BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1339


Chapter 1339 – Pink Cloud Phoenix

Huang Daoran’s life hasn’t been great recently. Although he’s a guest elder of the Pink Clouds Pavillion, his status in the Cultivation Realm was much worse compared to those in Great Sects. In the end, he’s still a Rogue Transcending Tribulation Expert. In the eyes of Great Sects, he was just like any other expert. The reason why Huang Daoran agreed to deal with Zhao Hai was because he was offered benefits upon completion. At the same time, those people from the Great Sects sent him strict orders. He had no choice but to go.

Huang Daoran wouldn’t have thought that instead of doing a meritorious service, he would instead let Zhao Hai escape. This was a huge stain on his reputation.

Originally, Huang Daoran plans to ask for entry to the Six Realms Battlefield once he returns. But what he didn’t expect was that even before he returned to the Cultivation Realm, everyone already knew about his intentions. This made him puzzled. He only told those who traveled with him. Even the pirates didn’t know. His teammates returned to the Cultivation Realm with him. So how did this news spread in advance?

Of course, the main issue wasn’t the fact that the news has spread so easily. Because of the move that the Machine Field made, the Six Realms Battlefield turned tense. This greatly increased the attention towards this matter. Now, even if he doesn’t want to, he would still have to enter the Six Realms Battlefield.

Although Huang Daoran wanted to enter the Six Realms Battlefield in order to chase Zhao Hai’s down, he didn’t want to do so under the command of other people. This made him feel uncomfortable.

Also, the Great Sects reminded him indirectly that he can only succeed this time. There was no room for failure. If he were to get defeated, then the Great Sects would certainly not let him off.

Such words weren’t merely reminders, they were more like an ultimatum. This caused Huang Daoran to feel uncomfortable. However, he couldn’t do anything about it. Even if he was a Transcending Tribulation Expert, it was still impossible for him to resist the Great Sects.

However, this was also a good thing for him. Just like the Machine Field, not everyone can go to the Six Realms Battlefield. This quota was generally determined by the Great Sects. Before he could go to the Six Realms Battlefield, then he would need to be given a spot by the Great Sects. Seeing the increase in his cultivation speed while in the Six Realms Battlefield, Huang Daoran thought that the journey was worth it.

Every several years, the Great Sects would select a talented rogue cultivator to enter the Six Realms Battlefield. This wasn’t necessarily to train the rogue cultivator. It’s possible that they were intending to make the rogue cultivator act as a cannon fodder.

Huang Daoran was also a famous talent in the past. However, he wasn’t willing to enter the Great Sects to practice. Therefore, he should have no qualifications to enter the Six Realms Battlefield. But after becoming an elder in the Pink Clouds Pavilion, the Pavilion paid a big price for him to get inside. Then when he entered the SIx Realms Battlefield, he was fortunate enough to succeed in his tribulation and become a Transcending Tribulation Expert. Because of this, he had always been an elder in the Pavilion.

However, he didn’t have any opportunity to enter the Six Realms Battlefield ever since he became a Transcending Tribulation Expert. The Six Realms Battlefield was treated as a private property of the Great Sects. They wouldn’t just allow others to take a piece of the pie.

Because of this, Huang Daoran expected to pay a lot of money in order to enter the Six Realms Battlefield. But now that this matter has been blown out of proportions, those Great Sects wanted him to repair the face of the Cultivation Realm. They alsa want him to remove the Zhao Hai, so that he could no longer enter the Six Realms Battlefield.

At this time, Huang Daoran has yet to enter the Six Realms Battlefield. He’s currently resting in the Pink Cloud Pavilion. Opposite him was a very pretty woman. This female Cultivator might not look special, but she has a noble temperament. This temperament could provoke a man to conquer her. She had eyebrows that curve like the mountains, black shining eyes and pearly white teeth. Her face was tender like a peach. Her waist was as slender as a willow. Her twin peaks weren’t large, but they weren’t small either. She was a combination of angelic and devilish.

However, Huang Daoran didn’t dare to pay attention to the beauty of this woman. In fact, there weren’t many people who dared have any ideas on this woman in the Cultivation Realm. This was because this woman had a reputation, she was the master of the Pink Cloud Pavilion, a Cultivator in Nascent Soul Stage and half-step into Transcending Tribulation. Such identity earned her the nickname Pink Cloud Phoenix. This was to point out her identity as the Pavilion Master of the Pink Cloud Pavilion. And the weapon she used was named Golden Phoenix Scarf.

Huang Daoran looked at this woman, then he said, “Pavilion Master, I’m afraid this wouldn’t be easy to handle. That Zhao Hai is very hard to deal with. The last time I faced him, he was able to easily escape despite being injured.”

