BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1337


Chapter 1337 – A Small Thing That Affects The Whole Situation

Yuan began to mobilize the entire Lock Mountain Range. Although everyone in the mountain range knew that Huang Daoran’s reason for coming was to kill Zhao Hai, they didn’t complain about working towards the upcoming fight. This was because Zhao Hai was part of the Lock Mountain Range.

The people in the Lock Mountain Range had always been united. If a fort were to experience trouble, the others would willingly come to help. People from the Machine Field fought against the other realms for so many years. Almost every day, people were reported to have been killed. The hatred caused by this has merged the hearts of the people in the Lock Mountain Range. Even those who just arrived at the battlefield would be infected by this sentiment in a short period of time.

Zhao Hai’s cosmic rise brought the Machine Field’s reputation to another level. This allowed those in the Lock Mountain Range to look at the other realms eye-to-eye. This caused those in the mountain range to look favorably upon Zhao Hai.

Additionally, Zhao Hai won against the Cultivation Realm time and time again. This caused the Machine Field to vent their frustrations towards the Cultivators. It didn’t take long for the mountain range to treat Zhao Hai as one of them.

To the people in the Lock Mountain Range, Haung Daoran looking for trouble with Zhao Hai was the same as looking for trouble with them. Therefore, the entire mountain range moved as one to prepare the defensive line.

Once the gears of war started turning, Yuan led the other alliance representatives to leave the battlefield, designating their most capable men as their deputies. Then they flew with full power to report to the Machine Field’s higher-ups. 

When the higher-ups heard this information, they were very shocked. They immediately used all of their informants in the Cultivation Realm to inquire about the situation. At the same time, they gave Yuan and the others the weapons that they needed. This was the quickest handover of supplies that Yuan and the others experienced.

The Machine Field’s higher-ups wanted to repair their relationship with Zhao Hai. This was because of Zhao Hai’s huge potential. Huang Daoran’s threat of attacking the Lock Mountain Range was equal to threatening the Machine Field’s bottom line. The Machine Field’s higher-ups couldn’t do much in the Six Realms Battlefield. Those in the Lock Mountain Range rarely listened to their commands. But at the same time, they don’t need to manage the mountain range too much.

For the Machine Field, those in the Lock Mountain Range were akin to disobedient subordinates. They will sometimes talk back to you, but since they had skill you’re fine with it. Therefore, although the higher-ups were somewhat dissatisfied with the Lock Mountain Range, they would still give them some supplies, albeit lacking.

But this time, Huang Daoran wanted to attack Zhao Hai. This meant that he was also planning to attack the Lock Mountain Range, which poses a threat to the Machine Field’s interests. The Machine Field couldn’t just let this go. Therefore, with regards to Yuan’s requests, they immediately handed it over. They even gave Yuan more than what they asked for.

Moreover, the Machine Field has ordered a mobilization order. As long as they confirm that Zhao Hai’s information was accurate, retired soldiers of the Lock Mountain Range would be called over in preparation to reinforce the Lock Mountain Range.

The Machine Field’s higher-ups were clearly aware of how weak their standing in the Six Realms Battlefield was. If this Yellow Daoist really intends to attack the Lock Mountain Range, then that wouldn’t be good for them. The other realms might even take this chance to add oil to the fire. This matter doesn’t only involve Zhao Hai, it might even affect the territory that the Machine Field held. 

Therefore, the Machine Field’s higher-ups invested a lot of capital in order to defend the Lock Mountain Range and repel Huang Daoran. And if some people wanted to take advantage of the situation, they needed to be taught a lesson.

The Six Realms Battlefield just had too many precious resources. There were even things that could only be obtained there. The Machine Field wouldn’t just let these things go easily. If the Machine Field was truly defeated in the Six Realms Battlefield, then it would be much harder for it to defend against the other realms in the future.

The Machine Field’s higher-ups don’t blame Zhao Hai for this trouble. After all, this wasn’t something that Zhao Hai did intentionally. Although the old fogies of the Machine Field suppressed people internally, they were still aware that the real threat were the other realms.

They suppressed people internally because of interests. But resisting the other realms was for their greater interests. The Machine Field’s higher-ups knew clearly that the World of Cultivation was ruled by the Cultivators. The only people they could suppress were those in the Machine Field since they were weaker. As for the other realms, they could only resist.

