BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1333


Chapter 1333 – I’m Leaving, No Need To Send Me Out!

A heart’s demon oath was the most feared pledge of a Cultivator. The biggest enemy of a Cultivator was their own heart’s demon. Once a Cultivator was invaded by their heart’s demon, even if they survive, they would fall into the devil’s control. Therefore, no Cultivator would easily make an oath, let along a heart’s demon oath.

Now that Li Lin made his heart’s demon oath, he became Zhao Hai’s servant. Nobody present expected a Nascent Soul Expert to resign themselves to become a servant. His later cultivation would now be very difficult.

What do people cultivate for? They want to be immortal. However, life and death were natural laws. Cultivators wanting to break this rule was akin to going against heaven’s will. If one wanted to break through this restriction, then they would need to have vigorous fighting spirit. If this vigor was dulled, then their future progress will be hard.

Making yourself a servant was essentially extinguishing this vigor. When this happens, you would lose motivation in cultivating further.

However, when people thought about it, they could understand Li Lin’s decision. Zhao Hai already killed one of them. Now, it would be easier for Zhao Hai to deal with the group. If Li Lin didn’t swear to be Zhao Hai’s servant, then he would be killed. Compared to being dead, being a servant was better. Not everyone was unafraid of death. In the face of death, a lot of people would rather choose to live.

Li Lin chose to live. Although this painted him as a coward and ruined his future, he was still alive in the end. There was always hope as long as one lived.

Li Lin’s oath was like a spell, making the others in his group see another solution to their predicament; becoming a slave.

This was a difficult choice, especially to a Cultivator. While the three remaining Cultivators were hesitating, the Silverback Gold-winged Bug shattered a Cultivator’s shield and killed them on the spot.

The Cultivator’s body disappeared immediately. This became the straw that broke the camel’s back. The remaining two Cultivators quickly said that they were willing to become Zhao Hai’s servants. Then the two swore to their heart’s demons.

After the two Cultivators swore to their heart’s demon, Zhao Hai waved his hand to let them stand on the side. Then he received the Silverback Gold-winged bug as well as let Jia Ding Shan leave. After that, he glanced at those who came to watch the fight.

Those who came to watch didn’t expect this result. Now that the three Nascent Soul Experts had become Zhao Hai’s servants, Zhao Hai’s strength increased rather than decreased. If they attack Zhao Hai now, then that would be equal to attacking a team of Nascent Soul Experts. This was something that they weren’t willing to do.

Zhao Hai swept the surroundings with his gaze. These people were somewhat tense, afraid that Zhao Hai might attack them. Although they were hidden, they knew that Zhao Hai had already discovered them. Now, they want to see how Zhao Hai wanted to deal with them.

Zhao Hai looked at the surroundings, then he said, “Everyone, I’m leaving. There’s no need to send me out.” Then he turned his head to Bai Yuan and then said, “Captain Bai, let’s continue our conversation in our fort.”

Bai Yuan laughed and said, “Alright. Hahaha. Zhao Hai, I think you’re the first one from the Machine Field to have Cultivator servants. Good, good!” After he said that, he followed Zhao Hai towards Yuan’s fort. Meanwhile, the others in Bai Yuan’s group couldn’t help but straighten their backs. They felt proud as they looked at the people from the other realms. 

Zhao Hai turned to look at Li Lin and the others before saying, “Follow me.” Li Lin and the others had ugly expressions. However, they didn’t say anything and just followed behind Zhao Hai. They made a heart’s demon oath, so they had no choice but to follow Zhao Hai.

Back on earth, people make pledges as casually as drinking water or eating a meal, as if pledges were less valuable as toilet paper. But in the World of Cultivation, people needed to stand by their oaths.

This wasn’t because the moral integrity of those from the World of Cultivation was high. In fact, immoral people were everywhere in this place. If you believed another person easily, then there would come a time where you wouldn’t know how you died. The reason why people in the World of Cultivation took pledges very seriously was because of the existence of the heart’s demon.

Nobody knew how heart’s demon came to be, noone has yet to feel it as well. However, everyone knew that everyone had their own heart’s demon and that it could cause damage to their body. Making a heart’s demon oath was equal to awakening your heart’s demon. You would then be monitored by this demon all the time. And once you violate your oath, this heart’s demon would immediately invade; making you suffer a fate worse than death.

After Zhao Hai left, those who came to watch left as well. They understood what Zhao Hai wanted to tell them. Zhao Hai wanted them to leave, or else they would become the next Li Lin.

