BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1344


Chapter 1344 – Threat! Defeat!

“God! It’s the Wordless Stele! The Wordless Stele! Huang Daoran actually took out the Wordless Stele? Was Zhao Hai that strong? This is Huang Daoran’s Life Source Weapon!”

“It’s too inconceivable. And what kind of weapon did Zhao Hai use? How could a small staff become a big ship? And there’s also those metallic beasts. What is going on?”

The sounds of discussion were heard. Normally, these people wouldn’t dare to make any noise. After all, Huang Daoran was a Transcending Tribulation Expert. If they offended him, then they wouldn’t have any good days ahead. However, they were too surprised that they had forgotten that there was a Transcending Tribulation Expert present.

Huang Daoran’s life source weapon was the Wordless Stele. Nobody knew which material this Wordless Stele was made from, and nobody knew who refined it. However, it was well-known that it’s power was enormous. Moreover, it was also formidable in defense.

When Huang Daoran was in the Nascent Soul Stage, he basically used his five weapons all the time. A lot of people know that the Wordless Stele was Huang Daoran’s life source weapon, but they haven’t seen it. They didn’t expect to see it come out today. And it was when Huang Daoran was fighting a Nascent Soul Expert.

Not far away from Zhao Hai, Yuan led a large number of Machine Field experts. Each one of them had their weapons in hand. But their expressions were filled with shock. When they heard that Zhao Hai went head-on against Huang Daoran, they immediately armed themselves and set off. However, they didn’t expect to see this scene upon arriving. Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran seem to have gone all out in clashing. Although Zhao Hai suffered a loss, it didn’t seem that he lost by a lot. He even forced Huang Daoran to reveal his life source weapon. This was truly astonishing.

Huang Daoran stood on the Baxia as his cold electric eyes looked at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also stood up calmly. Although his face was pale, his imposing aura didn’t lose out against Huang Daoran.

Huang Daoran laughed and said, “Good, Zhao Hai, Well done, well done. Now that this old man has taken out his life source weapon, I can no longer treat you like a junior. Zhao Hai, you can be proud to have died under this old man’s Wordless Stele.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Dead people don’t need pride. Only living people can be proud.” Then after he said that, he commanded the ship to attack Huang Daoran once again.

Huang Daoran coldly snorted. The Wordless Stele flew out as he said, “Crush!”

The wordless table immediately became larger as it pressed down on Zhao Hai’s ship. Zhao Hai turned his ship into a tower before the Wordless Stele hit it from the top. Zhao Hai’s tower was like a spring, turning nine floors into three before stopping, rebounding the stele, and then returning to nine floors. Zhao Hai’s face turned ugly. At the same time, the 12 metal beasts were tied down by Huang Daoran’s five treasures.

Although the 12 metal beasts numbered more than the 5 heavy treasures, the five treasures were much more powerful. The metal beasts were pushed back but they were able to stall the five heavy treasures. Jia Ding Shan and the others weren’t idling as well. Whenever possible, they would attack Huang Daoran along with the Undead. This caused Huang Daoran to only use six points of his strength on Zhao Hai. 

Even if Huang Daoran had released the Wordless Stele, he still had no way to get to Zhao Hai. Currently, Zhao Hai’s liquid silver was using 500 thousand-layer formations. This was the limit that Zhao Hai reached. Moreover, the formation sets used were innumerable in variation. According to the situation, Cai’er would change the formations of liquid silver. Things like the spring tower was Cai’er’s stroke of genius.

Meanwhile, Lizzy, Megan, and Margaret were commanding the Undead to attack Huang Daoran. However, Huang Daoran was indeed a Transcending Tribulation Expert. No matter what kind of attack came at him, he could deal with them without moving from his position. Lizzy and the others became serious, but all they could do was harass Huang Daoran.

Although Zhao Hai wasn’t at his full power, he was also putting out eighty percent of his strength. The only things he hadn’t taken out yet were those that shouldn’t be revealed.

