BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1345


Chapter 1345 – Acknowledging as Master?

Huang Daoran looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Has also calmly looked back at him. His originally pale face was beginning to recover its color. It was as if he didn’t suffer any injury.

This discovery caused Huang Daoran to be startled yet again. He believed that Zhao Hai’s previous state wasn’t fake. Instead, Zhao Hai’s body was regenerating quickly. Such resilience was certainly a surprise.

Zhao Hai didn’t talk anymore. He just looked at Huang Daoran. Looking at Zhao Hai, Huang Daoran suddenly burst out laughing and said, “Good. good. This old man has seen young men like you. But out of all of them, you, Zhao Hai, are number 1. It’s a pity that you’re not from the Cultivation Realm. Otherwise, this old man will receive you as his disciple.” 

Huang Daoran’s remarks caused everyone to be surprised. Who was Huang Daoran? He’s a famous Transcending Tribulation Expert of the Cultivation Realm. Up until this day, people have only heard that he has a named disciple, and that was the Pink Clouds Pavilion’s Zhen Ling. As for official disciples, he doesn’t have one.

One shouldn’t look at the gap between Nascent Soul and Transcending Tribulation as just one step. There were numerous Cultivators who weren’t able to go over this step in their lifetimes. Nascent Soul Experts were even willing to become a named disciple or even a servant of a Transcending Tribulation if it meant that they had more chance of overcoming this step.

However, Transcending Tribulation Experts prioritized increasing their cultivation as soon as possible so that they could reach Severed Soul Stage or even Immortal Stage. They rarely accepted disciples. And even if they did, their requirements would be very strict.

Huang Daoran saying this to Zhao Hai showed how much he appreciates him. Almost all Cultivators present looked at Zhao Hai with envious eyes.

On the other hand, Yuan and the others looked at Zhao Hai in anxiety. The significance of being a Transcending Tribulation Expert’s disciple was very huge for Cultivators. Yuan and the others were afraid that Zhao Hai would switch to becoming Huang Daoran’s follower and becoming his disciple. This would mean that Zhao Hai would become a Cultivator.

Zhao Hai looked at Huang Daoran as he smiled faintly and bowed before saying, “I thank the Daoist for your consideration. But this Zhao Hai is a person of the Machine Field. Becoming Daoist’s follower would be very inconvenient and would even cause you some troubles. Therefore, this Zhao Hai can only decline Daoist’s good intent.”

Huang Daoran’s eyes lit up as he said, “So you aren’t opposed to becoming my disciple?”

Zhao Hai stared when Huang Daoran said this. Huang Daoran seems to be sincere in accepting him as a disciple. Zhao Hai didn’t expect this. 

Zhao Hai looked at Huang Daoran, not quite understanding what the other party meant. He could only bow to Huang Daoran as he said, “Daoist, this one is someone from the Machine Field and I also don’t want to leave the realm.” Without waiting for Zhao Hai to finish, Huang Daoran waved his hand and said, “Who told you to leave the Machine Field? This old man just wants to take you as a disciple, I didn’t say anything else. Zhao Hai, you study a cultivation method of the Cultivation Realm. This old man isn’t wrong about this. So is it really difficult for you to become my disciple?”

Zhao Hai was somewhat puzzled about why Huang Daoran decided to take him in as a disciple. However, he immediately changed his mind when he understood. If Huang Daoran receives him as a disciple, then all of these would be solved.

The Cultivation Realm was concerned about their face. Because Huang Daoran failed to kill Zhao Hai, they had lost a lot of it. And if Huang Daoran retreated this time, then they would lose even more face. Huang Daoran’s prestige would also take a hit. And this wouldn’t be good for Zhao Hai as well. Even if Zhao Hai forces Huang Daoran to retreat and establish his reputation as invincible under Transcending Tribulation, it would still bring him endless troubles.

First of all, for the Cultivators, their face was very important. It might seem like a matter between two people if Zhao Hai manages to drive Huang Daoran away. However, for the Cultivation Realm, this was something that involved their entire realm. Zhao Hai was hitting the face of the entire realm and the Cultivation Realm wouldn’t let him off for it. They would certainly retaliate whenever possible.

Besides the Cultivators, the other realms also wouldn’t let Zhao Hai live an easy life. Being titled as invincible under Transcending Tribulation comes with its troublesome effects. Everyone would want to kill him in order to gain fame. 

