BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1334


Chapter 1334 – Request

Zhao Hai was once again inside the conference room of Yuan’s fort. Sitting with him were four people. The four people weren’t that old, but they all had the aura of someone with a high position in society. However, despite this, they all had a cautious disposition towards Zhao Hai.

These four people were the delegates that were sent by the Machine Field’s higher-ups. One of the reasons why they came was to see Li Lin and the others and confirm that Yuan’s report was true. However, they already knew that Yuan didn’t lie. After all, Yuan wasn’t the only one who reported this matter. News from the other realms already confirmed that this matter was true. At the same time, they came in order to talk to Zhao Hai.

The Machine Field always rewarded those who achieved merit. If Zhao Hai doesn’t get rewarded from such an accomplishment, then what about the others? Would people accept? Moreover, would the Lock Mountain Range just stay silent? With the establishment of the Lock Mountain Range Alliance, the higher-ups discovered that it was now impossible to treat the Lock Mountain Range like they did before.

The Machine Field’s higher-ups felt odd about this. Those serving in the Lock Mountain Range were mostly locals of the realm and core members of Great Families. Normally, they would be loyal to their family. At the same time, these Great Families comprise those in the realm’s higher ups. The establishment of the Lock Mountain Range Alliance was akin to treating the higher-ups as enemies. In normal situations, these people wouldn’t do this. However, they actually did. Happily, in fact. This caused the higher-ups to be puzzled.

The Machine Field’s higher-ups don’t understand the concept of camaraderie. They haven’t personally seen the Lock Mountain Range and don’t know the exact situation. In their minds, the people killed in the battlefield were mere numbers. But for the people in the Lock Mountain Range, those who died were brothers, friends, comrades. In this case, it wasn’t surprising for the Lock Mountain Range Alliance to appear.

Zhao Hai just made a large contribution. If the Machine Field doesn’t reward him for it, then the Lock Mountain Range would certainly cause a fuss. Also, the higher-ups wanted to use this opportunity to fix their relationship with Zhao Hai. After all, they plotted against him in the past and Zhao Hai knew about it. They didn’t hope Zhao Hai to be magnanimous and just forget about it. One must know that Zhao Hai has never been lenient on those who wanted to take his life.

Zhao Hai looked at the four people. He actually knew them from a casual interaction at a party once. Afterwards, he met them in the Void Arena along with other people with status. It seems like the Machine Field’s higher-ups were intent on getting on his good side.

Zhao Hai looked at the four who looked somewhat restless and then smiled as he said, “It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. What have you been doing recently?”

His relaxed tone caused the other four to relax as well. Then one of them smiled and answered, “What else can we do? We don’t have Brother Hai’s skills. You don’t know, but when those old fogies above heard about what you did, their eyes almost came out of their sockets. Then when they heard that we have a little relationship, they caught us in order to send us here. Damn, just I was preparing to pursue a female expert. When I head back, I’m afraid she’ll have lost interest in me.”

Naturally, these four weren’t young patriarchs. However, their status was a little awkward. They weren’t heirs to their family, so they would be dealt with if they show too much ability. Therefore, they had no other choice but to take it easy. Although it was impossible for them to inherit their entire family, they were still given ample stipends. Therefore, they could go everywhere to amuse themselves and act like silkpants.

At the same time, acting like this made people feel relieved. They were given tasks to complete once in a while and after succeeding on a couple of these missions, these four were able to become core members of their families. However, their playful attitudes hadn’t disappeared.

It was because of this playfulness that they were able to mingle around and join the Ashley Family’s party and know Zhao Hai. Moreover, they were able to get along well. Then when Zhao Hai was to compete in the Void Arena, they came to support him. This allowed their relationship to become better, to the point of being able to speak casually to each other.

When the others heard this, they all laughed. Zhao Hai laughed along with them. They stopped after a while. Then Zhao Hai looked at the four and said, “I understand what those old fogies are trying to do. To be honest, I really didn’t intend to be rewarded when I headed out. This is because there’s no need for it. With my current strength, I could just get what I want. Also, the things I could grab are better than any of their rewards. Hahaha.”