After the Wordless Stele was repelled once more, Huang Daoran’s expression turned uglier. He sent the Wordless Stele towards Zhao Hai again. At this time, Zhao Hai’s tower turned back into a ship. Once the two hit, the ship was blown away while the Wordless Stele chased it down. The previous collision didn’t allow the ship to block the stele. However, the waves under the ship as well as its flagpole were able to successfully defend. 

After that, Zhao Hai used the crescent moon spade once more. When Huang Daoran saw Zhao Hai’s crescent moon spade, he immediately received his Wordless Stele. He was well aware that the crescent moon spade was an ancient artifact. Although Zhao Hai cannot use it fully right now, the power of an ancient artifact couldn’t be underestimated. The Wordless Stele was Huang Daoran’s life source weapon, so he didn’t want anything unexpected happening to it. Therefore, he took it back.

There was blood on the corner of Zhao Hai’s mouth. It was clear that he was injured. However, he didn’t give up as he used the ship to charge towards Huang Daoran.

Huang Daoran’s eyes flashed a cold light. He sent the Wordless Stele forward to knock back Zhao Hai’s ship. Zhao Hai spat out a bit of blood this time. At the same time, the waves and the flagpole forced the Wordless Stele back towards Huang Daoran. As the Wordless Stele was retreating, a small dark-green arrow flew towards Zhao Hai’s throat. The speed of this arrow was extremely fast. With Zhao Hai’s attention being on the Wordless Stele, he didn’t have time to avoid it.

The small arrow reached Zhao Hai’s throat in a blink of an eye. Zhao Hai’s eyes coldly flashed before the arrow hit his throat.

Zhao Hai’s face was turned upwards as blood shot up into the sky. It seemed like time stopped for a moment. The Wordless Stele stopped retreating, the five heavy artifacts stopped attacking, the metal beasts froze along with the Undead. Jia Ding Shan and the others also paused. And everyone present looked at Zhao Hai who was on top of his ship.

At this time, a loud shout was heard, “Little Hai!” Several shadows rushed towards the ship. These people were Xiong Li and Zhao Hai’s other brothers. At this time, the others also responded. The scene was in an uproar as people felt sorry for the demise of this young expert.

However, Huang Daoran couldn’t help but frown. He waved as the Wordless Stele and the five heavy weapons returned to his side. Although he has given Zhao Hai a fatal strike, his expression didn’t have any joy in it.

It was also at this time that the spectators discovered something wrong. One must know that whether it be the metal beasts, the Undead, or the ship, all of these were taken out by Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai was really killed by that arrow, then shouldn’t these things vanish? Then why were they still here?

At this moment, Zhao Hai slowly sat up. He was grabbing a small arrow in his hand. Although his face was pale, there was no wound on his neck.

Everyone present couldn’t help but stare. They didn’t know how Zhao Hai managed to survive. All of them saw Zhao Hai’s throat getting hit by that arrow. So how was Zhao Hai fine? 

They failed to recognize that Zhao Hai has the ability to crystallize his body. When the small arrow hit Zhao Hai, his throat had been completely crystallized. The reason why he vomited blood was because of the force behind that arrow. After all, it was an attack sent by a Transcending Tribulation Expert.

But Zhao Hai also knew that he couldn’t depend on his crystal body the entire time. It was already fortunate that he was able to block this attack. There was no next time.

Zhao Hai stood up and patted Xiong Li’s shoulder. Then he waved them away and sent them back to Yuan’s side. Yuan and the others were all cheering. They thought that Zhao Hai had been killed. But they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to survive. Yuan and the others couldn’t stop themselves from being excited.

Zhao Hai looked at the dark-green arrow in his hand before looking at Huang Daoran and saying, “I thank Daoist for giving me this arrow. This Zhao Hai will remember this favor.” As soon as Zhao Hai said that, the entire scene turned quiet. Zhao Hai was telling Huang Daoran that he will remember this arrow and would definitely return the favor in the future.

Huang Daoran wasn’t angry. He looked at Zhao Hai as he chuckled and said, “Zhao Hai, are you really that confident that you’ll survive today?”