But if Huang Daoran receives Zhao Hai as a disciple, then all of these troubles would no longer exist. Firstly, Huang Daoran would be able to save his face if he took Zhao Hai as an apprentice. Secondly, the Cultivation Realm would be saving face. Zhao Hai was the Machine Field’s number one genius, and he became Huang Daoran’s disciple. This would give the Cultivation Realm face. Your number one genius is a disciple of our Cultivation Realm!

Don’t think that it would be absurd for the Cultivators to think like this. Those arrogant Cultivators would certainly think so. To Zhao Hai, this was a benefit that didn’t need to be paid for. To these Cultivators, Zhao Hai would then become a partial member of the Cultivation Realm. The Great Sects would no longer cause him any troubles.

Moreover, Zhao Hai would gain a backer if he were to become Huang Daoran’s disciple. One must know that Transcending Tribulation Experts belonged to apex experts in the Cultivation Realm. Those who want to step on Zhao Hai to become famous would have to think properly. Although disciples of Great Sects might not care about Huang Daoran, at least this would reduce Zhao Hai’s headaches.

Upon thinking of this, Zhao Hai looked at Huang Daoran and then smiled faintly as he gave a bow and said, “Then this Zhao Hai greets Master Huang Daoran.”

Hearing that Zhao Hai had agreed, Huang Daoran couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Then he said, “Alright, good. This is the best outcome. And since you acknowledge me as your Master, then you will be my disciple from now on. This old man can’t be too stingy, so take this as a welcoming gift.” Then he waved his hand and took out a stone the size of a human head. This stone was blue all over and it looked like any ordinary blue stone.

Zhao Hai quickly flew to Huang Daoran’s side. Since Huang Daoran accepted him as a disciple in front of so many people, then Huang Daoran naturally wouldn’t renege on his words. If he used this to deceive Zhao Hai in lowering his guard, then he would no longer deserve to be a Transcending Tribulation Expert.

Seeing Zhao Hai without any vigilance, Huang Daoran felt satisfied. Then he placed the blue stone on Zhao Hai’s hand and said, “This azure yang stone has been obtained by Master many years ago. This stone is hard and contains a trace of yang qi. Master’s life source weapon, the wordless stele, is made from this stone. This is what’s left behind after I made the stele. This remaining piece of azure sun stone is now yours.”

Zhao Hai was stunned. He didn’t expect this blue stone to be this valuable. He also didn’t expect Huang Daoran to be so generous. In his view, their established relationship was only for the sake of both parties. He took what he needed. But he didn’t expect to be given such precious azure yang stone. 

This moved Zhao Hai. No matter what goal Huang Daoran had in accepting him as a disciple, it was indeed a good thing.

Zhao Hai bowed and said, “Thanking Master for the gift. Master, I also have a gift to give you. Some time ago, this disciple went to the soft gold mine and accidentally got a piece of soft gold ore. With my current state, it is useless to me. So I’ll just give it to you.” Then he turned his hand and a piece of soft gold ore appeared. It was half a meter in diameter and it was large enough to extract a catty of solf gold. It’s quite valuable.

Huang Daoran didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have something this good. His eyes looked gratified as he laughed and said, “Alright, then Master will accept it. Right, come with me, Master will lead you to see someone.” 

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand as he received all the Undead as well as the Silverback Gold-winged bug. Then he had Jia Ding Shan and the others retreat. As he was about to leave, he turned his head to Yuan and the others and said, “Captain Yuan, Boss Xiong, I’ll return after going with Master. There’s no need to worry about me.”

Although Yuan and the others wanted to say something, they could only swallow their words. In the end, they nodded to Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai looked at Huang Daoran and said, “Master, please.” Huang Daoran nodded before turning around and flying towards the Cultivation Realm’s domain. Zhao Hai also followed hastily behind.

It was only at this time that those who came to spectate reacted. Huang Daoran initially came here for revenge. However, it ended up like this. This caused them to be speechless.

Everyone looked as Zhao Hai followed Huang Daoran to the Cultivation Realm’s territory. Some looks had envy in it while some were disdainful. They criticized Zhao Hai to be an idiot. In their minds, Zhao Hai was delivering himself into extreme danger. They believed that Huang Daoran didn’t have any good intentions in taking him as a disciple. Perhaps, once Zhao Hai enters the Cultivation Realm’s territory, he will be besieged by the Cultivators.

Naturally, these thoughts stemmed from their feeling of envy. Deep inside, these people knew that there was no possible way for that scenario to happen. It was impossible for Huang Daoran to use that shameless method to deal with Zhao Hai. He’s a Transcending Tribulation Expert, he cannot use shameless methods lest he will lose a lot of face!


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