Because of these reasons, the Machine Field’s higher ups acted fast, which was rare. Reinforcements were being transported en masse to prepare for action.

To say that the other realms were unaware of the huge movement of the Machine Field was impossible. The other realms looked at the Machine Field with unease, so they also mobilized their people.

The Yellow Daoist didn’t expect this development. He just wanted to take revenge, but he ended up causing a huge movement. The atmosphere in the Six Realms Battlefield turned tense in no time. People who went hunting in the core battlefield had basically disappeared.

Zhao Hai was also surprised when he saw the reaction of the Machine Field and the other realms. He didn’t expect this matter to blow to these proportions. If this continues, then the entire Six Realms Battlefield would turn into a hopeless mess. But it was already impossible for him to stop things from happening. The Machine Field has mobilized their people, the same was true for the other realms. Even if the Machine Field stopped, the other realms would just use this opportunity to steal the Machine Field’s domain in the Six Realms Battlefield.

Zhao Hai sat inside the Space as he bitterly smiled. Then he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, buy some Silverback Gold-winged Bugs from the Space’s shop. Accelerate their growth so that they can mature as soon as possible. Once this situation goes out of control, we need the strength to survive.”

Cai’er nodded. Then Zhao Hai continued, “From now on, focus the Space’s production into making potions. Give cultivation potions to Jia Ding Shan and the Undead. We need them to increase their strength. We also need to increase the output of our healing potions.”

Cai’er complied. These things weren’t too difficult to accomplish. In fact, the Space already had a lot of potions in stock. The Space could make them easily. Therefore, it wasn’t difficult to increase their production.

However, one could see how anxious Zhao Hai was from the order that he gave. He was basically getting ready for war.

Laura looked at the monitor and could see that the entire Six Realms Battlefield has turned into a huge gunpowder keg. It might be quiet now, but it would only take a spark for this keg to explode. When that time comes, the heavens and the earth would certainly be overturned.

This matter was ultimately related to Zhao Hai. And with Zhao Hai’s character, he can’t just ignore the Machine Field. Even if he reveals his strength, he would still go all out to fight the other realms.

With this thought in mind, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and asid, “Brother Hai, don’t forget about the yellowsand worms of Yellowsand Planet. Those fellows aren’t weak. Also, we should catch some astral beasts. This could improve our strength in a short time. Moreover, we can send those astral beasts to our evil qi planet to cultivate. As long as these beasts succeed, their fighting strength would certainly increase by a lot.”

Zhao Hai thought about it before nodding, “Good. Since everyone is preparing, we can go to the Yellowsand Planet and act like we’re there to practice. Nobody should suspect us.”

Lizzy frowned and said, “Brother Hai, how about going to Fabio Planet to catch some bugs?”

Without waiting for Zhao Hai to speak, Cai’er interjected, “I’m afraid that wouldn’t be good. Fabio Planet is somewhat special. The bugs in that planet were very fierce. Moreover, the Cultivators stationed people there. If we go to Fabio Planet, we would certainly be discovered by the Cultivators. That wouldn’t be good.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Also, if we go to Fabio Planet, we still can’t catch bugs that are stronger than the Silverback Gold-winged bugs. By the way, Cai’er, don’t decrease our monitoring of the Five Gates Sect. Once Lu Wei heads out, even if it’s on the sect’s planet, I would still catch him.”

Cai’er complied, “Young Master can rest assured. As long as the planet is in the Space’s map, I can monitor it all the time.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he let out a long breath. Watching this matter unfold, he understood how a small thing can affect a whole situation. Now, the Six Realms Battlefield has turned into a mess.

What’s more depressing for Zhao Hai was that the other protagonist of this situation, Huang Daoran, hasn’t even arrived in the Cultivation Realm. It can be said that Huan Daoran hasn’t even made a move, yet the reaction was already there. If people knew this, they would certainly be speechless.

When he thought of this, Zhao Hai could only sigh. He couldn’t blame the Machine Field for reacting this intensely, causing this whole situation in the Six Realms Battlefield. This was the sorrow of a weak power, they need to react intensely. Otherwise they would be at a disadvantage, which would be even more disadvantageous for them.


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