BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1335


Chapter 1335 – Clever Pirate

The murderous aura that the Yellow Daoist was sending out caused the other Cultivators to be terrified. They believed that the Yellow Daoist wasn’t joking. Zhao Hai truly angered him.

The Yellow Daoist looked at the others. Then he took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go and leave this place. These pirates still have some uses, so we’ll let them off for now.” Then he stood up and led everyone out.

The place that the Yellow Daoist was in was actually a huge asteroid. This asteroid has been processed by the pirates. They even installed a protective shield around it, providing this asteroid with its own atmosphere. Even non-practitioners could live here.

There were also plenty of vegetation planted on this asteroid. Its environment was surprisingly good. This was where pirates received their high-level guests. Since the Yellow Daoist has a special status, naturally he was accommodated here.

The first time the Yellow Daoist and his team came here, a lot of people served them. But now, the pirates were terrified of meeting them. After all, this place was in the Machine Field. If the Machine Field decided to deal with them, then their days would not be great.

The Yellow Daoist went out of the asteroid and looked around. He sneered before leading his team to fly away. Just as they left, several small ships arrived at the asteroid. Inside one of these ships were a group of people wearing tight-fitting military uniforms. Their figures were very valiant.

One of these people let out a long breath and said, “Those fellows finally left. Otherwise, the Machine Field might target us.”

Another person nodded and said, “We have to tell the Machine Field about this as soon as possible. But at the same time, we need to prepare to evacuate.”

The others nodded. These people belong to the largest pirate groups in the Pirate Paradise. Although they were normally hostile to each other, they united with each other now that they were under pressure.

The person who spoke first said, “The Poison Bee Pirates sure are unlucky. To send people to assassinate Zhao Hai, I reckon the Machine Field wouldn’t let them go.”

The others nodded. One of them coldly snorted and said, “They brought this onto themselves. The Cultivators also asked me to assassinate Zhao Hai, but I didn’t agree. Zhao Hai is too powerful for us to deal with. Those Poison Bee guys are truly insane to accept that mission. They deserved to be annihilated.”

The others didn’t speak. They were also offered missions to assassinate Zhao Hai. But before they could make a move, the Poison Bee pirates acted first. And after seeing Zhao Hai’s methods, all of them were glad to be late in taking action. But to think that the Poison Bee Pirates would perish, they couldn’t help but grieve.

Although they lived the life of piracy, they also wanted to live an ordinary life. They didn’t want to stay in this place, but their desire couldn’t be easily accomplished. They were branded as pirates the moment they were born. Even if they wanted to join a family in the Machine Field, they wouldn’t necessarily be accepted. And even if they were accepted, they would also be guarded against. In the end, they might as well live in this asteroid field.

At this time, a spatial rift opened up in front of them. Then a person walked out from the rift, smiling at the pirates. It didn’t take long for the pirates to recognize the person, they were dumbfounded. It was Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai had his silver needles map the Pirate Paradise. He was monitoring the Yellow Daoist, not to say the other pirates.

These pirates hadn’t actually met Zhao Hai before, but they could recognize him from pictures and videos. Therefore, they knew it was him at a glance.

These pirates stared before their complexion changed. Although they also practiced and were quite strong, they were still much weaker compared to Zhao Hai. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to suddenly appear here.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone, then he smiled faintly and said, “Hello everyone, I’m Zhao Hai.”

The pirates looked at each other and could see the despair in their eyes. They never wanted to meet Zhao Hai. But now, it was impossible for them to run. With such a close distance, they wouldn’t be able to escape from Zhao Hai’s attack.

They looked at one another and felt somewhat disheartened. However, they were still pirates after all. They always risked their lives without knowing if they would return. They calmed down soon before their leader gave a bow and said, “I have seen Mister Zhao Hai. This one is the head of the Crossed Sword Pirate Group, Louis. I didn’t expect Mister Zhao Hai to visit.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “So it’s Commander Louis. I heard that the Crossed Sword Pirate Group is the largest group in the Pirate Paradise. You have about 10 thousand ships and 10 million people. It’s an honor to see Commander Louis.”

Louis didn’t expect Zhao Hai would be this polite. He quickly replied, “Mister Zhao Hai is overpraising me. This Commander is just a simple pirate. I’m an ant compared to Mister. Now that I met Mister Zhao Hai, I can die with no regrets.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Commander Louis has misunderstood. I don’t intend to kill you. In fact, if you want, I can plead on your behalf so that the Machine Field wouldn’t act against you. Naturally, I don’t know if this would work.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Louis and the others couldn’t help but stare. They couldn’t understand what Zhao Hai wanted to do. Normally, Zhao Hai would deal with them. After all, they helped the Cultivators deal with the Ashley Family. Why was Zhao Hai so magnanimous?

Zhao Hai looked at their eyes, then he smiled faintly and said, “You must be wondering why I’m so generous? To be honest, at first, I really wanted to kill all of you and turn you into my Undead. But I could only give up. I realized that you’re just people of circumstance. There’s no reason for me to kill you.”

Louis and the others relaxed when they heard this. But they looked at each other and couldn’t help but be puzzled. They knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t soft. So why was he so accommodating right now?

