BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1338


Chapter 1338 – Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Yellowsand Planet has been rather peaceful recently. The people from the other realms rarely come to this planet anymore because of the recent developments.

However, Yellowsand Planet was different today. A large number of Undead suddenly appeared along with some yellowsand worms. After the worms arrived, they immediately led the Undead to sweep the planet and catch astral beasts. Upon being captured, the beasts disappeared.

Yellowsand Planet wasn’t a simple place. The astral beasts here were very powerful, some were even comparable to Transcending Tribulation Experts. And even if a Transcending Tribulation Expert came, they couldn’t necessarily face an astral wind beast. This was because the attacks of these beasts carry astal qi.

The Undead who captured astral beasts were naturally sent by Zhao Hai. He needed these astral wind beasts. If he raised them inside the Space, then his fighting strength would increase.

The Space was also arming a large number of beast-shaped Undead. These Undead were now wearing full body armors as well as massive cannons. It can be said that Zhao Hai had equipped them very well.

Compared to Zhao Hai who had Cai’er to manage everything as well as the processing machine to make materials, the Machine Field was different. The things that the realm needed to prepare were much more complicated.

Currently, the main fighting strength of the Machine Field were the battleships and mechs. Needless to say, disassembling a battleship and bringing it over to the Six Realms Battlefield was impossible. Moreover, the consumption of a single battleship was huge. In the Six Realms Battlefield, where energy supplies couldn’t even support a planet, battleships would suffer a drop in ability.

Mechs could be brought to the Six Realms Battlefield. However, the issue lies on a mech’s similarly massive need for energy. Moreover, a mech’s short operating time was fatal. This weakness wasn’t too obvious in the World of Cultivation since mechs operate alongside battleships which could act as supply points. 

Without battleships, transport and supplying mechs has been limited. In fact, the Machine Field worked extremely hard in order to gain a domain in the Six Realms Battlefield. They constructed a lot of supply points for these mechs to use.

However, it was still very difficult to see mechs fighting in the Six Realms Battlefield. Although the Machine Field has supply points, these supply points were only located on the realm’s domain. In other words, Mechs in the Six Realms Battlefield could only defend. It was impossible for them to attack.

Normally, the Lock Mountain Range was a very well-guarded place. Therefore, the Machine Field’s higher-ups wouldn’t send them mechs. There was no need for them. However, they would still send people to perform maintenance on the supply points just in case a war happens.

This time the Machine Field sent a large number of mechs to the Six Realms Battlefield. The supply points had also been activated. At the same time, combatants with spatial items entered the battlefield with supplies. These supplies didn’t only include things for mechs, but also commodities. Large numbers of non-combatants also entered the supply points in order to handle the logistics.

The difference between mechs and regular soldiers was that maintenance for mechs was indispensable. Otherwise, it would affect the performance of the mechs. These logistics staff handle this matter.

The mechs and supply points formed a huge defensive network between the Lock Mountain Range and the Iron Bridge Fort. Even if the Lock Mountain Range were to be broken through, the enemies would still have a hard time advancing through the Machine Field’s territory.

Besides mechs, practitioners were also sent to the Six Realms Battlefield. The Machine Field stated their stance on the Six Realms Battlefield with this action.

After several days of reconnaissance, the people from the other realms finally understood the reason why the Machine Field suddenly began to act. It was actually because of Huang Daoran.

Zhao Hai’s escape from Huang Daoran made the other realms curious. Huang Daoran was quite famous, and Zhao Hai managed to escape from his ambush. This was truly surprising.

The information the other realms received was that the Machine Field began to take action once Huang Daoran left the Machine Field for the Cultivation Realm. It was said that Huang Daoran threatened to enter the Six Realms Battlefield in order to chase Zhao Hai down. No wonder the Machine Field exploded into action.

Hearing this information, the other realms didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They didn’t expect the Machine Field to move just because of a threat from Huang Daoran. Originally, they thought that the Machine Field planned to use this opportunity while the realm was still feeling the vigor from Zhao Hai’s achievement. Now, it seems like it was a completely different matter.

The other realms immediately stopped their mobilization towards the Six Realms Battlefield. This was because there was no longer any need for it. After all, the Six Realms Battlefield wasn’t their only source of income, other places needed the manpower. In the past, they thought that the Machine Field was planning to launch a war. Now that things had been clarified, there was no longer any need to be vigilant.

However, they didn’t bring back the people who had already returned to the Six Realms Battlefield. Right now, the people from the other realms were waiting to see the result. If Huang Daoran succeeds and the Lock Mountain Range turns to chaos, then they can profit for cheap.

Since they were getting things for cheap, they didn’t need too much troops. Their current strength in the Six Realms Battlefield was already enough. Right now, the other realms were in a wait-and-see approach.

The attitude of the other realms reflected what they felt inside. They weren’t optimistic about Huang Daoran’s attack. No mistake, Huang Daoran was a Transcending Tribulation Expert, and the Machine Field didn’t have a Transcending Tribulation Expert. But at the same time, the other realms didn’t have as many practitioners as the Machine Field. They also didn’t have as many mechs and battleships. The human wave attacks from the Machine Field were considered a headache by the other realms.

The reason why the Machine Field was able to have a firm foundation in the World of Cultivation was because of its effort in going all out and their bravery when faced with death. Their people were unafraid of death. In order to kill ten people, the Machine Field was willing to trade dozens. Such desperate action was dreaded by the other realms. After all, the other realms weren’t unified. Moreover, their relationship was not good. 

