BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1340


Chapter 1340 – Feng Baiming

Huang Daoran stood calmly in front of a transmission formation. Zheng Ling was also there along with her maidservant. Besides there three, there was also another Cultivator present. Normally, those manning the transmission formations were Qi Condensation Stage Cultivators. But right now, the one standing before the transmission formation was a Nascent Soul Expert. This Nascent Soul Expert bowed and said, “I have seen Daoist Huang Daoran. Daoist, please.”

Huang Daoran nodded before standing on the transmission formation. The Nascent Soul Cultivator made some hand signals before activating the formation. A white light flashed before Huang Daoran vanished.

Zhen Ling looked at the transmission formation, then she sighed as she muttered, “I hope everything goes well.” Then she turned to the Nascent Soul Cultivator and smiled faintly as she said, “Thanks for controlling the transmission formation. This is a small gift, please accept it.” Then she handed over a spatial bag to the cultivator.

This person wasn’t an officer, he was truly the person in charge of the transmission formation. It was just that this transmission formation led to the Six Realms Battlefield. Therefore, his status was quite different.

The Nascent Soul Expert operating the transmission formation had quite the strength. Normally, he was arrogant to people. But faced with Zhen Ling, he couldn’t only act politely. He knew how high this woman’s position was. He quickly accepted the bag and said, “Thank you, Pavilion Master.”

Zhen Ling smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need to be polite. This little girl still has something to do, so I will say goodbye first.”

The cultivator immediately said, “Then I’ll see Pavilion Master off.” Zhen Ling gave a salute before leading her maidservant to leave.


A white light flashed as Huang Daoran appeared in the middle of a transmission formation. Outside the formation were several Nascent Soul Experts. When these people saw Huang Daoran, they immediately saluted and said, “We have seen Daoist Huang Daoran.”

Huang Daoran nodded and said, “I’ve troubled everyone.”

The Cultivators immediately bowed and said, “We won’t dare. Daoist, your cave mansion has been prepared. Please follow us.” Huang Daoran nodded before following behind the group.

The Cultivation realm’s transmission formation to the Six Realms Battlefield was also in a room. As soon as they went out of the room, Haung Daoran was met with a large building. This whole building was made out of red stone. His red stone was a special kind of stone present in the Six Realms Battlefield. It’s characteristic was its hardness. The place where Huang Daoran appeared was the Cultivation Realm’s most important fortress in the Six Realms Battlefield, the Bloodstone Fort.

Huang Daoran wasn’t anxious to leave. He stood outside the transmission formation’s room and looked at the fort. Then he sighed and said, “Bloodstone Fort, I didn’t expect that I would return. This Huang Daoran has fond memories of it.”

A Cultivator beside him smiled and said, “I heard that Daoist succeeded his tribulation in the Bloodstone Fort. I really envy Daoist.”

Hearing this, Huang Daoran couldn’t help but feel proud. He chuckled and said, “Dozens of years passed by in a blink of an eye. Yet the Bloodstone Fort remains unchanged.”

A Nascent Soul Expert smiled, “The Bloodstone Fort cannot expand nor can we increase our people here. We’re already the strongest in the Six Realms Battlefield. If we increase our strength, then the other realms would feel uneasy. When that time comes, they might unite and act against us.”

Huang Daoran nodded, “The situation in the Six Realms Battlefield is very complex. It’s good that we aren’t increasing our troops. Alright, let’s go.”

The other Cultivators nodded. Then they flew towards the Bloodstone Fort. The place where Huang Daoran would live wasn’t in the fort but on a mountain beside it. The concentration of spiritual qi in the mountain was much stronger compared to in the fort. Residences on the mountain were reserved for Transcending Tribulation Experts. The Cultivation Realm stationed 10 Transcending Tribulation Experts in the Six Realms Battlefield all year round. However, these experts could only stay in their residence because it was impossible for them to enter battle. Transcending Tribulation Experts could only make the battlefield bloodier, and the six realms couldn’t handle this much bloodshed. Therefore, the realms reached an agreement that only when their territory was attacked could Transcending Tribulation Experts make a move.

Among the Six Realms, only the Machine Field don’t have any Transcending Tribulation Experts. However, nobody dared to underestimate them. This was because the nuclear bombs of the Machine Field were headaches to Transcending Tribulation Experts.

Nuclear bombs and Battleships were the trump cards of the Machine Field. There’s nothing else to say about Battleships, they simply were flying fortresses.

On the other hand, Nuclear bombs were divided into many types in the Machine Field. There were large-scale nuclear bombs where one bomb was enough to destroy a planet. There were also smaller nuclear bombs, the same ones that Eric used to attack Zha o Hai. These smaller nuclear bombs weren’t big, one could be held in a person’s hand.

There were also nuclear bombs in the Six Realms Battlefield. However, these weren’t used under normal circumstances. This was because it was almost impossible for a nuclear bomb to harm a Transcending Tribulation Expert.

The lethality of a nuclear bomb might be greater than a Transcending Tribulation Expert, but in the end it was just a dead object. Once a nuclear bomb was fired, a Transcending Tribulation Expert could just escape before it explodes. And with magic artifacts added, it was very hard for a nuclear bomb to hit a cultivator.

