BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1341


Chapter 1341 – Huang Daoran’s Decision

Huang Daoran and Feng Baiming entered the cave mansion and took a seat. After sitting down, Feng Baiming took out a bottle of spirit wine and then smiled as he said, “We brothers haven’t seen each other for a while. Come, let’s drink two cups.”

Huang Daoran smiled and said, “Alright. It has been some time since I’ve drank spirit wine. Although I’m the Pink Cloud Pavilion’s elder, spirit wine is still expensive to me. I’m embarrassed to say that I want to drink some.”

Feng Baiming smiled and said, “Don’t talk as if I’m a rich man. It’s also difficult for me to get my hands on this. Come, let’s drink.” He took out two cups and then poured some spirit wine. He gave one cup to Huang Daoran. After Huang Daoran received the cup, he took a big sip causing him to savor the flavor of the wine.

Feng Baiming looked at Huang Daoran and said, “Musclehead, what happened this time? How did things get this far?”

Huang Daoran sighed and said, “Do you think I want things to reach this point? If it weren’t for the Great Sects pressuring me, then I wouldn’t have taken this task. Zhao Hai is very difficult to deal with. You don’t know, but I already released my five weapons yet he’s only slightly injured. The person with spatial abilities that we brought is no match for him at all. Compared to Zhao Hai, all other spatial ability users are trash.” 

Feng Baiming looked at Huang Daoran and said, “I heard that the spatial ability user has been killed. Is that true?”

Huang Daoran forced a smile and said, “It’s true. Zhao Hai escaped after I injured him. I thought he wouldn’t come back anymore, so I relaxed and let down my guard. Then that guy suddenly came back and appeared behind our spatial ability user, killed him, and ran away with his corpse. I wanted to pursue him, but I cannot. Moreover, he destroyed the ships that we used as transportation. In the end, we can only fly back to the Pirate Paradise. That fellow is a headache to deal with. He can come and go without a noise.”

Feng Baiming raised his brows and said, “He’s that fierce? I heard he’s a Dark Mage as well. Won’t he release some Undead once you fight him?”

Huang Daoran gave Feng Baiming a look and said, “You old fogey, aren’t you looking down on me too much? How can those undead be my opponents? But Zhao Hai does indeed have a lot of means. In addition to his flying swords, he also has that crescent moon spade. That spade is certainly a good item. It wasn’t damaged even though it clashed with my five weapons.” 

Feng Baiming raised his brows and said, “Not damaged even after clashing with your five weapons? That is indeed a good item. He’s an ascender, where did he get such a thing? Moreover, he’s from the Machine Field. How can he use flying swords and that crescent moon spade?”

Huang Daoran shook his head as he frowned and said, “I’m confused as well. Zhao Hai’s sword control is even better than our Cultivation Realm’s Cultivators. That crescent moon spade is strange as well. Zhao Hai only used it at the final moment. And he immediately stored it after using it once. It doesn’t seem to be used for a long time……” Then as he spoke of this, Huang Daoran was startled. He turned to Feng Baiming. Feng Baiming was also looking at him, their eyes sparkling as they said, “Ancient Artifact!”

Ancient Magic Artifacts were powerful. This was something that all Cultivators agree on. But at the same time, Ancient Artifacts needed a lot of spiritual qi to use. Because of this, although these artifacts weren’t extremely rare, Experts don’t like to use them.

Feng Baiming shook his head and said, “In this case, then Zhao Hai must have obtained an ancient inheritance. So his current achievements are justified.”

Huang Daoran nodded, then he sighed and said, “Even then, an Ancient Artifact can do so much to increase Zhao Hai’s strength. It’s still impossible for him to be my opponent. The real headache is his spatial abilities. He can just run away whenever he wants. I couldn’t win.” 

Feng Baiming also knit his brows and said, “I heard that you declared killing the Machine Field’s people if Zhao Hai escapes.”