Because of this information, the Six Realms Battlefield’s atmosphere suddenly relaxed. Zhao Hai didn’t expect this to happen. Before, the other realms seemed to be aggressive. Zhao Hai thought that a war was inevitable. Now it seems like he was overthinking.

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space, looking at the people hunting in the core battlefield. He doesn’t know if he would laugh or cry. He turned his head to Laura and said, “I didn’t expect the other realms to be this spontaneous. Isn’t it strange? A single information can get them anxious but another could relax them immediately. Aren’t they afraid of getting a heart attack?”

Laura and the others laughed. Then Laura said, “I think it’s because of their mutual reservations against each other. They aren’t ready to go all out on a single thing. After all, in the World of Cultivation, only the Cultivation Realm has rich resources, the other realms were living in bad conditions. Compared to the Machine Field, the other realms were more concerned about the Cultivation Realm. The other realms knew that if the Machine Field were to launch a large-scale attack in the Six Realms Battlefield, they wouldn’t attack the Cultivation Realm. Doing so would be courting death. Therefore, the other realms took action and prepared for war. And after the Cultivation Realm saw what the other realms were doing, they also mobilized their forces. The Cultivation Realm was afraid that the other realms would unify against them. As a result, the Six Realms Battlefield became tense. It can be said that if the Machine Field really sent troops to attack, then the entire Six Realms Battlefield would turn into a huge boiling pot of chaos.”

Lizzly smiled and said, “They were scared about the Machine Field’s actions. But after knowing the reason, they felt relieved. Moreover, they don’t suspect that the information was fake. After all, Transcending Tribulation Experts have some freedom in the Cultivation Realm.”

Megan also nodded and said, “Perhaps the other realms were waiting to see the Machine Field make a fool of themselves. At the same time, they wanted to gain benefits for cheap. They wouldn’t go all out just for the Machine Field. Besides the Cultivation Realm, the other realms rarely fight a fierce battle. Otherwise, they would be taken advantage of by the others.”

Zhao Hai let out a long breath, then he said, “To put it bluntly, besides the Cultivation Realm, the other realms were still too poor. With their complicated relationship with each other, it was impossible for them to unite. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been suppressed by the Cultivation Realm.”

Laura nodded and said, “Although there won’t be a massive war in the Six Realms Battlefield, the crisis of the Machine Field still exists. After all, that Huang Daoran has just returned to the Cultivation Realm. Nobody knows when he would enter the Six Realms Battlefield. And if he doesn’t enter the Six Realms Battlefield, we would be in trouble.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “I didn’t expect the Machine Field’s response to be this huge. But everything has already happened, so there’s no need to talk about it. Now I want to see if Huan Daroan dares to come to the Six Realms Battlefield.”

Margaret, who was silent, said, “He will certainly come. Brother Hai, it’s well known that the Machine Field is weak. You’re a Nascent Soul Expert that managed to escape from Huan Daoran. With how arrogant Cultivators were, this would be a great shame for him. Only by killing you would he cleanse this shame.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He knew how important face was to Cultivators. Even if Zhao Hai was as strong as Huang Daoran, he would still go to the Six Realms Battlefield. There’s only one way for Cultivators to throw away their face, and that was to be like Li Lin and the others or by death. 

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Let’s see if he really dares to fight against the Machine Field.” 

The Machine Field was no longer increasing its troops in the Six Realms Battlefield. In the past, they kept sending troops into the battlefield because they were wary of the other realms. But now that the other realms had stopped, it acted as a signal for the Machine Field to stop sending troops. Otherwise, things would get troublesome.

The Machine Field’s higher-ups weren’t in their positions for a day or two. They could understand the meaning just by looking at the slight actions of the other parties. Therefore, they stopped increasing their troops. The defenses of the battlefield have been completed. Even if Huang Daoran attacks the Lock Mountain Range, the Machine Field could still hold out.

Although Huang Daoran was a Transcending Tribulation Expert, the Machine Field has experience in dealing with people like him. One should know that it was impossible for the Cultivation Realm to not send a Transcending Tribulation Expert during their battles against the Machine Field. The Machine Field fought a Transcending Tribulation Expert for more than one or two times. The price paid by the Machine Field was huge, but because of this they were able to exist independently. This meant that those Transcending Tribulation Experts were still unable to take on the entire Machine Field.

Regardless of what the Machine Field was preparing, Zhao Hai has only one thing to do. He would do all he can to block Huang Daoran. Otherwise, the Machine Field would be sacrificing a lot of people. Zhao Hai doesn’t like such a result.

Zhao Hai patiently waited. Yuan and the others patiently waited. The Machine Field patiently waited. The other realms patiently waited. They were all waiting for Huang Daoran’s response. Because of this, Zhao Hai was now convinced that Huang Daoran would go to the Six Realms Battlefield. At this point, even if Huang Daoran doesn’t go, the Cultivation Realm would force him to.

The fact that Huang Daoran was going to chase Zhao Hai down in the Six Realms Battlefield was known by everyone in the Cultivation Realm. If Huang Daoran didn’t go, then others would think that he’s afraid of the Machine Field’s preparations. It was precisely because of this that Huang Daoran would definitely attack Zhao Hai. This matter was related to the face of the entire Cultivation Realm.


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