BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1343


Chapter 1343 – Wordless Stele


A loud voice of inhalation was heard. This didn’t come from Zhao Hai nor Huang Daoran. Instead, it was from the spectators.

Some of these people had faced Zhao Hai before. At that time, Zhao Hai also released Undead to fight them. This was especially true for the Sprites. But the Undead that they went up against were all humanoid. Now, Zhao Hai not only released humanoid Undead, there was also beast-shaped Undead. Moreover, these beast-shaped Undead were giants. Being equipped with magic cannons, these beast Undead looked like small battleships.

Looking at these beast-shaped Undead, one could see that their claws were also fitted with iron extensions. Their tails also had iron hammers installed. One could see how offensively powerful they were.

Then there was Zhao Hai with four Nascent Soul Experts standing behind him. There’s also his flying swords swimming like fishes around him. Lastly, the crescent moon shovel in his hand made him look like a warrior monk. These things combined made Zhao Hai look extraordinary. These things also show Zhao Hai’s powerful combat prowess.

Seeing these things, people wouldn’t suspect if someone told them that Zhao Hai was a Transcending Tribulation Expert.

Huang Daoran had a dignified expression as he looked at Zhao Hai. Then he said, “So you didn’t go all out last time. But is this truly all that you have?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Daoist, to tell you the truth, I really don’t want to be enemies with the Cultivation Realm. But there are no cowards in the Machine Field. Forgive me for offending you.” Then he waved his hand. The Undead immediately made a move as several cannons shot straight towards Huang Daoran.

Magic cannons weren’t the strongest weapons of the Machine Field. After all, their offensive power was limited. But with so many magic cannons firing at the same time, their might would certainly be huge.

Huang Daoran waved his hand and took out a ring-type defensive artifact. These magic cannons hit the artifact and were repelled. Moreover, the artifact only shook a couple of times before settling down.

Zhao Hai’s heart turned cold when he saw this. The combined attack of all these magic cannons wasn’t any weaker than a full blow of a Nascent Soul expert. But Huang Daoran could easily block it. It seems like he really had a lot of good things in hand.

After Huang Daoran repelled Zhao Hai’s attack, he waved his hand and took out five artifacts. These five artifacts immediately attacked Zhao Hai. It seems like Huang Daoran wasn’t joking this time. He sent over a heavy attack at the very beginning.

Seeing Huang Daoran’s quintuple attack, Zhao Hai snorted and then waved his hand. The more than 1000 flying swords met the heavy weapons. The crescent moon spade also attacked. These two attacks blocked two weapons. Then at this time, Jia Ding Shan and the others made a move. Two people formed one group and blocked another two weapons. Then the last heavy weapon was blocked by the Silverback Gold-winged bug and the Undead.

At almost the same time, loud bangs were heard. Zhao Hai snorted. Huang Daoran’s five heavy weapons had been blocked. 

Zhao Hai’s face was flushed. Jia Ding Shan and the others also retreated, their expressions unattractive. Only the Silverback Gold-winged Bug was excited. As for the Undead, they were expressionless as usual. Huang Daoran’s expression turned a layer colder. He didn’t expect his fully powered attack would be rendered useless. 

Zhao Hai waved his hand and put the crescent moon spade away. To be honest, the offensive power of the spade was extraordinary. But he can’t use it all the time because every time he did, he would feel like a small horse drawing a large cart. He’d rather use liquid silver.

Although he didn’t suffer a loss this time after using the crescent moon spade, the spiritual force of the crescent moon spade hit back ruthlessly, causing Zhao Hai’s mind to shake.

Zhao Hai also discovered how hard it was to use the crescent moon spade through this exchange. He found that there’s a little obstruction whenever he uses the spade. And he didn’t know what it was.

As he put away the crescent moon spade, Zhao Hai’s thousand flying swords returned to his side. Then the thousand swords fused with each other until they became five.

Seeing the change to the flying swords, Huang Daoran couldn’t help but stare. Then his pupils shrunk as he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Good weapon. Where did you get it from?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Daoist should remember an esteemed person from the Machine Field, Senior Leng Wuyeng. Before he died, he poured his heart and soul to refine a weapon.”

This was the first time that Zhao Hai spoke of this weapon to an outsider. Huang Daoran was stunned, then he pondered for a while before saying, “You managed to finish that wasted artifact?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This is the wasted artifact.” He waved his hand and the five swords combined into one and then transformed into a staff.