The four laughed along. Because of their environment, they weren’t so distant from the Machine Field’s higher-ups. This allowed them to call them ‘old fogies’ normally.

After laughing at the situation, one of the four said, “Brother Hai, if you don’t ask for something, then those guys might overthink. I think you should ask for a reward regardless.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “But I really don’t need anything right now. Forget it, just tell them that I want them to swear that the last incident wouldn’t happen again. What do you think?”

The four smiled, they understood what incident Zhao Hai meant. The one who spoke before replied, “Actually, you don’t need to ask for that, Brother Hai. Those old guys already said that it would never happen in the future. And what happened was just a misunderstanding.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good. Right, since you brought it up, I do have something I’d like. I have already begun transforming my planet. Tell them that I’d want my planet to have some transmission formation connections to the realm’s major planets. I also need them to allow me to move people to Yalei 2. Naturally, they don’t need to forcefully move people. As long as they agree, then they can become residents of Yalei 2. This is my request.”

The four nodded. To be honest, they didn’t expect this request from Zhao Hai. In their opinion, Yalei 2 was an uninhabitable planet where birds don’t even defecate in. but since they were only messengers for the higher-ups, they only need to relay it over. And since Zhao Hai’s request wasn’t too excessive, they believed that the higher-ups would agree.

The group chatted for a while. Zhao Hai also invited them over to a meal before sending them off. Then Zhao Hai resumed his focus towards the Six Realms Battlefield. He would also enter the Space from time to time.

At this time, the Space’s monitor began receiving images from the planet where the Five Elements Sect resides. Zhao Hai has officially begun monitoring Lu Wei.

Zhao Hai was very meticulous when it came to Lu Wei. This was because Lu Wei knew the method of collecting Faith power. This was something that Zhao Hai needed.

Zhao Hai and the others made a lot of effort in order to arrive at the Five Elements Sect’s planet. Flying over using liquid silver was naturally impossible. Instead, Zhao Hai released silver needles into the Cultivation Realm and had these needles wait in transmission formations. Once they discover someone from the sect, the needles would immediately attach themselves to the person. This way, they would reach the Five Elements Sect and begin monitoring it.

Moreover, using this method, Zhao Hai was able to receive most of the Cultivation Realm into his map. After all, the Cultivation Realm uses transmission formations more frequently than the other realms. This allowed Zhao Hai to easily map the realm.

But what disappointed Zhao Hai was that the Five Element Sect’s guardian formation could block the silver needles. It was impossible for Zhao Hai to monitor the sect’s internal situation. He could only monitor the sect’s transmission formations as well as its entrances. This required a lot of effort.

Nevertheless, Zhao Hai could only monitor the Five Elements Sect. This was the only way he could think of. Zhao Hai knew how much the Cultivators hated him. If he suddenly appeared in the realm, then he would definitely be attacked. But for the method of acquiring Faith Power, Zhao Hai must do this. Zhao Hai believed that the people in the Cultivation Realm still didn’t expect him to be able to go in and out of their realm at any time. 


Back in the Pirate Paradise, the Yellow Daoist was currently inside a room with a gloomy expression on his face. Opposite him were several people. These were Cultivators that came with him in order to deal with Zhao Hai. Unfortunately for them, they failed. Moreover, when he realized that Li Lin and the others had become Zhao Hai’s servants, the Yellow Daoist’s complexion turned uglier.

The Nascent Soul Expert sitting across the Yellow Daoist carefully looked at his expression before saying, “Daoist, it’s been confirmed that Zhao Hai has appeared in the Six Realms Battlefield. And he doesn’t look like he suffers from a large wound. Moreover, the Machine Field has become more active in sending ships over here. The pirates are becoming afraid. They won’t dare accommodate us.”

The Yellow Daoist nodded and said, “I know. Seeing Zhao Hai’s strength, those fellows from the Machine Field wanted to use him to get more benefits in the Six Realms Battlefield. Hmph. But they made a mistake. These pirates are afraid of siding with us, that’s normal. So we should just return to the Cultivation Realm and see if we can get into the Six Realms Battlefield. I want to see who can protect Zhao Hai there. If he dared to run, then I will just slaughter everyone from the Machine Field.”


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