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “There’s no need for you to worry. There’s a reason why you still existed until now. Sometimes, there will be times when I can’t act on my own, so maybe I’ll need your help then.”

Louis and the others felt relieved. However, Louis didn’t show that he wanted to talk about conditions with Zhao Hai. He still respectfully answered, “Thank you for understanding. Rest assured, the Crossed Sword Pirate Group would definitely not touch any businesses related to Mister and the Ashley Family. And as long as Mister needs anything, our Pirate Group will give you five free services.”

The other Commanders also expressed their willingness to serve like Louis. They vowed to not accept any tasks related to Zhao Hai and that they were willing to serve him five times for free.

This time, it was Zhao Hai’s turn to be dazed. He came out this time in hopes of forming a connection with these pirates. Then he would find out whether some of them were willing to migrate to Yalei 2. He didn’t expect Louis and the others to offer their services to him. 

It must be said that these pirates weren’t weak, especially the Crossed Sword Pirate Group. They have 10 thousand ships, of which 100 of them were high-level warships. Moreover, they can bring out nearly 100 thousand Mechs with pilots trained in magic or martial arts. Their combat power was more than a small family. If they were willing to serve Zhao Hai five times for free, that would be a great benefit for Zhao Hai. But why would they do this? Wasn’t this too much for an apology?

After he said his offer, Louis and the others looked at Zhao Hai. They were a little bit uneasy. In fact, Louis’ offer to serve Zhao Hai five times for free was for the sake of the Crossed Sword Pirate Group.

Because this was a meteorite region, large-scale fleets couldn’t fly here. The pirates used this to their advantage in order to repel their enemies. 

However, Zhao Hai was different compared to the rest in the Machine Field. Zhao Hai can use space magic to appear in any place, just like he did in the Pirate Paradise. Additionally, Zhao Hai has a lot of Undead. If Zhao Hai really wanted to deal with the pirates, he was fully capable of doing so. On the other hand, the pirate fleet couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai.

If they were against most practitioners, then these pirates wouldn’t have been afraid. After all, they were practitioners themselves and they were also quite strong. However, Zhao Hai was different. In addition to his strength, he was extremely mobile. He can come and go as he wants. It can be said that they were more afraid of people like Zhao Hai than the Machine Field fleets.

Back when they were hired to deal with Zhao Hai, Louis and the others researched him. They knew that although Zhao Hai was vicious, one could maintain a good relationship with him as long as you don’t offend him. He might even take good care of you.

These pirates were able to survive largely because they can understand people. Therefore, Louis took the initiative and offered Zhao Hai five free services. This was to draw Zhao Hai in and make him hesitate to deal with them.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t know what Louis and the others were thinking. He looked at Louis and the others and discovered that they didn’t have any negative expressions. They continued to stand respectfully opposite him. This caused Zhao Hai to be somewhat puzzled.

Zhao Hai looked at Louis and then said, “Commander Louis, you should know how much you’ll lose out by offering me five free services.”

Louis immediately replied, “This is our compensation for disrespecting Mister in the past. Mister, don’t worry. Although we are pirates, we understand what we’re talking about.”

Zhao Hai looked at Louis, then he smiled faintly and said, “Alright. Then it seems like I’ll be meeting you more in the future. Perhaps we can strengthen our relationship. Everyone should know what kind of person I am. Then, that’s all for today, I’m taking my leave.”

Zhao Hai gave everyone a salute before vanishing. Louis and the others’ expressions couldn’t help but turn ugly upon seeing Zhao Hai disappear. People like Zhao Hai who could appear and disappear at will were enemies that they liked to meet the least.

Louis let out a long breath, then he turned to everyone and said, “Everyone, what do we do now? Zhao Hai is too strong. Fortunately, he didn’t come here to deal with us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to escape.”

A Commander on the side replied, “Louis, why didn’t Zhao Hai kill us? From the information we got, he’s definitely not a generous person. It’s impossible for him to pity us. He’s a Dark Mage with countless undead in his hands. I don’t believe that he’s tired of killing.”

Louis also knit his brows, “Zhao Hai’s actions are truly strange. But from what I can see, he probably wants to cooperate with us. Moreover, it looks like it’s a long-term cooperation. What does he want? What good is there in cooperating with us? With his present position, he has no need for our services. A word from him and the Machine Field would certainly send a fleet. The Machine Field can get whatever he wants. So what does he need from us?”

The others nodded as well. They also thought that the situation was somewhat strange. However, they couldn’t understand what Zhao Hai wanted.

At this time, another Commander said, “Right, Louis, why did you offer Zhao Hai five free services? Like Zhao Hai said, we’re losing a lot on this deal. If Zhao Hai makes us do something difficult, then our losses would be even greater.”

Louis looked at the Commander and said, “You don’t understand why I did that? Then why did you also offer him five free services?”

The Commander smiled and said, “Since you made the offer, how could I not? I couldn’t act special, or else I risk offending Zhao Hai.”

As soon as Louis heard this, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Then he said, “Just for this? Why don’t think more? Zhao Hai can appear here without us knowing. Then doesn’t that mean that he can appear anywhere else? What if he suddenly appeared in your room and asked for your life? Could you do anything? Giving him five free services isn’t that much in comparison.”


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