smiled. Then he waved his hand as he took out a small jade sword. Huang Daoran infused some energy into the sword and then the sword took off.

Although Zhao Hai hadn’t gone to the Cultivation Realm, he could still recognize the item that Huang Daoran took out. It was a Jade Sword Message which was used for short-distance communication. It was a bit like a letter but it was more secure. Even computer encryption isn’t as secure as a Jade Sword Message.

The Jade Sword Message has a spiritual lock. Besides the sender and the receiver, nobody else would have any means to see its contents. Moreover, the lock on a Jade Sword Message was much more sensitive compared to normal locks. Once a foreign spiritual force enters it, it would immediately explode, destroying all of its contents.

Besides self destructing, a spiritual mark would also appear on the person who destroyed the Jade Sword Message. This would enable the sender to track the perpetrator. Because of this, nobody dared to touch these small jade swords.

After releasing his small jade sword, Huang Daoran turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, although I have received you as a disciple, it was done in haste. But now that you became my disciple, I will teach you as much as I can. You can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Yes, Master. Since this disciple has joined Master’s side, I’ll make sure to not lose face.”

Huang Daoran nodded, “As you already know, your master is a guest elder of the Pink Clouds Pavilion. The Pavilion Master Zhen Ling is my named disciple. When the chance arises, I’ll introduce you to her.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Thank you, Master. Master, this is a small item made by me. Please accept it. It’s a coordinate transmission formation. As long as you press the button on top, this disciple will know where you are. Then I can use my spatial ability to go over immediately.”

Huang Daoran looked at the small item that Zhao Hai handed over. It looked like a jade pendant. There was a small circular formation on it which should be the button. The workmanship was very delicate. Moreover, the jade also seems to have been refined.

Huang Daoran came from a rogue cultivator background. Therefore, he had dabbled in both pills and crafting. Because of this, he could see that Zhao Hai’s item wasn’t like the usual items made by the Machine Field. Instead, it looks like it had been made using a crafting technique. This caused him to be somewhat surprised.

He raised his head to look at Zhao Hai as he said, “You also craft?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, Master. Refining, pill-making, crafting. This disciple has studied them to an extent. If Master has anything to say, then please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

Huang Daoran smiled and didn’t say anything. But he still took the jade pendant. At this time, Zhao Hai turned towards the entrance of the cave mansion. This was because he could feel a powerful aura flying over.

Huang Daoran saw Zhao Hai’s reaction and gave a satisfied nod. He knew that the person coming over was the one he invited, his friend Feng Baiming. 


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