Huang Daoran forced a smile and said, “Those are words I said in anger. If I really did that, then wouldn’t the Machine Field be extremely upset? Those Machine Field fellows aren’t afraid of using their nuclear bombs. I heard that they already placed a nuclear bomb on almost every planet in the territory. If we really anger them, they aren’t afraid of us perishing together.” 

Feng Baiming nodded. The Machine Field’s most dreadful property was their willingness to go for desperate measures. Also, nuclear bombs made by the Machine Field were made to be hard to detect up until they were launched. How knows how many bombs they already have in store? This made it hard to put great pressure on the Machine Field.

Huang Daoran sighed, “Now I’m forced by those guys to kill Zhao Hai. And Zhao Hai is very hard to kill. Additionally, the Machine Field is very united. It can be said that he’s undefeatable below Transcending Tribulation. Judging by his strength, he’s half-step to Transcending Tribulation. The Machine Field has been suffering loss upon loss because they don’t have a Transcending Tribulation Expert. Zhao Hai’s appearance gave them hope. So how can the Machine Field allow Zhao Hai to be killed? If I attack Zhao Hai, then those Machine Field fellows would certainly go all out.”

Feng Baiming nodded. He wasn’t a beginner in the Six Realms Battlefield. Before he became a Transcending Tribulation Expert, he also fought against the Machine Field. HIs biggest discovery about them was that they were unafraid of dying.

Feng Baiming heard that Li Lin and the others surrendered to Zhao Hai, becoming his servants. This caused a stir in the Six Realms Battlefield. However, Feng Baiming didn’t think that this was strange. What would be strange was someone from the Machine Field surrendering to someone else. 

It must be known that multiple Cultivators had surrendered to other people in the past. On the other hand, the Machine Field never surrendered. In the entire Machine Field’s history, one wouldn’t be able to see someone surrendering to the other realms. Either they would die in battle or they would run away with heavy injuries. There has never been a situation where one surrendered. This was what made the other realms dread the Machine Field.

Cultivators value their lives. But a person from the Machine Field doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice themselves. They dared to go all out. This mentality had become an imposing aura for the other realms. If it weren’t for the Machine Field being very weak, then they would have already become the Cultivation Realm’s biggest enemy.

Zhao Hai was the most likely person in the Machine Field to reach Transcending Tribulation in recent years. And now Huang Daoran wanted to kill him. This was equivalent to an old man with no son suddenly producing one. The old man would then be hopeful for his family’s heritage. But then someone wanted to kill his son. It would be strange if the old man didn’t become desperate.

Feng Baiming looked at Huang Daoran and said, “Musclehead, it will be troublesome if this matter isn’t handled well. The guys above seem to think that you have lost the face of the Cultivation Realm. Otherwise, they wouldn’t force you to come here. What are you planning to do?”

Huang Daoran smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know yet. If Zhao Hai really hides and refuses to come out, then I might be forced to kill some people. Just enough to push ZHao Hai out so that I can deal with him. But I really don’t want to kill him. If I do, then the lunatics in the Machine Field would certainly take revenge. And I’m afraid I’m not the only one they would retaliate against. The Pink Clouds Pavilion might be affected as well.”

Feng Baiming nodded, “It’s good that you thought of this. But if you do that, those people higher up won’t agree. At the same time, Zhao Hai might not act as expected. Have you thought about this?”

Huang Daoran smiled bitterly and said, “I haven’t thought about that yet. But whether those high up agree or not, I can only handle things my way. The Pink Clouds Pavilion is in a precarious situation. If they get pulled in because of my actions, or if I die, then the Zhen family would be in danger. I can’t just ignore the Zhen Family.”

Feng Baiming nodded. He was aware about Huang Daoran’s relationship with the Zhen Family. The family’s head was Zhen Ling. Although Zhen Ling’s situation looked beautiful outside, things weren’t great in reality. Firstly, there were partners that weren’t happy with Zhen Ling controlling the Pavilion. Secondly, it was because Zhen Ling was too beautiful!