These people knew themselves well. Upon discovering that they couldn’t compare to Zhao Hai’s strength, they immediately left the Machine Field’s partially controlled territory.

However, this didn’t mean that their journey had been in vain. At the very least, they became aware of Zhao Hai’s strength. Without a doubt, the next time someone wanted to deal with Zhao Hai, they would definitely send a Transcending Tribulation Expert.

Moreover, now that Li Lin and the others had joined Zhao Hai’s side, Zhao Hai was able to increase his power. Even if he went to the Machine Field right now and established a small sect, nobody would say anything. After all, he had established himself to have strength to deal with a Nascent Soul Expert. This level of strength was enough to establish a sect in the Cultivation Realm. Even small sects in the Cultivation Realm don’t have the same strength as Zhao Hai right now.

As these people left, all of them had the same idea in their minds. Zhao Hai was becoming harder and harder to deal with.

Zhao Hai and Bai Yuan’s return caused a sensation in Yuan’s fort. At the same time, Zhao Hai didn’t let Li Lin and the others be treated as zoo animals to be looked at, so he sent them to his cave residence. His cave residence was large enough to allow them to stay in.

After Li Lin and the others were sent to the cave residence, Zhao Hai went to Yuan’s fort. The fort’s atmosphere lifted up once more. This was because, for the first time, someone from the Machine Field was able to get a Cultivator as a servant. Not only the Lock Mountain Range, the entire Machine Field exploded upon hearing this information.

Yuan personally reported this matter because of how important it was. Yuan never expected Cultivators to pledge themselves into becoming Zhao Hai’s servants. When he heard the news, he thought that someone was joking with him. Who would have thought that this was actually true!

Yuan didn’t know how this would impact the Cultivation Realm and the Machine Field. However, Yuan knew that the Six Realms Battlefield would be shaken by this news. At the same time, the Machine Field’s partially controlled territory would now be more secure.

With the strength that Zhao Hai displayed, nobody would dare provoke someone from the Machine Field. This was good for the realm. 

A lot of people were present at the fort when Zhao Hai returned. These people are from the nearby forts. They were here to inquire more about what happened. To be honest, when they heard about the news, they couldn’t believe that it was real.

Zhao Hai was immediately surrounded when he arrived. All of them were inquiring about what happened with Li Lin and the others. Zhao Hai answered them all with a smile. He knew all of these people, so he was quite casual with them.

After mingling with everyone for several hours, those who came to Yuan’s fort started to leave. Zhao Hai relaxed as he was invited overy by Yuan for a drink.

While Zhao Hai was drinking with Yuan, the entire World of Cultivation was shaken by what happened. Naturally this only involved those in the higher echelon. After all, most people don’t even know about the Six Realms Battlefield.

However, although it was only the higher echelons, their reactions represented their respective realms. Right now, Zhao Hai’s name has been firmly cemented on everyone’s minds.

One of the first to respond were the Machine Field’s higher-ups. At this point, the higher-ups no longer had any ideas towards Zhao Hai. This was because they discovered that Zhao Hai had already established his own influence. Moreover, this influence wasn’t small. It would be very hard for them to keep wanting to deal with Zhao Hai. Because of this, they decided to change their approach towards him. They decided to get on good terms with him.

Once this decision was made, the higher-ups immediately sent a delegation to see Zhao Hai. The Machine Field also knew that Zhao Hai doesn’t really need any rewards. Therefore, this delegation would first give their regards to Zhao Hai and then ask if he needed anything. As long as Zhao Hai’s request wasn’t excessive, they would take care of it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the response of the Cultivation Realm was somewhat strange. Upon hearing this information, the sects in the Cultivation Realm didn’t have much of a reaction. However, there were rumors that the big sects had placed Zhao Hai at the top position on their kill order. 

This so-called kill order was talked about in the Cultivation Realm only in hearsay. It was believed that the Cultivation Realm’s Great Sects have a kill order wherein people’s names were listed. This list included geniuses from other realms. As long as a person was on this list, the Cultivation Realm wouldn’t hesitate to send people to kill them. This was to prevent these geniuses from developing and becoming a threat to the Cultivation Realm.

However, there was no proof of this kill order’s existence. Nor did the Cultivation Realm confirm if it did. But one thing was for certain – the Cultivation Realm had its attention towards Zhao Hai. The next time they decide to deal with him, they certainly wouldn’t send a Nascent Soul Expert.


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