Huang Daoran’s expression turned solemn. Then he said, “Good. I didn’t expect you to be hiding this. Let’s see how amazing that artifact really is.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I won’t let you down.” Then he waved his hand, making the Undead attack once more. This time, the Undead changed their method of attacking. They weren’t like last time when they attacked Huang Daoran all at once. They were now in an attacking formation, forming a sharp-angled grouping. They fired their magic cannons in volleys. The power of the magic cannons immediately increased. Each volley was akin to a full-powered attack of a Nascent Soul Expert. Altogether, there were ten Undead attack groups.

Zhao Hai turned to Jia Ding Shan and the others and said, “You spread out and attack whenever possible.” Jia Ding Shan and the others immediately spread out. Even the Silverback Gold-winged bug took off.

At the same time, Zhao Hai let go of his magic staff. Liquid silver flashed with a brilliant light before turning into a huge silver ship. This ship wasn’t like the Machine Field’s ships. Instead, it looked like the ships that Cultivators use. It had a flagpole on top and also some waves below. There were 126 cannons on both sides of the ship. Lastly, there were twelve round metal plates surrounding the ship where each depicted a single constellation.

Magnificent! This ship was indeed magnificent. Nobody expected that Zhao Hai’s staff could turn into a large ship. Moreover, it was a gorgeous ship.

Zhao Hai stood on top of the ship as he looked at Huang Daoran and said, “Attack!” The ship began moving and straightforwardly charged towards Huang Daoran. 

Seeing the ship, Huang Daoran waved his hand. One of his five heavy weapons, the sledgehammer, flew forwards and pounded towards the ship. However, the ship’s flagpole acted like a spear as it moved and pierced towards the sledgehammer. As it swung, it left behind a flaming layer of white. It’s aura made Huang Daoran feel very dangerous.

Boom! The flagpole and the sledgehammer hit each other. The flagpole curved back and bent back into the ship. Then it bounced back again and hit Huang Daoran’s sledgehammer a second time.

Huang Daoran’s expression couldn’t help but change. He discovered that he has no way to test Zhao Hai’s power anymore. This wasn’t only because of the Undead with magic cannons, there’s also Jia Ding Shan and the others who made it unable for Huang Daoran to go at full power.

Most importantly, after the sledgehammer and the flagpole clashed, a wave of overbearing energy rushed towards him. This powerful force was more overbearing than any other impact that Huang Daoran knew. Fortunately, his five heavy weapons were carefully refined and his experience was rish. Otherwise, he would suffer a loss.

However, Zhao Ha’s ship didn’t stop here. It was still heading towards Huang Daoran with fast speed. Huang Daoran’s facial color changed. Then he grunted as he opened his mouth. Then a magic artifact flew out. This artifact looks very strange. It seems like a stele. 

Once the stele came out of Huang Daoran’s mouth, it rose against the wind and immediately changed in size. This stele has eight dragons coiled together, each one looking lifelike. Both sides of the stele had inscriptions of rising dragons. On the base of the stele was an image of Baxia. But what made Zhao Hai feel strange was that this stele had no words on it whatsoever.[1]

However, Zhao Hai didn’t mind it anymore as he controlled the Hell King’s ship to rush towards Huang Daoran’s wordless stele. 

Time seemed to stop for a while as the Hell King’s ship and the wordless stele collided. Then a loud ‘boom’ was heard. Zhao Hai vomited blood as his ship was knocked back. On the other hand, Huang Daoran’s stele flew towards Zhao Hai.

At this moment, twelve metal discs flew out from the ship. Then each of these metal plates turned into giant metallic beasts who then attacked the wordless stele. The roaring sound was endless and before long, the wordless stele was stopped. The stele flew back to Huang Daoran who looked proud as he turned to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s ship was already stopped at this time. Zhao Hai was somewhat pale but he was able to take out a potion to drink. Meanwhile the twelve giant beasts appeared beside the ship looking as if they were guarding it.

On the other hand, the area where the ship and the stele clashed had been completely leveled. All trees and stones present had been turned into powder and a hole dozens of meters deep was dug. One could see how strong the collision was.

Weng! There was a burst of exclamation. Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran knew where this came from without looking. It was from the people who came to watch. In addition to the spectators, the people from the Machine Field had also come over. Everyone looked at Zhao Hai and Huang Daoran in shock, a huge hole was between them!

  1. Baxia – one of the nine sons of the dragon. Enjoys transporting heavy items across the land or at least liked to carry heavy objects. Because of this, his father ordered his image to be placed under monuments. 


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