Zhao Hai looked at Huang Daoran, then he smiled and said, “Yes, I will not die today. Daoist, have you forgotten? I can use space magic. If I want to escape, nobody can stop me. I know that Daoist can threaten the lives of the people in the Lock Mountain Range. But I must tell you this. Daoist is a guest elder in the Pink Clouds Pavilion. You might kill the people in the Lock Mountain Range to lure me out, but this Zhao Hai will not court death. Instead, I’ll go to the Cultivation Realm and kill every person from the Pink Clouds Pavilion that I see!”

As Zhao Hai said this, Huang Daoran’s expression sank. He looked at Zhao Hai and coldly snorted, “Are you threatening this old man?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I won’t dare threaten Daoist. But I’m just telling facts. This Zhao Hai has just ascended from the Lower Realms roughly a year ago as a Dark Mage. Whoever wants to kill me, then I’ll kill them as well. I ask Daoist to reconsider his plan.” After he said that, he bowed towards Huang Daoran and didn’t talk anymore.

Zhao Hai’s words were clearly a threat. Whether it was Huang Daoran or the people watching on the sides, they all had to consider Zhao Hai’s threat. First because Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage. Dark Mages were akin to Demonic and Ghost Cultivators of the Devil Realm. And these people were well-known to be vicious and merciless. Once they make a move, their targets wouldn’t have any better days.

The second reason was because Zhao Hai was a spatial ability user. Moreover, his ability was extremely formidable. If he wants to come, he can come. If he wants to leave, he can leave. And nobody would be able to stop him. Therefore, Huang Daoran had to be careful in responding to Zhao Hai’s words.

And most importantly, Zhao Hai was strong. After fighting Zhao Hai for some time, Huang Daoran gained a certain understanding of his strength. Huang Daoran already confirmed that Zhao Hai was invincible under Transcending Tribulation. Although the Pink Clouds Pavilion has several Transcending Tribulation Experts, it was impossible for them to look after the entire pavilion. If Zhao Hai really retaliated against the Pink Clouds Pavilion, things would get very troublesome. 

If he didn’t care about Zhao Hai before, then Huang Daoran dreaded him now. Zhao Hai’s strength was beyond his imagination.

Average Nascent Soul Experts simply weren’t Zhao Hai’s opponent. Even Nascent Soul Experts from Great Sects, with their various techniques and treasures would find it impossible to win against Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s magic artifact was extremely overbearing. Not only can it transform, it could even change its size. Such magic artifacts have never been seen before. Even the legendary Ten Thousand Transformations Rod couldn’t achieve this.

A flying sword, a huge ship, a nine-storey tower, the differences between them was huge. The scale would reach almost a hundred times. However, Zhao Hai’s magic artifact was able to achieve this.

Also, this magic artifact seems to be able to divide itself. Previously, Zhao Hai was able to use 1000 flying swords. One thousand flying swords, this number was too astonishing.

With all of these reasons combined, Huang Daoran couldn’t help but take Zhao Hai’s threat very seriously. Huang Daoran’s expression was ugly as he looked at Zhao Hai. He could understand why Zhao Hai was like this. First, he didn’t want Huang Daoran to destroy the Lock Mountain Range. Secondly, he wanted to establish prestige. Zhao Hai wanted to make it known that he was strong, making others dread his existence. 

Zhao Hai looked at Huang Daoran with a flat expression. Upon seeing Huang Daoran’s expression change, he said, “I don’t have any enmity with Daoist. So why do we have to undergo this hardship? This Zhao Hai is just like any other person to Daoist, so how about just letting me off?”

Zhao Hai’s words caused Huang Daoran to stare. Zhao Hai just threatened him, but then he suddenly said those gentle words. 

However, Huang Daoran’s thoughts immediately changed. Zhao Hai was giving him a platform to step down on. If Zhao Hai was firm in his threat, then Huang Daoran’s face would be thrown to the ground. Zhao Hai admits defeat and gives Huang Daoran an opportunity to back down. If he doesn’t, then nobody knows what Zhao Hai would do next. Perhaps he would leave and begin tormenting the Pink Clouds Pavilion. And this wasn’t something that Huang Daoran wanted to see.


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