The reason why the Machine Field had nuclear bombs in the battlefield was because they intend to use it as deterrents. If a cultivator like Huang Daoran went to the Machine Field’s territory to kill people, then the Machine Field could launch a nuclear bomb. However, the target of this nuclear bomb wasn’t the Transcending Tribulation Expert. Instead, the bomb would be aimed towards the Cultivation Realm’s territory. This kind of situation would no doubt hurt both sides.

Afraid of compelling the Machine Field to act desperately, the other realms didn’t dare push them too hard. At the same time, the Machine Field wouldn’t use these bombs unless necessary. The might of a nuclear bomb was absolutely devastating. Firing one would cause great losses to the Cultivation Realm. Launching a nuclear bomb was akin to waging war against the Cultivation Realm.

The Machine Field doesn’t want to go into a full war against the Cultivation Realm. Moreover, the matter between Huang Daoran and Zhao Hai could be said to be a grievance between two people. Therefore, the Machine Field could only send troops to the Six Realms Battlefield. If a fight truly happens, then the other realms would certainly take advantage of it. The Machine Field also wouldn’t be able to launch nuclear bombs. This was equal to offending the other realms. When the time comes, they might unite against the Machine Field.

With this in consideration, the other realms gained some ideas. They knew that the Machine Field wouldn’t offend so many people.

The other realms’ Transcending Tribulation Experts also assumed command over the Six Realms Battlefield. And just like the Cultivation Realm, they cannot move at will.

Huang Daoran’s matter was an exception. He had grievances with Zhao Hai. Therefore, it was understandable for him to come here and make a move.

The ones suffering heavy losses this time would be the Machine Field. At present, they don’t have a Transcending Tribulation Expert. Therefore, they could only use nuclear bombs as a deterrent. Moreover, they didn’t have the flexibility that a Transcending Tribulation Expert can provide.

Huang Daoran entered the mountain beside Bloodstone Fort and went towards his cave mansion. His residence was very good. It was wide inside and it even had an alchemy room, crafting room, refining room, and other rooms. Each room also had ample space inside them.

Because of these rooms, the mountain could only have 18 mansions. Ten of these mansions were taken up by Transcending Tribulation Experts while the remaining eight were for special guests like Huang Daoran. 

After Huang Daoran entered the cave mansion, the Nascent Soul Experts retreated. They knew that Transcending Tribulation Experts disliked being disturbed. Since this was the case, staying for long would just be inviting trouble.

As the Nascent Soul Cultivators retreated, a blue figure suddenly came out of the cave mansions. This cultivator was wearing dark-blue clothing. He looked 40 years old. He also had three strands of hair fluttering as though drifting naturally in the wind.

The man looked at Huang Daoran and then smiled faintly as he said, “Muclehead, you came. Hehe.” Then he flew towards Huang Daoran’s cave and said, “Old Friend, long time no see.”

Muclehead, this was a derogatory term in the Cultivation Realm that describes those who only pursue strength. And Huang Daoran’s nickname happens to be Strength Daoist.

However, this person’s tone in speaking was filled with intimacy. When Huang Daoran heard this voice, he quickly went to the entrance of his mansion. Then upon seeing the man, he laughed and said, “I was wondering who it was. So it’s you, Blacksmith. How did you end up in the Six Realms Battlefield?”

‘Blacksmith’ laughed and said, “You’re really the Huang Daoran I know. I call you Musclehead and you call me Blacksmith. Hahaha. Only Huang Daoran would dare call this Feng Baiming that name.”

Huang Daoran laughed and said, “You’re a Great Elder of the Profound Clear Sect. Naturally nobody would dare call you Blacksmith. However, I’m not afraid of you. Haha. Come in, let’s chat.” Then the two walked shoulder-to-shoulder towards the cave mansion.

It must be said that not too many people call Feng Baiming by his nickname ‘Blacksmith’. After all, not a lot of people know about his nickname nor its origin. Feng Baiming originated from the Rogue Cultivator Family. When he began cultivating, he didn’t even have spiritual stones to use. He can only use wind spells in a refining room in order to heat people’s fires. It was at that time that the two knew each other. Therefore, Huang Daoran can fall Feng Baiming his nickname.

However, Feng Baiming was different from Huang Daoran. Huang Daoran was a Rogue Cultivator that ended up in the Pink Clouds Pavilion and became a guest elder. On the other hand, due to some accident, Feng Baiming ended up joining the Profound Clear Sect. Right now, he was able to become the sect’s Great Elder.

Such status was extraordinary. This was because the Profound Clear sent was a famous Great Sect in the Cultivation Realm. Their strength was formidable and nobody dared offend their disciples. One could imagine how high Feng Baiming’s position was.

However, Feng Baiming was someone who kept old friendships close to his heart. His relationship with Huang Daoran was very good and it has been quite some time since the two met. Feng Baiming had just been stationed at the Six Realms Battlefield. He didn’t expect Huang Daoran to end up here as well!


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