Sometimes it was a crime for a woman to be too pretty. Zhen Ling wasn’t only beautiful, she was also the Pavilion Master of the Pink Clouds Pavilion. Such status, in addition to her appearance, meant that many youths were after her. And the positions of these young men weren’t low.

Presently, Zhen Ling was able to be free and unfettered because of Huang Daoran. Huang Daoran was a Transcending Tribulation Expert. Although he couldn’t contend against Great Sects, he was a Transcending Tribulation Expert regardless. He could at least deter people. If Huang Daoran suffers an accident, then Zhen Ling might be removed from her Pavilion Master position. She might even be taken away in order to become a furnace for a wealthy family’s young master.

Feng Baiming was very clear. Despite being a rogue cultivator, Huang Daoran was still able to become a Transcending Tribulation Expert. This wasn’t only because of his talent, but also his wisdom. Reaching the Transcending Tribulation Stage as a Rogue Cultivator wasn’t something that most people could do. The danger involved with it was unimaginable. Being able to practice all this way meant that Huang Daoran has a good understanding about people’s hearts.

If Huang Daoran killed Zhao Hai, then he would be offending the entire Machine Field. If the Machine Field retaliates against him or the Pink Clouds Pavilion, then the Zhen Family would be in trouble. On the other hand, if he failed to kill Zhao Hai, he might not offend the Machine Field, but the Cultivation Realm would be dissatisfied with him. With his strength, the Great Sects would not pressure him. And if they want to take action against him, then they would have to think hard about it.

Also, if Huang Daoran doesn’t kill a large number of people from the Machine Field, then he might not be able to force Zhao Hai to come out to fight. Once Zhao Hai escapes using space magic, then there’s no catching him. And if Huang Daoran kills too many people, then the Machine Field wouldn’t let him off. They might even be compelled to kill him. This wasn’t a result that he wanted to see.

To put it bluntly, this was all because Huang Daoran was a Rogue Cultivator. He didn’t have a Great Sect behind him to offer support. If he had a large sect like the Profound Clear Sect on his back, then Huang Daoran could do everything possible to kill Zhao Hai. He wouldn’t have any reservations since the sect would take care of the repercussions. But Huang Daoran has no powerful backing. He needed to take care of everything by himself. If he died, then the Cultivation Realm would stay silent.

This was the biggest difference between Rogue Cultivators and Cultivators in Sects. Because of this, Rogue Cultivators get into more trouble compared to the Cultivators in Sects. Being able to reach his current level, Huang Daoran was definitely an anomaly.

Feng Baiming sighed secretly, he looked at Huang Daoran and said, “Musclehead, do you need me to go with you?”

Huang Daoran shook his head and said, “No, you can’t go. If you appear, then things would become more complex. Instead, if I suffer an accident, please look after the Zhen Family for me.”

Feng Baiming sighed, “Musclehead, you should have listened to me a long time ago. With your current strength, you can certainly enter a sect. If you did, you can still take care of the Zhen Family. Moreover, you won’t have any troubles if you meet a situation like right now.”

Huang Daoran shook his head and then took a drink. He didn’t talk anymore. Seeing Huang Daoran staying silent, Feng Baiming no longer urged him. He completely understood this friend of his. He already had a firm resolve to go through with this matter. Urging him right now would be useless.

The two no longer talked about this matter. They casually chatted for several hours as they drank spirit wine. Then Feng Baiming returned to his cave mansion. On the other hand, Huang Daoran got ready to look for Zhao Hai.

After resting inside his mansion for three days, Huang Daoran walked out and then slowly flew towards the Machine Field’s domain. As he traveled, Huang Daoran could feel eyes staring at him. But Huang Daoran didn’t pay any attention to these people. His present target was only one person, Zhao Hai!

At the same time, the Machine Field got news that Huang Daoran was approaching. The Lock Mountain Range moved. Everyone in the mountain range prepared their weapons. Although Huang Daoran’s target was only Zhao Hai, these people were willing to fight for him. To the people in the mountain range, Zhao Hai was their brother. For their family members, they were willing to fight until the last drop of blood was shed!


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