The Pavilion Master knit her brows and said, “Uncle Huang, those Great Sects didn’t put pressure on you. I’m under pressure as well. I’m afraid you have to go through with this. Zhen Ling is incompetent and can only let Uncle Huang take the risk.”

Huang Daoran replied, “Pavilion Master, there’s no need to apologize. This is something this old man started. Naturally, I’ll have to end it myself. Moreover, entering the Six Realms Battlefield isn’t that dangerous. I’m dealing with Zhao Hai, not the entire Machine Field. I will act within my means. Pavilion Master doesn’t need to worry.”

Zhen Ling sighed and said, “I’m afraid that Zhao Hai will avoid fighting you. If that’s the case, then things would be very troublesome for you. Uncle Huang, remember that you can’t be enemies with the entire Machine Field. It’ll be bad for the Pink Clouds Pavilion and even the Cultivation Realm.”

Huang Daoran nodded and said, “Pavilion Lord can rest assured. I know what to do.”

Zhen Ling nodded, then she sighed and asked, “Do you have anything you need? If so, I’ll prepare them for you.”

Huang Daoran smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need. I’m just dealing with Zhao Hai. Pavilion Master, I’ll enter the Six Realms Battlefield three days later. I won’t be seeing Pavilion Master in the next few days.”

Zhen Ling nodded, then she stood up and said, “Alright, but if Uncle Huang needs something, immediately inform me.” Huang Daoran nodded.

Although Zhen Ling was the Pavilion Master and Huang Daoran was just a seated guest elder, she still needed to be polite to him because of his strength. It can be said that Huang Daoran’s position in the Pink Clouds Pavilion was quite high.

Huang Daoran’s situation didn’t only affect himself, it had an impact on the Pink Clouds Pavilion as well. Although Huang Daoran wasn’t the only Transcending Tribulation Expert of the Pavilion, his relationship with the Pavilion was the most intimate. This was because he could only reach his current strength due to the Pavilion’s help. This caused Huang Daoran to be deeply grateful towards the Pavilion. Therefore, this matter caused the Pavilion to be anxious.

The Pink Clouds Pavilion was a strong influence. However, they also have a weak point; they were only a merchant group not a sect. Moreover, being a merchant group, the Pavilion was composed of several Cultivator Clans. The Zhen Family was only one of the major shareholders of the group. The reason why Zhen Ling became the Pavilion Master was because of her skills in doing business. But to say that she could make major decisions for the Pavilion was very hard.

Huang Daoran’s relationship with the Zhen Family was the best. His entry to the Six Realms Battlefield in the past was given to him by the Zhen Family. Therefore, Huang Daoran’s matter affected them the most.

The Zhen Family and Huang Daoran could no longer deal with this matter in a low-key manner. This was because the Great Sects had intervened. If the Zhen Family and Huang Daoran coudln’t handle this matter well, then those Great Sects would certainly blame them.

The Pavilion wasn’t weak and they had several Transcending Tribulation Elders. But if the Zhen Family and Huang Daoran offend the Great Sects, then the others would immediately cut them off to save the Pavilion. After all, the Pink Cloud Pavilion doesn’t have any power to get the last word against the Great Sects.

This was a headache for Zhen Ling. She wasn’t the kind of woman who’s clueless. She has been controlling the Pink Clouds Pavilion all these years. Although she can’t make major decisions on behalf of the Pavilion, nobody disrespected her. The other families were even satisfied with her leadership. This shows how much skill she had in business.

And in recent years, due to her extremely accurate eye for business, she was able to expand the Pink Cloud Pavilion’s business. This allowed her to steadily hold the position of Pavilion Master. But at the same time, Zhen Ling knew that this matter would have a huge effect on her and the Zhen Family’s position in the Pink Clouds Pavilion. Therefore, she couldn’t help but worry.

The Pavilion was already under her control, but this doesn’t mean that the other families had given up. She also needed to make some secret moves in order to hold her position, this was also part of her talent. And in addition to Huang Daoran’s presence, she was able to lead the Pavilion. But if this matter couldn’t be completed, then she might have to let go of her position of Pavilion Master.

Upon thinking of this, Zhen Ling couldn’t help but feel her head ache. At the same time, she became more curious about Zhao Hai. When Huang Daoran went to deal with Zhao Hai, Zhen Ling started to collect information about him. Remembering all that information, Zhen Ling couldn’t help but think that it was all fake. Zhao Hai was able to achieve all of it just a short time after ascending. This was something that practically never happened before.

She felt that Zhao Hai’s strength was something that she wasn’t able to fathom. This strength allowed Zhao Hai to grow continuously without stopping. Moreover, Zhen Ling was sure that if Zhao Hai was allowed to grow further, then he would become an extremely powerful expert in the World of Cultivation. It might even be possible for Zhao Hai to challenge the Cultivation Realm. Naturally, all of this was based on the premise that he passes through his current crisis!


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